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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity and Varsity5:30 PM

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Melba Invite will be at celebration park.  The cost is $40 per high school and $10 per middle school.  $5 per runner for incomplete teams. Please register on by Monday morning.  Medals will be awarded for top 10 in each division.  Middle school girls will start at 4:00 with middle school boys and high school to follow.  Due to higher than expected number of men, we will have a seperate JV men's jv race prior to varsity races.  You can use the same tag.  Sorry about that.  

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Christian Sedrick
19:36Liberty Charter
2.11Clay Nielsen
3.11Brian Olson
20:07New Plymouth
4.11Benjamin Hengst
20:08Cole Valley Christian
5.10Kyle Meyers
6.11Stephen Zeyer
20:26Liberty Charter
7.11Brandon Christianson
20:29 SRCole Valley Christian
8.9David Hengst
20:35Cole Valley Christian
9.9Daniel Dawes
20:39Cole Valley Christian
10.10Nate Ramsey
20:49New Plymouth
11.9Riley Boyd
20:59 SRLiberty Charter
12.10Troy Nielsen
13.9Justin Edwards
21:46 SRLiberty Charter
14.11Sean McGuffin
21:55New Plymouth
15.12Tanner Montague
16.11Clancy Johnston
21:57 SRNew Plymouth
17.11Joey Schlett
22:14New Plymouth
18.12Burke Hulsman
22:32 PRCole Valley Christian
19.11Seth Austin
22:47New Plymouth
20.11Jake Wall
23:20 PRCole Valley Christian
21.11Nik Morales
23:21New Plymouth
22.11Cameron Bauman
23:33Liberty Charter
23.9Joshua Ellis
23:34Liberty Charter
24.11Woodburn Matt
23:51 PRLiberty Charter
25.11Scott Hartlely
23:55 PRLiberty Charter
26.10Trent Jones
24:12New Plymouth
27.12Larry Lewin
24:18New Plymouth
28.9Jaden Black
24:19 SRHorseshoe Bend
29.10Ben Knapp
24:51New Plymouth
30.12Owen Baroli
31.10Nathan Law
26:01Liberty Charter
32.11McCall Alexander
27:42New Plymouth
33.11Brandon Braun
28:12Cole Valley Christian
34.9Chase Buist
28:25New Plymouth
35.9Robert Smith
30:15New Plymouth
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Drake Hungate
16:55 PRGreenleaf Friends
2.11Liam Cilley
16:56 PRLiberty Charter
3.9Troy Flake
16:59 PRLiberty Charter
4.12Dillon Danner
17:06 PRMarsing
5.11Jeff Borner
6.10Cole Hungate
17:22Greenleaf Friends
7.12Joseph Bowers
17:26 PRThe Ambrose School
8.12JB Bermudez-Koch
17:40 PRGreenleaf Friends
9.11Alex Eells
10.12Connor James
18:32Cole Valley Christian
11.11Parker McCoy
18:38 SRCole Valley Christian
12.11Kalin Lister
18:49Liberty Charter
13.11Gabe Housh
18:50 SRLiberty Charter
14.10Ethan Logue
18:52Liberty Charter
15.11Andrew Hayes
18:53 SRParma
16.11Derek Deblieck
18:54Cole Valley Christian
17.12Joaquin Alvarez
18.11Davis Everton
18:58 SRLiberty Charter
19.11Logan King
19:00 SRThe Ambrose School
20.10Josh Bingham
21.9Cody Svedin
22.12Dave Larsen
19:12 PRGreenleaf Friends
23.11Joseph Reed
19:15 PRParma
24.11Josh Jardine
19:16 SRCole Valley Christian
25.9Justin Kelly
19:19 PRGreenleaf Friends
26.10Luis Ramirez
27.11Austin Greenleaf
19:36Cole Valley Christian
28.9Connor Everton
19:42 SRLiberty Charter
29.12Blake Perry
30.9Tyson Christensen
19:50 PRMelba
31.11Ben Isert
19:51 PRMarsing
32.11Weston Liimakka
19:59 SRThe Ambrose School
33.12Jessie Blount
34.12Kyler Beck
35.11Sager Ben
20:33 PRNorth Star Charter
36.9Alexandre Heidt
20:38 PRMarsing
37.12Jace Langley
20:46 PRCole Valley Christian
38.12Nathaniel Hearon
20:50 PRThe Ambrose School
39.11Keenan Walgren
40.10Trevor Johnston
21:01Cole Valley Christian
41.9Hunter Randolph
21:15Idaho City
42.9Payton Stuart
21:15 SRThe Ambrose School
43.12Christian Munoz
21:17 SRMelba
44.9Preston Roe
21:18 PRIdaho City
45.10Lucas Pennington
46.10Shay Dinneen
21:29 PRIdaho City
47.9Hayden Danielson
21:48 PRNorth Star Charter
48.10Logan Jensen
21:48 PRMarsing
49.9Joseph Kubik
25:50 PRIdaho City
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity and Varsity

1.10Sierra Manzer
2.9Harlie Sorrell
3.12Molly Verska
20:27Cole Valley Christian
4.11Claire Hamblin
20:43 SRLiberty Charter
5.11Anysja Manzer
6.10McKelle Leavitt
21:11 SRMelba
7.11Katie Trappett
21:13 PRMelba
8.12Anika Miller
9.9Madison Beck
21:31 PRParma
10.11Ofelia Herrera
11.9Ava Mazzoni
12.9Joy Billings
22:53Idaho City
13.10KariAnna Kuklinski
23:03Cole Valley Christian
14.9Bethany Danner
15.10Destiny Reynolds
23:26 PRMarsing
16.12Kaydee Kulm
23:33Cole Valley Christian
17.9Morgan Root
18.9Morgan Monson
24:11Liberty Charter
19.10Lauren Smyser
24:34 SRParma
20.12Megan Johnson
21.9McKenna Hall
24:49 PRMarsing
23.10Naomi Porter
24.11Bryn Kennell
25.10Tia Erickson
24:59 SRMelba
26.10Allison Morris
27.12Karena Gutierrez
25:30 PRLiberty Charter
28.12Sarah Bake
29.10Laurel Howe
25:43New Plymouth
30.9Jessica Lewis
25:49New Plymouth
31.12Jessica Flake
26:31Liberty Charter
32.9Katie Nishizaki
26:46 SRNew Plymouth
33.12Tiffany Ruddock
26:56Liberty Charter
34.9Sierra Ludedtke
26:57North Star Charter
35.11Jackie Phillips
26:58 SRLiberty Charter
36.11Jenelle Schilling
37.11Taylor Robl
27:02 PRLiberty Charter
38.9Jewel Pugmire
27:03 PRNorth Star Charter
39.12Erica Mendez
27:05 PRMarsing
40.12Sierra Richards
27:10 PRParma
41.10Clara Byskov
27:29 PRIdaho City
42.10Angela Wright
43.9Ashley Ornelas
27:45 SRNew Plymouth
44.12Laura Aelbrecht
27:48 PRIdaho City
45.12Rachel Greiner
28:21 SRHorseshoe Bend
46.12Kelsie Birney
28:22 PRParma
47.9Erika Svedin
29:11 SRMelba
48.11Meghan Thompson
49.9Sariah Sanders
30:08 PRParma
50.10Ann Quiroz
31:00 PRMarsing
51.10Michaela Greiner
31:01 PRHorseshoe Bend
52.9Leah Biggers
33:24Horseshoe Bend
53.12Cassidy Flake
35:49 PRHorseshoe Bend
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