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Mens Results

10,000 Meters Men

1.JrMicah Chelimo
2.-Cliff Childs
31:19 PRVictoria
3.SrYonatan Yilma
4.JrAlfred Kangogo
5.SrKyle Van Santen
31:31 PRSt Martin's
6.JrTyler Cannon
31:31 PRWestern Washington
7.FrRyan Cassidy
31:41 SRVictoria
8.SrSpencer Hunt
31:43 PRSt Martin's
9.FrDylan Anthony
10.FrJackson Bocksnick
32:04 SRVictoria
11.SoJosh Clouthier
32:12 PRVictoria
12.SoDak Riek
32:14Western Washington
13.-Doug Oxland
32:21 SRVictoria
14.-Sean Sundwall
32:24 PRClub Northwest
15.JrKarl Robertson
32:28 PRVictoria
16.FrIsaac Kangogo
17.15-16Brett Winegar
32:34 SRClub Northwest
18.-Kevin Murphy
32:36 SRClub Northwest
19.-Blair Johnston
32:36 SRTrinity Western
20.SoTanner Boyd
32:38Western Washington
21.SoKyle Irvine
32:42 SRVictoria
22.SrNick Abraham
32:42Western Washington
Christian Gravel
32:47Vancouver T-Birds BC
23.JrJacob Parisien
24.SoNathan Minor
32:59Central Washington
25.SoJustin Kent
33:04 SRBritish Columbia
26.SoDylan Peterson
33:08Western Washington
27.SrMichael Adams
28.SrJordan Smith
33:13 PRBritish Columbia
29.JrKyle Johnson
33:17Western Washington
30.SoChip Jackson
33:18 SRWestern Washington
31.-Humeniuk Anton
33:19 PRSimon Fraser
Jordan Maynard
33:25Vancouver T-Birds BC
FrCody Therrien
33:32 SRVictoria
32.JrTim Huebsch
33:35 SRBritish Columbia
SrEric Brill
33:42Western Washington
33.SrSamir Dahani
33:45 PRSimon Fraser
34.15-16Spencer Walsh
33:46Club Northwest
SoTabor Reedy
33:48 SRWestern Washington
SrJeremy Anderson
33:51 PRWestern Washington
35.FrRyan Thompson
33:52 PRCentral Washington
36.FrFrank Krause
33:52 PRSt Martin's
37.JrJoseph Patti
33:53 PRSt Martin's
SoDylan Sweeney
33:54 PRWestern Washington
SoMarc Fuhrmeister
34:00 PRWestern Washington
SoOtto Schmidt
34:01 SRWestern Washington
38.-Alex Kilpatrick
34:02 PRBritish Columbia
39.11-12David McCulloch
34:04 PRClub Northwest
SoBrad Garrett
34:05 PRWestern Washington
40.-Tony Young
34:08Club Northwest
41.FrReid Mitchell
34:11 SRBritish Columbia
42.SoSimon Bill
34:16 PRBritish Columbia
Ryan Eidsmoe
43.JrDavid Slade
34:19 SRBritish Columbia
Tyler VanDooren
44.-Jeriah Griswold
34:22Club Northwest
-Trevor Schiavonne
34:23 PRVictoria
JrThomas Hill
34:23 SRAlaska-Anchorage
SoBraden Timpe
34:23 PRWestern Washington
FrKevin Rooke
34:25 SRAlaska-Anchorage
45.SoJoe Berger
34:26 SRSt Martin's
46.SrKeir Forster
34:28 PRSimon Fraser
SoJoshua Reiter
34:32 SRWestern Washington
SoTrevor Robinson
34:35 PRWestern Washington
FrBrandon Brewster
34:37 PRAlaska-Anchorage
FrWill Cliff
34:39 SRBritish Columbia
Brian Piette
47.-David Cannon
34:47 PRClub Northwest
48.-Jason Carwile
34:49 PRTrinity Western
49.SoTravis Vugteveen
34:50 SRSimon Fraser
50.-Andrew Reed
34:51 SRClub Northwest
51.-Mike Lynes
34:57Club Northwest
Derek Slaughter
SoKeegan Hall
35:10 SRWestern Washington
52.JrJon Swanson
35:11 SRCentral Washington
53.-Kurt Hartmaier
35:14Club Northwest
Dustin Sjoerdsma
54.JrJames Young
35:15 SRSimon Fraser
SoNick Howe
35:18 PRWestern Washington
Bilal Shamsi
-Mark Bokor
35:22 PRClub Northwest
FrDevin Rajala
35:22 SRBritish Columbia
55.FrAustin Trapp
35:23 SRSimon Fraser
Tyler Schwecke
-Scott Secco
35:28 PRVictoria
56.SoNathan Power
35:30Central Washington
David Whitney
57.SoMihai Prajea
35:40 SRTrinity Western
58.SoAlex Pchenitchnikov
35:45 PRTrinity Western
59.-Joe Bisignano
35:55Club Northwest
60.-Jacob Phipps
35:56Central Washington
61.SrMatt Nodine
35:58 SRCentral Washington
62.SoAndrew Ott
36:09 PRTrinity Western
63.-Paul Abdalla
36:13Club Northwest
SoGraham Armstrong
36:29 SRWestern Washington
SoTaylor Hanson
37:04 SRWestern Washington
64.15-16David White-Espin
37:05Club Northwest
-Scott Felch
37:17 PRWestern Washington
65.-Carl Winter
37:17 SRClub Northwest
66.SoDevon DeMoss
37:20 PRSt Martin's
Martin Pletcher
JrJon-Erik Jardine
37:53 PRWestern Washington
67.9-10Frederick Motteler
38:04 SRClub Northwest
68.FrAlexander Nelson
38:07 SRSt Martin's
69.11-12John O'Hearn
38:08Club Northwest
Justin Marshall
70.-Peter Troianello
38:21 PRCentral Washington
-Paul Huynh
38:28Club Northwest
-Terry Kegel
38:36Club Northwest
71.11-12Robinson Howell
39:08Club Northwest
-Kent Sizer
39:42Seattle Running Club
72.-Jerry Zyskowski Jr
40:04 SRClub Northwest
-Irvin MacQuarrie
40:19 PRClub Northwest
73.-Christian Culp
40:59 PRTrinity Western
-Nick Treich
41:28 PRCentral Washington
74.11-12Karl Kunkle
41:53Club Northwest
Patrick Dwyer
50:54Eastside Runners WA
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women

1.SrRuth Keino
2.-Claudia Copeland
21:19Club Northwest
3.SrJessica Smith
21:32Simon Fraser
4.SrDeirdre Moran
21:43 PRVictoria
6.FrAlison Jackson
22:04Trinity Western
7.JrMiriam Kipngeno
8.-Fiona Benson
22:11Trinity Western
9.SoIvy O'Guinn
10.SoLindsey Butterworth
22:20Simon Fraser
11.-Alicia Roske
22:20 PRVictoria
12.-Riley McQueen
22:22 PRVictoria
13.SoSusan Tanui
14.FrGrace Annear
22:28 PRVictoria
Helen Croft
15.SoSusan Bick
16.-Laura Mitic
22:37 SRVictoria
17.-Stephanie Trenholm
22:42 PRVictoria
18.SoShauna McInnis
22:44 SRVictoria
19.SrRachael Johnson
22:47Western Washington
20.SrLauren Briehof
22:52Western Washington
Sabrina Wilkie
21.SoHeather Slinn
22:55British Columbia
Katrina Allison
23:03Vancouver T-Birds BC
22.FrKatelyn Steen
23:03Western Washington
Erica McElrea
23:04Eastside Runners WA
23.FrBryn Haebe
24.-Laura Mickelson
23:08 SRClub Northwest
25.JrKatie Krehlik
23:08 SRAlaska-Anchorage
26.JrNelly Amenyogbe
23:10 SRBritish Columbia
Kansas Mackenzie
23:17Vancouver T-Birds BC
27.SrJoscelyn Minton
23:18St Martin's
JrBrittany Therrien
23:20 PRVictoria
28.SoSarah Sawatzky
23:25Simon Fraser
29.11-12Kristi Houk
23:27Club Northwest
30.FrMikhaila Thornton
23:32Western Washington
31.SoSarah Reimer
23:34British Columbia
32.JrMichaela Kane
23:35Simon Fraser
33.-Marissa Ratzlaff
23:36 PRTrinity Western
34.JrKim Doerksen
23:36Simon Fraser
JrValerie Massie
23:38 PRAlaska-Anchorage
35.SrPhoebe Hartnett
23:41Western Washington
SrShoshana Keegan
36.SrSierra Brisky
23:51Western Washington
37.SrBrianna Kane
23:59Simon Fraser
38.FrHaley O'Connor
24:00Western Washington
39.SrAlexandra Venner
24:02British Columbia
40.SoKirsten Allen
24:02Simon Fraser
-Leah Regan
24:03Simon Fraser
JrMary Rogers
24:05Western Washington
41.-Karen Steen
24:13Club Northwest
42.SrCatharine Farish
24:14British Columbia
43.-Susan Ashlock
24:17 SRClub Northwest
SoChristi Schmitz
24:24 SRAlaska-Anchorage
44.SoConnie Morgan
24:36Central Washington
SrKendra Hedges
24:37 SRWestern Washington
-Maureen McCulligh
24:44 SRVictoria
Kelsey Kreft
-Bianca Gonzales
24:47Simon Fraser
JrLacey Nation
24:48Western Washington
SoArielle Walton
24:50Western Washington
45.JrLissa Zimmer
24:51British Columbia
46.SrKaitlynn Pecha
24:55St Martin's
Krissy McGill
-Sigourney Gundy
25:00Western Washington
47.SoJennifer McCormack
25:00British Columbia
JrMaria Ujifusa
25:03 SRWestern Washington
-Ketty Lopez
25:04British Columbia
-Alix Thompson
25:10British Columbia
JrAshley Hearn
25:13 SRBritish Columbia
48.-Nikki Bell
25:13Trinity Western
49.FrChelsea Dowdell
25:14Central Washington
SoMadeleine Barker
25:15Simon Fraser
Jess Kiser
50.SoTaylor Kartes
25:26Central Washington
51.-Lindsay Andersen
25:31St Martin's
52.JrAshley Rice
25:34 PRCentral Washington
SoHeather Carviel
25:43 SRSimon Fraser
SoMiranda Lahman
25:54Western Washington
53.JrAshley Llapitan
26:05St Martin's
54.SoErika Copeland-Crock
26:17St Martin's
-Courtney Roskelley
26:30 PRVictoria
55.-Jessica Winter
26:41Club Northwest
56.FrBriana Barton
26:48Central Washington
57.SoRose Cruze
26:49Central Washington
SoMadison McCarthy
27:03British Columbia
Erin Philbeck
58.SoSophie Hummer
27:20 SRCentral Washington
FrShelby Bodily
27:23 PRCentral Washington
59.FrJennifer Hickey
27:32St Martin's
SrMichelle Howe
27:35Western Washington
60.-Brittany Blake
27:49St Martin's
FrBeatriz Ramirez
27:53St Martin's
SoHannah George
27:53Western Washington
61.-April Van Woerden
28:15Trinity Western
JrSarah Flatebo
28:21Central Washington
SrKendra Miller
28:24 SRWestern Washington
SoCaitlin Fewins
28:44St Martin's
JrAdriana Zazula
28:57Central Washington
FrBrianna Bofinger
31:51Central Washington
-Chelsie Rommel
42:03Central Washington
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