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Mens Races
5,000 Meters 2A Boys2:20 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Boys3:00 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters 2A Girls1:00 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Girls1:40 PM

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2A GIRLS:  Top Two Teams to State:

1.  Soda Springs  18

2.  West Side  59

3.  Malad  61

2A BOYS:  Top Two Teams to State:

1.  Soda Springs  19

2.  West Side  43

3.  Malad  74

3A GIRLS:  Top Team to State

1.  Snake River  16

2.  Bear Lake  45

3A BOYS:  Top Team to State

1.  Snake River  23

2.  Bear Lake  36


Coaches:  The 2A/3A Meet will be held at Sports Park in Malad on Thursday October 18th, 2012.  Please have you athletes that are participating in the meet registered on by Wendesday at Noon.  The Schedule will follow the State Schedule of two girls races followed by the two boys races.  This scheule will mimic the State set up and give athletes an opportunity to experience it before they get to State. 


2A Girls 1:00 pm

3A Girls 1:40 pm

2A Boys 2:20 pm

3A Boys 3:00 pm

* Times are approximate and will be adjusted as necessary as determined by the meet host (Malad).

If there are three full teams in each of the divisions, the top two teams will qualify for State.  Individuals will qualify by finishing in the top 1/3 of the race, only 7 runners from each team will count in determining individual qualifiers.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 2A Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Hunter Goodenough
18:03.00Soda Springs
2.10Carlton Baird
18:03.85West Side
3.11Logan Young
18:05.00Soda Springs
4.11James Miller
18:18.00Soda Springs
5.9Wyatt Smith
18:24.00Soda Springs
6.9Joshua Balls
18:26.00Soda Springs
7.10Zach Hatch
18:27.00West Side
8.9Brandon Olsen
18:42.00West Side
9.10Josh Bowman
18:50.00Soda Springs
10.10Cameron Walker
19:06.00Soda Springs
11.10Stephen Medina
19:13.00 SRSoda Springs
12.10Chance Parker
19:20.00Soda Springs
13.12Steven Torgesen
19:21.00Soda Springs
14.10Danny Jacaway
19:48.00 SRMalad
15.9Ethan Porter
20:00.00West Side
16.12Brian Roedl
20:02.00 PRMalad
17.9Garet Cunningham
20:14.00Soda Springs
18.10Peter Atkin
20:18.00West Side
19.11Carson McClain
20:27.00 SRMalad
20.9Hyrum Brown
20:34.00Soda Springs
21.10Colton Robinson
20:39.00West Side
22.10Kalob Ihler
23.11Beau Poulsen
20:51.00Soda Springs
24.12Haden Williams
25.9Will Kress
21:12.00Soda Springs
26.12Nels Anderson
27.11Casey Jensen
21:27.00West Side
28.11Logan Atkinson
21:40.00 SRMalad
29.12Cason Nash
21:49.00West Side
30.10Garrett Larsen
31.10Zack Jeppesen
32.12Cody Hoskins
33.9Dallin Atkinson
22:18.00 SRMalad
34.9Daegan Haycock
35.12Wesley Peterson
36.10Landry Schvaneveldt
22:36.00Soda Springs
37.9Luke Steffenhagen
22:39.00 PRMalad
38.11Wyatt Perry
39.12Adam Stoor
23:06.00 PRSoda Springs
40.11Jess Ward
23:31.00 PRMalad
41.10Dylan Thorpe
23:32.00 SRMalad
42.10Adrian Varela
23:58.00West Side
43.9Jack Gibbs
24:10.00 PRSoda Springs
44.9Hayden Peterson
25:50.00 SRMalad
45.11Josh Stayner
26:20.00 SRMalad
46.10A.J. Frankman
28:09.00West Side
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5,000 Meters 3A Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12James Withers
17:09.00Snake River
2.9Joseph Van Orden
17:21.00Snake River
3.12Nathnan Crane
18:12.00Bear Lake
4.11Luke Brogan
18:20.00Bear Lake
5.10Traegan Thomas
18:24.00Snake River
6.11Garrett Brogan
18:41.00Bear Lake
7.11Tony Peace
18:54.00Snake River
8.11James Whittier
19:01.00Snake River
9.12Joseph Fife
19:06.00Snake River
10.10Kayl Williams
19:58.00Snake River
11.12Jackson Stokes
20:15.00Snake River
12.12Kai Baldwin
20:48.00Snake River
13.10Colton Teeples
20:57.00Bear Lake
14.10Treven Sharp
21:32.00Bear Lake
15.12Jonah Taylor
21:45.00Snake River
16.10Garrett Wagoner
21:46.00American Falls
17.9Kyle Nye
22:21.00American Falls
18.11Jerrik Ostler
22:28.00 SRAmerican Falls
19.9Hunter Bloxham
22:40.00Bear Lake
20.9Nykee Passey
22:44.00Bear Lake
21.11Caleb Williams
22:45.00Snake River
22.9Adan Oseguera
23:41.00American Falls
23.10Yoshi Nakahira
24:04.00Snake River
24.11Dallyn Boehme
24:31.00Bear Lake
25.11Vicente Alfaio
24:35.00 PRBear Lake
26.9Allen Mickelson
25:08.00 SRSnake River
27.12Talon Aitken
26:14.00Snake River
28.9Treven Phelps
26:14.00Bear Lake
29.10Brock Grose
28:54.00Bear Lake
30.9Bryce Turner
28:55.00 SRBear Lake
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 2A Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Cierra Simmons
19:24.00Soda Springs
2.11Kelsey Yamauchi
20:02.00Soda Springs
3.12Sydney Blair
20:38.40West Side
4.11Jamie Nielsen
20:38.89Soda Springs
5.11Jennifer Nielsen
20:39.00Soda Springs
6.11Hailey Call
20:40.00Soda Springs
7.11Hannah Farnes
20:41.00Soda Springs
8.11Anndee Neuman
20:47.00Soda Springs
9.10Genny Joe McCullough
21:02.00 SRSoda Springs
10.10Chelsey Rasmussen
21:23.00 SRSoda Springs
11.11Rachel Bullcreek
12.11Maria Martin
23:04.00Soda Springs
13.9Kendra Froehlich
23:40.00Soda Springs
14.10Paige Robbins
24:07.00 SRMalad
15.12Natasha Bartholomew
24:21.00West Side
16.12Regan Timothy
24:21.60 SRMalad
17.11Alyssa Nielsen
24:44.00West Side
18.11Megan Brown
25:04.00 PRMalad
19.11Dakota Siepert
25:16.00Soda Springs
20.11Whitney Cox
25:24.00West Side
21.11Sydney Clark
25:34.00Soda Springs
22.10Alex Ward
26:46.00 PRMalad
23.10Sidney Harris
28:36.00Soda Springs
24.9Savannah Frankman
29:05.00West Side
25.9Maren Waite
29:13.00West Side
26.11Millie Geddis
29:14.00West Side
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5,000 Meters 3A Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Quincy Van Orden
20:42.00Snake River
2.11Olivia Anderson
21:51.00Snake River
3.11Ciara Van Orden
22:16.00Snake River
4.12Kimille Furniss
22:35.00Snake River
5.11Tiffany Harris
23:03.00Bear Lake
6.9Sari Steadman
23:25.00Snake River
7.10Jacy Van Orden
23:31.00Snake River
8.11Kearis Jensen
24:54.00 SRBear Lake
9.11Jessica Hammond
24:54.10Bear Lake
10.9Breanna Fuller
25:04.00 SRSnake River
11.9Shaylyn Leavitt
25:05.00 SRSnake River
12.10Weslee Wells
25:28.00 SRBear Lake
13.12Maegan Murdock
26:13.00Snake River
14.11Demeetria Arriaga
26:21.00 SRAmerican Falls
15.10Kyra Trahant
26:36.00Snake River
16.12Jessica Williams
26:37.00 SRSnake River
17.12Darcy Spencer
26:52.00 PRBear Lake
18.11Tami Daines
27:05.00Bear Lake
19.10Loretta Smith
27:54.00 SRBear Lake
20.12Sierra Olsen
27:59.00 PRBear Lake
21.11Cheyenne Pratt
28:02.00 SRBear Lake
22.12Nicole Moon
28:23.00Snake River
23.9Libby Stokes
28:28.00Snake River
24.9Whitney Shupe
28:30.00 PRSnake River
25.11Shantaya Schwab
34:20.00Bear Lake
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