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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Open8:30 AM
3,000 Meters Relay9:15 AM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Open8:40 AM
3,000 Meters Relay9:15 AM

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Tahoma 15K Coed Cross-Country Relays

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Lake Wilderness Park, Maple Valley, WA

Race Times:

  • Open 3K Run: Boys 8:30am & Girls 8:40am  (Staggered start this year to accommodate increased entries)
  • 9:15 Relay Race begins
Information: (Course Map
  • Teams consist of five runners: no more than three male or female (2 boys/3 girls or 3 boys/2 girls).
  • Each school can enter unlimited teams.
  • Teams can pick their own order to run.
  • Bring your extra runners to join with other schools to form relay teams.
  • Each leg is 3 kilometers.
  • 10% Pavement, 35% Grass, 50% Trails, 5%(or less) Water
  • There will be a 3K Open Run starting at 8:30. Cost is $5.00 per individual at time of race, except coaches and team entrants not on a relay. We will not be timing the open run. The boys and girls will have a 10 minute staggered start.
  • Awards: Medals to 1st – 10th place teams (one for each member of the team)
  • BBQ pits are available for teams that would like to enjoy a picnic after the race.
  • This event is intended to be a good team building activity.


Entry Fee is $100 per school, unlimited number of relay teams.
Mail to:
Tahoma XC Running Club #191
26828 Maple Valley Hwy.

Maple Valley, WA 98038

When you arrive (or fill out prior), you will be handed a packet with entry forms for your teams, please fill the forms out and return it to the registration table to get your race numbers. You can get race tags for the open run for each member on your team that will be running in the open run (coaches welcome as well) at the registration. More details will be available in your packets.

3K Open Run is a Community Run and is open to all that want to participate. Cost is $5. (Coaches and HS team members are free)

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Nehemiah Barrett
11:45 PRFranklin Pierce
11Endalkachew Abebaw
12:27 PRKentridge
12Max Meaker
12Mathias Palmer
12:57 PRFranklin Pierce
10Stephan Hull
13:00 PRFranklin Pierce
10Isaac Barrett
13:11 PRFranklin Pierce
11Jacob Moore
13:38 PRFranklin Pierce
10Daniel Malgren
13:48 PRFranklin Pierce
11Nathan Rencher
13:53 PRMt Rainier
9Stephen Baklund
14:07 SRMt Rainier
10Evan Long
14:16 PRFranklin Pierce
10Arthur Brunnenkant
14:17 SRJuanita
9Korbin Breeden
14:22 PRIssaquah
9Austin Regier
14:22 SRMt Rainier
9David Johnston
14:29 PRMt Rainier
8Josh Frohardt
14:37 PRKing's
10Nicholas Young
14:40 PRMt Rainier
11Sam Tomkins
14:40 SRKing's
9Andrew Meyer
14:41 SRKentridge
12Matt Martin
14:42 SRKentridge
9Jim Popolow
14:45 PRJuanita
10Zach Matthews
14:48 PRFranklin Pierce
10Nathaniel Wood
14:56 SRMt Rainier
9Bobby Belter
14:56 SRKentwood
10Gabe Pferschy
14:57 PRKentwood
9Joseph Burdine
14:59 SRMt Rainier
9Tyler Keene
15:00 PRMt Rainier
9Luke Buxton
15:00 PRMt Rainier
10Roberto Melgar
15:04 PRFranklin Pierce
12Alex Matthews
15:08 PRFranklin Pierce
9Jared Felix
15:13 SRKentwood
10Caleb Cerda
15:17 PRFranklin Pierce
10Thomas Smith
15:26 PRMt Rainier
12Zach Meyers
15:45 PRFranklin Pierce
12Justin Bethel
15:48 PRIssaquah
12Alex Hansen
15:53 PRIssaquah
10Malik Al-Ghizi
15:54 PRMt Rainier
10Carlos Juarez
15:55 PRFranklin Pierce
10Christopher Arias
16:02 SRKent Meridian
10Austin Pattenbustos
16:08 PRJuanita
11Brian Kiehn
16:23 SRKent Meridian
8Jacob Fisker-Ander...
16:26 PRKing's
11Carson Wright
16:34 SRTodd Beamer
11Julian Navarro
16:37 PRKent Meridian
10Chris Potter
16:42 SRJuanita
11Nikita Itin
16:45 PRKent Meridian
11Jake Gregg
16:52 SRTodd Beamer
11Justin Evans
17:05 SRTodd Beamer
10Alex Green
17:06 PRJuanita
12Harley Izaguirre
17:22 PRMt Rainier
9Christian Craig
17:45 PRFranklin Pierce
10Manuel Marroquin
18:00 SRKent Meridian
9Grant Johnson
18:59 PRFranklin Pierce
9Alec Shamseldin
20:42 PRMt Rainier
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3,000 Meters Relay

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Haftom Tafere
11:16 SRTodd Beamer
12Johnathan Stevens
11:25 PRRedmond
11Logan Orndorf
12Sterling Bath
12Dasan Telford
11:42 PRKentwood
12Nehemiah Barrett
11:45Franklin Pierce
11Zach Kirwan
11:45 PRRedmond
10Austin Jex
11:52 SRTodd Beamer
12David McLeod
11:53 PRMt Rainier
11Carter Aebi
11:53 SRRedmond
12Cody Wanichek
12Santos Zaid
11:55 PRJuanita
10Graham Peet
11:57 SRNorthwest
12Dominic Dams
12Brian Reilly
12:00 PRRenton
11Blake Hansen
12:00 SRTodd Beamer
12Edson Zaldivar
12:01 SRKent Meridian
10Zak Roxborough
12:04 SRAnacortes
11Kris Angus
12:06 SRKentwood
10Andrew Ayers
12Varrick Anderson
12:11 PRKentwood
12Eric Keenan
12:11 PRRedmond
11Robin Cheema
12:19 PRKentwood
11Isaac Derline
11Hunter Bryson
12Grant Wilson
11Mussie Simon
12:23 SRFederal Way
11Jonathan Gunderson
11Jeremy Ebbers
12:28 SRMt Rainier
12Matthew Aultman
12:28 PRRedmond
11Colton Green
12Galen Kornowske
12:30 PRKentwood
12Tremaine Rambo
12:30 PRFederal Way
12Josh Loberg
12:30 PRRedmond
11Harry Engel
12:33 SRRedmond
11Aleks Biteman
12Cameron Stedman
12:35 PRMt Rainier
12Hunter Sapienza
12:36 PRIssaquah
11Caleb Morgan
12:36 PRSouth Albany
12Eli McMeen
12:37 SRKentwood
11Giao Ly
12:38 SRRenton
12Daniel Cashon-Smith
12:38 PRRedmond
12Sam Backman
12:39 PRAnacortes
11Stewart Kunzelman
12:40 SRKent Meridian
12Daniel Hart
12:40 SRFederal Way
11Gage Catherman
11Evan Atwater
11Aaron Kraft
12:43 PRSouth Albany
10Jared McMeen
12:44 SRKentwood
9Kennan Schrag
12:45 PRIssaquah
11Quinn Radbourne
10Max Mondzac
12:45 PRNorthwest
9Noah Kells
12:45 SRJuanita
12Martin Pitt
12:47 PRMt Rainier
11Tanner Patnode
11Scotti Anderson
12:50 PRSouth Albany
11Luke Russell
12Scott Miller
12:54 PRKentwood
10Erik Oldenburger
12:54 SRJuanita
12Andrew Larsen
12:55 PRIssaquah
12Westin Mackenzie
12:55 PRAnacortes
11Coyote Stevens
12:55 PRSouth Albany
9Anthony Raftis
12:55 SRKent Meridian
11Daniel Kubay
12:55 PRTodd Beamer
12Mathias Palmer
12:57Franklin Pierce
11Alec Ward
10Stephan Hull
13:00Franklin Pierce
12Logan Griffis
9Chris Camarero
12Jerdon Helgeson
13:04 PRIssaquah
10Wesley Warriner
13:05 PRRedmond
11Hector Zaldivar
13:06 SRTodd Beamer
12Caleb Hynes-Hoffman
13:08 PRNorthwest
10Jared Hanson
13:08 SRAnacortes
10Vu Nguyen
13:09 SRRenton
9Nick Goodwin
13:09 SRJuanita
12Sean Johnson
13:10 PRIssaquah
10Isaac Barrett
13:11Franklin Pierce
12Parker Danowski
13:11 PRRedmond
11Teruhito Kondo
13:12 SRSpanaway Lake
10Nathan Kallish
12Tom Howe
13:15 SRIssaquah
11Ryan Mills
10Jaden VanWechel
13:17 SRTodd Beamer
12Josh Mehlhaff
13:18 PRRenton
10Jake Barnett
10Arthur Emmons
11Chris Morgan
13:20 SRSouth Albany
10Danny Schrader
13:20Todd Beamer
10Ely Novakoski
13:22 SRRedmond
9Juan Medina
13:24 SRSouth Albany
11Harrasleen Singh
13:25 PRMt Rainier
10Andrew Burt
13:25 SRJuanita
12Mark Yakubovich
13:26 PRSpanaway Lake
12Alex Hardison
13:27 PRAnacortes
11Riley Harris
13:27 SRRedmond
12Hunter Stopenhagen
13:27 PRRedmond
10Michael Schach
13:28 SRRedmond
12Gustavo Marquez
13:29 PRMt Rainier
12Riley Ochs
13:30 PRAnacortes
12Zachery Bickford
13:30 PRSpanaway Lake
12Trevor Vickery
13:31Todd Beamer
9Kameron Jones
13:32 SRRenton
11Martin Herrera
13:33South Albany
12Jared Long
13:34 PRSpanaway Lake
12Jack Herbst
13:36 PRIssaquah
9Grant Mackey
13:36 SRJuanita
11Kepler House
13:36 SRTodd Beamer
11Eduardo Vazquez
13:37 SRFederal Way
11Matt Maloney
13:38 SRTodd Beamer
12Shaun Walsh
11Will Bush
13:40 SRNorthwest
12Sean Yang
13:40 PRRedmond
10Alec DeLucia
11Phat Nguyen
13:42 SRRenton
11Dakota Bickford
13:42 SRSpanaway Lake
10Turner Malatos
13:43 PRNorthwest
10Keaton Averman
13:44 SRRedmond
11Riley Rimer
13:45South Albany
11Sam Rosson
13:46 PRAnacortes
10Daniel Malgren
13:48Franklin Pierce
9Tom Mikkelson
13:50 SRJuanita
10Sumiran Poudel
13:51 SRRenton
11Ryan Johnson
13:52 PRMt Rainier
9Brandon Lee
13:53 PRIssaquah
12Nick Co
13:53 PRIssaquah
10Dan Pham
13:53 SRRenton
11Braden Moffitt
13:53South Albany
9Austin Brown
13:53Todd Beamer
12Colin Middleton
13:55 PRAnacortes
9Milan Kassa
13:55 PRAnacortes
10Trevor Derie
13:56 SRAnacortes
9Nazim Zerronki
13:56Todd Beamer
11Matt Amaral
13:56 PRRedmond
11Aidan Heninger
13:57 SRIssaquah
11Sheridan Bath
10Cade Stedman
13:57 PRMt Rainier
12Jordan Beemer
13:58 PRAnacortes
10Michael Ketsdever
13:58South Albany
12Adam Meyer
13:59 PRIssaquah
11Trung Doan
13:59 PRRenton
11Josh Zimmerman
9Nick Porter
10Samy Megalli
14:01 SRNorthwest
12Brandon Cullen
14:02 SRKent Meridian
11Nathan Kruse
14:03 SRRedmond
9Jacob Ruehle
14:04 PRIssaquah
10Jimmy Mulinski
14:04 PRKentwood
12Alec Hannaford
14:05 PRNorthwest
10Campbell Torres
14:07 PRAnacortes
9Dylan Holland
14:08 SRAnacortes
10Jahleel Smith
14:08 SRKent Meridian
9Dustin Rackley
14:08 PRRedmond
12Ryan Critchlow
14:09 PRAnacortes
11Danny Mar
14:10 SRRenton
10Alex Most
14:10 SRNorthwest
10Keeton Hersey
11Justin Whittaker
14:12South Albany
10Ryan Donley
14:12Todd Beamer
11Chris Riding
14:13 PRIssaquah
11Connor Rosin
9Austin Hughes
14:14 SRAnacortes
11Ajay Joshi
14:14 PRJuanita
11Brian Lunder
14:16 SRKentwood
9Tyler Whittaker
14:16South Albany
9Tucker Peterson
14:17South Albany
10Tynan Cardwell
14:17South Albany
11Robert Swan
14:17 PRRedmond
10Jovany Ruiz-Navarr...
14:18 SRJuanita
9Isaac Harper
10Henry Pratt
14:20 PRIssaquah
12Nathan Woo
14:21 PRKentwood
9Matt Sledge
14:21South Albany
9Andrew Martinez
14:22 PRIssaquah
12Kyle Ellisen
9Tristan Lewis
14:23 PRAnacortes
11John Forsyth
14:23 PRRedmond
11Alex Zuvich
11Evan Jones
9Matthew Duff
14:26 PRIssaquah
10Jose Solis
14:26South Albany
12Matt Aldridge
14:28 PRAnacortes
11Kevin Koos
14:29South Albany
12Daniel Payne
14:30 PRRenton
10Tyler Ward
10Joel Castro
14:30 PRSpanaway Lake
10James Aloof
14:30 PRRedmond
11Andrew Brodsky
14:31 SRKing's
11Kenai Brazier
14:32 SRFederal Way
9Jacob Montiel-Bravo
14:32 SRRedmond
12Greg Bertolacci
12Trung Ly
14:33 PRKentwood
12Trent Mueller
14:33 PRRedmond
10Selby Ranger
14:33 SRRedmond
10Taishi Ozecki
14:35 PRNorthwest
10Nicholas Papadakis
14:35 SRAnacortes
11Michael Conway
14:35 PRSpanaway Lake
11Mike Conway
14:35 SRSpanaway Lake
9Nathan Riddle
10Jake Graham
14:40 PRKing's
11Thomas Hernandez
14:41 SRFederal Way
11Alan Wilkins
14:42 SRRedmond
10Justin Mendoza
12Ty Nelson
14:43 PRSpanaway Lake
9Joel Keddie
9Jacob Brueckman
14:46 PRIssaquah
12Karanbir Singh
10Ian VanMatre
14:46 PRKentwood
9Alex Kuzubov
12Jordan Bowens
14:48 PRRenton
10Adithiya Vivekanan...
14:50 PRIssaquah
9Hans Hughes
10Andy Tran
14:51 PRRenton
9Ryan Foggin
14:51 SRAnacortes
11Nick Creasia
14:52 PRKentwood
10Gavin Shavey
14:52 SRJuanita
11Zach Frohardt
14:54 PRKing's
10Henry Follis
11Quint Foggin
14:55 SRAnacortes
11Rocco Almanza
14:55 PRFederal Way
12Ralf Case
14:56 PRRenton
9Cameron Minifie
14:56 PRRedmond
10Meelod Shaterian
9Jose Hernandez
14:57 PRKent Meridian
10Tam Dang
14:58 SRKentwood
9Malik Messiah
14:58Todd Beamer
11Taylor Russell
14:59 SRNorthwest
10Michael Chaney
14:59 SRJuanita
11Chris Flores
15:00 SRFederal Way
12Grant Hanner
15:02 PRJuanita
9Sam Riccardi
15:05 SRAnacortes
10Brian Lei
9Johnny Fischer
15:11 SRAnacortes
9Brett Johnson
15:11 PRAnacortes
9Vincent Dams
11Nathaniel Pagan
15:12Clover Park
9Jack Markling
15:13 SRRedmond
11James Fedorovski
9Simon Fraser
10Peyton Lantis
10Felix Pagan
15:15Clover Park
12Joey Weinmeister
15:15 PRRedmond
10Nate Richards
15:16 SRKing's
12Aidan Mathis
15:18 PRAnacortes
10Jeff Roetcisoender
15:21 PRJuanita
9Michael Chen
15:23 SRRedmond
10Jordan Johnson
15:26 SRRedmond
10Alex Bartel
15:33Todd Beamer
10Patrick Beighle
15:34 PRRedmond
9Tony Vo
15:35 SRRenton
12Tyler Borland
15:36Clover Park
10Joe Gregory
15:36 PRFederal Way
12Corey Patrick
15:41 PRSpanaway Lake
12Hunter Wilkes
15:41 SRRedmond
9Max Backman
15:45 PRAnacortes
10Kamden Chew
15:47 SRJuanita
10Harrison Lee
15:48 PRTodd Beamer
12Shobhit Hathi
15:51 PRRedmond
9Matthew Jaenicke
11Aaron Dietrich
15:54 SRRedmond
10Nate Lemiszki
15:58 SRAnacortes
11Bailey Higgins
15:58 PRAnacortes
11Brian St. Clair
15:58Todd Beamer
12Louis-Amand Gerard
15:59 PRAnacortes
9Josiah Cline
15:59 SRRedmond
9Maxwell Ji
16:00 SRRedmond
11Jack Malte
16:03 SRRedmond
9Luther Darling
10Joseph Crissey
10Ethan Shell
9Will Sladich
16:10 SRAnacortes
12Quinton Teas
16:12 PRSpanaway Lake
11Alex Leslie
16:12 PRRedmond
10Harrison Stanley
10Jesse Xue
16:16 PRNorthwest
12Zach Morris
16:21 PRRedmond
9Stirling Lam
16:22 SRRenton
12Patrick Mogg
12Robbie Nack
16:27 PRKentridge
12Adam Riddle
12Robby Weinmeister
16:28 SRRedmond
10Braxton Kendall
12Taylor Bracken
16:36Todd Beamer
9Lars Candland
12Conrad Payne
16:45 PRAnacortes
11Jackson Burgess
16:50 SRAnacortes
11Andrew Maertins
16:50 PRTodd Beamer
9Grayson York
17:02 PRKing's
12Mitchell Schrader
11Isaac Allen
17:08 SRJuanita
12Angelo Santos
17:10South Albany
10Tony Pham
17:12 SRRenton
11Arick Erechar
17:33 PRSpanaway Lake
11Caleb Judd
9Austyn Hicks
17:40South Albany
9Kenneth Li
18:03 SRRenton
12Delfin Buyco
18:15 PRRenton
11Emilio Cunningham
12Jessie Zimmerman
9Justin Becker
10Tai Nguyen
12Nate Roland
20:23 SRTodd Beamer
9Nick Mathews
22:21Todd Beamer
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

10Ashley Mason
14:40 PRTodd Beamer
11Kathleen Adkins
15:27 PRIssaquah
8Krystal Brodsky
16:03 PRKing's
11Sara Madden
16:16 SRKent Meridian
12Shelby Parthemer
16:17 PRIssaquah
12Jessie O'Hara
16:18 PRKent Meridian
9Gillian Edgar
16:21 SRKing's
8Stephanie Bicknell
16:40 PRKing's
10Alicia Dugan
16:43 PRKentridge
8Alyssa Eells
16:45 PRKing's
8Aslan McCurdy
16:47 PRKing's
10Emma McKenny
16:58 PRIssaquah
12Tara Lawson
17:05 PRTodd Beamer
11Cassidi Smith
17:11 SRTodd Beamer
7Allison Perrow
17:25 SRKing's
7Ali Stuller
17:39 PRKing's
11Jenna Shamseldin
17:43 PRMt Rainier
11Kelsey McDonnell
17:46Todd Beamer
12Stephanie Yose
18:00 PRIssaquah
11Annika Barnett
18:01 PRIssaquah
12Emily Ratzliff
18:23 PRKing's
11Karissa Pallagi
18:34 PRMt Rainier
7Keara Crossett
18:35 PRKing's
7Kasiah White
18:41 PRKing's
8Elizabeth Heideger
18:44 SRKing's
9Sarah Wincapaw
11Kiernan Reitz
18:50 SRTodd Beamer
10Nicole Seabolt
18:57Todd Beamer
11Alyssa Fortner
19:39 PRMt Rainier
7Hannah Limb
20:00 PRKing's
12Ana Huerta
20:20 PRMt Rainier
12Courtney Dyer
20:33 PRTodd Beamer
12Melissa Weatherhogg
20:43 PRMt Rainier
11Luise Frishholz
22:09 PRMt Rainier
9Natalie Harris
11Kaitlin Jenkins
22:53 PRKentwood
12Shaian Dickey
28:19Todd Beamer
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3,000 Meters Relay

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

11Jordan McPhee
12:32 PRMt Rainier
10Patryce McWilliams
13:15 PRFranklin Pierce
12Lila Rice
13:25 PRRedmond
10Hazel Carr
13:26 SRNorthwest
11Kelsey Dunn
13:37 SRRedmond
12Julia Johnson
13:45 PRFranklin Pierce
11Tessa Carlin
13:51 PRKentwood
11Olivia Waterman
13:55 SRCedarcrest
10Ellie Clawson
14:05 PRIssaquah
11Amelia Anderson
10Alexis Manns
14:08 SRJuanita
11Nicole Charlton
14:10 PRKentwood
10Emily Peterson
14:17 SRJuanita
10Kyra Kaiser
10Lydia Keefe Sampson
14:25 PRNorthwest
11Claira Young
14:27 PRRedmond
10Paige Hallstrom
14:28 SRTodd Beamer
12Kate Wagner
14:29 PRRedmond
10Ellie Hendrickson
14:31 PRIssaquah
12Caitlin Easterling
9Alyssa Odom
14:40 PRTodd Beamer
10Cayla Seligman
14:41 PRIssaquah
10Caitlyn Rowe
14:41 SRSouth Albany
12Kenedy Ramos
11Kacey Kemper
10Julia Mitchell
14:47 SRNorthwest
11Diana Carr
9Alyssa Mendoza
14:54 PRTodd Beamer
12Mandy Rusch
14:56 PRRedmond
12Nandita Gilroy
14:56 PRRedmond
9Geneva Rossman
15:01 SRMt Rainier
12Molly Hammontree
10McKenna Smith
11Ruby Virk
15:09 SRKent Meridian
10McKenna Johnson
15:10 PRKentwood
11MacKenzie Tucker
12Yadira (DeDe) Lopez
15:15 PRClover Park
12Hannah Freeman
15:15 PRRedmond
11Megan Brimley
10Larissa Kolasinski
15:20 PRIssaquah
12Anneka Boone
15:20 PRRedmond
11Sophia Thomas
11Allyson Reaney
15:23 SRKent Meridian
11Amanda Chalfant
15:24 PRIssaquah
10Lily Do
15:27 SRTodd Beamer
12Mari Fester
15:30 PRRedmond
11Rachel Blanch
15:31 PRJuanita
11Briann Funk
15:32 SRKent Meridian
10Samantha Cobb
15:32 SRRedmond
10Emily Winterstein
15:33 SRIssaquah
9Jessa Barth
15:33 SRTodd Beamer
12Arelly Puerto-Montes
15:34 PRSpanaway Lake
10Abby Wilson
15:38 SRIssaquah
11Hayley Alexander
15:38 PRIssaquah
9Emma Hart
15:39 PRMt Rainier
10Maddie McCann
15:41 SRNorthwest
11Abby Irwin
15:42 PRIssaquah
11Maggie Harger
15:43 SRRedmond
12Amanda Steffins
15:45 SRFederal Way
11Anna Lamping
9Evelyn Davis
15:50 SRNorthwest
11Tristin Fraga
15:50 PRSouth Albany
10Shannon Powers
12Kayla Nelson
12Lindsey Yamane
15:53 PRIssaquah
9Angela Mendoza
15:54 SRTodd Beamer
10Jenna Fester
15:54 PRRedmond
11Quynh Nguyen
15:59 SRRenton
10Mikayla Morgan
10Rachel Arnold
15:59 SRFederal Way
11Luba Demchuk
16:00 PRSouth Albany
12Lauren Bogard
16:00 PRRedmond
12Cassidy Krawiec
12Jennifer Porter
10Courtney Jolley
16:01 SRMt Rainier
12Madison Smith
12Hannah Johnson
16:10 PRFranklin Pierce
10Emma Wilsie
16:12 PRFranklin Pierce
11Alyssa Donawa
16:12 PRTodd Beamer
10Ashley Ponce
16:13 PRRenton
10Annalise Kress
11Maggie Altobelli
16:19 SRKentwood
11Kristen Maggs
16:20 PRKing's
11Erika Sweet
10Piper Evarts
16:22 SRJuanita
10Emily Yoshioka
16:23 SRRenton
9Lily Kleven
12Stephanie O'Hara
16:25 PRKent Meridian
10Sofia Flores-Rodri...
16:26 PRSouth Albany
11Elizabeth Coleman
16:27 PRKentwood
10Leina McDermott
16:27 SRJuanita
9Dani Bensussen
16:29 PRIssaquah
11Athena Gordon
16:29 SRRedmond
12Angela Moran
16:35 PRIssaquah
9Marie Helen Willis
16:37Todd Beamer
10Hannah Turk
11Sasha Williams
16:38 SRKentridge
12Ashley Martinez
16:41 PRRedmond
9Rachel Mills
11Karen Solis-Sanchez
16:42 PRSouth Albany
12Ali Jorgensen
16:44 PRRedmond
10Carina Bolanos Lewen
16:45 SRNorthwest
10Maya Garfinkel
16:45 PRNorthwest
10Jonarra Swanson
16:45 PRFederal Way
10Fiona Ruddell
16:46 SRNorthwest
10Sarah Rothschild
16:48 PRNorthwest
10Christine Ly
10Minta Demonte
16:58 PRAnacortes
10Miranda Heilweil
16:58 SRRedmond
9Hannah Forsyth
16:59 PRRedmond
12Meaghan Sullivan
17:00 PRKentwood
10Kelley MacCoy
11Jessica Dilbone
17:02 SRSouth Albany
9Molly Ivey
17:03Todd Beamer
12Maria Flores
17:05 PRMt Rainier
9Kaley Schmidt
17:07 PRSouth Albany
10Chante Spotser
17:07 SRTodd Beamer
9Courtney Fraga
17:08South Albany
11Leah Knott
12Kaitlyn Johnson
11Andrea Buenbrazo
17:12 PRRenton
9Lexus Sparks
17:15 SRSpanaway Lake
11Hannah van Hoff
17:17 PRRedmond
11Robin Hunt
17:19 SRKentwood
9Mathea Pielemeier
17:21 SRNorthwest
11Kaitlyn Boyd
9Alana Jacobs
17:27Todd Beamer
12Alison Wong
17:32 PRRenton
9Karina Abramchuk
17:32 PRFederal Way
11Sara Roberts
17:33 PRKentwood
12Manreet Singh
17:38 PRMt Rainier
12Cynthia Fang
17:39 SRRenton
9Libby Denver
9Elena Luna
17:44 PRKentridge
10Julia Moss
17:47 PRNorthwest
10Carina Tran
17:48 SRRenton
10Celia Langford
17:49 SRRedmond
10Haley Hendrick
17:54 PRMt Rainier
11Emma Bauman
11Emily Wright
17:59 SRJuanita
10Stephanie Busch
9Hailey Sutton
18:02 PRFederal Way
11Sarah Stommel
18:05 PRJuanita
10Noelle Viger
11Emelia Johnson
18:20 PRMt Rainier
10Jazz Biem
18:21 PRFederal Way
9Rachel White
18:22 SRAnacortes
10Christiana Santos
18:25 SRRenton
11Cindy Nguyen
18:30 SRRenton
11Hang Bui
18:31 SRRenton
10Amelia Culp
9Hannah Visse
18:32 SRRedmond
12Mattie Wilsie
18:33 PRFranklin Pierce
12Robinett Brittney
18:36 PRSpanaway Lake
10Vivian Lai
18:38 SRRenton
9Maya Jackson
18:43 PRNorthwest
11Paula Whitmire
18:46 PRKentwood
9Judy Kim
18:57Todd Beamer
12Zellie Macabata
18:57Todd Beamer
12Kesenia Ivanova
18:59 PRRenton
11Janina Dukart
12Shelby Hines-Elzinga
19:03 PRRedmond
9Julia Houppermans
19:09 SRAnacortes
10Sarah Wright
19:10South Albany
11Wan Na Huang
19:13 PRRenton
10Cameron Ashton
19:21 PRRedmond
11Teresiah Mwangi
19:26 PRTodd Beamer
9Marina Raykova
10Savannah Horntvedt
19:36 PRRedmond
9Katya Robles
19:40Todd Beamer
9Ariya Kendrick
19:41 PRFederal Way
11Nanditha Narasimman
19:42 SRRedmond
12Samara Cline
19:43 PRRedmond
12Amrit Singh
19:46 PRKentwood
9Christie Mendez
19:52South Albany
9Jasmine Tung
20:04Todd Beamer
9Jacqie Mousseau
20:10 SRRedmond
11Marcie Berg
20:13 PRFederal Way
10Carlisle Boyle
20:16 PRRedmond
9Jessica Byrne
10Christina Senaphanh
20:26 PRFederal Way
10Haley Page
20:29 SRSpanaway Lake
9Meg Leonard
9Bailie Hynek
11Constance Clausen
20:33 SRSpanaway Lake
11Lucy Mathews
20:38Todd Beamer
10Jessie Hill
10Jessica Lam
11Tara Toman
11Nicole Bolf
20:57 PRTodd Beamer
10Aimee Gay
20:58South Albany
10Julie Harstad
21:02 PRAnacortes
10Megan McBride
9Avital Baral
10Chelsea Wong
21:15 PRRenton
12My-Huyen Pham
21:27 PRRenton
12Anastasia Shmytova
21:34 SRRedmond
11Lily Mundell
12Shelby Fawver
22:45South Albany
9Anna Samudre
11Jessica Wise
24:45 PRFederal Way
10Leilani Langsy
26:11 PRFederal Way
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