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Northrop HS

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Northrop HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Jonathan Harper
16:09.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
2.10Zach Panning
16:10.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
3.11Jacob Reinking
16:11.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
4.11Alexander Hess
16:26.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
5.12Mitchell Dutton
16:33.0Fort Wayne Snider
6.12Andrew Eckrich
16:36.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
7.11Luke Miller
16:43.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
8.11Asher Scott
16:45.0Fort Wayne Snider
9.10Alec Kreilach
16:48.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
10.12Blake Jones
16:52.0Fort Wayne Snider
11.12Paul Wooten
17:11.0Fort Wayne Snider
12.10Nathan Sutaphong
17:16.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
13.12Austin Lewellen
17:18.0Fort Wayne South Side
14.11Andrew Fenstermacher
17:23.0Fort Wayne South Side
15.11Gaylon Gross
17:27.0Fort Wayne Snider
16.10Mitchell Slater
17:30.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
17.10Bret Unger
17:31.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
18.9Jimmy Mallers
17:31.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
19.12Tyler Steensma
17:35.0Fort Wayne Northrop
20.12Matthew Adair
17:38.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
21.10Matt Klein
17:38.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
22.11Brad Wise
17:46.0Fort Wayne Snider
23.12James Myers
17:48.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
24.11Mark Berghoff
17:53.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
25.10William Ottenweller
17:53.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
26.12Schuyler Putt
17:55.0Carroll (Fort Wayne)
27.12Eddie Ramos
17:56.0Fort Wayne South Side
28.12Tyler Byall
17:58.0Fort Wayne North Side
29.12Michael Miller
18:00.0 PRFort Wayne North Side
30.11Brendon Lengacher
18:04.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
31.11Rudolfo Gonzales
18:14.0Fort Wayne North Side
32.11Isaac Wappes
18:18.0Fort Wayne Snider
33.12Cody Vervynckt
18:18.0Fort Wayne Northrop
34.12Clayton Brundige
18:19.0Fort Wayne North Side
35.11Richkard St. Victor
18:20.0Fort Wayne Northrop
36.12Luke Offerle
18:20.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
37.11Sean McManus
18:25.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
38.12Michael Hall
18:25.0 PRFort Wayne Northrop
39.11Dalton Atchison
18:26.0 PRFort Wayne Northrop
40.11Jose Rodriguez
18:34.0Fort Wayne North Side
41.11Jack Obergfell
18:35.0Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
42.10Dylan Wagner
18:35.0Fort Wayne Northrop
43.11Kyle Pepple
44.11Connor Mickelini
18:38.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
45.12Cody Gage
46.11Esporir Razi
18:46.0Fort Wayne Northrop
47.12Jake Arehart
18:49.0Fort Wayne North Side
48.10John Neidich
18:51.0 SRLeo
49.10Cameron Foster
18:54.0Fort Wayne South Side
50.10Michael Barrera
18:54.0 SRFort Wayne South Side
51.12Josh Ware
19:06.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
52.9Ryan Mitchell
19:25.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
53.10Kody Detter
54.9Garrett Burns
55.11Grant Adams
56.11Graham Powers
57.12Chris Swygart
19:52.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
58.12Paul Lohmuller
19:56.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
59.9Christian Klinker
19:59.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
60.12Christopher Spalding
20:01.0Fort Wayne South Side
61.9Jon Adair
20:02.0Fort Wayne Concordia...
62.11Ryan Klinker
20:09.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
63.9Rigel Jaquish
20:15.0Fort Wayne North Side
64.10Shawn Johnson
20:18.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
65.11Logan Zehr
20:29.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
66.10Myron Trowell
20:35.0Fort Wayne South Side
67.9Logan Nygaard
21:22.0Fort Wayne Blackhawk...
22:14.0Fort Wayne Bishop Lu...
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