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Ramsey Park

5,000 Meters Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races

Ramsey Park

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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The Great Pumpkin Invite

WHEN:  Friday, October 14, @ 4:00 PM-Girls' race and 4:40 PM-Boys' race; Awards at 5:30 PM

WHERE:  Ramsey Park (Just North of the Kroc Center in Coeur d'Alene) 3525 Ramsey Road, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

RACE TIMES:  4:00 pm for Girls' race and 4:40 pm for Boys' race

ENTRIES:  Please have all entries done through by Wednesday, October 12, @ Noon.

ENTRY FEE: There's no fee for this meet because we like you that much!  :)

AWARDS:  Pumpkin pies to each race winner and pumpkin treats to the top 10

RESULTS:  Will be posted to immediately following the race.

CONCESSIONS:    There are no concessions for this meet    

QUESTIONS:   email Lewis Watkins at   or call at 819-4339

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.10W. Leif Fredericks
17:33Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Luke Reoch
18:00Bonners Ferry
3.10Diamond Robinson
18:16Priest River Lamanna
4.11John Graves
18:35 SRCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Jordan Trapp
19:02Lake City
6.12Jake Stimmel
19:07Bonners Ferry
7.10Garett Johnson
19:18Lake City
8.11Tyler Popkin
19:35Priest River Lamanna
9.12Mitch Shellman
19:43 SRCoeur d'Alene Charter
10.12Parker Matthews
19:47Coeur d'Alene Charter
11.9Brady Foil
19:48 SRCoeur d'Alene Charter
12.10Hayden Shapiro
19:49Coeur d'Alene Charter
13.9Brodie Larsen
20:11Lake City
14.9Ryan Gibson
20:13Lake City
15.11Jared Lysne
20:19Bonners Ferry
16.9Josh Marks
20:20Priest River Lamanna
17.10Brandon Ratcliff
20:24Coeur d'Alene Charter
18.10Kyle Roth
20:25 SRCoeur d'Alene Charter
19.10Josh Malakowsky
20:26Priest River Lamanna
20.10Logan Hammons
20:35Lake City
21.11Josh Dufrene
20:42Bonners Ferry
22.11Orion Levine
20:48 PRBonners Ferry
23.11Jesse Partridge
20:51 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
24.11Hunter Kennedy
20:59Coeur d'Alene Charter
25.11Brian Evans
21:05Lake City
26.9Matt Fremgen
21:45 SRLake City
27.11Ricky Ulrich
21:56Priest River Lamanna
28.11Zack Sabin
22:09 PRBonners Ferry
29.11Mark Tingley
22:12 PRBonners Ferry
30.10Cameron Murdock
22:18Priest River Lamanna
31.9Jackson Widmyer
22:52Coeur d'Alene Charter
32.9Keithen Laganse
23:32Lake City
33.10Justin Kiehn
23:32Coeur d'Alene Charter
34.9Tucker Cavender
23:35 SRBonners Ferry
35.10Dakota Nieland
23:36 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
36.10Sam Redline
28:45Coeur d'Alene Charter
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