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Bishop Manogue HS campus

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Bishop Manogue HS campus

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Donald Bernard
15:57 PRBishop Manogue
2.12Daniel Metzger
16:27 PRGalena
3.10Matt Paulsen
4.12Thomas Sullivan
5.10Brandon Pankey
6.9Mason Labadie
7.12Ryan Schoenfeld
17:27 PRGalena
8.10David Curtis
9.10Cole Peck
17:37 SRDouglas
10.11Bill Haug
17:41 SRBishop Manogue
11.10Hank Bingham
17:45 SRBishop Manogue
12.10Lane Smith
17:58 SRDouglas
13.10Taiki Nishihara
14.12Tanner DeGiovanni
18:04 PRDouglas
15.10Jeff Williams
18:14 SRDouglas
16.11Jack Currie
18:31 SRBishop Manogue
17.12Gray Reid
18:37Bishop Manogue
18.11Carson Mullins
18:38 PRGalena
19.10Parker Dixon
18:46 PRDouglas
20.11Brenden Carlson
18:54 PRGalena
21.10Zak Scherbak
18:56 SRDouglas
22.10Josh Cassity
23.12Jonathan McNeill
19:10 PRGalena
24.12Billy Rubino
19:18 PRDouglas
25.10Jonathan Cantalon
19:29 PRBishop Manogue
26.10Ryan Pauly
19:31 PRGalena
27.9Quinn Schoenfeld
19:31 SRGalena
28.11Ben Geil
19:38 PRBishop Manogue
29.10Daniel Lampson
19:51 SRDouglas
30.10JD Votel
19:58 SRDouglas
31.10Jaden Wass
20:02 PRDouglas
32.12Richard McIver
20:11 PRGalena
33.12Jeremy Campbell
20:13 PRGalena
34.12Saxon Miskow
20:21 PRGalena
35.11Brian Tubridy
36.10Jonathan Albin
20:40 SRGalena
37.10Adam Martinez
20:46 PRGalena
38.9Austin Croxall
20:48 SRDouglas
39.10Mac Taylor
20:52 PRGalena
40.11David Ogles
20:52 PRDouglas
41.11Karl Nordland
21:13 PRBishop Manogue
42.11Jay Primm
21:14 PRBishop Manogue
43.11Robert Resnik
21:19 PRDouglas
44.9Conner Lyman
21:24 SRDouglas
45.9Braden Hudnall
21:27 SRDouglas
46.10Freddy Miranda Cam...
21:30 PRGalena
47.9Josh Lopey
21:44 PRGalena
48.10Jace Winkelman
21:56 PRBishop Manogue
49.10Alex Provan
23:03 PRDouglas
50.10Christian Greenman
23:24 PRGalena
51.9Kai Arnone
23:40 PRGalena
52.10Cody Taylor
53.9Riis Peterson
24:02 SRDouglas
54.9Steven Dash
25:49 SRGalena
55.10Jimmy Rich
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