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Mens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Trevor Sleight
15:37.7Carolina Day
2.12Tim Gruber
15:45.9 PRCannon
3.10John Rohr
16:37.6St Davids
4.12Chris Anderson
16:49.0Westchester Country ...
5.10Grant Rodgers
16:55.6North Raleigh Christ...
6.8Miles Clikeman
16:56.9 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
7.11Tripp Fitch
16:59.5 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
8.10David Heide
16:59.6 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
9.12Adam Link
17:01.6Walsingham Academy
10.Jose Zavala
11.12Chase Shermer
17:10.2North Raleigh Christ...
12.9Ryan Speer
17:16.8North Raleigh Christ...
13.12Worth Smith
17:17.2 PREpiscopal
14.11Tyler Hatton
17:22.6North Raleigh Christ...
15.9Patrick Hunter
16.10Cameron Francis
17:40.6 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
17.11Sam Doyle
17:42.1St Davids
18.9Nicholas Kontopanous
17:49.7 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
19.12Chris Driscoll
18:00.5 SREpiscopal
20.9Alex Franck
18:01.2 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
21.11Peter Ruby
18:20.1Pinewood Preparatory
22.11Sam Streed
23.10Mason Hazel
18:26.6 SRPinewood Preparatory
24.9David Shaw
25.9Merritt McKenny
18:33.6 PRProvidence Academy
26.10Hunter Zeisman
18:34.7Village Christian Ac...
27.11Evan Leonard
28.11Isaac Stroud
18:51.4St Davids
29.11Henry Lawson
19:04.9 SREpiscopal
30.9Eli Collins
19:08.8 PREpiscopal
31.10Steven Jernigan
19:08.8Village Christian Ac...
32.9Steven Bennett
33.10Tanner Cindric
34.11Jin Kim
19:15.6 SRPinewood Preparatory
35.9Greg Morgan
36.9Andrew Zelina
37.10Jeffrey Schoondyke
19:27.1 SRProvidence Academy
38.10Alex Kenney
19:36.5Walsingham Academy
39.9Collin Braeuning
19:40.9Pinewood Preparatory
40.10Hudson Jepertinger
19:43.1Florence Christian
41.9Sam Stoffrengen
19:45.1North Raleigh Christ...
42.8Jack Grimson
19:46.8Walsingham Academy
43.10Caleb Presley
19:47.6 SRProvidence Academy
44.12Rj Drucker
19:47.9 SREpiscopal
45.12Joshua Carter
19:50.6 PRVeritas Classical Ch...
46.10Chandler Julien
19:56.7Walsingham Academy
47.9Stephen Nymberg
48.10Matthew Stice
19:59.9Pinewood Preparatory
49.10Ian Gallagher
20:03.1Walsingham Academy
50.10Daniel Brause
20:07.5Walsingham Academy
51.9Mac Schilder
20:28.4Carolina Friends
52.9Jeff Takahashi
20:57.0Carolina Friends
53.10Larry Wert
21:00.7 SRPinewood Preparatory
54.10Alex Dahan
21:21.5 PRCannon
55.9Andrew Nielsen
56.10Tully Moyer
57.11Blake Tyree
21:30.6 PRProvidence Academy
58.9Jake Birdsong
21:41.3 SRPinewood Preparatory
59.9Grayson Dalton
21:43.1 PRProvidence Academy
60.9Peter LeCraw
21:49.6 PRProvidence Academy
61.7Connor Williams
22:04.4Florence Christian
62.11Dan Peraza-Rudesill
22:12.0Carolina Friends
63.12Ben Jewett
22:29.4 PRProvidence Academy
64.11Ian Hawkes
22:30.7Walsingham Academy
65.9Everett Craven
66.9Mark Regnery
67.9Thomas Waldrop
23:56.0St Davids
68.11John-Anthony Prado
24:50.5 SRVeritas Christian Ac...
69.7Jarrett Giles
25:00.0Florence Christian
70.11James Hurst
27:00.2St Davids
71.7Jarrett Thomas
27:59.3Village Christian Ac...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Nicole Marvin
18:38.7 PRKent
2.8Jennifer Stephenson
19:26.5Village Christian Ac...
3.12Mackenzie Davis
19:29.7Deerfield-Windsor Up...
4.7Maryah Nasir
19:57.4 SRPinewood Preparatory
5.12Meagan Wright
19:59.6Florence Christian
6.7Morgan Lewis
20:11.0 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
7.8Katie Black
20:19.7 SRPinewood Preparatory
8.12Joanna Morelli
20:25.0 PRWalsingham Academy
9.7Faith Hasher
20:51.1 PRPinewood Preparatory
10.10Maggie O'Hara
20:53.9St Davids
11.11Virginia Wright
21:00.8 SREpiscopal
12.8Christine McBeath
21:06.4Walsingham Academy
13.10Elizabeth Franck
21:18.6 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
14.7Isabelle Greenstreet
21:25.3 SRPinewood Preparatory
15.10Ashton Yarnell
21:34.4 PREpiscopal
16.11Joslyn Chesson
21:37.8 SREpiscopal
17.7Ashlynne Darling
21:49.7 PRPinewood Preparatory
18.11Kate Bickley
21:56.0 SREpiscopal
19.9Erica Roller
21:57.4 PRProvidence Academy
20.9Kelly Norfleet
22:03.7 PRVeritas Classical Ch...
21.9Kasey Grossman
22:07.3 SRPinewood Preparatory
22.12Cassie Calvert
22:08.8 SRCannon
23.10Reilly Pieri
22:18.0Walsingham Academy
24.10Christa Schuping
22:21.7 PRVeritas Classical Ch...
25.9Natalia Yepez-Frias
22:38.9 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
26.10Maja Olsson
27.9Darby West
28.10Adelle Bortz
29.11Monae Boyles
22:46.9Florence Christian
30.7Madelyn Krueger
22:50.9 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
31.11Annie Page
22:56.6 SREpiscopal
32.12Wesleigh Vick
22:59.8St Davids
33.7Avery Powers
23:01.6Village Christian Ac...
34.10Katy Vanderkwaak
23:03.6 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
35.10Marshall Wilson
23:07.2Walsingham Academy
36.8Caroline Coggins
23:08.2Veritas Classical Ch...
37.7Amelia Kassing
23:10.1 SRPinewood Preparatory
38.12Hannah Roe
23:22.7North Raleigh Christ...
39.8Grace Burns
23:26.9 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
40.8Madeline Rieker
23:28.4St Davids
41.12Abby Mandel
23:28.4 SRPinewood Preparatory
42.9Allison Puryear
23:34.4North Raleigh Christ...
43.7Jessica Merrill
23:34.8 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
44.9Tina Vazquez
23:53.6North Raleigh Christ...
45.8Allie Dunston
24:02.4 PRSt Davids
46.10Anna Kenan
24:07.1Carolina Friends
47.9Meredith Watkins
24:15.0Walsingham Academy
48.11Hannah Randall
24:42.6 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
49.10Vanessa Dane
50.10Mary Margaret Camp...
51.7Diana Debnam
25:02.7Village Christian Ac...
52.9Emily Fromke
25:11.0 SRCannon
53.9Madison Karnes
25:13.1Walsingham Academy
54.10Annie Pharr
25:14.1 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
55.11Erin O'Connell
25:21.7 PRWalsingham Academy
56.9Tiffany Bartholamew
25:21.7St Davids
57.7Julianne Vanderkwaak
25:23.1 SRVeritas Christian Ac...
58.8Caroline Sink
25:29.6 PRSt Davids
59.12Leah Bishop
25:41.4Carolina Friends
60.8Emilie Lewis
25:44.2 PRSt Davids
61.9Jacqueline deGorter
62.11Hally Searles-Bohs
25:52.7 PRCarolina Friends
63.9Taylor Strickland
25:53.5 SRPinewood Preparatory
64.11Kathryn Prechter
26:04.5 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
65.10Moriah Bechtel
26:08.8 SRProvidence Academy
66.9Bethany Jewett
26:36.3 PRProvidence Academy
67.11Elizabeth Papakons...
27:32.6 PRVeritas Christian Ac...
68.11Emily Kendziera
27:38.8Village Christian Ac...
69.10Maddie Sansburry
28:02.2Florence Christian
70.11Madison Wirt
28:40.7Village Christian Ac...
71.8Anne Marie Kendziera
28:42.7Village Christian Ac...
72.8Jamie Lawrenz
28:54.5Village Christian Ac...
73.11Nancy Scarborough
29:08.1Veritas Christian Ac...
74.10Kristen Hodge
29:23.2 PRProvidence Academy
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