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Mens Races
2.1 Mile Novice4:00 PM
2.1 Mile Sophomores4:30 PM
2.1 Mile Juniors5:00 PM
2.1 Mile Seniors5:30 PM
Womens Races
2.1 Mile Novice4:00 PM
2.1 Mile Sophomores4:30 PM
2.1 Mile Juniors5:00 PM
2.1 Mile Seniors5:30 PM

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The course will be the first 2.1 miles of the standard Bush Park 5k course (i.e. minus the last mile). 

Girls and then Boys will run in each race, with the Girls starting 2:30 prior to the Boys.

Coaches will time their own runners and post results on

Recognition to the top 5 girl and boy runners in each division.

Novice - 4:00: Any and all first year XC runners - regardless of grade

Sophomore - 4:30: Sophomores who have run XC before

Juniors - 5:00: Juniors who have run XC before

Seniors - 5:30: Seniors who have run XC before


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Mens Results

2.1 Mile Novice

9Hunter Mosman
11:59 PRWest Salem
9Reed Smith
12:03 PRWest Salem
10Isaac Barr
12:06 PRWest Salem
10Alex Boyle
12:39.8 PRSprague
11Alex Lara
12:49 PRNorth Salem
11Nate Van Ginkle
12:59 PRNorth Salem
9Robert Amarillas
13:03.5 SRSprague
9Wyatt Grine
13:09.9 PRMcNary
10Noah Vaughn
13:10 PRWest Salem
9Angel Goemaere
13:17.2 SRMcNary
12Zach Bock
13:28 PRNorth Salem
12Brandon Robbins
13:30 PRWest Salem
9Vitaliy Surova
13:32 PRMcKay
9Jordan Moore
13:48 PRSouth Salem
10Jacob Benjamin
13:50 PRWillamette Valley Ch...
10Minato Holman
13:53 PRWest Salem
9Braden Gardner
13:53.6 SRSprague
9Austin Brown
13:54.7 SRMcNary
9Zari Crier
13:55 PRSouth Salem
12Michael Burgess
14:00 PRNorth Salem
9Adolfo Nicolas
14:11 SRMcKay
9Elijah Schwartz
14:21 PRSouth Salem
12Francesco Fraboni
14:28 PRSouth Salem
9Aric Wood
14:32 PRSouth Salem
11Lenny Flores
14:37 SRNorth Salem
11Matthew Braccia
14:41 SRNorth Salem
9Graham Smith
14:47.7 SRSprague
9Connor Suderman
14:55 PRWest Salem
12Micah Sisson
14:55 PRWest Salem
9Jesse Honeyman
15:16.35 SRMcNary
12Josh Higgins
15:23 PRWest Salem
9Aleczander Ursprung
15:31 SRMcKay
12Philip Phan
15:34 PRMcKay
9Reuben Ernst
15:42 PRSouth Salem
12Carlos Ortiz
15:46 PRNorth Salem
9Caden Kesey
15:54 PRSouth Salem
9Hayden Ernst
16:15.3 PRSprague
12Tyler Metz
16:44 PRWest Salem
9Zac Barley
16:45 PRSouth Salem
10Leeland Simons
17:03.7 PRSprague
9Ethan Bell
17:15 PRWest Salem
11Jesus Gonzalez
17:15 PRSouth Salem
12David Olvera
17:15 PRMcKay
9Quaid Ebanks
17:36 PRNorth Salem
12Edgar Montes
18:21 PRNorth Salem
9Wesley Snyder
18:22.2 SRSprague
9Alex Neevel
18:29 PRSouth Salem
9C.J. Kunkel
18:45 PRNorth Salem
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2.1 Mile Sophomores

10John Patterson
11:27 PRSouth Salem
10Andrew Colburn
11:34 PRSouth Salem
10Julio Olmos
11:42 PRNorth Salem
10Spencer Bybee
12:01 PRWest Salem
10Lupe Granados
12:29 PRMcKay
10Darby Estes
12:30 SRWest Salem
10Jesus Cornejo
12:36 SRMcKay
10Eli Hamlin
12:39.5 PRSprague
10Byron Serfling
12:49 PRSouth Salem
10Andrew Zieg
12:57.0 PRSprague
10Justin Hanes
12:58.0 PRSprague
10Ethan Hamilton
13:00 PRSouth Salem
10Jonah Calhoun
13:18.0 PRSprague
10Tim Slama
13:23 PRSouth Salem
10James Kelson
13:37.3 PRMcNary
10Edward Min
13:47.4 PRSprague
10Thomas Schaap
13:47.8 SRSprague
10Michael Enriquez
13:50 PRMcKay
10Nolan Armstrong
14:15.6 SRSprague
10Noah Rindefjall
14:19.8 SRSprague
10Jared Kelson
14:23.3 SRMcNary
10Ian Nile
14:54 SRSouth Salem
10Kyle Carpenter
14:54 SRSouth Salem
10Kyle Hutchins
16:17 SRWest Salem
10Brenner Shankle
16:55 PRWest Salem
10Patrick Bassett
17:25 SRMcKay
10Matthew Bryson
18:49 SRWest Salem
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2.1 Mile Juniors

11Nathaniel Roberts
11:19.1 SRSprague
11Sam Ruck
11:32 SRSouth Salem
11Riley Hankins
11:48 PRWest Salem
11Evan Rummerfield
12:02.1 SRMcNary
11Dalton Lindsey
12:04.1 PRMcNary
11Miles Berglund
12:18 SRSouth Salem
11Efrain Zuniga
12:39 PRMcKay
11Adrian Fernandez
12:58.5 SRMcNary
11Tristan Briggs
12:59.2 PRMcNary
11Tyler Dayton
13:23.1 SRSprague
11Taylor Russell
13:23.5 SRMcNary
11Junior Salazar
13:54 PRNorth Salem
11Chris Weaver
13:55.9 SRMcNary
11Erik Gabriel
13:59 SRNorth Salem
11Hunter Bomar
14:17.5 SRMcNary
11Emilio Paz
14:33 SRSouth Salem
11Quin Coons
16:16 SRMcKay
11Isaac Grigg
17:27.7 SRSprague
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2.1 Mile Seniors

12Jacob Atkinson
11:20.1 PRSprague
12Emanuel Kraynick
11:33 SRWest Salem
12Sean Barr
11:38 PRWest Salem
12Tony Goemaere
11:56.0 PRMcNary
12Oslo Jacobson
12:07 PRSouth Salem
12Esau Lopez
12:13 PRNorth Salem
12Andrew Miller
12:20.6 SRSprague
12Amadi Amaitsa
12:41.2 SRMcNary
12Sam Bybee
12:50 PRWest Salem
12Brandon Fletcher
12:54 PRWest Salem
12Jon Upchurch
12:54.2 PRSprague
12Riley Walker
13:02.4 PRSprague
12Jason Dornon
13:09.9 SRSprague
12Jacob Anderson
13:18 PRWest Salem
12Chris West
13:23.0 PRSprague
12Pablo Herrera
13:31 SRNorth Salem
12Xavier Adams
13:36 PRNorth Salem
12Omar Mosqueda
14:55 SRNorth Salem
12Braedon Wrosch
18:18 PRSouth Salem
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Womens Results

2.1 Mile Novice

9Brooke Chuhlantseff
12:00 PRWest Salem
9Kiana Rasubala
14:49 PRMcKay
9Anna Keller
15:12 PRSouth Salem
9Melissa Clark
15:20 SRMcKay
9Brooke White
15:50 SRMcKay
10Emily Cantrell-Cole
16:10 PRWest Salem
9Andrea Fennimore
16:10 SRMcKay
11Amber Quinlan
16:28 PRNorth Salem
9Monica La Joie
16:30 PRSouth Salem
9Claire Bjornson
16:40 PRWest Salem
12Madeleine Fessier
16:45 PRWest Salem
11Jessica Ochoa
16:54 SRNorth Salem
11Cesilia Montes
17:03 PRNorth Salem
9Anna Leclerc
17:05 PRSouth Salem
10Maria Troncoso Flo...
17:07 SRNorth Salem
12Ruby Olivas
17:26.0 PRSprague
12Stefany Gonzalez
17:33 PRNorth Salem
9Leah Atkinson
17:39 PRWest Salem
11Jillian Sunderman
17:42 PRWest Salem
12Olivia Baudin
17:42 PRWest Salem
9Araya Garcia
17:42 PRWest Salem
9Maegan Mortensen
17:57.7 SRSprague
10Ann Salazar
18:06 PRNorth Salem
10Lizzy Stewart
18:06.5 PRMcNary
9Eleanor Vanden Busch
18:12 PRSouth Salem
11Emily McNichols
18:19.2 PRMcNary
10Courtney Cheavtharn
18:30 PRWest Salem
11Cheryl Bello
18:36.6 PRMcNary
9Annie Himler
18:47 PRSouth Salem
10Mia Smith
18:59 SRSouth Salem
9Sophia Bashey
22:03 SRSouth Salem
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2.1 Mile Sophomores

10Emma Bidwell
14:14 PRSouth Salem
10Allie Rasmussen
14:55 PRWest Salem
10Allyson Ridling
14:55.4 SRSprague
10Jasmine Ernest
15:10.2 PRMcNary
10Sierra Savage
15:38.0 SRSprague
10Emma Tornberg
15:39.8 SRSprague
10Grace Livengood
15:49 PRWest Salem
10Julia Lewis
16:16.0 SRMcNary
10Natalie Johnson
16:18 PRNorth Salem
10Bryanna Smith
16:28 PRNorth Salem
10Ayla Zeigler
16:38 PRNorth Salem
10Marisa McGrath
16:58.3 SRMcNary
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2.1 Mile Juniors

11Vivian Hawkinson
13:19 PRSouth Salem
11Aleksa Wood
14:05 PRSouth Salem
11Courtney Hammagren
14:07 PRSouth Salem
11Kiera Gabaldon
14:38 PRNorth Salem
11Riley Knebes
14:44 PRNorth Salem
11Aisha Amaitsa
15:11.0 SRMcNary
11MeeMee Crossler-La...
15:20 PRSouth Salem
11Maria Lopez
15:55 PRMcKay
11Blanca Garcia
16:26 PRNorth Salem
11Michelle Fensler
16:32.0 SRSprague
11Kaylee Eyerly
16:48 PRSouth Salem
11Daysha Simms-Garcia
17:09.6 SRMcNary
11Paige Erickson
17:51 PRNorth Salem
11Gaby Hernandez
20:43 PRMcKay
11Sadie Verville
21:10.7 SRSprague
11Anny Lei
24:13 SRWest Salem
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2.1 Mile Seniors

12Courtney Repp
13:36.2 PRMcNary
12Atalie Frank
13:52 PRSouth Salem
12Bethany Reding
14:43 PRSouth Salem
12Ashleigh Davis
14:54 PRSouth Salem
12Felicia Covey
15:15.3 PRMcNary
12Kira Norton
15:37.1 SRMcNary
12Aerial Rice
16:30.2 SRMcNary
12Vasvi Chalise
16:37 PRSouth Salem
12Nicola Young
16:54.2 SRSprague
12Zoe Spangler
17:00 SRSouth Salem
12Madisyn Rohde
17:01 PRWest Salem
12Rebecca Elmer
17:18 SRWest Salem
12Tiffany Dinh
17:45 PRWest Salem
12Judy Jiang
18:03.8 SRMcNary
12Emily Straight
18:04 PRWest Salem
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