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Spalding High School

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity
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Spalding High School

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity

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 High School Boys Varsity Team Scores	
Eagles Landing	3A	36
Eastside	3A	98
Locust Grove	3A	111
Spalding	3A	100
Sandy Creek	3A	?

Stockbridge	3A	N/A
Henry County	3A	N/A
 High School Girls Varsity Team Scores
Eagles Landing	3A	29
Eastside	3A	75
Locust Grove	3A	80
Sandy Creek	3A	83
Spalding	3A	84
Stockbridge	3A	N/A
Henry County	3A	N/A

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Sandy Creek20
2.Eagle's Landing42
3.Locust Grove71
4.Spalding County97
1.9Kobie Lain
18:53 SRSandy Creek
2.12Jordan Richey
19:23Eagle's Landing
3.10Brook Mulugeta
19:40 PRSandy Creek
4.10Sam Brunk
19:42 SRSandy Creek
5.12Daniel LeBlanc
19:46 SRSandy Creek
6.10Binh Tran
19:53 PREagle's Landing
7.11Victor Obi
20:00 PRSandy Creek
8.9Javon Corbitt
20:05 SREagle's Landing
9.10Blake Wilson
20:25 PREagle's Landing
10.11Rashad Stokes
20:37Sandy Creek
11.11Monye Tucker
20:38 PRLocust Grove
12.9Jonathan Mitchell
20:39 SRSpalding County
13.12Chappell Lowell
20:43 PRLocust Grove
14.10Seth Willard
20:48 SRLocust Grove
15.10Nicolas Corcoran
20:58 PRLocust Grove
16.10Aaron Moss
21:04 SRSpalding County
17.9Jean Luis
21:06 PREagle's Landing
18.11Stefan Wah
21:08 SRLocust Grove
19.10Peter Baus
21:11 SRLocust Grove
20.11Hez Apperson
21:16 PRSpalding County
21.10Jack Mitchell
22.12Bryce Thompson
21:39 PRSpalding County
23.10Anish Patel
22:07Sandy Creek
24.11Conner Lewis
22:08 SRLocust Grove
25.-Bilia Prince
26.10Amari Smith
23:39 PREagle's Landing
27.9Cody Vertsruyen
23:49 PRSpalding County
28.9Logan Jepsen
23:50 SREastside
29.11Taylor Smith
24:44 SRSpalding County
30.12Tyler Duren
31.10Ryan Kedzerski
32.-Seth Kimbrell
25:57 PREastside
33.11Tommy Mixon
25:59 SRSpalding County
34.10Jeremy Harris
DNFEagle's Landing
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5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Sandy Creek27
2.Eagle's Landing36
4.Spalding County100
5.Locust Grove111
1.10Bailey Roth
16:16Eagle's Landing
2.10Brian Cato
17:40Eagle's Landing
3.12Jaimie Bigby
17:53Sandy Creek
4.10Dominick Chontos
17:57 PRSandy Creek
5.9Robert Agenjo
18:02 PRSandy Creek
6.11Rex Willis
18:16Sandy Creek
7.10Chavis Burns
18:21 SREagle's Landing
8.12Michael Johnson-We...
9.9Devin Hamill
18:41 SRSandy Creek
10.11Ryan Hammell
18:49Sandy Creek
11.10Daniel Blake
18:52 PRSpalding County
12.12Sam Osakue
18:59Eagle's Landing
13.12Ben Williams
19:02 PRSandy Creek
14.12Chris Folsom
19:05Eagle's Landing
15.12Ryan Farrow
16.11Blake Aucoin
19:08 SRLocust Grove
17.11Joey Ellwanger
18.9Ryan Silvas
19:24Spalding County
19.10Bret Piland
19:26 PRSpalding County
20.10Cory Frazer
19:28Eagle's Landing
21.11Leanard Mason
19:29Eagle's Landing
22.9Davin Bryant
19:34 SRStockbridge
23.12Barry BJ Wylie
19:38 PRLocust Grove
24.12Dakota Dorsey
19:42 PRLocust Grove
25.12Peter Akiti
19:45 PRLocust Grove
26.10Dakota Hayden
19:45 PRSpalding County
27.10Drew Young
19:50 PRLocust Grove
28.11Jon Eady
20:04 SRSpalding County
29.12Austin Knight
20:12 PREastside
30.11Jacob Walton
20:13 SRLocust Grove
31.11Conner Haler
32.12Kyle Yeomans
33.12Roderick Byars
20:40 SRStockbridge
34.9Jason Thomas
20:51 SRLocust Grove
35.10Ryan Jenkins
21:21Spalding County
36.9Christian Gray
21:27 SRSpalding County
37.12Dustin Gentis
38.11Timothy Vemon
26:42 PRHenry County
39.10Brandon Vernon
DNFHenry County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Eagle's Landing17
2.Spalding County44
1.7Betty Jackson
22:41 SREagle's Landing
2.7Taylor O'Neal
23:50 PREagle's Landing
3.12Morgan Arthur
25:09 SREagle's Landing
4.9McKenzie Dallas
25:14 SRSpalding County
5.11Mahogany Joiner
26:37 SREagle's Landing
6.10Jenny Faso
27:04 PREagle's Landing
7.9Heidi Mcclain
27:27 PRSandy Creek
8.10Helen Davidson
27:28Sandy Creek
9.-Nelly Rubio
27:38 PREastside
10.10Melton Geiger
27:46 SRSpalding County
11.10Alexis Holton
28:15 SRSpalding County
12.9Ansley Jones
28:53 PREastside
13.9Leann Frank
28:57 SRSpalding County
14.12Natalia Jones
29:15 PRSpalding County
15.9Hope Lovelady
29:20 SRSpalding County
16.-Jenna Morrison
29:32 PREagle's Landing
17.9Dallas Wynne
29:48 SRSpalding County
18.12Tiffany Gilmore
30:15 PREastside
19.11Hannah Gilreath
30:48 PREastside
20.10Abby Jenkins
32:44 SRLocust Grove
21.-Alaina Dillard
33:30 PREastside
22.11Hannah Billups
DNFEagle's Landing
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5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Eagle's Landing29
3.Locust Grove80
4.Sandy Creek83
5.Spalding County84
1.9Gabby Roth
19:46Eagle's Landing
2.11India Milling
21:20Eagle's Landing
3.10Hannah Hancock
21:23 PRSandy Creek
4.10Lianne Harris
21:50Spalding County
5.12Shannon Millikin
21:51 SRStockbridge
6.12Naomi Denby
21:51 PREastside
7.12Michelle Wolfenden
22:27Eagle's Landing
8.12Emily Holmes
22:48Locust Grove
9.12Shantia Wilson
23:04Eagle's Landing
10.10Amber Ugbo
23:11 PRSandy Creek
11.9Rhodelle Lewis
12.11Rachel Scott
23:35Locust Grove
13.10Laura Wolfenden
23:47Eagle's Landing
14.9Blair Dunaway
23:54 SRSpalding County
15.12Blakely Smith
23:59 SREastside
16.11Devonna Hill
24:08Eagle's Landing
17.10Michaela Hunter
24:12Eagle's Landing
18.12Tami Green
24:25Locust Grove
19.11Sarah Gaddis
24:42 PREastside
20.11Brittany Hobbs
24:49Sandy Creek
21.11Grenisha Daniels
24:54 SRSpalding County
22.11Jazmine Nutt
24:57 SRLocust Grove
23.10Stephanie Estrada
25:04 SRSpalding County
24.12Meaghan McClain
25:18Sandy Creek
25.11Jenny Kanniard
25:27 PRLocust Grove
26.10Emma Johnston
25:33 SRSpalding County
27.-Taylor Hendricks
25:43 PRSpalding County
28.12Emily Peck
25:54 SRSpalding County
29.9Taylor Jones
30.11Sydney Baker
26:31 SRSandy Creek
31.10Annalise Estrada
26:37Sandy Creek
32.10Sabrina Stevens
26:47Sandy Creek
33.12Porshia Jones
28:24 PRHenry County
34.12Ashley Larrimore
35.11Christina Wolfenba...
29:03Locust Grove
36.9Gracie Murch
30:09Locust Grove
37.12Melissa Howard
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