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2.64 Mile Varsity3:30 PM
Womens Races
2.64 Mile Varsity3:30 PM

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Mens Results

2.64 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

12Pat Sobba
14:00.8 PRBishop Blanchet
11Oliver Manley
14:15.9 SRBishop Blanchet
12Colin Turner
14:23.7 PRBishop Blanchet
10Kellen Manley
14:25.0 SRBishop Blanchet
12Austin Pruitt
14:38.1 PRBishop Blanchet
11Henry Morris
14:44.9 SRBishop Blanchet
9Alex Lanser
14:58.0Bishop Blanchet
11Tyler Little
15:03.3Bishop Blanchet
11Sean Marty
15:12.6Bishop Blanchet
11Victor Hernandez
15:16.0 PRBishop Blanchet
9Antonio Andres
15:31.4 SRBishop Blanchet
10Matteo Schiro
15:36.3 PRBishop Blanchet
9John Rosenberger
15:40.4 SRBishop Blanchet
10Joe Christianson
15:49.7 SRBishop Blanchet
10Andrew Larson
16:27.0 SRBishop Blanchet
10Will Miner
16:32.5 SRBishop Blanchet
9Cole Sena
16:35.6 SRBishop Blanchet
11Alex Raubvogel
16:45.2 SRBishop Blanchet
10Kirk Medica
16:52.8Bishop Blanchet
10Robbie Williamson
16:56.0 PRBishop Blanchet
12Jason Saunders
17:02.9 PRBishop Blanchet
9Brandon Jebousek
17:06.6 PRBishop Blanchet
11Jesse Marek
17:15.6Bishop Blanchet
10Kedus Getaneh
17:32.0 PRBishop Blanchet
9Arthur Lane
17:43.9 SRBishop Blanchet
10George Kunthara
17:49.3 SRBishop Blanchet
11Garrett Raemhild
17:51.9 PRBishop Blanchet
10Anthony Maiocco
18:13.8Bishop Blanchet
10John Walker
18:45.9 PRBishop Blanchet
9Bobby Murphy
19:52.0Bishop Blanchet
9Anthony Pangelinan
20:05.2 SRBishop Blanchet
9Tom Lane
20:10.8 SRBishop Blanchet
10Adrian Tejeda
20:37.3 PRBishop Blanchet
9David Breyman
21:56.5 SRBishop Blanchet
11Sean Owens
22:32.3 SRBishop Blanchet
9Travis Breysse
27:38.2Bishop Blanchet
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