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1.5 Mile Varsity Relay Splits
1.5 Mile Junior Varsity Relay Splits
1.5 Mile Novice/Open Race

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Welcome to the Asics Cougar Classic 6 mile Cross Country Relay.  This is a great season opener, featuring 4 x 1.5 mile XC relay teams.  Divisions include boys and girls Varsity and JV relays as well as an individual 1.5 mile race for novice/frosh runners only.

This event features a festive atmosphere with great competition, music, and fun games throughout the meet with Asics merchandise being given away as prizes.  Gift certificates and Asics merchandise will be awarded to the top 3 teams in all relay races and Asics merchandise to the top 25 finishers in the Novice races.  There will be a large and small school division.  Both divisions will compete together but team awards will be given to both large and small school divisions.  If a small school wishes to compete in the large school division please contact the meet director.

There will be a drawing for one school to win free entry for next year's invitational.  Rancho Christian High School was last years winner.

The start, exchange zones, and finish will all be on the Cal State San Marcos track.  The course is flat with one slight hill and a downhill finish.  For more detailed information please contact Jerid Meek:

The results shown here were uploaded from the original excel files used to conduct this race. All splits from the relays need to be entered by the coaches. The times from the open races, while fairly complete are missing the runners who were not included in your database.

To see the team and full set of the original open/novice results CLICK HERE.

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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Varsity Relay Splits

6.12Brendan Gee
7:18 PRRancho Bernardo
11Derek Morton
07:22 PRMt Carmel
12Eric Sindel
07:22 PRMt Carmel
6.12Alex Grigoriev
7:23 PRRancho Bernardo
12Patrick Bourke
7:23.8 PRCathedral Catholic
12Jared Senese
07:28 PRMt Carmel
12.12John Corotis
7:33 PRPoway
12Lucas Lawson
7:36.4 PRCathedral Catholic
12Matt McEachern
07:37 PRMt Carmel
12Victor Tamayo
7:40 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Joel Kosmatka
7:44.0 PRCathedral Catholic
12Andrew Mock
7:45.9 PRCathedral Catholic
15.10Tyler Couvrette
7:49 SRPoway
12.12Regis Fallon
7:51 PRPoway
10Raymond Boffman
7:53.1 SRCathedral Catholic
11Marcus Montalvo
07:54 PRMt Carmel
9Cory Vaughn
7:55 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
10Garrett De Long
07:58 PRMt Carmel
11Richard Murillo
7:58 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
15.11Jack Chintala
7:59 SRPoway
12.12Nicholas Shaw
8:02 PRPoway
11Carson Bieraugel
8:03.8 SRCathedral Catholic
11Darin Wong
8:04 SRLa Jolla Country Day
11David Castillejos
8:04 PRLa Jolla Country Day
6.11Cole Davis
8:04 PRRancho Bernardo
6.11Matt Beck
8:04 SRRancho Bernardo
12Jeffrey Clancy
8:05 PRLa Jolla Country Day
12Andres Vilchis
8:05 PROceanside
12David Wilson
8:05 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Nathan Cernicky
8:05 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Adam Hurtado
8:07 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
15.9Colin Jensen
8:07 SRPoway
12Lucas Dohil
8:09.0 PRCathedral Catholic
11Luke Bosse
08:10 PRMt Carmel
15.10Brendan Cassidy
8:10 SRPoway
10Saul Sandoval
8:11 PROceanside
12.11Cody Morales
8:11 SRPoway
10Julius Diehr
8:13 SRLa Jolla Country Day
9Burak Tufekci
8:13 SRRancho Bernardo
29.12Ryan Blelloch
8:15 PRPoway
29.10Erik Whitney
8:16 SRPoway
12Tyler McMahon
08:18 PRMt Carmel
11Chris Leary
8:19.0 SRCoronadoRelay Split
12Ariel Smotrich
8:19 PRLa Jolla Country Day
11Derl Clausen
8:19 SRRancho Bernardo
29.12Matt Long
8:23 PRPoway
10Ben White
8:24.5 PRCoronadoRelay Split
12J.J. Juarez-Uribe
8:28 PRLa Jolla Country Day
12Diego Zamora
8:30 SROceanside
11Jonathan Lenihan
8:30.6 SRCathedral Catholic
11Nolan Griffin
8:33 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
10Sean Schmidt
8:35 PRRancho Bernardo
10Antonio Enriquez
8:35 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
29.10Brannon Smudz
8:35 SRPoway
10Ignacio Arellano
8:36 PRGuajome Park Acad
10Wyatt Hill
8:36 SRRancho Bernardo
12David Fucella
8:39.8Rock Academy
11Kingston De Lauren...
8:41.0 SRCoronadoRelay Split
9Jackson Daugherty
8:45 SRLa Jolla Country Day
9Brandon Freaner
8:51 SRGuajome Park Acad
11Trevor Boyd
8:53.4 PRCoronadoRelay Split
12Jesse Sandoval
8:56 PROceanside
9Jorge Gonzalez
9:02 PRGuajome Park Acad
11Brian De Grande
9:08 PRGuajome Park Acad
11Alex Hanson
9:19 PRLa Jolla Country Day
12Alec Roberts
9:22.0Rock Academy
10Matthew Wright
9:28.2Rock Academy
12Christian Chavez
9:38 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Pablo Banuelos
9:39 PRGuajome Park Acad
12James Sisk
10:01.6 PRRock Academy
9Myles East
10:13 PRGuajome Park Acad
12David McGuinness
10:20 PRGuajome Park Acad
11RJ Palmero
10:35 SRGuajome Park Acad
11Alec Andres
10:50 PRGuajome Park Acad
10Austin Urquhart
11:05 SRGuajome Park Acad
11Marck Cervantes
11:12 SRGuajome Park Acad
11Josh Lyda
11:26 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Marco Burlison
11:26 PRGuajome Park Acad
12Forrest Salanga
11:57 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Boris Olano
12:36 PRGuajome Park Acad
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1.5 Mile Junior Varsity Relay Splits

10Lucas Kassman
8:05.0 PRCathedral Catholic
10Joseph Taylor
08:08 PRMt Carmel
10John Phillips
8:15.4 PRCathedral Catholic
9.11Jason Peccatiello
8:22 PRRancho Bernardo
9.9Ben Cunningham
8:28 PRRancho Bernardo
9.11Curtis Park
8:28 SRRancho Bernardo
10.12Jesse Lentz
8:29 PRPoway
11Tyler Phillips
8:32.0 SRCathedral Catholic
10.11Ryan Moon
8:32 SRPoway
10Ryan Boyd
08:37 PRMt Carmel
11Dillon Levy
8:38.0 SRCathedral Catholic
10Sam Robinson
08:39 PRMt Carmel
10.12William Ridley
8:41 PRPoway
11Alex Ung
08:42 PRMt Carmel
20.11Gabriel Ditto
8:42 SRRancho Bernardo
10Victor Berlkland
8:44 PROceanside
10Austin Wood
8:45.0 SRCathedral Catholic
11Dylan Cook
8:46 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Jason Vance
8:47.0 PRCoronado
10Jordan Nava
8:47 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
10Andrew Dowey
8:48 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Tyler McDonough
08:49 PRMt Carmel
28.11Scott Gattenio
8:51 PRPoway
12Anthony Truong
08:52 PRMt Carmel
10Nicholas Avila
8:52.1 PRCathedral Catholic
10Connor Marmion
8:53.3 SRCathedral Catholic
11Phillip Gresser
8:55.0 SRCathedral Catholic
10.12Sean Poole
8:56 PRPoway
21.10Cody Edgington
8:56 PRPoway
42.10Jacob Wahl
8:57 PRRancho Bernardo
12Timothy Glaszczak
8:58 PROceanside
20.10Jeffrey Stewart
9:00 SRRancho Bernardo
11Sergio Gomez
9:01 PROceanside
9Dylan Brenk
9:01.4 SRCathedral Catholic
9Noah Johnson
9:03 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
21.11Noah Liker
9:03 SRPoway
11Anthony Marroquin
9:05 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Peter Yuhasz
9:06 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
20.10Michael Addison
9:06 PRRancho Bernardo
28.10Elias Guanuna
9:08 SRPoway
9.10Dylan Loquist
9:11 PRRancho Bernardo
20.10Alex Layton
9:11 SRRancho Bernardo
11Keith Aylwin
9:14 SRLa Jolla Country Day
21.10Brent Parkes
9:14 SRPoway
28.12Elliot Rhee
9:14 PRPoway
9Jason Leary
9:15.0 SRCoronadoRelay Split
42.9Michael Menzer
9:15 SRRancho Bernardo
11Jonathan Flynn
9:16 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Alex Castellija
9:18 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
9Avery Helgesen
9:19 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
9Jeffrey Reinagel
9:20.0 PRCathedral Catholic
9Maxwell Paris
9:21.0 SRCathedral Catholic
9Caleb Woodson
9:22.0 SRCoronadoRelay Split
11Cameron Cornell
9:24 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
37.11Brandon Folts
9:25 SRPoway
10Sean Cheng
9:26 PROceanside
11Kyle Sagara
9:30 PRLa Jolla Country Day
37.10Henry Mull
9:32 SRPoway
37.11Greg Moss
9:33 PRPoway
21.11Brian Previte
9:34 SRPoway
28.11Kyle Gillespie
9:34 SRPoway
37.10Isaac Butikofer
9:40 PRPoway
11Johnathan Jordan
9:43 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
10Austin Wood
9:44 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Joey Schnecker
09:45 PRMt Carmel
11Dylan Greene
9:53 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
10Jorge Angon
9:57 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Robert Geshay
10:00 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
9Robert Garner
10:03.0 PRCoronadoRelay Split
42.10Ishan Timalsina
10:25 PRRancho Bernardo
11Chris Kato
10:30 PRLa Jolla Country Day
12Martin Davila
10:32 PRMt Carmel
11Ethan Patterson
10:34 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
42.10Kyle Apfeld
10:41 SRRancho Bernardo
11Krishna Babla
11:15 PRLa Jolla Country Day
11Oscar Orozco
11:20 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
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1.5 Mile Novice/Open Race

1.9Jared Amador
08:02.2 PRPaloma Valley
2.9Liam Lau
08:05.1 PRMt Carmel
3.10Aren Johnson
08:12.7 SRArmy-Navy Academy
4.12Irvin Campos
08:13.8 PRImperial
5.9Sam Hodges
08:14.1 PRMt Carmel
6.12Jacob Espinoza
08:14.4 PRImperial
7.12Nick Norman
08:20.2 PRArmy-Navy Academy
8.10Michael Zhu
8:24:04 PRArmy-Navy Academy
9.9Owen Schatzlein
08:40.2 SRPoway
10.10Grant Hicock
08:40.9 PRLa Costa Canyon
11.9Daniel Blelloch
08:41.1 PRPoway
12.10Robert Vera
08:44.7 PRChula Vista
13.9Daniel Camarillo
08:45.9 PRPaloma Valley
14.12Fernando Hurtado
08:49.1 PRImperial
15.9Max Lata
08:50.2 SRRancho Bernardo
16.9Ryan Penic
08:51.2 PRPoway
17.10Nico Allen
08:51.5 PRArmy-Navy Academy
18.10Armando Lopez
08:53.0 PRImperial
19.11Eduardo Lopez
08:54.0 PRChula Vista
20.9George Little
08:55.7 SRLa Jolla Country Day
21.9Cameron LeClair
08:56.1 PRPoway
22.9Shea Vavra
08:56.4 PREscondido
23.9James Mori
08:57.3 PRMt Carmel
24.9Blake Adams
08:57.9 PRMt Carmel
25.9Jacob Blauser
08:58.4 PRCoronado
26.9Urbano Ayala
09:01.3 PRPaloma Valley
27.9Konner Rose
09:04.2 PREscondido
28.10Misha Scott
09:08.9 PRLa Costa Canyon
29.10Nighteagle Taylor
09:11.0 PRCathedral Catholic
30.9Lucas Wright
09:13.3 PRPoway
31.9Evan Faust
09:14.9 PRPoway
32.9Eugene Velasquez
09:16.1 PRVista Del Lago
33.10Kiyotaka Hachisuka
09:19.9 SRRancho Bernardo
34.10Patrick Kearney
09:20.1 PRCathedral Catholic
35.9Ryan Watkins
09:21.2 SRLa Jolla Country Day
36.10Dillon Wilson
09:21.8 PRRancho Bernardo
37.9Cody Hood
09:22.6 PRMt Carmel
38.10Noah Beery
09:23.8 PRLa Costa Canyon
39.9Chandler Minsch
09:24.5 SRRancho Bernardo
40.9Joseph Macias
09:25.4 PRValley View
41.10Chris Medina
09:26.1 PRArmy-Navy Academy
42.11Brian Graham
09:26.2 PRRancho Bernardo
43.10David Akagi
09:27.7 SRRancho Bernardo
44.9Bailey Sandstrom
09:28.1 PRMt Carmel
45.12Bret Boatwright
09:28.3 PRArmy-Navy Academy
46.12Eduardo Sanchez
09:29.1 PRImperial
47.9Reese Buckingham
09:29.4 PRLa Costa Canyon
48.9Christopher Eynon
09:31.7 PRPaloma Valley
49.10Shane Doyle
09:35.9 PRCathedral Catholic
50.9Nathan Gottlieb
09:36.1 SRRancho Bernardo
51.10Eric Smith
09:36.2 PRMt Carmel
52.11Chase Hansen
09:36.7 PRLa Costa Canyon
53.10Ian Clark
09:37.3 PRCathedral Catholic
54.9Amir Rezvani
09:37.8 PRRancho Bernardo
55.9Sean Lofthus
09:38.8 PRCathedral Catholic
56.10Madison Adams
09:40.7 SRLa Costa Canyon
57.12Arturo Gonzalez
09:41.1 PRChula Vista
58.11Mason Scott
09:44.1 PRLa Costa Canyon
59.10Ross Hamilton
09:44.8 PRLa Costa Canyon
60.10Abraham Rivera
09:46.1 PRVista Del Lago
61.12Lorenzo Lingardo
09:46.4 PRLa Costa Canyon
62.11Nathan Velasquez
09:46.6 PRVista Del Lago
63.9Nathan Orenstein
09:47.2 PRMt Carmel
64.9Jared Kerr
09:47.6 PRValley View
65.9Nate Jalbuena
09:48.8 SRRancho Bernardo
66.11Jason Frayne
09:50.4 PRMt Carmel
67.9Brian Noblitt
09:51.1 PRMt Carmel
68.9Robin Gonzalez
09:52.1 PRValley View
69.10Ernesto Rodriguez
09:52.5 PRWest Valley
70.12Jacob Kassman
09:52.6 PRCathedral Catholic
71.12Chris Hernandez
09:57.1 PRValley View
72.10Joseph Miranda
09:57.4 PRHamilton
73.9William Gravelle
09:58.2 SRRancho Bernardo
74.10Jesse Portillo-Bie...
09:58.9 PRArmy-Navy Academy
75.10Jordan Siccardi
09:59.6 PRLa Costa Canyon
76.12Erick Virgen
10:00.4 PRChula Vista
77.9Benson Fisk
10:00.9 PRPoway
78.10Blake Booker
10:01.8 SRCathedral Catholic
79.12Scott Kleeman
10:02.1 PRArmy-Navy Academy
80.10Nicholas Sweeney
10:03.3 PRPoway
81.10Ronaldo Lopez
10:05.1 PRChula Vista
82.9Tim Meziere
10:06.0 SRCathedral Catholic
83.9Jared Harrison
10:06.4 PRMt Carmel
84.9John Welborn
10:08.5 SRLa Costa Canyon
85.12Rodrigo Bernal
10:09.2 PRImperial
86.12Joe Naritelli
10:09.6 PRLa Costa Canyon
87.11Joshua Segura
10:10.0 PRPaloma Valley
88.10Lucas Xavier
10:10.4 PRCathedral Catholic
89.9Matthew Weise
10:12.4 PRPaloma Valley
90.10Anthony Terzoli
10:14.1 PRCathedral Catholic
91.9Aidan Booth
10:14.3 SRCathedral Catholic
92.9Patrick Greene
10:19.1 SRCathedral Catholic
93.9Chris Olson
10:20.8 PRCathedral Catholic
94.9Caleb Costa
10:22.4 PRMt Carmel
95.9Max Terlisner
10:22.7 PRHamilton
96.12Wesley Cotton
10:23.8 PRArmy-Navy Academy
97.11Andrew Konz
10:24.1 PRPaloma Valley
98.9Jacob Safar
10:27.1 PRCathedral Catholic
99.10Alex Reyes
10:30.0 PRHamilton
100.9Nick Dea
10:32.9 PRCathedral Catholic
101.10Taylor Krask
10:33.3 PRMt Carmel
102.9Nathan Sheehan
10:34.8 SRPoway
103.11Jorge Bravo
10:38.1 PRChula Vista
104.10Joseph Powers
10:39.3 SRCathedral Catholic
105.10Marcus Caines
10:39.6 PRLa Costa Canyon
106.11Alex Uribe
10:47.7 PRMt Carmel
107.11Alex Scott
10:51.2 SRLa Costa Canyon
108.9Jordan Allec
10:54.1 PRPaloma Valley
109.9Tony Romans
10:54.3 PREscondido
110.9John Lawson
10:58.6 PRCathedral Catholic
111.9Chris Gonzales
11:00.5 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
112.12Timothy Benirschke
11:02.3 PRRock Academy
113.9Aaron Adamson
11:16.1 PRMt Carmel
114.10Robert Templeton
11:23.5 PRCathedral Catholic
115.9Sam Davies
11:30.2 PRCoronado
116.12H.K. Hsu
11:31.0 PRArmy-Navy Academy
117.9Jacob Itchon
11:31.5 SRCathedral Catholic
118.9Brennan Kendall
11:32.8 PRArmy-Navy Academy
119.9Jonah McMullin
11:33.1 PRArmy-Navy Academy
120.11Alex Avalos
11:33.5 PRHamilton
121.9Clint Packard
12:00.1 PRHamilton
122.9Luis Guttierez
12:01.5 PRWest Valley
123.12Jonathon Reed
12:21.5 PRGuajome Park Acad
124.12Morgan McCune
13:08.4 PRGuajome Park Acad
125.11Chris Becker
13:11.1 PRRock Academy
126.9Julian Andrade
13:31.7 PRHamilton
127.11Mitchell Wardrop
14:30.2 PRArmy-Navy Academy
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Varsity Relay Splits

1.11Danielle Voyles
8:26 PRRancho Bernardo
3.11Lauren Voyles
8:39 SRRancho Bernardo
12Sabrina Seay
08:47 PRMt Carmel
6.9Savannah Santiago
8:48 SRPoway
11.10Jill Godfrey
8:49 PRPoway
1.10Bryanna Fuller
8:52 SRRancho Bernardo
1.12Tina Girolamo
8:56 SRRancho Bernardo
6.11Hannah Schwartz
8:56 PRPoway
12Jessica Sanborn
8:59.0 PRCathedral Catholic
3.10Sierra Hill
9:00 SRRancho Bernardo
7.11Katie Sammer
9:00 SRRancho Bernardo
6.11Sophie Smith
9:02 SRPoway
10Elena Garcia
09:05 PRMt Carmel
10Emily Armstrong
9:07.4 PRCathedral Catholic
10Makaela Rietman
9:10 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
3.9Nia Akins
9:11 SRRancho Bernardo
11Sylvie DeBrosse
9:12 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
7.11Katia Stern
9:12 PRRancho Bernardo
1.10Ellyissa Andino
9:15 SRRancho Bernardo
11.10Christie Ackley
9:16 PRPoway
11Christine Cremer
9:18.3 SRCathedral Catholic
9Jourdan Wilson
9:19 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
7.12Jensen Bogan
9:20 PRRancho Bernardo
10Hannah Downey
9:23.0 SRCoronadoRelay split 1st D-II-V
11.9Kaitlyn Umsted
9:24 SRPoway
10Nika Cokas
09:27 PRMt Carmel
10Aeron Yim
9:29.0 SRCoronadoRelay split 1st D-II-V
11Kaylee Fitzgerald
9:29.6 SRCathedral Catholic
11Bridget Krol
9:32.9 SRCathedral Catholic
12Carissa Fischer
9:33.4 PRCathedral Catholic
10Uma Vaingankar
09:34 PRMt Carmel
11Carolin Fischer
9:34 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
33.9Quinn Dekker
9:35 PRPoway
10Mae Lee
09:38 PRMt Carmel
11Brooke Pierson
9:39.0 PRCoronadoRelay split 1st D-II-V
10Montana Von Musser
9:40.0 SRCathedral Catholic
3.11Sophie Gonzalez
9:40 SRRancho Bernardo
6.10Amanda Bauer
9:40 SRPoway
7.10Alyssa Kuck
9:40 SRRancho Bernardo
12Ashley Engelman
9:41.0 SRCoronadoRelay split 1st D-II-V
12Erin Green
09:47 PRMt Carmel
11Paula Stonehouse
9:49.7 SRCathedral Catholic
9Julia Rietman
9:51 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Tara Young
9:51.1 PRCathedral Catholic
11.9Kori Cortez
9:55 PRPoway
10Sarah Chidgey
10:00 PRMt Carmel
9Kerenza Robinson
10:00 PRMt Carmel
9Madeline Campaigne
10:01 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Nikki LaScala
10:09 PRMt Carmel
10Isabella Dohil
10:10.5 PRCathedral Catholic
9Sienna Brown
10:12 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
12Carly Casper
10:13 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
33.11Georgia VanTyne
10:18 PRPoway
10Angela Hitchcock
10:24.7 PRCathedral Catholic
12Annie Farley
10:26.1 PRCathedral Catholic
9Emma Ferrell
10:38 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Danielle Williams
10:53 SRGuajome Park Acad
10Megan Daley
11:03 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Natalie Hammond
11:14 SRLa Jolla Country Day
12Tessa Lance
11:25 PRMt Carmel
9Carly Stachwick
11:26 PRLa Jolla Country Day
33.10Cailey Bellock
11:28 SRPoway
33.10Camaron Deru
11:45 PRPoway
11Emily Springfield
11:46 PRLa Jolla Country Day
9Brooke Jacobs
12:02 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Caitlin Keane
12:10 SRLa Jolla Country Day
9Rebecca Pozos
12:14 PRGuajome Park Acad
10Debra Ramirez
12:18 SRGuajome Park Acad
9Tiffany Salvador
12:49 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Alin Velazquez
13:10 SRGuajome Park Acad
10Kelly Cowan
13:14 PRGuajome Park Acad
12Kelly Saunders
13:15 PRGuajome Park Acad
9Alora Thresher
13:27 SRGuajome Park Acad
10Myrta Cortes
13:42 SRGuajome Park Acad
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1.5 Mile Junior Varsity Relay Splits

9Rachel Bohan
9:06.4 SRCathedral Catholic
9Devon Doheny
9:37.9 SRCathedral Catholic
10Irlanda Goulding
9:59.0 SRCoronadoRelay 2nd D-II-JV
21.11Laura Hirsh
9:59 PRPoway
10Michaela Elmer
10:04.4 SRCathedral Catholic
11Kayleigh Williams
10:07 SRRancho Bernardo
10Gabby Thomas
10:13.5 SRCathedral Catholic
10Erica Neff
10:16.0 PRCoronadoRelay 2nd D-II-JV
12Brooke Hendricks
10:16.0 PRCoronadoRelay 2nd D-II-JV
11Grace Grant
10:19 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
15.9Elena Guanuna
10:22 SRPoway
11Vanessa Tortolero
10:23.0 PRCoronadoRelay 2nd D-II-JV
9Clara Lee
10:28 SRRancho Bernardo
12Jenny Morgan
10:32.3 PRCathedral Catholic
12Lauren Enos
10:33 PRRancho Bernardo
10Amber Ortiz
10:35 PRMt Carmel
11Kelsey Fischer
10:41 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
15.10Kealoha Leonui
10:42 PRPoway
12Abigail Balmert
10:44.4 SRCathedral Catholic
10Samantha Herrick
10:47.3 PRCathedral Catholic
12Cassie Hwang
10:50 SRRancho Bernardo
12Kayla Bohan
10:51.4 SRCathedral Catholic
10Jessica McFadden
10:53 PRMt Carmel
11Katia Davila
10:53 SREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Jenna Hwang
10:54 PRRancho Bernardo
15.10Gina Alvarez
10:55 SRPoway
10Teresa Gaspar
10:59 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
9Nazaneen Amiri
11:08 PRRancho Bernardo
11Reesea Becker
11:12 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Susan Shen
11:14 SRRancho Bernardo
11Sarah Myers
11:17 SRRancho Bernardo
21.10Chetana Tallon
11:25 SRPoway
21.10Madison Ortega
11:29 SRPoway
11Janet Ramirez
11:30 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
11Karina Chacon
11:44 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
15.10Jessica Cook
12:00 PRPoway
10Emma Grossman
12:07 PRMt Carmel
11Frida Rodriguez
12:07 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
10Kylea Mackenzie
12:12 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
21.11Olivia Kingston
12:15 PRPoway
11Prathima Garudadri
12:50 PRMt Carmel
10Leslie Estrella
32:15 PRGuajome Park Acad
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1.5 Mile Novice/Open Race

1.11Danika Lau
09:59.3 PRMt Carmel
2.9Luisa Anderson
10:06.5 PROceanside
3.9Nicole Grazda
10:06.9 PRMt Carmel
4.11Portia Krichman
10:22.5 SRLa Jolla Country Day
5.11Allison Bell
10:23.5 PRMt Carmel
6.12Alexis Hernandez
10:31.3 PRMt Carmel
7.10Natalia LaSpada
10:32.5 SRLa Jolla Country Day
8.9Sadaf Sayar
10:33.2 PRRancho Bernardo
9.9Claire Hobrock
10:35.7 SRCathedral Catholic
10.10Jilda Arias
10:37.1 PREscondido
11.12Serene Fileccia
10:40.7 PRMt Carmel
12.9Rina Miyoshi
10:50.1 PRMt Carmel
13.12Brenda Mendez
10:50.6 PROceanside
14.11Megan Mineiro
10:51.0 PRLa Costa Canyon
15.9Christina Alderson
10:51.6 PRWest Valley
16.9Maegan Sutton
10:53.9 PRCoronado
17.9Isabella Klopchin
10:54.2 PRCathedral Catholic
18.9Rachel Wilson
10:59.7 PRCathedral Catholic
19.9Delaney Zines
11:00.1 SRCathedral Catholic
20.9Jennifer Bumbaugh
11:00.3 PRCathedral Catholic
21.12Leighann Shields
11:01.8 PRMt Carmel
22.12Lindsey Garner
11:04.2 PRCoronado
23.10Izabel Lopez
11:04.9 PRImperial
24.11Jordan Petitt
11:09.2 PROceanside
25.11Reesea Becker
11:12.7El Camino (Oceanside)
26.9Cynthia Mendez
11:14.4 SROceanside
27.9Madison Holland
11:16.0 PRCathedral Catholic
28.10Hannah Nichols
11:16.3 SRPoway
29.12Kaitlin Hull
11:17.2 PRWest Valley
30.11Erin Brown
11:17.8 PROceanside
31.9Joy Fucella
11:18.1Rock Academy
32.9Alicia Escobar
11:18.4 PRPaloma Valley
33.11Ariana Mayorquin
11:22.6 PRChula Vista
34.12Corinne Lennard
11:23.1 SRCoronado
35.11Megan Folgelstrom
11:24.3 PRLa Costa Canyon
36.9Megan Leigh
11:25.4 SRLa Costa Canyon
37.9Camille Salgado
11:25.8 PRPaloma Valley
38.10Noly Vargas
11:26.8 PRPaloma Valley
39.10Dana McConnell
11:27.3 SRLa Costa Canyon
40.9Keren Lee
11:28.5 PRPoway
41.10Rachel Garlab
11:29.0 PRImperial
42.12Rubi Garcia
11:29.3 PROceanside
43.9Cetara Anspaugh
11:29.7 PRLa Costa Canyon
44.9Katie Farley
11:30.1 SRCathedral Catholic
45.9Gaby Esparza
11:30.5 SRRancho Bernardo
46.11Rebekah Aguilar
11:30.8 PRImperial
47.11Lliana Silva
11:31.1 PRImperial
48.10Sarah Phillips
11:34.6 PRCathedral Catholic
49.9Jordan Charpentier
11:35.0 PRWest Valley
50.11Mikaela Greeven
11:37.3 SRCathedral Catholic
51.11Bridget Sanker
11:37.9 SRCathedral Catholic
52.9Molly Burns
11:39.0 PRCathedral Catholic
53.10Christina Johnson
11:39.7 PRCathedral Catholic
54.10Rubi Solis
11:40.6 PRPaloma Valley
55.10Gillian Hotchkiss
11:41.6 PRHamilton
56.9Calista Caballero
11:42.4 PRMt Carmel
57.11Abigahi Camargo
11:42.8 PRChula Vista
58.10Sophia Ilas
11:43.2 SRLa Costa Canyon
59.11Karina Chacon
11:44.2El Camino (Oceanside)
60.9Carmen Vejar-Preece
11:45.4 SRCathedral Catholic
61.9Rieko Simmons
11:46.2 SRRancho Bernardo
62.9Gabby Burns
11:47.2 SRCathedral Catholic
63.10Paige Detwiler
11:47.4 SRLa Costa Canyon
64.9Kelly Sanker
11:47.8 SRCathedral Catholic
65.9Alexandra Otto
11:49.3 PRCathedral Catholic
66.9Danielle Coronado
11:51.9 PRCathedral Catholic
67.11Terri Moody
11:53.6 PRChula Vista
68.12Kristina Thomas
11:53.8 SRCoronado
69.9Brooke Stanek
11:56.2 PRPoway
70.12Tori Merder
11:56.7 PRLa Costa Canyon
71.11Marriah Macias
11:57.4 PRImperial
72.12Angelica Kelly
11:57.9 PRChula Vista
73.9Abigail Lopez
11:59.9 PREscondido
74.12Bridget Courtney
12:00.5 PRLa Costa Canyon
75.11Veronica Catalan
12:02.8 PREscondido
76.11Tatum Abadir
12:03.1 PRCathedral Catholic
77.10Audrey Brown
12:06.6 PROceanside
78.11Frida Rodriguez
12:07.3El Camino (Oceanside)
79.9Melissa Melchor
12:08.3 PRPaloma Valley
80.11Natalia Hernandez
12:09.8 SREscondido Charter
81.11Rachel Rizzuti
12:11.7 SRRancho Bernardo
82.10Gabrielle Pochard
12:14.1 PRPoway
83.9Camila Vidovich
12:16.7 PRChula Vista
84.10Anasazi Ochoa
12:17.6 SRChula Vista
86.11Savannah Hobbs
12:20.2 PRMt Carmel
87.12Stephanie Cubillo
12:20.8 PREscondido
88.9Megan Earnest
12:23.1 PRMt Carmel
89.9Delanie Nilson
12:24.7 PRWest Valley
90.10Jasmine Hernandez
12:26.4 PREscondido
91.9Casey Sanker
12:31.1 PRCathedral Catholic
92.10Deborah Burns-Ziel...
12:31.5 PRPaloma Valley
93.12Crystal Orozco
12:32.4 PRPaloma Valley
94.10Sophia Salmon
12:35.5 PRCathedral Catholic
95.12Sabrina Aspiras
12:40.0 PRRancho Bernardo
96.9Shelby Moen
12:43.8 PRPaloma Valley
97.9Mackenzie Russell
12:44.0 PRPaloma Valley
98.10Yulisma Martinez
12:46.3 SRGuajome Park Acad
99.12Keyna Flores
12:46.6 PRChula Vista
100.9Donia Firooz
12:47.6 PRRancho Bernardo
101.10Emily Hilburn
13:01.7 PRMt Carmel
102.9Alison Oliveras
13:12.0 PRGuajome Park Acad
103.11Jazmin Avalos
13:12.9 PRChula Vista
104.11Kayla Wilkins
13:44.2 PRGuajome Park Acad
105.12Rivera Alejandra
13:44.4 PRChula Vista
106.10Ivette Cruz
13:50.6 PRPaloma Valley
107.11Ali Dominguez
13:57.7 PRGuajome Park Acad
108.11Katherine Freeman
13:59.3 PRHamilton
109.9Sylvia Coronado
13:59.6 PRChula Vista
110.11Priscilla Felix
14:09.1 PRPaloma Valley
111.12Daisy Canela
14:18.0 PRChula Vista
112.11Sierra McLinn
14:19.1 PREl Camino (Oceanside)
113.9Molly Fitzgerald
14:33.8 PRLa Costa Canyon
114.11Karina Lopez
14:49.3 PRChula Vista
115.9Karina Denion
14:49.6 PRMt Carmel
116.11Jackie Reed
14:56.0 PRGuajome Park Acad
117.11Cielo Gonzales
15:06.7 SRCathedral Catholic
118.10Maria Tinjareo
15:12.7 PRChula Vista
119.11Margarita Muro
15:23.6 PRChula Vista
120.12Sabrina Miranda
15:35.0 PRPaloma Valley
121.11Melanie Guerrero
16:56.0 PREscondido
85.10Reyna Anderson
Guajome Park Acad
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