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5,000 Meters Freshman
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:40 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:40 PM
Womens Races


5,000 Meters Freshman
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:10 PM

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Nick Gallagher

Assistant Cross Country coach Mt. Spokane Wildcats.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Brian Kinder
17:26 PRMt Spokane
2.11Eliow Eliow
17:32Mt Spokane
3.11Austin Middleton
17:34Mt Spokane
4.11Kyile LeBlanc
17:35Central Valley
5.10Drew Keeve
17:40Central Valley
6.12Andrew Schutts
17:46 SRCentral Valley
7.11Caleb Barnes
17:47Mt Spokane
8.10Austin Seely
17:52Central Valley
9.9Spencer Jensen
17:53Central Valley
10.11Jonah Spencer
17:58Central Valley
11.11Phillip Smith
18:00Central Valley
12.9Briton Demars
18:03Central Valley
13.10James Wilson
18:03Central Valley
14.11Drew Sanger
18:04 PRGonzaga Prep
15.12McKay Tucker
18:13Central Valley
16.10Chad Samuelson
18:15Central Valley
17.9Caleb Nicholls
18:18Central Valley
18.9Gabe Swenson
18:19 PRGonzaga Prep
19.10Brock Bayley
18:22Gonzaga Prep
20.10Chris Salsbury
18:23Central Valley
21.12Joe Pearman
18:23 PRGonzaga Prep
22.12Joseph Aman
18:25Central Valley
23.12Sean McNaughton
18:43 SRGonzaga Prep
24.11Seth Nicholls
18:50Central Valley
25.9Colton Pegram
18:51Central Valley
26.11Rob Smoot
18:53Gonzaga Prep
27.12Matt Gillum
18:55 SRGonzaga Prep
28.11Dane Larson
18:55Mt Spokane
29.10Riley House
18:59Mt Spokane
30.11Jinhyuk Kim
19:03Central Valley
31.10Hayden Hohman
19:06Mt Spokane
33.10Austin Daines
19:13Central Valley
32.10Alan Hockett
19:16 SRCentral Valley
34.9Trevor Brown
19:16Central Valley
36.12Giacobbe Byrd
19:25Gonzaga Prep
35.12Will White
19:26Gonzaga Prep
37.11Alex Grzesiak
19:32Gonzaga Prep
38.9Trevor Doohan
19:33Gonzaga Prep
39.10Patrick Hinea
19:33Central Valley
40.11Nick Susz
19:34 PRMt Spokane
41.12Ben Salsbury
19:35Central Valley
42.9Jack French
19:38Gonzaga Prep
43.12Matt Baker
19:40 SRGonzaga Prep
44.12Steven Jensen
19:40 SRCentral Valley
45.10Matthew Troxel
19:44Central Valley
46.11John Schutts
19:45Central Valley
47.12Deryck Tabacek
19:47Mt Spokane
48.12Tye Morrison
19:54Mt Spokane
49.9Sean Lyonnais
19:57Gonzaga Prep
50.9Houston Eymann
20:04 SRGonzaga Prep
51.12Nathan McReynolds
20:05Mt Spokane
52.12Scott Wurst
20:11Mt Spokane
53.9Ian Figon
20:15Mt Spokane
54.10Christopher Walker
20:21Central Valley
55.9Ryan Hotchkiss
20:24Central Valley
56.12Steven Braun
20:25Central Valley
57.11Josh Ridenbaugh
20:27Gonzaga Prep
58.12Sean Andrus
20:27Gonzaga Prep
59.10Luke Baker
20:27Central Valley
60.12Michael Dumais
20:43Gonzaga Prep
61.12Jeremy Hays
20:46Central Valley
62.11Drake Russell
20:47 PRGonzaga Prep
63.12Marcus Bolam
20:48Mt Spokane
64.10Eric Allen
20:50Central Valley
65.11Austin Butrum
20:51Central Valley
66.10Ben Hisel
21:09Central Valley
67.10Kris Cook
21:14Mt Spokane
68.10Michael Christensen
21:18Mt Spokane
69.11Brendan Bivens
21:21Central Valley
70.12Tyler McQuilkin
21:23Mt Spokane
71.10Spenser Sowards
21:26Mt Spokane
71.10Spencer Sowards
21:26Mt Spokane
72.9Zachary Brommer
21:28Central Valley
73.9Alexander Seckel
21:31Central Valley
74.10Devon Savage
21:35Gonzaga Prep
75.9Dorian Miller
21:44 SRMt Spokane
76.10Blaise Russell
21:56Gonzaga Prep
77.11Phenix Pitts
22:01Central Valley
78.11Nick Van Helden
22:05Gonzaga Prep
79.10Aaron Donahue
22:19Central Valley
80.11Kolby Wade
22:22Central Valley
81.10Jared Johnson
22:22Central Valley
82.10Bryce England
22:25Central Valley
83.11Jacob Weisbeck
22:27Central Valley
84.11Jack Slater
22:30Gonzaga Prep
85.9Kerrigan Hough
22:31Gonzaga Prep
86.12Seth Johnson
22:40Central Valley
87.11Colin Lambie
22:41Central Valley
88.9Ethan Gering
22:59Central Valley
89.9Tracy Robeson
23:00Central Valley
90.9Liam Davidson
23:01Central Valley
91.9Alex Garza
23:04Central Valley
92.11Robert Duggan
23:23Central Valley
93.12Alberto Reis
23:24Central Valley
94.11Seth Munyon
23:41Central Valley
95.9Nick Baldwin
23:51Mt Spokane
96.9Ryan Murphy
24:11Gonzaga Prep
97.9Ben Branson
24:27Gonzaga Prep
98.10Kieran Adrien
25:15Central Valley
99.10Maloney Foster
25:21Gonzaga Prep
100.10Chris McNaughton
26:20Gonzaga Prep
101.11Cameron Himebaugh
27:31Central Valley
102.9John McLain
27:37Central Valley
103.11David Yake
28:15Gonzaga Prep
104.11Logan Demarsico
28:48Gonzaga Prep
105.10Sang Yoon Back Unk
31:22 PRGonzaga Prep
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Hunter Johnson
15:42Mt Spokane
2.12Conor McCandless
15:59Gonzaga Prep
3.9John Dressel
16:16Mt Spokane
4.10Kees von Michalofski
16:18Mt Spokane
5.12Drew Brown
16:28 PRCentral Valley
6.10Jacob Vandenberg
16:34Mt Spokane
7.11Teagan Brown
16:38Mt Spokane
8.12Christian Fullmer
16:43Mt Spokane
9.10Corey Hunter
16:52Central Valley
10.12Jared Seckel
16:58Central Valley
11.12David Gilbert
17:05 PRMt Spokane
12.10Matt Hommel
17:09Central Valley
13.10Ryan McCandless
17:12 SRGonzaga Prep
14.11Logan Giese
17:13Central Valley
15.12Scott Allen
17:21Central Valley
16.11Casey Strauss
17:21Central Valley
17.10Frankie Hoerner
17:28 SRGonzaga Prep
18.11Ben Plaster
17:50Gonzaga Prep
19.10Ian Andres
18:09Gonzaga Prep
20.11Jared Young
18:20 SRGonzaga Prep
21.11Mitchell Davey
18:21 SRGonzaga Prep
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.11Shailee Woodard
21:37Gonzaga Prep
2.10Rachel Casey
21:44Central Valley
3.12Jamie Lambie
22:08Central Valley
4.9Sarah White
22:30 SRCentral Valley
5.9Maiah Overbay
22:43Gonzaga Prep
6.10Hailey Hawkins
22:49Central Valley
7.10Amanda Schmitz
22:55Gonzaga Prep
8.10Samantha Dewitt
22:59Central Valley
9.9Natalie Swesey
23:04 SRCentral Valley
10.12Mary Sarbaugh
23:04Gonzaga Prep
11.10Libby Adkins
23:09Central Valley
12.9Katie Mikkelsen
23:17Gonzaga Prep
13.9Rachel Friesen
23:22Mt Spokane
14.12McKenzi McDonald
23:31Central Valley
15.9Brooklynn Barton
23:46Gonzaga Prep
16.11Olivia Burns
23:47 SRGonzaga Prep
17.10Hannah Fry
23:48Mt Spokane
18.9Katie Sonneland
23:49Mt Spokane
19.10Sophie Kaatz
23:50Central Valley
20.10Serena Jensen
23:51Central Valley
21.9Lucy Horton
23:52Central Valley
22.10Carlin Coulson
24:04Central Valley
23.11Alexa Adams
24:10Mt Spokane
24.12Taylor Eymann
24:14Gonzaga Prep
25.9Sophia Rogers
24:39Gonzaga Prep
26.12Molly Moloney
24:46Gonzaga Prep
27.11Ashley Jensen
24:48Central Valley
28.11Ally Dimmler
24:56 PRCentral Valley
29.9Mallie Mikkelsen
25:00Gonzaga Prep
30.12Lucy Koth
25:07Gonzaga Prep
31.9Sophia Nickoloff
25:17Gonzaga Prep
32.12Whitney Brown
25:20Gonzaga Prep
33.12Flora Sheppard
25:21Gonzaga Prep
34.12Josie Ellison
25:25Mt Spokane
35.11Rachel Backsen
25:28 SRCentral Valley
36.9Chantel Burrill
25:31Mt Spokane
37.11Katie Klier
25:36Mt Spokane
38.12Julia Yen
25:37Mt Spokane
39.10Maddie DeGeest
26:23Central Valley
40.11Stephanie Brown
26:32Central Valley
41.10Liz Adams
26:32Central Valley
42.9Mallory McMullen
26:42Mt Spokane
43.11Emily Barkley
26:49Central Valley
44.10Elena Domas
26:52Gonzaga Prep
45.10Sophie Anton
27:04Gonzaga Prep
46.12Catherine McCanna
27:20Gonzaga Prep
47.12Paige Powers
27:26Gonzaga Prep
48.10Mikayla Amsden
27:27Central Valley
49.12Hayley Hohman
27:29Mt Spokane
50.11Emily Nett
27:33Gonzaga Prep
51.11Beth Hotchkiss
27:38Central Valley
52.10Morgan Layton
27:59Mt Spokane
53.11Jocelynn Vigil
28:02 PRGonzaga Prep
54.12Jillian Andrus
28:02Gonzaga Prep
55.12Sheila Lambert
28:05Mt Spokane
56.11Shannon Metzger
28:30 SRGonzaga Prep
57.9Arizona Davis
28:34Mt Spokane
58.12Emily Ryan
28:35Gonzaga Prep
59.12Margaret Wolf
28:54Gonzaga Prep
60.12Abby Hockett
29:30Central Valley
61.10Abril Torres
29:56Gonzaga Prep
62.9Savannah Bolich
30:00Mt Spokane
63.10Natalie Bell
30:18Gonzaga Prep
64.12Jordan Blaine
30:33Gonzaga Prep
65.12Hannah Mackin
30:34Gonzaga Prep
66.12Megan Anderies
30:43 SRCentral Valley
67.12Tessa Anton
30:55Gonzaga Prep
68.12Emily Boudreau
31:30Central Valley
69.12Aleksey Fischer
32:45Gonzaga Prep
70.12Camrynne Sullivan
33:11Gonzaga Prep
71.12Erin Diehl
33:25Gonzaga Prep
72.9Kate Jentges
33:30Gonzaga Prep
73.12Kaila Ceballos
35:16Gonzaga Prep
74.10Winnie Rodgers
35:55 PRCentral Valley
75.12Shelly Murphy
36:04Mt Spokane
76.12Natasha Saric
36:49Central Valley
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Taylor Cherry
19:23 SRGonzaga Prep
2.11Brooklin Young
19:35Mt Spokane
3.12Molly Cole
19:46Mt Spokane
4.11Alexandria Moore
19:58Central Valley
5.12Kiah Condos
19:59Central Valley
6.11Skye Sanders
20:05Central Valley
7.12Kellie Duchow
20:10Mt Spokane
8.9Cyra Carlson
20:18Gonzaga Prep
9.9Ann Moloney
20:20 SRGonzaga Prep
10.10Courtney Owens
20:48Central Valley
11.10Molly Barnhart
20:55Central Valley
12.12Sarah Barnes
21:05Gonzaga Prep
13.12Chantelle Fitting
21:10Central Valley
14.10Emma Smith
21:33Gonzaga Prep
15.11Sophie Spilker
21:34Mt Spokane
16.10Brianna Troksa
21:37 SRGonzaga Prep
17.10Shannon Stommes
21:45Gonzaga Prep
18.12Leah Amsden
21:57Central Valley
19.10Lisa DePledge
22:22Mt Spokane
20.12Melissa Inouye
22:35Mt Spokane
21.12Chelsea Taylor
24:45Mt Spokane
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