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Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Wake Med Soccer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Thomas Graham
15:07 PRCary Academy
2.11David Bradley
16:28Durham Academy
3.12Chase Shermer
16:41North Raleigh Christ...
4.10Grant Rodgers
16:45 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
5.9Josh Mitchell
16:46Cary Academy
6.11Tyler Hatton
16:55 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
7.9Ryan Speer
16:56 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
8.12Alex Coeytaux
17:07Cary Academy
9.10Sam Russell
17:15 SRCary Academy
10.10Tommy Monson
17:36Durham Academy
11.12Connor Riser
17:37Cary Academy
12.11Andy Neiswender
17:45 SRCary Academy
13.10Thomas Marshall
17:54 SRCary Academy
14.11Thomas Sigmon
15.11Jimmy Mosca
18:08Durham Academy
16.10Alex Stephenson
18:21 SRCary Academy
17.10Max Haensel
18:24 SRRavenscroft
18.10Jordan Pierce
18:25Durham Academy
19.12Michael Kontos
18:26Durham Academy
20.11Addy Bollerslev
18:31Durham Academy
21.11Matt Hodgin
18:48Durham Academy
22.10Karl Von Zabern
18:57 SRDurham Academy
23.12Christopher Crawford
19:01 PRDurham Academy
24.12John Lawson
19:06 SRNorth Raleigh Christ...
25.9Sam Stoffrengen
19:15 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
26.9Justin Schmitt
19:18North Raleigh Christ...
27.9Davy Babson
19:22 SRRavenscroft
28.11Kyle Henderson
19:26 PRCary Academy
29.10Ian Concannon
19:32 SRDurham Academy
30.11Chase Duncan
31.-Jack Fitzpatrick
19:41 PRDurham Academy
32.-Tommy Dvergsten
19:56 PRDurham Academy
33.-Thomas Granger
20:00 PRDurham Academy
34.9Keeton Glenn
35.9Charles Maxfield
20:02 SRDurham Academy
36.11Andrew Smith
37.12In-Young Jo
20:12 PRDurham Academy
38.9Will Beischer
20:23 SRDurham Academy
39.12Winston Holloway
40.12William Carter
41.-Wood Morgan
20:39 PRDurham Academy
42.-Banks Anderson
20:46 PRDurham Academy
43.11Josh Silver
44.10Magellan Rubin
20:50 PRDurham Academy
45.11Arash Kasebi
20:50 PRRavenscroft
46.9Ben Hamsho
21:03North Raleigh Christ...
47.11Zachary Graves
21:21 PRCary Academy
48.11Spencer Knudsen
49.10David Dameron
21:37 PRRavenscroft
50.10Kent Sutton
21:41 SRDurham Academy
51.-Jules Sawhill
21:43 PRDurham Academy
52.-Ben Rousseau
21:48 PRDurham Academy
53.-Drew Gustafson
21:50 PRDurham Academy
54.-Connor Leech
21:58 PRDurham Academy
55.9Nick Trombetta
22:02Cary Academy
56.9Daniel Winter
57.11Alex Kumbar
58.11Eric Norford
23:19 PRRavenscroft
59.11Patrick Monaghan
24:18:00 PRRavenscroft
60.9Ben Brown
25:15:00 PRRavenscroft
61.10Austin Laughery
25:19:00 SRRavenscroft
62.11Dillon Ragusa
63.10Ben Hatfield
25:41:00 PRCary Academy
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.9Eliza Dekker
18:09Durham Academy
2.11Hannah Goetz
19:26 PRCary Academy
3.10Spencer Rossa
19:30Cary Academy
4.11Elisabeth Schricker
5.12Lexy Bader
6.10Claire Fuscoe
7.10Emma Astrike-Davis
20:23Cary Academy
8.11Emily Bedsole
9.11Gabi Wilberding
20:43North Raleigh Christ...
10.12Carole Verdru
20:59 PRRavenscroft
11.11Anna Mukamal
21:09Cary Academy
12.12Anna Hamilton
21:12Cary Academy
13.11Shannon Strong
14.9Rachel Snider
21:25Saint Mary's
15.10Cami Goray
21:27 SRCary Academy
16.9Lizzy Micyus
17.12Julie Verdru
18.10Mary Grady Bell
21:43 SRRavenscroft
19.12Gwendolyn Lloyd
21:44Durham Academy
20.9Allison Puryear
21:54North Raleigh Christ...
21.12Marissa Bane
22:26North Raleigh Christ...
22.9Lauren Hunt
22:36Durham Academy
23.10Cynthia Coleman
22:39 PRSaint Mary's
24.10Maddie Wood
22:40 PRSaint Mary's
25.11Madison Isaac
22:49 PRSaint Mary's
26.-Mattis Collier
23:19Durham Academy
27.11Page Reynolds
23:21 SRSaint Mary's
28.10Rebecca Powell
23:23 SRRavenscroft
29.9Tina Vazquez
23:25 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
30.10Stacy Ransom
23:27 PRNorth Raleigh Christ...
31.11Blakely Neilson
23:27 PRSaint Mary's
32.12Hannah Roe
23:28North Raleigh Christ...
33.11Hannah Starkey
23:33 PRSaint Mary's
34.11Ellie Reid
23:34 PRSaint Mary's
35.11Suejette Black
23:36 SRSaint Mary's
36.-McKenna Reed
23:37Durham Academy
37.12Juliette Parks
23:44 SRCary Academy
38.9Hannah Makepeace
23:57 PRRavenscroft
39.10Virginia Douglas
23:57 SRRavenscroft
40.12Sarah Lerner
24:05:00Durham Academy
41.11Kyla Babson
24:09:00 SRRavenscroft
42.-Corinne May
24:11:00 PRRavenscroft
43.-Delaney Herndon
24:34:00 PRDurham Academy
44.12Caroline Hirl
45.12Sarah Fritsch
46.12Jean Turlington
24:49:00Saint Mary's
47.11Sofia Leiva
24:50:00 PRSaint Mary's
48.11Amanda Jowell
24:55:00 SRDurham Academy
49.10Vanessa May
24:58:00 SRRavenscroft
50.-Claire Murchison
25:18:00 PRDurham Academy
51.-Hailey Hart
25:28:00 PRSaint Mary's
52.12Courtney Youngbar
53.11Kate Rogers
25:52:00 SRSaint Mary's
54.11Ashley Jowell
25:56:00 SRDurham Academy
55.11Sydney Kalin
26:00:00Cary Academy
56.12Grace Fuscoe
57.12Tracey Winston
26:16:00 SRRavenscroft
58.10Carolyn Drewry
26:30:00 SRDurham Academy
59.9Anderson Ivey
26:50:00 SRRavenscroft
60.10Nupur Khadilkar
26:52:00 PRCary Academy
61.-Angie Hurtt
26:59:00 PRSaint Mary's
62.-Nora Ghanem
27:50:00 PRDurham Academy
63.11Alfre Wimberley
64.-Sara-Kinard Moyd
29:31:00 PRSaint Mary's
65.-Margaret Blincow
29:31:00 SRSaint Mary's
66.10Jessie Lutz
67.-Beville Druga
31:15:00 PRSaint Mary's
68.-Ellison Johnson
32:41:00 PRSaint Mary's
69.-Caroline Edwards
32:42:00 PRSaint Mary's
70.-Anna Louise Marges
32:42:00 PRSaint Mary's
71.-Georgia Taylor
32:43:00 PRSaint Mary's
72.-Mary Scott Willson
34:49:00 PRSaint Mary's
73.-Madeline Joslin
35:38:00 PRSaint Mary's
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