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5,000 Meters Gold
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Indian Riffle Park

5,000 Meters Gold
5,000 Meters Silver
5,000 Meters Reserve

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Gold

1.11Jacob Thomson
15:51.00Lou. Holy Cross
2.11Spencer Clapp
16:12.00Indianapolis Cathedral
3.12Mitch Baum
16:16.00St Ignatius
4.12Patrick O'Brien
16:17.00St Vincent-St Mary
5.12Jacob Mills
16:17.00St. Johns Jesuit
6.11Jack Miller
16:32.00St Ignatius
7.12Andrew Galang
16:35.00St Ignatius
8.12Jack Kelly
16:36.00St Edward
9.11Drew Savage
16:40.00 SRSt. Johns Jesuit
10.11Vince Bartram
16:41.00St Ignatius
11.9Tevin Brown
16:44.00St. Johns Jesuit
12.11Jack Fitzgerald
16:47.00 PRSt Ignatius
13.11Joe Arquillo
16:48.00St Ignatius
14.12Ryan Shields
16:51.00St. Johns Jesuit
15.12Kevin Carroll
16:54.00St Edward
16.11Seamus Brennan
16:58.00Indianapolis Cathedral
17.12Sean Poholski
16:58.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
18.12Mike Hurley
16:59.00St Vincent-St Mary
19.11Mick Iacofano
16:59.00St Vincent-St Mary
20.12Mark Gruenbacher
17:00.00 PRSt Xavier (OH)
21.12John Whitmore
17:00.00 PRSt Ignatius
22.12John Lewnard
17:01.00 PRSt Xavier (OH)
23.9Patrick O'Neil
17:02.00Indianapolis Cathedral
24.10Nick Marquard
17:02.00 SRSt Edward
25.11Mike Navratil
17:04.00 SRSt Edward
26.10Jack Krug
17:10.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
27.12Brian Keaton
17:10.00 PRSt Ignatius
28.12John Sullivan
17:11.00 PRSt Ignatius
29.10Adam George
17:11.00Indianapolis Cathedral
30.12Nathan Peereboom
17:12.00 PRSt Ignatius
31.11Jacob Maier
17:14.00 PRSt Ignatius
32.11Blake Babcock
17:17.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
33.11Newton Kinney
17:18.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
34.10David Meler
17:22.00 PRSt Ignatius
35.11Brandon Hart
17:23.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
36.11Matt Oswald
17:25.00St Vincent-St Mary
37.11Andrew Mendel
17:26.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
38.9Tristan Wilbrandt
17:26.00Indianapolis Cathedral
39.11Parker Leduc
17:27.00 PRSt Edward
40.10Mitch Gentile
17:41.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
41.12John Gruenbacher
17:42.00St Xavier (OH)
42.12Matt Schaefer
17:43.00St. Johns Jesuit
43.11Reed Ehrman
17:44.00St Xavier (OH)
44.11John Stagaman
17:44.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
45.12John Seelie
17:45.00St Edward
46.9Ryan Savage
17:45.00St. Johns Jesuit
47.11James Leach
17:47.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
48.10Brendan Mulvaney
17:50.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
49.12Chad Agozzino
17:52.00 PRSt Edward
50.10Jack Talbot
17:53.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
51.10Jack Hurley
17:53.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
52.11Sebastian Revilla
17:54.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
53.10Evan Reid
17:54.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
54.11Vincent Halloran
17:57.00Indianapolis Cathedral
55.9Nick Campbell
18:01.00St Vincent-St Mary
56.9Nicholas Mendel
18:07.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
57.11Ryan McCarthy
18:07.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
58.12Jake Haigis
18:08.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
59.12Jacob Hanson
18:09.00 PRSt. Johns Jesuit
60.11Sam Bockhorst
18:14.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
61.12Matt Ernstes
18:15.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
62.10Charlie Kettinger
18:16.00 PRSt. Johns Jesuit
63.12John Coill
18:17.00St Ignatius
64.11Andrew Kurtz
18:18.00St. Johns Jesuit
65.10Ross Griffith
18:18.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
66.10Nick Eifel
18:19.00 SRSt Edward
67.10Steven Fioritto
18:22.00 SRSt Edward
68.10Alex Spencer
18:22.00 SRSt Edward
69.11Jimmy Clark
18:23.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
70.11Matt Ovnic
18:25.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
71.9Samuel Rush
18:27.00 SRSt. Johns Jesuit
72.12Saxon Lea
18:28.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
73.9Joe Rossetti
18:33.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
74.9Connor Peed
18:34.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
75.10Alex Scherzinger
18:34.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
76.10Corey Large
18:39.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
77.11Kyle Kaiser
18:41.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
78.10Michael Mazey
18:47.00 SRSt Xavier (OH)
79.9Orion Belmont
18:48.00St Vincent-St Mary
80.9Sebastian Tobon
18:50.00 SRSt Edward
81.11Ben Bruggemann
18:53.00Archbishop Moeller
82.12Justin Welty
19:01.00Lou. Holy Cross
83.12Mike Frindt
19:01.00 PRSt Edward
84.10Chase McCauley
19:04.00Lou. Holy Cross
85.9Bryce Patrick
19:05.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
86.12Benjamin Radeff
19:06.00St Ignatius
87.11Brian Foos
19:07.00Archbishop Moeller
88.12Evan Sickora
19:08.00St Edward
89.12Ray Gaier
19:10.00Archbishop Moeller
90.12Evan Cook
19:11.00Canton Central Catho...
91.9Austin Patrick
19:19.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
92.12Scott Berger
19:20.00 PRLou. Holy Cross
93.10Sean Green
19:23.00St Vincent-St Mary
94.9Tyler McCauley
19:24.00 SRLou. Holy Cross
95.10Howard Wantz
19:28.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
96.12Bobby Brenneman
19:32.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
97.12Alex Barron
19:33.00Canton Central Catho...
98.9Joshua Schott
19:47.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
99.12Coen Cobb
20:04.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
100.9Hayden Whitmyer
20:11.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
101.11Zach Schott
20:39.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
102.9Nathan Doty
20:39.00Canton Central Catho...
103.9Alec Bird
20:55.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
104.12J.P. Thottam
22:45.00Canton Central Catho...
105.10Brandon Stebbins
22:47.00Canton Central Catho...
106.12Christopher Dick
22:53.00Canton Central Catho...
107.9Adam Fruchey
22:57.00Canton Central Catho...
108.9Taylor Locke
23:21.00Canton Central Catho...
109.9Nicholas Donze
23:59.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
110.12Zach Lindesmith
24:35.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
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5,000 Meters Silver

1.11Ryan Dull
2.10Brian Menke
17:32.00Covington Catholic
3.12Brayden Schlagbaum
17:39.00Covington Catholic
4.10Scott Willeke
17:41.00Lima Central Catholic
5.10Eric Ledford
17:43.00 SRArchbishop Alter
6.9Alex Rigg
17:44.00 SRLima Central Catholic
7.12Brent Jennewine
8.10Anthony Rose
17:53.00 SRArchbishop Alter
9.9Dakota Brunsman
10.9Paul Bete
18:01.00 SRCarroll
11.9Grant Guenther
18:02.00 SRCovington Catholic
12.12Alex Flynn
18:08.00Covington Catholic
13.10Dean Ohde
14.12Andrew Conroy
18:09.00Archbishop Alter
15.12Sam Mullins
18:16.00Chaminade Julienne
16.12Steven Dull
17.11Robbie Smith
18.12Sam Ruwe
18:28.00Covington Catholic
19.12Jacob Condon
18:30.00Covington Catholic
20.10Bradley Couch
18:32.00Covington Catholic
21.11Zach Siegfried
18:37.00 SRJoliet Catholic
22.11Will Bonner
18:44.00Chaminade Julienne
23.11Wes Nash
24.10John Carper
18:51.00Chaminade Julienne
25.10Ben Reis
18:51.00Chaminade Julienne
26.10Jeremy Adams
18:55.00 SRJoliet Catholic
27.12Tony Vo
18:58.00 SRChaminade Julienne
28.10Conor Hickey
19:06.00Chaminade Julienne
29.9Grant Ingram
30.12Adam Zalewski
19:12.00Archbishop McNicholas
31.12Patrick Rehl
19:13.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
32.12Matt Keating
19:15.00 PRCarroll
33.11Tyler Rigg
19:15.00 SRLima Central Catholic
34.12Kacey Schweinfest
19:19.00 PRBadin
35.10Nick Frisby
19:24.00Lima Central Catholic
36.12Riley Carlson
19:25.00 PRJoliet Catholic
37.12Joe Watson
19:30.00 SRLima Central Catholic
38.9Sean Currins
19:30.00 SRLima Central Catholic
39.10Chase Screenan
19:31.00 SRLima Central Catholic
40.12Nash Lindley
19:32.00 SRArchbishop Alter
41.11Luke Warpinski
19:34.00 SRJoliet Catholic
42.10Michael Reuss
19:35.00 SRBadin
43.11Mitchell Art
19:39.00 PRLima Central Catholic
44.11Sam Wittman
19:40.00Chaminade Julienne
45.12Aaron Vennemeyer
19:41.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
46.12Charlie Schaefer
19:42.00 SRArchbishop Alter
47.12Connor OMalley
19:43.00 PRArchbishop Alter
48.12Daniel Schoettleko...
19:43.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
49.10Daniel Jasek
19:55.00 SRArchbishop Alter
50.10Paul Matheke
20:03.00Bishop Hartley
51.11Anthony Salata
20:03.00 SRJoliet Catholic
52.11Sean Fitzgerald
20:05.00 SRBishop Hartley
53.11Chris Getz
54.9Mark Vatter
20:12.00 SRBishop Ready
55.12Paul Conrady
20:15.00Archbishop McNicholas
56.12Patrick Miles
20:19.00 SRChaminade Julienne
57.10Conner Nelson
20:21.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
58.11Sam Couch
20:22.00 PRJoliet Catholic
59.9Michael Bungard
20:22.00 SRBishop Hartley
60.9Zach Collopy
20:51.00 PRChaminade Julienne
61.9Cameron Hahn
20:55.00Lima Central Catholic
62.9Jonathan Hearn
20:56.00 PRVilla Angela-St Joseph
63.10Ryan Hippman
21:08.00 PRJoliet Catholic
64.12Austin Albert
21:12.00Bishop Hartley
65.12Doug Frederick
66.12Brian Igel
21:23.00 SRBishop Hartley
67.9Maurice Johnson
21:25.00 PRVilla Angela-St Joseph
68.12Erick Starkey
21:28.00Bishop Hartley
69.12Bruce Tokar
21:33.00Bishop Ready
70.11Patrick Farrell
21:34.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
71.11Josh Rohder
21:38.00 PRJoliet Catholic
72.11Vince Canini
21:48.00Bishop Hartley
73.10Zach Ellsworth
21:56.00 SRLima Central Catholic
74.11Anthony Woodward
21:58.00Bishop Hartley
75.9Ian Sampson
22:08.00 SRBishop Hartley
76.12Holsten Jones
22:35.00Bishop Ready
77.12Chris Benson
23:49.00 PRBishop Hartley
78.12Naim Hooks
24:04.00 PRVilla Angela-St Joseph
79.9Andrew Duncan
24:04.00Bishop Ready
80.9Darrell Allman
24:16.00 SRLima Central Catholic
50.9Mitchell Knight
24:46.00Chaminade Julienne
81.11Connor Malone
24:47.00Bishop Hartley
82.9Danny Connell
25:18.00 SRVilla Angela-St Joseph
83.11Dominic Pfister
25:37.00 SRBishop Hartley
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5,000 Meters Reserve

1.12Jack Kelly
17:42.00Indianapolis Cathedral
2.10Aidan DeSanto
17:52.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
3.12Patrick Lipaj
18:02.00 PRSt Ignatius
4.11John Christ
18:10.00Indianapolis Cathedral
5.12Tom Proffitt
18:12.00Indianapolis Cathedral
6.12Michael Gosky
18:19.00 PRSt Ignatius
7.11Christian Greenwell
18:26.00 SRCovington Catholic
8.12Ryan Panoushek
18:36.00 PRCovington Catholic
9.9Jared Lewis
18:41.00Indianapolis Cathedral
10.9Robert Mathioudakis
18:44.00Indianapolis Cathedral
11.12Patrick Zunk
18:45.00Indianapolis Cathedral
12.9Tyler Micek
18:47.00 PRCovington Catholic
13.12Elliot Parshall
18:48.00Indianapolis Cathedral
14.11Chris Gruner
18:52.00 SRCovington Catholic
15.10Justin Gerbus
18:54.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
16.11Ryan Rinn
19:01.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
17.11Drew Klosterman
19:03.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
18.12Grant Lytle
19:03.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
19.12Clay Heidrich
19:04.00 SRCovington Catholic
20.9Mitchell Poch
19:06.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
21.12Tim Galla
19:09.00 SRSt Ignatius
22.11Nick Schaeffer
19:10.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
23.11Andre Buschbacher
19:22.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
24.11Christien Ramey
19:24.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
25.9Jacob Menke
19:28.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
26.10Matt Flood
19:30.00Indianapolis Cathedral
27.11Casey Moore
19:33.00Covington Catholic
28.11Chase Moriconi
19:36.00 SRCovington Catholic
29.9Edward Pappalardo
19:37.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
30.12James Brokaw
19:40.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
31.11Dash Holland
19:41.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
32.11Solomon Barcomb
19:42.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
33.11Chris Wright
19:47.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
34.10Jake Zimmerman
19:48.00 SRCovington Catholic
35.9Andrew Denoyer
19:51.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
36.10Zane Turi
19:51.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
37.10Nicholas Schriml
19:54.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
38.10Paul McCreary
19:59.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
39.11Nate Bishop
20:01.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
40.10Mac Wilke
20:06.00 PRArchbishop Alter
41.10Kyle Zimmerman
20:08.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
42.10Bill Neugebauer
20:08.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
43.12Eric Schieman
20:11.00Covington Catholic
44.9Jonah Brun
20:17.00 SRCarroll
45.10Alex Howey
20:19.00 SRCarroll
46.10Nathan Lamarre
20:20.00 SRCovington Catholic
47.9Isaac Lytle
20:21.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
48.10Keith Radcliff
20:22.00 PRCovington Catholic
49.11Zach Stegman
20:22.00 PRCovington Catholic
50.10Tommy Lawler
20:22.00 PRCovington Catholic
51.9Griffin Mulvaney
20:25.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
52.10Marty Brennan
20:29.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
53.10Brian Heldman
20:35.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
54.9Tom Streiff
20:37.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
55.12Robert Purgert
20:37.00 PRSt Ignatius
56.10Evan Harmeling
20:38.00Covington Catholic
57.10Zach Jansing
20:40.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
58.12Josh Kissel
20:40.00 PRCovington Catholic
59.11Shane Coogan
20:44.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
60.9Austin Herriott
20:45.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
61.9Andrew Ferrante
20:47.00 SRArchbishop Alter
62.10Nick Schlueter
20:48.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
63.9Joshua Jones
20:49.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
64.9Anthony Walton
20:53.00 SRChaminade Julienne
65.10Gus Schwartz
20:54.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
66.11David Price
20:56.00Indianapolis Cathedral
67.11Nick Maertz
20:56.00Archbishop Moeller
68.12Lukas Kmetz
20:57.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
69.10Quintin Elking
20:58.00 SRCarroll
70.11Connor Bagwell
21:00.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
71.12Garret Wolking
21:00.00 PRArchbishop Alter
72.10Danny Steinmetz
21:03.00Indianapolis Cathedral
73.10Braden Arestides
21:04.00 PRCarroll
74.12Luke Miller
21:06.00 SRArchbishop Alter
75.9Zak Rahe
21:09.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
76.11A.J. Michalo
21:10.00 SRCarroll
77.11Miguel Davalos
21:11.00Archbishop Alter
78.12Ryan Drehs
21:12.00Indianapolis Cathedral
79.10Evan Verrilli
21:12.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
80.9Josh Kemp
21:13.00 SRCovington Catholic
81.10Garrett Potts
21:13.00 PRCarroll
82.10Will Neltner
21:18.00 PRCovington Catholic
83.11Jeff Gudorf
21:19.00 SRCarroll
84.9Lyle Hawkins
21:29.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
85.9Shawn Ryer
21:31.00 SRCarroll
86.9Alex Tyson
21:32.00 SRCarroll
87.9Ryan Koesel
21:33.00 SRCarroll
88.9Collin Threet
21:35.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
89.9Ryan Severance
21:36.00 SRArchbishop Alter
90.9Brenden Custer
21:48.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
91.11Phil Dworkin
21:49.00 PRArchbishop Alter
92.11Richie Koesel
93.10Trystan Washburn
21:58.00 SRCovington Catholic
94.10Erich Girard
21:59.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
95.10Kellis Kincaid
22:00.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
96.9Rob Stentz
22:07.00 PRArchbishop Moeller
97.12Chucki Eisenhauer
22:13.00Archbishop Alter
98.11Kyle Kingery
22:16.00 SRCarroll
99.9Carter Joliat
22:21.00 SRCarroll
100.10Jacob Drumm
22:23.00 PRCarroll
101.9Nick Schlegel
22:46.00 PRCarroll
102.9Jacob Solle
22:46.00 PRCarroll
103.11Alex Tomblin
22:51.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
104.11Braden Heyd
22:59.00Archbishop Alter
105.11Nate Harrington
22:59.00 SRChaminade Julienne
106.12Jon Ashbrock
23:02.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
107.9Cannon Hill
23:08.00 SRChaminade Julienne
108.9Jorden Musselman
23:15.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
109.10Andrew Testa
23:15.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
110.12Sam Bailey
23:20.00 PRArchbishop Alter
111.11thomas cox
23:24.00 PRChaminade Julienne
112.10Andrew Olson
23:34.00 PRCarroll
113.12Matt Gilmore
114.9Bradley LaFountain
23:50.00 SRArchbishop Moeller
115.12Cody Childers
24:14.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
116.9Mitchell Knight
24:31.00 SRChaminade Julienne
117.10Chris Spanbauer
24:41.00 SRCarroll
118.10Devin Braeger
24:43.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
119.9Nick Sorice
24:47.00 SRCarroll
120.9Alex Siderys
25:01.00Indianapolis Cathedral
121.10Joe Simons
25:26.00 SRCarroll
122.9Matt Pitstick
25:32.00 PRCarroll
123.10Michael Taylor
25:55.00Archbishop Alter
124.10Robert Brunn
25:58.00St Vincent-St Mary
125.12Kevin Maguire
26:01.00 PRCarroll
126.9Adam Lucas
26:29.00 PRCarroll
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Gold

1.11Marissa Rosetti
18:57.00St Vincent-St Mary
2.12Sarah Mazzei
18:59.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
3.9Annie Heffernan
19:04.00St Ursula Academy (C...
4.12Olivia Albers
19:10.00Archbishop Alter
5.12Abigail Marquard
6.12Rachel Slingluff
19:15.00 PRBeaumont
7.10Christine Fredrick
19:17.00 SRUrsuline Academy
8.10Emma Hatch
19:18.00Mother Of Mercy
9.9Maggie Allen
19:30.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
10.11Emma MacAnally
19:30.00Indianapolis Cathedral
11.12Samantha Kirk
19:41.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
12.9Grace Kelly
19:42.00 SRUrsuline Academy
13.12Tessa Weigand
19:43.00St Vincent-St Mary
14.11Amanda Sollenberger
19:45.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
15.9Caitlyn Carroll
19:49.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
16.10Julia Mendiola
19:53.00St Vincent-St Mary
17.9Elise Horning
18.9Alexis Jakubowski
20:01.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
19.9Kyly Borton
20:06.00Archbishop Alter
20.12Annie Davis
20:09.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
21.12Bridget Johnston
20:10.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
22.10Alex Groene
20:13.00Archbishop Alter
23.10Sarah Clark
20:16.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
24.12Jacklyn Poupolo
20:19.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
25.11Austin Borton
20:20.00 SRArchbishop Alter
26.9Parker Shay
20:21.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
27.-Shea Obrien
20:22.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
28.12Mary Kate Chambers
20:22.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
29.9Grace Davis
20:27.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
30.11Melina Artmayer
20:29.00Mother Of Mercy
31.11Emily Bridges
20:30.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
32.12Anne Pace
33.12Sarah Kappers
20:31.00St Ursula Academy (C...
34.12Grace Untener
20:32.00Archbishop Alter
35.12Cait Walker
20:32.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
36.9Cynthia Haas
20:33.00St Vincent-St Mary
37.10Rachel McGuire
20:33.00St Joseph Academy
38.11Macey Walker
20:35.00 SRMagnificat
39.9Kristen Petrosky
20:35.00Archbishop Alter
40.12Chloe Georgiades
20:37.00St Ursula Academy (C...
41.11Merrideth Cabe
20:38.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
42.9Jill Porretta
20:39.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
43.-Maria Wesigerber
20:40.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
44.9Kathleen Whitmore
45.-Victoria McQuinn
20:45.00 PRMagnificat
46.9Catherine Finke
20:48.00 SRUrsuline Academy
47.12Meghan Riley
20:48.00 PRMagnificat
48.10Irene Presper
20:49.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
49.12Nicole Hurwitz
20:50.00St Ursula Academy (C...
50.11Shelby Fritsch
20:51.00 SRSeton
51.12Lauren Seibert
20:52.00Mother Of Mercy
52.9Brooke McQuinn
53.12Meghan Stifel
20:57.00Ursuline Academy
54.11Maddy Buzek
20:58.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
55.10Alesha Vovk
21:00.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
56.12Kelly Kohler
21:02.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
57.11Erin Gallagher
21:04.00 SRMagnificat
58.11Katherine Kerr
59.10Gretchen Horning
60.9Miranda Grigas
21:06.00 SRUrsuline Academy
61.9Emily Schappacher
21:06.00 PRMt Notre Dame
62.12Katrina Maricocchi
21:07.00 SRUrsuline Academy
63.12Margaret Connelly
21:07.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
64.11Courtney Kurzhals
21:09.00Mother Of Mercy
65.-MaryElizabeth Young
21:10.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
66.9Kelly Fuller
21:10.00Ursuline Academy
67.12Emily Brennan
21:12.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
68.11Emily Bauer
21:12.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
69.12Angelina Klucznik
21:14.00 SRMagnificat
70.12Bridgette Coyne
21:15.00 SRMagnificat
71.12Caitlin Nagy
21:15.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
72.11Kendall Burgett
21:17.00Indianapolis Cathedral
73.12Lydia Presper
21:18.00St Vincent-St Mary
74.11Carlile Willett
21:21.00St Ursula Academy (C...
75.12Katie Quigley
21:23.00Indianapolis Cathedral
76.11Emily Heine
21:23.00 SRSeton
77.12Melissa Schenkel
21:24.00 SRSeton
78.9Helen Roach
21:24.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
79.11Jill Bresnahan
21:24.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
80.12Katie Clifford
21:25.00St Ursula Academy (C...
81.12Paige Frey
21:25.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
82.11Samantha Graf
83.11AnneMarie Hoopes
21:26.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
84.9Rachel Graf
85.12Kristin Swope
21:29.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
86.12Jesse Slingluff
87.11Tori Barnhouse
21:31.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
88.9Jane Ketterer
21:31.00 SRMagnificat
89.10Abby Pace
21:32.00 SRSeton
90.10Betsy Daly
21:33.00Sacred Heart Academy
91.11Chloe Walter
21:34.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
92.10Emma Schuermann
21:34.00Archbishop Alter
93.12Nikki Volpenhein
21:34.00 SRUrsuline Academy
94.11Courtney Kinman
21:36.00 PRMt Notre Dame
95.10Maddie Zimmerman
21:38.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
96.11Jessica Bresnahan
21:39.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
97.9Maria Torok
21:40.00 SRSeton
98.11Sarah Devitt
21:40.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
99.11Allison May
100.10Haley Ferguson
21:46.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
101.12Kendra Adams
21:47.00 SRMt Notre Dame
102.11Simone Deighan
21:48.00Indianapolis Cathedral
103.10Megen Pliske
21:52.00Indianapolis Cathedral
104.11Lisa D'Lima
105.9Celeste Bergman
21:58.00 SRMt Notre Dame
106.9Nadia Vovk
22:03.00 PRMagnificat
107.9Allison Carter
22:04.00 SRUrsuline Academy
108.10Tori Weckenbrock
22:09.00Mother Of Mercy
109.12Maura O'Connor
110.12Sam Riley
22:15.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
111.9Mary Ellen Kempf
22:17.00Indianapolis Cathedral
112.12Anna Kerr
22:19.00 SRUrsuline Academy
113.9Mallory Fahey
22:19.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
114.12Kelsie Dirksing
22:21.00 PRMother Of Mercy
115.-Abby Grohman
22:23.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
116.12Laura Kurek
22:24.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
117.12Maggie Boyer
22:26.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
118.11Katie Wheeler
22:26.00Ursuline Academy
119.11Grace Harter
22:30.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
120.11Erin Yonchak
22:34.00 PRUrsuline Academy
121.7Rebecca Schuite
22:36.00 PRUrsuline Academy
122.11Grace Knerr
22:36.00Indianapolis Cathedral
123.10Clare Egan
22:38.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
124.12Madda Hauck
22:43.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
125.12Kerry Drew
126.11Grace Bennett
22:47.00Indianapolis Cathedral
127.11MaryKate Skalitzky
22:47.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
128.11Mary Issenmann
22:48.00 SRArchbishop Alter
129.12Natalie Dickman
22:53.00Indianapolis Cathedral
130.12Mackenzie Carroll
22:56.00Mt Notre Dame
131.12Tori Groene
22:59.00 SRArchbishop Alter
132.9Anna Anthony
133.10Katy Yuhas
23:01.00 SRArchbishop Alter
134.12Morgan Toby
23:02.00Indianapolis Cathedral
135.12Ellie Diemer
23:04.00 SRMt Notre Dame
136.9Sarah Paul
23:08.00 SRCanton Central Catho...
137.10Lauren Roy
23:15.00Indianapolis Cathedral
138.11Laura Shal
23:19.00 PRArchbishop Alter
139.12Katie Cates
23:25.00Indianapolis Cathedral
140.11Katie Kaes
23:37.00Ursuline Academy
141.11Abby Groene
23:40.00 SRArchbishop Alter
142.11Jessie Peszek
23:42.00Indianapolis Cathedral
143.11Sarah Wood
23:46.00 PRArchbishop Alter
144.11Maggie Thomas
145.12Joy Sellers
24:44.00Canton Central Catho...
146.12Hannah Lindesmith
24:54.00Canton Central Catho...
147.9Jasmine Bailey
25:55.00 PRBeaumont
148.12Meredith Gursky
25:56.00Canton Central Catho...
149.9Sophia Long
150.11Taylor Pacak
151.10Sarah Weller
35:30.00 PRCanton Central Catho...
Provided by

5,000 Meters Silver

1.9Emily Franz
19:26.00 SRBishop Hartley
2.12Taylor Oneil
20:19.00 SRCarroll
3.10Emily Flaherty
20:35.00 SRPresentation Academy
4.12Rachelle Sartori
20:50.00 SRJoliet Catholic
5.12Casey Richardson
20:59.00 SRPresentation Academy
6.10Moira McSteen
21:04.00 PRJoliet Catholic
7.12Abby Schofield
21:05.00Bishop Ready
8.9Helen Wittman
21:07.00 SRChaminade Julienne
9.12Rachel Wadell
21:10.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
10.11Geneviev Marchese
11.12Michelle Kaiser
21:24.00Bishop Ready
12.10Sydney Mohler
21:29.00Lima Central Catholic
13.9Courtney Carrico
21:30.00Presentation Academy
14.12Kayla Payne
21:35.00Presentation Academy
15.9Abby Stoll
21:40.00 PRLima Central Catholic
16.11Erin Kennedy
21:47.00 SRJoliet Catholic
17.9Emily Sagasser
21:53.00 PRCarroll
18.12Rebecca Heise
21:59.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
19.12Nicole Brown
22:05.00Bishop Ready
20.9Courtney Bair
22:11.00Bishop Ready
21.12Stephanie Demos
22:11.00 PRJoliet Catholic
22.10Maddy Bowen
22:13.00 SRBishop Ready
23.12Madeleine Smith
22:17.00Bishop Hartley
24.11Francesca Sikorski
22:20.00 SRJoliet Catholic
25.10Kate Zurovchak
22:26.00Archbishop McNicholas
26.10Margaret Beck
22:31.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
27.12Elli Moehrman
22:35.00Bishop Ready
28.12Laura Schlagheck
22:40.00Bishop Hartley
29.10Elizabeth Kidd
22:51.00Lima Central Catholic
30.9Alana Osterday
23:00.00Archbishop McNicholas
31.9Emilia Heider
23:03.00Lima Central Catholic
32.10Alexandra Schroeder
23:09.00 PRBishop Ready
33.12Colleen Moloney
34.12Lauren Randich
23:28.00 SRJoliet Catholic
35.12Emily Egizio
23:32.00 PRJoliet Catholic
36.12Mosie Burke
37.10Chloe Korst
23:47.00 SRJoliet Catholic
38.10Raven York
23:49.00Archbishop McNicholas
39.12Kendall Kaskocsak
23:50.00Lima Central Catholic
40.10Emily Penn
41.10Morgan Nash
23:56.00 PRCarroll
42.11Jessica Wright
24:06.00Bishop Ready
43.9Alyson Keating
24:07.00Lima Central Catholic
44.11Beth Rosenkranz
24:08.00 SRChaminade Julienne
45.10Katelyn Supelak
24:13.00 SRBishop Hartley
46.11Jillian Sommer
24:15.00 PRBishop Hartley
47.10Maddie Kennedy
24:19.00 SRJoliet Catholic
48.10Claire Griffiths
24:35.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
49.12Christina Sarver
24:39.00 SRBishop Hartley
51.12Jordan Handley
24:47.00 SRBishop Ready
52.10Rebecca Fisher
24:49.00Lima Central Catholic
53.9Caroline Gosser
25:00.00Presentation Academy
54.11Mary Stoll
25:02.00Lima Central Catholic
55.12Carinne Shannon
25:04.00 SRBishop Hartley
56.11Victoria Barlay
25:12.00 PRBishop Hartley
57.10Carli Goode
25:21.00 SRChaminade Julienne
58.10Emma Wagner
25:30.00 PRLima Central Catholic
59.12Jasmine Smith
25:35.00 PRJoliet Catholic
60.10Lauren Huddy
25:46.00 PRBishop Hartley
61.11Teresa Berger
25:46.00 PRBishop Hartley
62.12Claire Dieringer
25:48.00Lima Central Catholic
63.11Mallory Mccormick
25:49.00 SRBishop Hartley
64.12Rebecca Reis
25:52.00 SRChaminade Julienne
65.10Brittney Lancia
25:56.00 SRBishop Ready
66.11Jordan Sekinger
25:58.00 SRBishop Hartley
67.11Erin Lefever
26:03.00Bishop Hartley
68.12Holly Davis
26:06.00 PRLima Central Catholic
69.10Brianne Schell
26:13.00Bishop Ready
70.9Grace Klosterman
26:31.00 SRChaminade Julienne
71.12Jessica Carroll
26:37.00 SRBadin
72.12Lauren Conklin
26:43.00 PRPresentation Academy
73.11Paige Sauer
26:46.00Bishop Hartley
74.11Sophie Grollmus
26:57.00 SRBadin
75.9Terri Vo
27:02.00 SRChaminade Julienne
76.12Alessa Smith
28:03.00 PRJoliet Catholic
77.9Leigthe Russell
78.11Katie Schmig
29:46.00 SRJoliet Catholic
79.9Catherine Burger
32:47.00Lima Central Catholic
80.12Lillian Femi
35:15.00 SRPresentation Academy
Provided by

5,000 Meters Reserve

1.9Karly Gawarecki
19:52.00 SRLou. Holy Cross
2.9Samantha. Simms
20:23.00Sacred Heart Academy
3.9Sally Brink
21:09.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
4.9Caitlyn Kelly
21:23.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
5.10Lauren Wagner
21:25.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
6.11Maddie Kuiper
21:37.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
7.9Olivia Meyer
21:39.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
8.9Gabriel Hirlinger
21:40.00 SRSeton
9.9Colleen Johnston
21:41.00Ursuline Academy
10.11Caitlin Lopez
21:44.00 SRSeton
11.9Maria Waters
21:46.00 SRMother Of Mercy
12.10Julia Buechler
21:49.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
13.9Molly Sullivan
21:50.00 PRMagnificat
14.9Lauren Marconi
21:51.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
15.9Molly Henderson
21:52.00 SRSeton
16.9Erin Ford
21:57.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
17.12Sarah Smith
22:00.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
18.12Taylor Roberts
22:02.00 SRArchbishop McNicholas
19.9Katie Habel
22:04.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
20.10Kaylie Brown
22:04.00 SRSeton
21.10Hannah McCarthy
22:06.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
22.10Laura Neumayer
22:07.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
23.12Erin Boulger
22:13.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
24.10Mary McNulty
22:15.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
25.12Grace Daly
22:16.00Sacred Heart Academy
26.11Hannah James
22:17.00 SRSeton
27.11Devyn Brossard
22:18.00 PRMagnificat
28.10Kirstyn Ruiz
22:24.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
29.11Leah Harrison
22:25.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
30.10Mia Mariotti
22:25.00 SRMagnificat
31.11Caroline Samanich
22:26.00 SRMagnificat
32.11Abby Morgan
22:26.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
33.10Erin McNulty
22:27.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
34.12Katie Smith
22:28.00 SRUrsuline Academy
35.10Meg Smith
22:29.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
36.11Rebecca Konnerman
22:30.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
37.11Riley Barsella
22:30.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
38.12Kelly Martin
22:32.00 SRUrsuline Academy
39.11Elly Hayn
22:36.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
40.10Molly Moore
22:41.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
41.12Maria Desanto
22:42.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
42.12Colleen McLinden
22:44.00 PRMagnificat
43.11Ashley Hessling
22:45.00 SRMother Of Mercy
44.11Kristin Ochs
22:47.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
45.9Sydney Jablonski
22:50.00 SRMagnificat
46.11Caitlin Barnes
22:51.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
47.10Jenna Johnston
22:51.00Lou. Holy Cross
48.9Ashby Eggers
22:52.00 SRLou. Holy Cross
49.12Jenny Divincenzo
22:53.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
50.10Peyton Davis
22:56.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
51.10Kayla Swiatek
22:57.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
52.9Isabel Irvine
22:57.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
53.9Clare Sullivan
22:59.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
54.11Cidney Kelly
23:01.00 PRMagnificat
55.11Mary Grace Moore
23:02.00 PRSeton
56.12Erin McBreen
23:03.00 PRMother Of Mercy
57.12Steffi Homan
23:04.00 SRUrsuline Academy
58.10Hannah Kern
23:05.00 SRMother Of Mercy
59.12Jackie Sweeney
23:06.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
60.11Megan Hadley
23:14.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
61.11Maggie Rohs
23:16.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
62.11Helen Steve
23:16.00St Joseph Academy
63.11Hana Barker
23:16.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
64.12Caroline Carnes
23:18.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
65.11Marissa Johnson
23:18.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
66.12Rachel Castle
23:18.00 SRArchbishop Alter
67.11Jessica Schoettle
23:19.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
68.12Victoria Hodges
23:20.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
69.9Caroline McGowan
23:20.00 SRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
70.10Madeline Giella
23:21.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
71.11Erin Glanker
23:21.00 SRMother Of Mercy
72.9Maggie Moeller
23:22.00 PRUrsuline Academy
73.10Katherine Holly
23:24.00 SRMt Notre Dame
74.10Maddie Miller
23:25.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
75.10Kelsey Norris
23:25.00 SRUrsuline Academy
76.12Maddy Lanning
23:26.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
77.12Summer Roberts
23:27.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
78.9Elizabeth Fitzgerald
23:27.00 SRMagnificat
79.9Mollie Young
23:29.00 SRUrsuline Academy
80.12Carly Ruwan
23:29.00 SRMother Of Mercy
81.10Katie Oksas
23:30.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
82.12Sam Schuermann
23:31.00 PRArchbishop Alter
83.9Grace Fermann
23:31.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
84.12Kristina Jackson
23:31.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
85.9Olivia Hess
23:33.00 SRSeton
86.12Alex Kalkhoff
23:35.00Ursuline Academy
87.10Tresa Isemann
23:35.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
88.10Samantha Ketterer
23:39.00 PRMagnificat
89.9Jordan Hoak
23:41.00 SRUrsuline Academy
90.11Alex Goranflo
23:42.00Sacred Heart Academy
91.9Delanie Greiner
23:44.00 PRMother Of Mercy
92.12Dusty Waltz
23:44.00Ursuline Academy
93.10Kate Smith
23:44.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
94.12Elizabeth Klein
23:45.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
95.11Katherine Ruwe
23:46.00 SRMother Of Mercy
96.10Abby Wocher
23:47.00Mother Of Mercy
97.9Avery Pacella
23:48.00 PRMagnificat
98.11Grace Comer
23:49.00 SRMother Of Mercy
99.11Shannon Walton
23:50.00 SRMagnificat
100.10Rachel Schmetzer
23:50.00 PRSacred Heart Academy
101.9Clare Fibbi
23:51.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
102.12Maria Cerwonka
23:52.00 PRUrsuline Academy
103.7Tatiana Tamely
23:52.00 PRUrsuline Academy
104.10Ellen McCabe
23:53.00 PRMagnificat
105.10Caroline Herman
23:53.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
106.10Meghan Gorbach
23:53.00 SRSt Vincent-St Mary
107.9Jessica Helon
23:54.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
108.12Meghan Searight
23:54.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
109.12Samantha Beeler
23:55.00 SRSeton
110.12Xitlalic Soto-Sida
23:55.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
111.12JeanAnn Tabbaa
23:56.00 PRMagnificat
112.12Cora Byrne
23:58.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
113.10Allison Adams
23:59.00 SRMother Of Mercy
114.9Molly Bryden
24:01.00 PRMagnificat
115.9Elyse Hurwitz
24:05.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
116.10Julia Young
24:05.00 PRMagnificat
117.11Ashley Klimczyk
24:08.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
118.12Maggie Bierman
24:09.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
119.12Leah Tomazic
24:10.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
120.10Andjela Cirko
24:11.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
121.11Emily Watson
24:11.00 SRSacred Heart Academy
122.12Katie Dimario
24:12.00 SRMt Notre Dame
123.11Hannah Heyob
24:13.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
124.11Laura Mersmann
24:14.00 PRSeton
125.10Megan Vansant
24:16.00 PRMother Of Mercy
126.9Ally Brutscher
24:17.00 PRLou. Holy Cross
127.10Meredith Goshell
24:17.00Indianapolis Cathedral
128.9Jessica Rieskamp
24:18.00 SRSeton
129.10Danielle Joyer
24:20.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
130.11Colleen Kramer
24:20.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
131.11Liz Kelly
24:20.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
132.12Claire Konys
24:21.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
133.11Melyssa Jackson
24:25.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
134.9Roisin Goebelbecker
24:26.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
135.10Erin Schapker
24:26.00 PRMother Of Mercy
136.10Nikki Newsome
24:27.00 PRMother Of Mercy
137.12Jessica Lenoch
24:27.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
138.12Emma Steinken
24:28.00Indianapolis Cathedral
139.12Hannah Brennan
24:28.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
140.9Olivia Tepe
24:32.00 PRSeton
141.10Caitlyn Blair
24:37.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
142.10Mary Tarbox
24:40.00Indianapolis Cathedral
143.10Annie Grove
24:41.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
144.12Kayley Dunn
24:44.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
145.12Jaci Damon
24:44.00 PRMt Notre Dame
146.11Katherine Kasunick
24:45.00 SRMagnificat
147.12Meghan Roddy
24:46.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
148.9Emily Thomson
24:46.00Lou. Holy Cross
149.11Allison Schafer
150.12Emily Calhoun
24:48.00Sacred Heart Academy
151.9Allison Brady
24:49.00 SRUrsuline Academy
152.10Sara Hurley
24:54.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
153.9Danielle Finzer
24:56.00Presentation Academy
154.10Kaylie Beech
24:58.00 SRArchbishop Alter
155.10Marti Luby
24:59.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
156.10Gia Faetanini
25:00.00St Vincent-St Mary
157.10Sydney McIntyre
25:00.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
158.12Jessica Gordon
159.10Caroline Perry
25:02.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
160.9Claire Berding
25:06.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
161.10Sarah Stark
25:07.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
162.12Meghan Pope
25:10.00 SRMother Of Mercy
163.9Kelly Breitenbach
25:10.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
164.12Kerry Ulm
25:11.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
165.10Jessica Wuebbolt
25:12.00 SRSeton
166.10Sami Toth
25:13.00Indianapolis Cathedral
167.12Hannah Compton
25:14.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
168.10Halli Grunder
25:16.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
169.10Emma Flynn
25:17.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
170.10Katie Geraci
25:22.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
171.10Elizabeth Sherlock
25:25.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
172.9Katherine Deighan
25:26.00Indianapolis Cathedral
173.10Theresa Roy
25:27.00 SRUrsuline Academy
174.9Mary Cate Pachciarz
25:30.00Indianapolis Cathedral
175.9Fiona O'Donnell
25:31.00 PRMagnificat
176.9Tunie Snyder
25:31.00Indianapolis Cathedral
177.10Grace Gresham
25:32.00Indianapolis Cathedral
178.12Jessica Pagliari
25:34.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
179.10Shelby Wolf
25:37.00Indianapolis Cathedral
180.9Nora MacAnally
25:37.00Indianapolis Cathedral
181.9Nicki Redmond
25:40.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
182.12Megan Kowalski
25:43.00 PRUrsuline Academy
183.12Sarah Bundschuh
25:49.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
184.10Meg Keane
25:49.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
185.11Molly Paz
25:50.00 PRUrsuline Academy
186.10Melanie Igel
25:52.00 SRBishop Hartley
187.9Maddie Spetz
25:55.00 PRMother Of Mercy
188.12Maddy Sowar
25:58.00 PRArchbishop Alter
189.12Emily Wells
25:59.00 PRCarroll
190.12Tori Knueven
26:00.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
191.9Alexandra Rickard
26:00.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
192.12Morgan Sunshein
26:02.00Archbishop Alter
193.12Maegan Landerville
26:03.00 SRArchbishop Alter
194.10Erin Pope
26:04.00 PRMother Of Mercy
195.12Sarah Sprauer
26:09.00Archbishop Alter
196.12Jennie Boehm
26:10.00 PRMother Of Mercy
197.12Caroline Dill
26:11.00 PRArchbishop McNicholas
198.7Gabrielle Kroger
26:12.00 SRUrsuline Academy
199.11Cara Anderson
26:13.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
200.11Regina Russo
26:15.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
201.9Hannah Guy
26:20.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
202.10Ali Ontko
26:22.00 PRArchbishop Alter
203.11Isabel Ricke
26:25.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
204.10Francie Dorger
26:27.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
205.9Suzanne Fox
26:28.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
206.11Michell Lewandowski
26:29.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
207.12Hannah Beckroege
26:29.00 SRSeton
208.12Larissa May
26:31.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
209.9Ellie Copeland
26:32.00Indianapolis Cathedral
210.10Erin Kelly
26:33.00 PRCarroll
211.9Lucy Dimond
26:34.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
212.9Kate Jennings
26:35.00 SRMt Notre Dame
213.11Brittany Hennings
26:35.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
214.10Emma Leising
26:36.00Indianapolis Cathedral
215.9Caroline Combs
26:37.00Indianapolis Cathedral
216.12Claire Sugrue
26:38.00Archbishop Alter
217.12Julia Swit
26:38.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
218.12Mary Neugebauer
26:40.00 PRSt Vincent-St Mary
219.10Miranda Madison
26:41.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
220.12Natalia Galant
26:41.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
221.11Justine Templin
26:48.00 SRArchbishop Alter
222.9Alexandra Goss
26:49.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
223.11Katie Roberts
26:49.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
224.9Kaitlyn Hurd
26:49.00 PRMt Notre Dame
225.12Meta Wellman
26:50.00 SRSt Ursula Academy (C...
226.12Megan Woolf
227.10Brooke Leachman
26:54.00 PRPresentation Academy
228.9Lauren Bailey
26:58.00 PRBishop Hartley
229.9Martina Parola
26:58.00 PRPresentation Academy
230.12Erin Zimmer
27:00.00 SRArchbishop Alter
231.10Gabby Woodman
27:01.00Indianapolis Cathedral
232.9Deanna Allen
27:02.00 PRPresentation Academy
233.12Kara Hurley
27:06.00St Joseph Academy
234.10Katie Waters
27:07.00 SRSt Joseph Academy
235.10Jordan Toby
27:10.00Indianapolis Cathedral
236.11Maddie Lay
27:12.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
237.9Abby McBee
27:16.00 PRMother Of Mercy
238.9Meghan Berry
27:19.00Indianapolis Cathedral
239.9Brooke Schmutte
27:23.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
240.12Emily Storm
27:26.00 PRMother Of Mercy
241.11Monica Mueller
27:26.00 PRBishop Hartley
242.10Alexa Hornak
27:27.00Indianapolis Cathedral
243.10Elizabeth Nicholls
27:27.00Indianapolis Cathedral
244.10Jill Stinson
27:28.00Indianapolis Cathedral
245.9Maggie Wheeler
27:34.00 SRUrsuline Academy
246.12Alaina Turchi
27:41.00Indianapolis Cathedral
247.9Emily Hellmann
27:45.00 PRUrsuline Academy
248.10Monica Nedeff
27:48.00 SRArchbishop Alter
249.10Kim Lohbeck
27:48.00 SRMother Of Mercy
250.10Megan Ridder
27:51.00 SRMother Of Mercy
251.11Marion Ahearne
27:53.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
252.10Helene Short
27:57.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
253.12Maggie Connelly
27:59.00 PRChicago (St. Ignatiu...
254.9Molly Colavincenzo
28:02.00 SRArchbishop Alter
255.12Emily McDonald
28:14.00 PRSeton
256.9Emily Hatting
28:15.00 SRSeton
257.10Erika Burwinkel
28:16.00 PRMother Of Mercy
258.11Shelby Burnett
28:25.00 SRPresentation Academy
259.11Cara Callahan
28:27.00Indianapolis Cathedral
260.10Marge Kelley
28:28.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
261.9Anna Heckman
28:30.00Indianapolis Cathedral
262.12Michelle Brown
28:38.00 SRCarroll
263.9Sophia Settle
28:42.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
264.9Sienna Brown
28:53.00 PRChaminade Julienne
265.9Victoria Kusnierz
29:00.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
266.9Laura Dickman
29:00.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
267.10Katie Dezelan
29:02.00 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
268.11MaryBridget Waters
29:07.00 PRSt Joseph Academy
269.12Kelsey Zelina
29:15.00 PRBishop Hartley
270.9Annie Gregory
29:18.00Indianapolis Cathedral
271.12Amanda Rochford
29:22.00Bishop Hartley
272.12Emily McGrath
29:22.00 SRBishop Hartley
273.10Anna Schuh
29:34.00Archbishop McNicholas
274.12Kathleen Strong
29:50.00 SRBishop Hartley
275.9Olivia Greco
29:56.00 SRCarroll
276.10Shelby Hatfield
29:57.00 SRPresentation Academy
277.11Mary Margaret Hughes
30:04.00 PRMagnificat
278.12Abbey Shoemaker
30:14.00 SRBishop Hartley
279.10Erika Shultz
30:16.00 SRBishop Hartley
280.11Amy Williams
30:20.00 SRBishop Hartley
281.11Justine Franklin
30:22.00 SRBishop Hartley
282.10Monica Wright
30:23.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
283.10Gina Battocletti
30:27.00Bishop Hartley
284.10Caroline Melloh
30:30.00Indianapolis Cathedral
285.10Anna Gibbons
30:31.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
286.11Catherine Mastandrea
30:33.00 PRArchbishop Alter
287.10Rachel Goldfarb
30:43.00Indianapolis Cathedral
288.10Megan Dolan
30:55.00Indianapolis Cathedral
289.10Maggie Cripe
30:56.00Indianapolis Cathedral
290.10Abby Price
30:56.00Indianapolis Cathedral
291.11Megan Imwalle
31:13.00 PRBishop Hartley
292.11Tori Babel
293.9Rachel Ryan
31:46.00 PRBishop Hartley
294.10Caroline Vorisek
31:47.00 SRBishop Hartley
295.11Kathryn Macon
31:50.00 PRSt Ursula Academy (C...
296.10Sarah Zelina
32:16.00Bishop Hartley
297.11Tia Jones
32:31.00 PRChaminade Julienne
298.9Jasmine Zhao
33:23.00 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
299.11Katie Kurth
33:32.00 PRBishop Hartley
300.10Allie Datko
33:36.00 PRCarroll
301.11Jenna Bailey
33:55.00 SRBishop Hartley
302.9Sarah Berger
33:56.00 SRBishop Hartley
303.11Allison Arnold
34:41.00 SRBishop Hartley
304.12Courtney Sewell
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