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Brown County HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Brown County HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Spencer Clapp
16:03.2Indianapolis Cathedral
2.10David Dalton
16:08.6Greenwood Community
3.11Cain Parker
16:25.4 PRPike Central
4.11Alden Westcott
16:34.0Brown County
5.12Joe Trueblood
6.12Dalton Smith
16:40.1 SRColumbus East
7.10Adam George
16:44.3 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
8.10Jack Tormoehlen
9.12Chris Davidson
16:49.7 PRHeritage Christian
10.11Jonah Thompson
16:51.1Greenwood Community
11.9Patrick O'Neil
16:53.1 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
12.11Seamus Brennan
16:55.9Indianapolis Cathedral
13.10Cody Whipker
17:07.8Brown County
14.10Jonah Woods
17:10.9Jennings County
15.12Billy McNicholas
17:12.2Jennings County
16.11Vincent Halloran
17:16.5 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
17.11Daniel Zwissler
17:17.4 PRColumbus East
18.10Jordan Foster
17:20.7 SRColumbus East
19.11Mitchell Mays
17:21.2 PRHeritage Christian
20.12Jack Kelly
17:21.5 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
21.10Ian Hensen
22.11Newton Kinney
17:22.2Indianapolis Cathedral
23.9Logan Minett-Bond
17:22.8Brown County
24.9Tristan Wilbrandt
17:25.0 SRIndianapolis Cathedral
25.12Luke Tormoehlen
26.11Clayton Johnson
17:27.1 SRColumbus East
27.11Luke Bertolet
17:29.6 PRGreenwood Community
28.11Austin Purdue
17:33.5 PRColumbus East
29.12James Clayton
17:33.9Columbus East
30.11Connor Guingrich
17:34.3Brown County
31.12Dillon Resler
17:35.5Eastern Greene (Bloo...
32.11John Christ
17:35.8Indianapolis Cathedral
33.12Raul Varela
34.12Ben Franke
35.9Walker Hearne
17:47.2 PRJennings County
36.10Tanner Stout
17:47.8Greenwood Community
37.12Brody Martin
17:49.2Eastern Greene (Bloo...
38.10Tyler Hatton
39.11Alex Beaty
17:51.1 SRSeymour
40.12Isaac Smith
17:55.0Greenwood Community
41.10Aidan DeSanto
18:01.2Indianapolis Cathedral
42.9Daniel Hauersperger
18:02.3 SRSeymour
43.10Luke Sweet
18:04.0 SRShakamak
44.11Mitch Duncan
18:08.5Greenwood Community
45.11Nick Harding
18:10.5Brown County
46.12Evan Manias
18:12.5 PRHome School Union
47.12Brett Lykins
18:13.7Jennings County
48.11Christian Wilson
18:15.3 PRPike Central
49.11Kyle Schubla,
18:16.8 PRShakamak
50.10Mitch McCoy
18:19.9Jennings County
51.9Patrick Engle
18:20.6Indianapolis Cathedral
52.10Logan Doyle
18:26.8 PRColumbus East
53.11Zach Roush
18:27.4Brown County
54.11Blake Puckett
18:28.3 SRHeritage Christian
55.12Ryan Emigh
56.11Brian Gunn
18:33.2Greenwood Community
57.11Austin Puckett
18:35.0Heritage Christian
58.9Elijah Punturi
18:35.5 PRPike Central
59.12Patrick Zunk
18:36.0 PRIndianapolis Cathedral
60.9Jared Lewis
18:37.3Indianapolis Cathedral
61.12Tom Proffitt
18:39.2Indianapolis Cathedral
62.9Isaac Richardson
18:49.1 SRColumbus East
63.11Zack Alves
18:55.3Heritage Christian
64.10Tyler Lyons
18:58.7Columbus East
65.10Eric Johnson
18:59.6 PRShakamak
66.12Zach Bruner
19:00.5Eastern Greene (Bloo...
67.10Paul Baker
19:05.7 SRColumbus East
68.10Sam Hicks
19:13.6Greenwood Community
69.12Robert Fowler,
19:14.8 PRShakamak
70.10Dusty Janssen
71.10Nathaniel Staples
19:19.1Jennings County
72.10Dustin Follmer
19:19.7 SRJennings County
73.11Ethan Rolens
19:23.1 PRPike Central
74.9Robbie Dolph
19:35.3Brown County
75.10Justin Tatum
19:35.6Eastern Greene (Bloo...
76.11Paul Heldring
19:39.4 PRPike Central
77.11Kyle Miller
19:42.2 SRBrown County
78.10Thomas Trapp
19:43.2 PRHome School Union
79.9Conner Tungate
19:43.9Greenwood Community
80.11Michael Hartman
19:50.5Eastern Greene (Bloo...
81.12Brock Dowell
82.10Hogan Petro
83.12Alex Enstrom
19:58.3 PRShakamak
84.12Beau Johnson
19:59.0 PRPike Central
85.10Elliot Samons
86.9Andrew Sauer
20:01.3 SRHeritage Christian
87.9Kaleb Hill
20:08.9Pike Central
88.11Alejandro Clemente
20:11.0 PRSeymour
89.10Lauren Schmidt
90.9Tyler Klingler
20:23.4 PRSeymour
91.10Timmy Reutell
20:24.3 SRColumbus East
92.10Higdon Heath
20:24.8Home School Union
93.10Chris Taylor
20:29.0 PRJennings County
94.10Dameon Fulcher
20:30.3Pike Central
95.11Austin Trueblood
20:30.8 PRSeymour
96.10Jake Ramsey
20:33.6 PRHome School Union
97.12Ben Housman
20:44.0Brown County
98.9Gordon Gretsinger
20:49.1 PRColumbus East
99.9Bradley My-Kael
20:51.3 SRGreenwood Community
100.9Jeffery Linder
20:51.6Greenwood Community
101.12Shawn Spurlock
20:53.4 PRJennings County
102.9Drake Spencer
20:53.7 SRSeymour
103.9Jon Montgomery
20:54.5 PRSeymour
104.11Zack Myers
21:04.0Heritage Christian
105.9Christian Liston
21:11.4Jennings County
106.9Trenton Cornelius
21:33.2Brown County
107.12Tanner Clark
21:38.3Eastern Greene (Bloo...
108.12Dylan Phipps
21:40.1 PRShakamak
109.9Josh Crowther
21:44.5Greenwood Community
110.12Ball Caleb
21:50.5 PRHome School Union
111.10Nathaniel Christop...
22:00.0 PRHome School Union
112.11Ben Osborne
22:00.4Heritage Christian
113.9Christoper Noah
22:05.5Home School Union
114.9Matt Buffo
22:19.2Columbus East
115.10Nick Baker
22:22.1 PRPike Central
116.9Seth Carter
117.9Ian Rowland
22:45.3 PRSeymour
118.10Danny Reutell
22:48.3 PRColumbus East
119.10Mitch Deyerling
22:58.6 SRJennings County
120.12Zach Tarr
23:12.7 SREastern Greene (Bloo...
121.11Jesse Bessire
23:36.5Brown County
122.11Bryce Downs
23:48.5 PRJennings County
123.9Jacob Evans
25:21.6 PRPike Central
124.9Clint Craig
25:48.8 PRPike Central
125.11Ryan Clay
126.11Tanner Mason
30:06.9 SRPike Central
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