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South Knox

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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South Knox

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.South Knox41
2.Barr Reeve59
3.Princeton Community98
5.Pike Central115
6.Gibson Southern116
7.Vincennes Lincoln182
9.North Knox245
1.11Connor Sorrells
16:22Barr Reeve
2.11Damon Pruett
16:34Barr Reeve
3.10Andrew Staggs
17:11South Knox
4.11Cain Parker
17:33Pike Central
5.9Colton Houchin
17:44South Knox
6.12Connor Wilson
17:51Gibson Southern
7.9Garrett Lamb
17:52South Knox
8.10Ethan Mounts
18:03Gibson Southern
9.10Kevin Heller
18:07 SRWashington
10.10Drew Brothers
18:08 SRWashington
11.12Adrian Madden
18:15 PRTecumseh
12.10Austin Grey
13.11Frank Thomas
18:22South Knox
14.11Will Niederhaus
18:24Princeton Community
15.12Brayton Lamb
18:25South Knox
16.9Stephen Lang
18:26Barr Reeve
17.12Jack Wallace
18:27 PRPrinceton Community
18.12Jarek Page
18:30South Knox
19.10Sam Wallace
18:32 SRPrinceton Community
20.11Adam Johnson
18:33South Knox
21.9Jeremy Graber
18:36Barr Reeve
22.10Martin Winkler
18:37Barr Reeve
23.10Hayden Baehl
18:39Gibson Southern
24.11Tanner Gray
18:40 PRPike Central
25.10Hunter Brittingham
18:45 SRPrinceton Community
26.11Christian Wilson
18:58Pike Central
27.9Jacob Benson
19:27Vincennes Lincoln
28.9Nate Niederhaus
19:42Princeton Community
29.12John Michael
19:45 PRNorth Knox
30.12Trevor Cummins
31.11Adam Pfeil
19:54Princeton Community
32.11Ethan Rolens
19:58Pike Central
33.9Kaleb Hill
20:08 SRPike Central
34.10Issac Vonderwell
20:17 PRRivet
35.9Tyler Batty
20:23Vincennes Lincoln
36.10Dameon Fulcher
20:28 SRPike Central
37.9Richard Potts
20:30 PRWashington
38.10Mikie Boger
20:40 SRVincennes Lincoln
39.10Drew Happe
20:41Gibson Southern
40.11Paul Heldring
20:42Pike Central
41.9Zach Vincent
20:46Vincennes Lincoln
42.9Josh Graber
20:47Barr Reeve
43.10Nick Kiesel
20:49Gibson Southern
44.11Grant Sievers
45.10Ben Embry
21:15 SRTecumseh
46.11Kevin Meyer
21:23Princeton Community
47.9Brayden Little
21:38Vincennes Lincoln
48.10Austin Elpers
21:52Gibson Southern
49.10Tyler Mayles
21:56 SRRivet
50.11Nicholas Fisher
21:59 PRWashington
51.12Brad Mason
22:01 PRWashington
52.11Cole Bond
22:12North Knox
53.9Tyler Kruse
22:19Gibson Southern
54.9Brian Foss
22:22 SRVincennes Lincoln
55.9Brian Asdell
22:27North Daviess
56.9Peyton Cummins
22:28 PRRivet
57.10Chris Thompson
22:29 PRNorth Daviess
58.9Matthew Gough
22:31 SRNorth Knox
59.9Mason Wampler
22:42 SRNorth Knox
60.10Justin Mize
61.9Clint Lane
24:39:00 PRRivet
62.9Joey Thomas
25:18:00 SRNorth Knox
63.9Ty Powers
27:26:00North Knox
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