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Team Scores


1. Burley  34, 2.Twin Falls 42, 3. Wood River 56, 4. Canyon Ridge 114, 5. Minico 125


1. Twin Falls 23, 2. Wood River 45, 3. Canyon Ridge 54, 4. Burley 120, 5. Minico 139

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jeremy Stark
17:10Twin Falls
2.11Matthew Schenk
17:25Twin Falls
3.12Chase England
17:39Wood River
4.12Jackson Knopp
5.11Jade Mendenhall
6.11Joe Greener
7.10Alexis Gonzalez
18:08Wood River
8.10Colton Biedenbach
18:11Twin Falls
9.12Ethan Judd
10.12Kody Coltrin
11.11Braylan Bean
12.11Ty Reinemann
18:33Wood River
13.11Scott Warner
18:39Canyon Ridge
14.10Cameron Bingham
18:51Wood River
15.9Parker Carlquist
19:01.75Twin Falls
16.12Isaac Laris
19:01.92Twin Falls
17.11Brayden Warth
19:16Twin Falls
18.10Taylor Cooper
19:18Twin Falls
19.9Ethan Alexander
19:24Twin Falls
20.10Brooklyn Scholes
19:27 SRTwin Falls
21.12Will Leedom
22.10Bryce Lee
19:47 SRTwin Falls
23.12Jimmy Holcomb
19:50Wood River
24.10Ethan Etherington
25.11Patrick Schneider
19:57Wood River
26.12Garrett Lott
20:02Canyon Ridge
27.10Garret Quinton
20:04Twin Falls
28.12Kaleb Price
20:12Canyon Ridge
29.12Kendall Hall
20:13Canyon Ridge
30.9Joseph DeTemple
31.12Travis Halverson
32.9Dexter Greener
33.9Samuel Mchan
34.10Thomas Jayo
20:24Twin Falls
35.9Bret Birch
20:27 PRTwin Falls
36.11Beau Dunford
20:33.78Canyon Ridge
37.12Alonso Arteaga
20:33.98 PRMinico
38.9Nelson Cantrell
20:34Wood River
39.9Zach Coleman
20:41Canyon Ridge
40.9Dallin Romney
20:42 PRCanyon Ridge
41.9Jaiden Hiskey
20:43 SRCanyon Ridge
42.9Falin Wilson
20:48.01Twin Falls
43.9Garrett Morgan
44.11Wreny Blick
21:05Canyon Ridge
45.12Willie Moore
21:19 SRTwin Falls
46.10Connor Hayes
21:20Wood River
47.9Omar Laris
21:24Twin Falls
48.9Jason Denton
21:27.44Canyon Ridge
49.10Andrew Withers
21:27.66Twin Falls
50.10Alfonso MontesDeOca
21:28Canyon Ridge
51.9John Webster
52.10Michael Dodds
21:41Twin Falls
53.12Mason Petersen
54.10Chase Steinmetz
21:45Canyon Ridge
55.11Joe Skaali
21:52 PRCanyon Ridge
56.10Cooper Goettle
21:57Twin Falls
57.9Tanner Seely
58.10Nathan Baird
22:03Canyon Ridge
59.9Joel Christensen
22:08Twin Falls
60.12Logan Cook
61.9Tristan Greaves
22:28.15 PRCanyon Ridge
62.12Ricky Sanchez
22:28.41Twin Falls
63.9Robert Flora lua
22:30 SRCanyon Ridge
64.11Israel Torres
22:41 SRMinico
65.10Brandon Pilling
22:42.32Twin Falls
66.9Tyler Hansen
22:42.88 PRTwin Falls
67.9Tanner Lott
22:45Canyon Ridge
68.9Zane Stirling
22:55.23Canyon Ridge
69.10Nash Hartdegen
22:55.99Wood River
70.10Ostin Arters
22:59Wood River
71.9Hunter Douglas
23:03Twin Falls
72.10Connor Reichenbach
23:04Canyon Ridge
73.10Xavier Haemmerle
23:08Wood River
74.9Christian Schrader
23:13 PRCanyon Ridge
75.10Sead Muradbegovic
23:15Canyon Ridge
76.12Drew Hurd
23:16Canyon Ridge
77.9Zach Holman
23:30Canyon Ridge
78.11Riley Huges
23:33Canyon Ridge
79.12Aaron O'Dell
23:35Canyon Ridge
80.11David Pak
23:38Canyon Ridge
81.12Bobby Rios
23:46Canyon Ridge
82.11Brandon Duncan
83.9Mason Montejano
24:06Twin Falls
84.11Ammon Holesinsky
24:13 SRTwin Falls
85.11Evan Miller
86.9Jake Webb
24:17Canyon Ridge
87.9Conner Hansen
88.9Forrest Radmall
24:48 PRTwin Falls
89.10Garrett Stocking
90.9Colby Castle
25:15Wood River
91.9Coltin Patterson
25:46 PRCanyon Ridge
92.9Kloepfer Brenton
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Hailey Gomez
22:05Twin Falls
2.10Madison Ford
22:40Twin Falls
3.11Janel Passey
22:54Wood River
4.12Chelsea Stevens
22:57Twin Falls
5.9Kori Rex
22:57Twin Falls
6.11Mariah Stout
23:00Wood River
7.9Amanda Passey
23:07Wood River
8.10Tamara Satterwhite
23:14Canyon Ridge
9.9Ellen Birch
23:20Canyon Ridge
10.11Megan Coleman
23:26Canyon Ridge
11.10Ashlyn Aardema
23:41Twin Falls
12.10Grace Gorham
23:50Wood River
13.11Kelsi King
24:01:00Canyon Ridge
14.12Eva Magana
24:21:00Canyon Ridge
15.11Jencen Campbell
24:22:00Twin Falls
16.10Sara Doerr
24:23.1 SRTwin Falls
17.11Allison Ward
24:23.4Twin Falls
18.12Brooke Lawrence
24:25:00Wood River
19.10Avery Closser
24:42.6Wood River
20.9Hallie MacPherson
24:43.0Wood River
21.10Sophia Deklotz
24:43:00Wood River
22.12Paige Shiner
23.11Taylor Turner
25:06:00Canyon Ridge
24.12Sabrina Haman
25:17:00Twin Falls
25.11Courtney Ellis
25:20:00 SRTwin Falls
26.10Lilly Malagon
25:31:00 PRTwin Falls
27.12Cara Hansen
28.11Kelley Jund
25:46:00 PRTwin Falls
29.12Aubrie Vale
25:55:00 PRBurley
30.11Taylor DeBoard
25:56:00Twin Falls
31.9Brooke Sundholm
26:00:00Wood River
32.12Micah Alcocer
33.11Makenzie Swafford
26:18:00Twin Falls
34.9Rachel Mix
26:19:00 SRTwin Falls
35.11Shelby Barnes
26:20:00Wood River
36.12Brooklyn Hansen
26:25:00 PRBurley
37.12Madison Lloyd
27:22:00Twin Falls
38.10Crystal Godfrey
27:47:00 PRBurley
39.11Kelsey Sharp
27:53:00 SRTwin Falls
40.11Zoe Rivas
27:59:00Twin Falls
41.11Tiana Wheeler
42.10Lexi Rogers
28:10.1 SRMinico
43.12Stephanie Miller
28:10.3Canyon Ridge
44.10Brooklyn Geary
28:25:00 SRBurley
45.10Bethany Harper
28:31:00 PRMinico
46.11Sarah Mix
28:32:00Twin Falls
47.12Carlee Larson
48.9Colombia Carvajal
29:15:00Canyon Ridge
49.9Mari Flores lua
29:22:00Canyon Ridge
50.11Jenna Adkins
29:37:00 PRCanyon Ridge
51.12Courtney Stocking
52.10Katie Perrigot
29:52:00 PRMinico
53.10Alexandra Begley
32:49:00Wood River
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