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5,000 Meters Varsity
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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Ocean Lakes
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Matt Schwartzer
16:04.49Princess Anne
2.12Brent Coulter
3.12Sean Helmke
16:22.28Floyd E Kellam
4.12David Harrison
16:33.61Ocean Lakes
5.12Connor Culley
16:51.15Ocean Lakes
6.12Brandon Winters
16:56.40Ocean Lakes
7.10John Will
16:57.42Ocean Lakes
8.12Glenn Rose
16:59.66 PRTallwood
9.12Austin Gillies
17:00.56Ocean Lakes
10.12Jalen Custis
11.11Patrick O'Connell
17:13.63 SRFrank Cox
12.11Zion Gregory
17:14.48 PRFloyd E Kellam
13.12Robert Taylor
17:17.69Floyd E Kellam
14.10Daniel Read
17:20.85Ocean Lakes
15.11William Boros
17:24.93 SRFloyd E Kellam
16.11Billy Burgess
17:36.00 SRFrank Cox
17.12Jeremiah Bruner
17:44.88 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
18.11Ryland O'Brien
17:47.98 SRFirst Colonial
19.12Micha Syzmanski
17:50.48 PRFirst Colonial
20.10Aaron Seip
17:52.16 SRLandstown
21.10Chad Flood
22.12Colton Zobel
17:56.93Ocean Lakes
23.12Elliot Fisher
18:02.60 SRFirst Colonial
24.12Andriy Owufriyenko
18:05.65 PRFrank Cox
25.12Mikel Manthey
18:06.82Floyd E Kellam
26.12Kevin Schesventer
18:07.56 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
27.11Stephan Ellington
18:08.72 SRTallwood
28.11Chris Dowdy
18:09.80 SRFrank Cox
29.11Fred Lamb
18:11.75 SRBayside
30.11Colton Dimeck
18:20.19 PRFirst Colonial
31.12Chad Polk
32.10Brandon Morris
18:26.99 SRFirst Colonial
33.12Chase Reidelbach
18:29.40 PRFrank Cox
34.12Alex Ochs
18:32.76 PRFirst Colonial
35.12John Pezzella
36.12Blake Reyna
37.10Nicholas Baez
18:43.48 SRLandstown
38.10Edward Fissenger
18:47.68First Colonial
39.10Kadeem Rayford
18:49.50 PRTallwood
40.11Scott Baly
18:51.35 SRLandstown
41.9Nicholas Wilson
18:52.98 PRTallwood
42.12Sean Wade
18:58.11 PRTallwood
43.9Ryan Zarkowski
19:02.26Floyd E Kellam
44.11Brendan O'Sullivan
19:02.80Princess Anne
45.11KC Brown
19:13.24Frank Cox
46.12Alex Wroblewski
47.11Nathan Miller
48.12Jacob Whitaker
19:23.05 SRGreen Run
49.12Marious Leslie
19:32.89 SRPrincess Anne
50.10Aran Grieser
19:37.72Floyd E Kellam
51.12Sean Gailyard
19:41.57 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
52.10Ben Hutchins
19:42.61Frank Cox
53.12Dennis Charles
54.12Patrick Negus
20:08.20 SRBayside
55.10Tristan Silverstorf
20:15.34 SRKempsville
56.10Dakota Soergel
20:17.23 PRGreen Run
57.11Calvin Hensler
20:19.33 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
58.9Issac Brocaille
20:23.38 SRKempsville
59.10Alex Kerns
20:26.76 SRKempsville
60.12Zhamir Burns
20:33.75 PRBayside
61.12Alper Camur
20:35.17 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
62.10Jared Johnson
20:36.11 PRPrincess Anne
63.11Nicholas Cipolla
20:37.14Princess Anne
64.12Andrew Kim
20:41.74 PRPrincess Anne
65.11Alex Crespo
20:59.12 PRBayside
66.9Michael Wu
21:01.72Princess Anne
67.10Connor Mann
21:12.27 SRKempsville
68.12Jonathan Arboleda
21:13.84Salem (Virginia Beach)
69.11Kendall Konner
21:15.31 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
70.10Logan Desantis
21:28.03 SRGreen Run
71.12Mitchell Brown
21:30.04 PRGreen Run
72.11Desean Thompson
22:19.12 PRBayside
73.11Ramino Ward
22:38.58 PRBayside
74.11Tyler McElroy
22:41.45 PRGreen Run
75.12Zach Mallison
23:32.50 PRGreen Run
76.12Michael Washington
23:51.88 PRBayside
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Audrey Batzel
18:27.44Ocean Lakes
2.10Olivia Bethune
18:36.28Ocean Lakes
3.10Nicole Park
18:40.19Ocean Lakes
4.11Abby Motley
18:59.63 SRFloyd E Kellam
5.11Ariel Briales
19:21.52Princess Anne
6.9Mackenzie Cummings
19:25.80Princess Anne
7.11Morgan Anderson
19:35.55First Colonial
8.9Erica Jackson
19:47.37 SROcean Lakes
9.12Marissa Kunsch
19:48.52 SRPrincess Anne
10.12Samantha Park
19:55.81Ocean Lakes
11.9Alison Bowman
19:58.20Ocean Lakes
12.9Sarah Derrick
20:00.96 PROcean Lakes
13.9Kayla Fisher
14.12Allison Marshall
20:32.30Princess Anne
15.12Courtney Gwin
20:41.49Floyd E Kellam
16.12Sarah Milisci
20:53.11 PRLandstown
17.10Lauren Hornsby
20:53.78Princess Anne
18.11Summer Walter
20:55.91 PRBayside
19.11Megan Leszczynski
20:57.81Frank Cox
20.10Kelly McMullan
20:59.36 SRFloyd E Kellam
21.9Lauren Kinka
21:26.28Princess Anne
22.11Kelsey Radke
21:29.44 SRPrincess Anne
23.11Megan Preti
21:36.23Frank Cox
24.10Bryanna Ruff
21:43.34 PRFrank Cox
25.11Jessica Griffin
21:57.71Floyd E Kellam
26.10Rachel Lewis
21:58.13 SRFloyd E Kellam
27.12Ashley Anderson
21:58.52 SRFrank Cox
28.11Meg D'Amato
22:09.40 PRFirst Colonial
29.10Rachel Hart
22:11.82 PRFirst Colonial
30.9Emily Williams
22:18.50 SRFloyd E Kellam
31.11Marisa Lara
22:21.96 SRLandstown
32.12Mia Carrington
22:25.29 PRTallwood
33.9Chloe Fanelty
22:25.65 SRTallwood
34.11Kassie Smith
22:26.08 SRSalem (Virginia Beach)
35.10Caroline Lessman
22:26.58 SRFirst Colonial
36.9Julia Motley
22:58.17Floyd E Kellam
37.11Jada Gundran
22:59.95 PRTallwood
38.10Kelsie Rohler
23:06.96 SRTallwood
39.11Emily Contreras
23:13.16 PRLandstown
40.11Taylor Szeligowski
23:17.80 SRTallwood
41.12Marissa Brokaw
23:23.47 SRGreen Run
42.11Katie Kubecki
23:28.08Frank Cox
43.9Jordan Simon
23:35.81 PRFirst Colonial
44.10Chloe Taylor
23:39.71 PRGreen Run
45.12Kathryn Werner
23:40.99 SRSalem (Virginia Beach)
46.12Krystina Mantzoura...
23:54.90 SRTallwood
47.11Rachel Seaman
24:11.88Frank Cox
48.10Caitlyn Kimberly
24:21.44 SRTallwood
49.11Jaquie Jennette
24:27.61 SRFrank Cox
50.12Erica Frenchik
24:28.36 SRLandstown
51.11Corin Diaz
24:36.05Salem (Virginia Beach)
52.12Darby Puckett
24:42.69 SRFirst Colonial
53.12Kacy Mcginnis
24:45.34 SRKempsville
54.9Georgia Healy
25:00.56 SRKempsville
55.10Caitlyn Mann
25:01.04 SRKempsville
56.10Melanie Silerio
25:04.00 SRBayside
57.12April Aralar
25:06.12 SRSalem (Virginia Beach)
58.11Caitlin Henning
25:33.18 SRSalem (Virginia Beach)
59.9Savannah Parker
25:46.33 SRKempsville
60.11Kaelyn Bishop
25:47.49 SRSalem (Virginia Beach)
61.10Amanda Yanvary
26:00.45 PRKempsville
62.11Aasa Langan
26:35.00Green Run
63.10Caitlyn McMurray
26:37.31 SRGreen Run
64.12Krysten Mahaffey
65.11Darian Reed
26:52.48Green Run
66.11Katherine Pancho
27:12.55 PRSalem (Virginia Beach)
67.10Whitley Miller
68.9Leewin Feng
28:42.65 SRBayside
69.10Raven Smith
29:35.32 SRBayside
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