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Mens Races
2.75 Mile Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races
2.75 Mile Varsity4:00 PM

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Greetings All. This year's Pre-Salmon Fest will be held on the Sultan HS campus. The course measures 2.75 miles. It will start and end on the track. Otherwise, the course surfaces are gravel, grass and woods trails. For the most part, the course is wide enough to drive a truck on, though portions of the woods trails are single or two-person wide paths. We will schedule the girls race to start at 4:00 and the boys race at 4:40. For registration purposes all races are classified as 'Varsity'. Finishers will be given numbered place cards in the chute where a name sticker of their registration will be attached. Race times will coordinate with place finishes according to readings of a handheld timer. Team results will be figured at the meet, while individual results will be posted on  later in the evening. Buses and fans can park in the SHS stadium parking lot. Please register entrants on  by 6:00 PM Tuesday before the meet. Thank you. 

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Mens Results

2.75 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Logan Orndorf
16:19 PRCedarcrest
2.12Cody Wanichek
16:35 PRCedarcrest
3.12Dominic Dams
16:37 PRCedarcrest
4.11Quinn Radbourne
17:04 PRCedarcrest
5.11Colton Green
17:05 PRCedarcrest
6.12Ryan Nash
17:06 PRGranite Falls
7.11Gage Catherman
17:09 PRCedarcrest
8.11Evan Atwater
17:14 PRCedarcrest
9.11Jonathan Gunderson
17:21 PRCedarcrest
10.11Alec Ward
17:48 PRCedarcrest
11.12Jason Barrus
17:49 PRSultan
12.11Aaron Heidlage
17:49 PRSultan
13.10Adam Gibson
17:54 PRGranite Falls
14.10Jacob Barrus
18:00 PRSultan
15.12Jarad Olander
18:02 PRGranite Falls
16.11Riley Hansen
18:03 PRGranite Falls
17.12Addison Buchholz
18:08 PRGranite Falls
18.10Alex Cooper
18:19 PRLakewood
19.9Isaac Harper
18:20 PRCedarcrest
20.12Jesse Littlelight
18:22 PRGranite Falls
21.10Chris Cervarich
18:23 PRGranite Falls
22.11Connor Smith
18:26 PRLakewood
23.11KC Spencer
18:27 PRGranite Falls
24.11Andrew Stich
18:28 PRLakewood
25.9John Shaw
18:28 PRCedarcrest
26.11Jake Ryan
18:35 PRLakewood
27.9Matt Studzinski
18:36 PRLakewood
28.9Dante Gadbois
18:36 PRGranite Falls
29.11Mitchell Darrah
18:36 PRLakewood
30.11Aakash Sethi
18:43 PRGranite Falls
31.11Ryan Whitehead
18:49 PRLakewood
32.9Alliver Buchholz
18:52 PRGranite Falls
33.9Nicholas Sorgen
18:54 PRSultan
34.10Kaleb Wallace
18:57 PRSultan
35.9James Allen
19:06 PRLakewood
36.11Jacob Mack
19:08 PRLakewood
37.11Josh Zimmerman
19:09 PRCedarcrest
38.11Josh Myers-Dean
19:20 PRGranite Falls
39.9Ricky Mueller
19:28 PRGranite Falls
40.12Carlos Toledano
19:56 PRCedarcrest
41.11Tyler Groff
19:56 PRGranite Falls
42.11James Fedorovski
20:11 PRCedarcrest
43.9Vincent Dams
20:14 PRCedarcrest
44.9Simon Fraser
20:18 PRCedarcrest
45.10Ethan Short
20:21 PRGranite Falls
46.9Daniel Gutmann
20:22 PRCedarcrest
47.10Logan Corbin
20:23 PRGranite Falls
48.9Jon Smith
20:29 PRGranite Falls
49.11Matt Roebke
20:31 PRLakewood
50.11Devin Pierce
20:36 PRGranite Falls
51.10Jackson Newland
20:37 PRCedarcrest
52.9Tanner Avila
20:40 PRLakewood
53.9Gareth Brewer
20:41 PRLakewood
54.10Douglas Davis
20:42 PRLakewood
55.10Peyton Lantis
20:52 PRCedarcrest
56.10Tristin Larsen
20:53 PRGranite Falls
57.10Phillip Hofmann
20:56 PRLakewood
58.11Spencer Baugh
20:57 PRLakewood
59.11Drew Cabales
20:57 PRLakewood
60.9Luther Darling
21:10 PRCedarcrest
61.10Justin Mendoza
21:30 PRCedarcrest
62.9K.J. Compton
21:53 PRSultan
63.11Tyler Dalton
22:19 PRLakewood
64.12Peter Espinoza
22:19 PRLakewood
65.10Brenden Sanders
22:33 PRGranite Falls
66.9Lars Candland
23:01 PRCedarcrest
67.9Austin Baylor
26:42 PRSultan
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Womens Results

2.75 Mile Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Olivia Waterman
19:11.4 PRCedarcrest
2.11Diana Carr
19:12 PRCedarcrest
3.11Amelia Anderson
19:24 PRCedarcrest
4.12Rachel Mow
19:36 PRGranite Falls
5.12Molly Hammontree
21:11 PRCedarcrest
6.11Megan Brimley
21:12 PRCedarcrest
7.12Emily Bainbridge
21:42 PRLakewood
8.12Emily Schneiders
21:51 PRGranite Falls
9.10Allison Osborn
22:05 PRLakewood
10.12Ariel Jensen
22:05 PRLakewood
11.12Madison Smith
22:24 PRCedarcrest
12.12Kayla Nelson
22:44 PRCedarcrest
13.11Leah Knott
22:46 PRCedarcrest
14.12Cassidy Krawiec
22:48 PRCedarcrest
15.9Britney Albro
22:54 PRLakewood
16.10Darby Throndsen
22:57 PRLakewood
17.12Chiara Flores
23:57 PRLakewood
18.10Itzel Ochoa
23:58 PRLakewood
19.10Emily Rice
24:10 PRGranite Falls
20.10Riley Miller
24:20 PRLakewood
21.9Alicia Callanan
24:23 PRLakewood
22.10Noelle Viger
24:24 PRCedarcrest
23.9Lilly Whitehead
24:25 PRLakewood
24.11Celine Espinoza
24:25 PRLakewood
25.10Jamie Smith
24:25 PRLakewood
26.11Rachel Sowards
24:26 PRLakewood
27.12Joleen Gouette
24:27 PRLakewood
28.10Stephanie Busch
24:31 PRCedarcrest
29.9Maddy Buckmaster
24:37 PRCedarcrest
30.12Pooja Sethi
24:45 PRGranite Falls
31.9Libby Denver
25:12 PRCedarcrest
32.11Sadie Woolman-Morgan
25:33 PRGranite Falls
33.10De'Asia Seegars
25:54 PRLakewood
34.11Alisa Smith
25:56 PRLakewood
35.10Samantha Staab
26:42 PRLakewood
36.11Alondra Meza
26:48 PRLakewood
37.9Mckenzie Meyer
27:06 PRGranite Falls
38.11Syrena West
28:03 PRGranite Falls
39.9Shania Klinnert
29:02 PRGranite Falls
40.9Maddie Miller
29:15 PRGranite Falls
41.9Mandi Cook
32:24 PRGranite Falls
42.11Christina Englehardt
32:37 PRLakewood
43.10Ellen Knowles
32:37 PRLakewood
44.9Kenna Todd
35:14 PRGranite Falls
45.10Brehanna Meigs
35:27 PRLakewood
46.11Sara Newman
35:27 PRLakewood
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