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3,200 Meters Frosh/Soph

Holmdel Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3,200 Meters Frosh/Soph

Holmdel Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Frosh/Soph

4.9Nicholas DeMaio
11:52Holmdelif you lead, LEAD.
5.9Jeremy Hall
6.9Aaron Barlev
12:06HolmdelGreat last mile!
9.9Kevin Leung
12:15HolmdelDon't give up!
11.9Newton Xie
12:24HolmdelFlying last mile!
48.9Dylan Steinhauer
13:39HolmdelKeep rolling!
49.9Andrew Li
50.9Oren Merhav
60.9Tyler Friedel
14:09HolmdelHUGE PB!
69.9Matthew Scocco
14:44Holmdelanother minutejQuery15103
76.9Bilal Shaikh
15:41HolmdelExcellent PB!
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5,000 Meters Varsity

10.11Jack Baisley
18.12Jason McMullen
17:09HolmdelGREAT RACE!
25.11Eric Williams
17:23HolmdelGreat race!
26.12Travis Fodor
17:26HolmdelBrave race!
29.11Andrew Tsai
17:29Holmdel19:24 last year...
33.10Daniel Barlev
17:39Holmdel27th in FR race ly!
41.12Vinay Nathan
17:56HolmdelGreat JOB!
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

9.11Jason Laio
10.10Anton Luz
18:28HolmdelBe aggressive EARLY!
14.10Victor Desario
18:41HolmdelGreat last mile!
18.11Kevin Chiou
21.12Richard Chang
19:09HolmdelStay relaxed if tired
22.11James Marzano
19:10HolmdelGet closer!
23.11Brian Colella
26.10David Liu
19:18 SRHolmdelPB!
27.10Tom Rossi
19:19HolmdelGreat race TR!
33.12Gautam Ponnapalli
19:39HolmdelAwesome race!
36.12Sean Jones
37.10Justin King
19:46Holmdelyou are better!
38.10Austin Eng
19:49HolmdelKeep focused
53.11Jonathan Eng
20:16HolmdelGet that focus back!
59.10Raymond Morgan
20:24HolmdelDon't try too hard
63.10Daniel Giacumbo
20:34HolmdelUse more early!
70.12Allen Chang
20:45HolmdelOnly a few more...
91.10Mike Scocco
21:25HolmdelFollow Austin!
98.11Anthony Coughlin
21:35HolmdelHUGE PB!!!
99.10Brandon Yip
21:39HolmdelYou can get sub 20!
126.10Steven Imburgio
131.10Gauthum Pavuluri
23:13 PRHolmdelGREAT RACE!
134.12James Chen
143.12James Liu
23:57HolmdelGood effort!
148.10Jack Crowley
24:16HolmdelYou can race faster!
160.10Chris Dall
26:27HolmdelGood finish!
162.10Anirudh Goyal
30:40HolmdelHUGE PB!!!!
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