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5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM

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Welcome to the Gib Floyd Invitational.  We will have two races.  Girls race at 5:00 pm and Boys race after girls are finished.  The course will be the same as last year.  Flat and fast.  We will give medals to the top three Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior runners in each race.


Cost of the race is $ 50.00.  Please make checks out to Kuna High School.  Thanks

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Justin Ross
15:52.03Rocky Mountain
2.11Jordon Wallin
16:06.47 PRRocky Mountain
3.12Michael Cunningham
16:07.65 PRKuna
4.12David Covert
16:07.96 SRRocky Mountain
5.12Nate Quist
16:13.44 PRRocky Mountain
6.12Andrew Burgess
16:16.88 PRKuna
7.10Garrett Plant
16:21.69Rocky Mountain
8.12Alec Sigston
16:24.62 PRRocky Mountain
9.9Michael Slagowski
16:28.62 SRRocky Mountain
10.11Brock Thompson
16:39.00 SRKuna
11.11Aden Kutsurelis
16:39.28 SRRocky Mountain
12.12Andrew Bienapfl
16:44.28 PRRocky Mountain
13.12Anthony Thomas
16:51.94 PRNew Plymouth
14.10Caleb Day
15.11Taylor Paskett
16:56.53 PRRocky Mountain
16.11Jeff Borner
16:58.72 SRMcCall-Donnelly
17.11Trevan Reese
17:02.81 SRRocky Mountain
18.11Phil O'Brien
17:06.34 SRRocky Mountain
19.12Parker Gordon
17:20.94 PRRocky Mountain
20.12Camron Pearce
17:22.62Rocky Mountain
21.12Travis Jorgensen
17:23.81 PRKuna
22.11Zach Davlin
17:27.91 SRSkyview
23.12Taylor Mower
17:29.12Rocky Mountain
24.10Kody Wilde
17:32.31 PRKuna
25.10Chase Nielsen
17:32.52 SRKuna
26.10Ammon Christensen
17:33.37 SRSkyview
27.12James Crawford
17:34.09 PRRocky Mountain
28.10Lane Inwards
17:34.81 SRRocky Mountain
29.11Jake Schaefer
17:42.91 PRMountain Home
30.9Jacob Skelton
17:43.40 SRMountain View (ID)
31.11Reed Ericson
17:48.28 PRKuna
32.10Collin Pattan
17:48.87Mountain View (ID)
33.10Justin Higgins
17:52.06 PRSkyview
34.11Steven Hellman
17:52.43 SRMountain View (ID)
35.11Darian Homer
18:04.03 SRSkyview
36.11Andy Croft
18:04.37 PRMountain Home
37.12Cole Smith
18:07.47 SRRocky Mountain
38.11Brody Wheelock
18:11.44 SRRocky Mountain
39.9Bryce Funkhauser
18:12.66 PRRocky Mountain
40.9Brady Yoneda
18:14.91 SRRocky Mountain
41.11Jack Verbance
18:15.90New Plymouth
42.9Joe Petty
18:16.52Mountain View (ID)
43.9Brandon Calley
18:18.62 SRKuna
44.10Carter Cook
18:19.12 PRMountain View (ID)
45.12Ian Cavey
18:19.43Rocky Mountain
46.9Spencer Calley
18:21.81 SRSkyview
47.10Jake Jackson
18:22.87 PRRocky Mountain
48.12Marshall Calley
18:27.97 PRKuna
49.12Marcelino Leyva
18:28.52 PRVale
50.10Asher Wheelock
18:29.84Mountain View (ID)
51.9Tyler Wallentine
18:31.21 SRMountain View (ID)
52.11Brydon Anderson
18:32.69 PRMountain View (ID)
53.12Daniel Courtright
18:38.81 SRMountain Home
54.9Bridger Howell
18:39.15 PRMountain View (ID)
55.9Zack Shanks
18:41.53 PRSkyview
56.12Tyler Flint
18:43.03 PRVale
57.10Spencer Clark
18:43.87 PRRocky Mountain
58.12Chaz Branstetter
18:47.81Mountain View (ID)
59.12Jayden Weaver
18:48.37 PRSkyview
60.12Steven Kreyche
18:54.97 SRMountain Home
61.11Josh Eastman
18:55.43 SRMountain View (ID)
62.9Caleb Kessler
18:56.00 PRNew Plymouth
63.12Dan Donnelly
18:57.90Mountain View (ID)
64.9Daniel Tuft
19:00.94 PRSkyview
65.11Daylon Lewis
19:03.62 PRRocky Mountain
66.12Cameron Arnzen
19:04.15New Plymouth
67.11Christian Larsen
19:04.56Mountain View (ID)
68.12Hyrum Burton
19:06.59 PRRocky Mountain
69.10Berkley Spencer
19:06.90 PRRocky Mountain
70.9George Bowler
19:07.81 SRMountain View (ID)
71.10Casey Howard
19:08.24 PRMountain View (ID)
72.9Kevin Wilcox
19:08.59 PRKuna
73.12Dakota Thornley
19:10.18 PRMountain View (ID)
74.12Sam Sanchez
19:11.90 PRKuna
75.11Ryan Murphy
19:12.81 PRRocky Mountain
76.11Marcell Seprenyi
19:15.62 PRNew Plymouth
77.11Drew Nixon
19:16.43 SRKuna
78.10Jay Saunders
19:18.69 SRVale
79.9Ty Mills
19:19.37 SRKuna
80.11Mitch Lambert
19:20.94 PRMountain View (ID)
81.12David Black
19:21.50 PRMountain View (ID)
82.11Chase Hainsworth
19:22.75 PRRocky Mountain
83.11Bronson Johnson
19:23.46 SRNew Plymouth
84.9Nathan Hines
19:23.96Mountain View (ID)
85.11Kade Phillips
86.10David Catts
19:26.31 PRMountain Home
87.12Taylor Topham
19:26.65 SRMountain View (ID)
88.12Caden Hammer
19:28.06Mountain View (ID)
89.11Brian Olson
19:29.34 SRNew Plymouth
90.10Cameron Gross
19:30.18 PRRocky Mountain
91.9Ethan Davis
19:31.50 SRRocky Mountain
92.11Jesse Donohue
19:34.62 PRSkyview
93.-Jose Torres
19:35.46Mountain View (ID)
94.12Jaren Walker
19:38.47 PRMountain View (ID)
95.9Jared Ellis
19:40.53 PRSkyview
96.10Michael Chase
19:46.25 SRMountain View (ID)
97.9Colby Allen
19:47.09 PRRocky Mountain
98.9Johnathan Goodell
19:48.59 SRMountain Home
99.10Sam Mathews
19:51.59 PRRocky Mountain
100.10Kevin Munoz
19:52.00 PRVale
101.9Derick Rusher
19:56.66 SRRocky Mountain
102.10Nate Ramsey
19:57.65 SRNew Plymouth
103.11Joseph Kozlowski
20:06.59 PRRocky Mountain
104.10Aaron Capell
20:11.09Mountain View (ID)
105.10Nolan Pasqualetti
20:11.59 SRMountain Home
106.10Sam Bennett
20:13.21 SRMountain View (ID)
107.9Riley Urquidi
20:15.69 PRMountain Home
109.10Max Torres
20:18.84 PRMcCall-Donnelly
110.10Bill King
20:21.12 PRMountain Home
111.12Josh Christensen
20:23.18 PRKuna
112.11Sean McGuffin
20:24.59 PRNew Plymouth
113.9Tylor Clark
20:26.69 SRRocky Mountain
114.11Keenan Walgren
20:29.12 SRMcCall-Donnelly
115.9Devin Lewis
20:30.72 SRSkyview
116.10Nathan Yorgason
20:31.40 SRRocky Mountain
117.11Michael Lysy
20:31.95 PRRocky Mountain
118.10Ammon Boyer
20:34.47 SRKuna
119.11Joey Schlett
20:39.38 PRNew Plymouth
120.9Seth Helsley
20:39.78Mountain View (ID)
121.10Trent Jones
20:41.09 PRNew Plymouth
122.9Corey Hendrickson-...
20:41.64Mountain View (ID)
123.11Jared Petrie
20:44.00Mountain View (ID)
124.9Griffin Williamson
20:50.06 SRMountain View (ID)
125.10Andrew Bliss
20:53.91 SRKuna
126.10Eric Hust
20:57.78 PRMountain View (ID)
127.9Koller Lange
20:58.65Mountain View (ID)
128.11Isaac Skelton
21:09.62Mountain View (ID)
129.11Nik Morales
21:38.47 SRNew Plymouth
130.9Marcus Duce
22:16.18 SRSkyview
131.12Larry Lewin
22:17.69 PRNew Plymouth
132.11Seth Austin
22:28.03 PRNew Plymouth
133.12Andrew Turner
23:24.84Mountain Home
134.10Ben Knapp
23:42.12New Plymouth
135.9Chase Buist
24:25.59 PRNew Plymouth
136.10Bryan Ralphs
24:30.25Rocky Mountain
137.9Jared Luedtke
25:07.66Mountain View (ID)
138.11McCall Alexander
25:43.47 PRNew Plymouth
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Dana Snell
18:17.44 PRRocky Mountain
2.9Kaylee Oyler
19:06.97 PRRocky Mountain
3.11Paige Dilmore
19:13.12Rocky Mountain
4.11Jocelyn Barber
5.11Julia Fretwell
19:35.22Rocky Mountain
6.9Brittany Wilding
19:43.06Rocky Mountain
7.12Hailey Alexander
20:08.69New Plymouth
8.12Hannah Kropf
20:35.78 PRRocky Mountain
9.11Katie Mower
20:37.28Rocky Mountain
10.10Carlie Blodgett
20:43.22 PRSkyview
11.11Madison Wilson
20:47.31 PRSkyview
12.12Kylee Hale
13.11Paige Brock
21:01.02Rocky Mountain
14.12Emily Stafford
15.10Mariah Simpson
21:12.38Mountain View (ID)
16.11Ellen Caminiti
21:13.91Rocky Mountain
17.9Rylee Jensen
21:21.59Rocky Mountain
18.10Madie Cook
21:22.21 SRKuna
19.9Kirsten Pfannmuller
21:24.62Rocky Mountain
20.11Holly Hayes
21.12Christine Smith
21:29.88New Plymouth
22.10Abby Alexander
21:30.81Mountain View (ID)
23.12Anika Miller
24.11Kaitlin Tookey
21:34.38 PRKuna
25.10Hannah Wentland
21:41.69 SRRocky Mountain
26.12Aerial Groene
21:48.12 SRMountain Home
27.11Sam Johnston
21:49.12 SRMountain View (ID)
28.11Esther Kessler
21:51.06New Plymouth
29.10Melissa Brown
21:52.62Rocky Mountain
30.9Abbey Duff
31.11Arisha Karren
21:56.62 SRMountain Home
32.10Baillie Wallace
21:58.91New Plymouth
33.11Megan Danell
22:02.94 SRKuna
34.12Daphne Mattos
35.9Abby Dotson
36.9Becky Davlin
22:08.97 PRSkyview
37.11Becca Cole
22:13.34Rocky Mountain
38.12Elaina Gillespie
39.9Ava Mazzoni
40.12Hailey Goode
22:27.56 PRMountain View (ID)
41.10Kimber Hawkins
42.10Myra Vazquez
22:31.90 PRMountain Home
43.10Kami Hawkins
22:33.66 SRVale
44.12Abby Knight
22:38.47New Plymouth
45.9Shilo Clark
22:48.09 SRMountain Home
46.11Cecily Froerer
47.9Mia Guzman
22:50.12Rocky Mountain
48.11Erin Shields
22:51.56Rocky Mountain
49.10Savannah Callis
22:56.66 SRRocky Mountain
50.9Natalie Logue
23:00.09 PRMountain Home
51.10Jordan Bateman
23:01.02Mountain View (ID)
52.10Bailey Frings
23:02.66 PRMountain View (ID)
53.12Missa Quintana
23:03.28 PRKuna
54.11Savannah Lewis
23:04.75 PRNew Plymouth
55.12Megan Laub
23:09.69 PRMountain View (ID)
56.10Hannah Bates
23:10.02 PRVale
57.12Megan Williams
58.-Jessalynn Wynn
23:11.09 PRMountain View (ID)
59.11Bradee Purbeck
23:11.37 SRKuna
60.9Courtney Wiggins
23:11.68 PRMountain View (ID)
61.12Becca Hawkins
62.11Bryn Kennell
63.11Kendra Chamberlain
23:29.47 PRRocky Mountain
64.11Abi Cardenas
23:32.91 SRKuna
65.10Riley Mortonson
23:38.84Rocky Mountain
66.12Emma Lock
23:45.72Rocky Mountain
67.9Alyssa Brock
23:48.25Rocky Mountain
68.12Bailey Snyder
23:48.62Rocky Mountain
69.11London Howell
23:54.62 SRMountain View (ID)
70.12Alena Saunders
23:55.00 PRVale
71.11Tracey Gordon
23:58.53 PRMountain Home
72.12Becca Lysinger
24:00.18 SRNew Plymouth
73.11Lisa Kendall
24:02.47Mountain View (ID)
74.10Carli Ashley
24:05.12 PRKuna
75.12Morgan Holbrook
24:07.12Mountain View (ID)
76.10Naomi Porter
24:24.09 SRMcCall-Donnelly
77.11Caitlyn Shankel
24:30.78 PRKuna
78.12Kylan Nanney
24:31.56 SRMountain View (ID)
79.10Kristen` Gruendel
24:32.50 PRMountain View (ID)
80.12Erika Cook
24:35.78 PRMountain Home
81.12Sarah Haley
24:36.78 SRKuna
82.9Nancy Schiffer
24:41.84 PRKuna
83.10Hannah Ray
84.10Linnae Bultez
24:45.25 PRRocky Mountain
85.10Brittany Harrison
24:46.38 SRKuna
86.12Lexus Cornett
24:52.09New Plymouth
87.10Tiffanie McRoberts
24:56.84 PRKuna
88.12Haley Berg
24:57.37Mountain View (ID)
89.10Morgan Gillan
25:00.41Rocky Mountain
90.10Alora Demaree
25:01.43Rocky Mountain
91.10Rachael Fisher
25:04.50 SRKuna
92.12Rachel Schons
25:05.02 PRVale
93.10Laurel Howe
25:11.28 SRNew Plymouth
94.10Hannah Decker
25:11.84Rocky Mountain
95.9Jessica Lewis
25:12.78 SRNew Plymouth
96.12Marissa Chase
25:25.78 PRMountain View (ID)
97.12Cassie Drake
25:29.88 PRKuna
98.10Vanessa Carrillo
99.9Hannah Boren
25:33.97Rocky Mountain
100.9Jackie Buckendorf
25:34.65 SRSkyview
101.10Courtney Kelly
25:37.06Mountain View (ID)
102.9Sarah Larsen
25:39.91 SRMountain View (ID)
103.9Kimberlee Freeman
25:42.97Mountain View (ID)
104.10Rachel Wilker
25:53.84Mountain View (ID)
105.9Alexis Jurado
25:57.75Mountain View (ID)
106.12Courtney Donaca
107.10Margaret Giso
26:26.06 SRRocky Mountain
108.12Kristina Artley
26:31.18 PRKuna
109.10Alyson Cooke
26:50.18Rocky Mountain
110.10Angela Wright
111.11Rylee Hall
26:58.97 SRSkyview
112.9Katie Nishizaki
27:04.18New Plymouth
113.9Sara Tinney
27:14.44 PRSkyview
114.10Shelby Mader
27:27.72 SRRocky Mountain
115.9Ashley Ornelas
27:47.91New Plymouth
116.12Paisley Worthington
28:05.72 PRRocky Mountain
117.10Paige Simpson
28:06.12 SRRocky Mountain
118.10Kirsten Forster
29:20.88Rocky Mountain
119.11Meghan Thompson
120.9Danielle Quantie
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