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Mens Races
2 Mile Freshman9:30 AM
3 Mile Frosh-Soph10:30 AM
3 Mile Varsity11:30 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity-OPEN12:30 PM
1 Mile Grade School1:20 PM
2 Mile Grade School2:00 PM
Womens Races
2 Mile Freshman9:00 AM
3 Mile Frosh Soph10:00 AM
3 Mile Varsity11:00 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity-OPEN12:00 PM
1 Mile Grade School1:00 PM
2 Mile Grade School1:40 PM

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Location: Washington Park, located at 58th & Russell Dr.  The course is a flat and fast 1.5 mile loop.  The change provides for ample parking, plenty of spectator viewing, a longer starting line, and wider pathways from running.  It is easily accessible from 90/94 or Lake Shore Drive. 

Time Schedule & Race Distance:

                         9:00- Freshman Girls Race (2 Miles- unlimited runners)

                                9:30- Freshman Boys Race (2 Miles- unlimited runners)

                                10:00- Frosh-Soph Girls (3 Miles- 7 runners)

                                10:30- Frosh Soph Boys (3 Miles- 7 runners)

                        11:00- Varsity Girls (3 Miles- 7 runners)

                                11:30- Varsity Boys (3 Miles- 7 runners)

                                12:00- Open Girls (2 Miles- unlimited runners)

                                12:30- Open Boys (2 Miles- unlimited runners)

                                12:45- High School Awards

                                1:00- Grade School Girls- 1 Mile

                                1:20- Grade School Boys- 1 Mile

                                1:40- Grade School Girls- 2 Miles

                                2:00- Grade School Boys- 2 Miles

DIVISIONS: We will no longer contest 2 divisions. 

Awards: Freshman & Frosh-Soph races- top 10 medals, 11th-25th ribbons (ribbons will be handed out to coaches in envelopes after races); Varsity races- top ten medals, 11th-25th medals (awarded to coaches in envelopes); Open races- top 25 ribbons (awarded in the chute). 

Team trophies: top four team plaques for the Freshman, Frosh-Soph, & Varsity Races.

Registration: Register your team roster at by Wednesday, September 19th, before noon. Teams failing to register online will be assessed a $50 administrative fee, and is indicated as such in the financial terms of the contract.    

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Mens Results

2 Mile Freshman

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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Simon Ricci
11:46.00 SRChicago (Latin)
2.9Sirlaurence King
11:49.80Chicago (Leo)
3.9Andrew Johnson
12:12.10Whitney Young
4.9Nick Lang
12:16.30 PRSt. Viator
5.9Samuel Reichert
12:17.00Whitney Young
6.9Charles Kotrba
12:19.60Whitney Young
7.9Robert Vargas
12:23.00Whitney Young
8.9Leo Sapriao
12:49.90Whitney Young
9.9Sam Detmer
12:53.20Chicago (Payton)
10.9David Andrews
12:55.20 PRRomeoville
11.9Aaron Sanders
13:00.80Whitney Young
12.9Paulo Aco
13:03.50Chicago (Von Steuben)7 pts
13.9Xavier Sigelko
13:16.80Chicago (Northside)
14.9Rafael Salazar
13:20.60Chicago (Von Steuben)9 pts
15.9Mason Hammond
13:24.20 SRChicago (Latin)
16.9Pierre Courtney
13:24.80Chicago (Leo)
17.9Jabari Brooks
13:33.40 SRWhitney Young
18.9Mario Valtierrez
13:37.90 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
19.9Justin Washington
13:41.10 PRChicago (Northside)
19.9Sarrin Chethik
13:41.10Chicago (Northside)
21.9Matthew Neumeier
13:43.70 SRChicago (Latin)
22.9Hasan Swian
13:54.30 PRWhitney Young
23.9Michael O'sullivan
14:07.40Chicago (Payton)
24.9Emmet Hilly
14:07.70Chicago (Northside)
25.9Michael Baker
14:10.20 PRSt. Viator
26.9Emmanuel Raya
14:11.40Chicago (Taft)
27.9Andrew Dobria
14:12.40 PRChicago (Luther North)
28.9Ahad Ahmad
14:24.30 PRRomeoville
29.9Matt Cinquini
14:25.60Chicago (Taft)
30.9Justin Warbington
14:27.50Chicago (Rickover Na...
31.9Will Baker
14:29.00Chicago (Payton)
32.9Adam Greiner
14:30.20Chicago (Von Steuben)14 pts
33.9Brendan Powers
14:39.10 PRChicago (Northside)
34.9Alejandro Banuelos
14:39.20 SRChicago (Gage Park)
35.9Sam Zofkie
14:49.30Chicago (Northside)
36.9Charles Golub
14:49.50Whitney Young
37.9Trajan Hammons
15:10.30 PRWhitney Young
38.10Hector Valdez
15:17.10Chicago (Foreman)
39.9Cole Gardner
15:20.90 SRWhitney Young
40.9Chris Keller
16:38.60 PRChicago (Luther North)
41.9Joshua Sanchez
16:42.00Whitney Young
42.9Francisco Rodriguez
16:42.90 PRChicago (Gage Park)
43.9Jacob Moreno
16:44.90Chicago (Schurz)
44.9Yael Reyes
16:45.30Chicago (Von Steuben)17 pts
45.9Ben Bellick
16:45.40 SRChicago (Latin)
46.9Jerard Jackson Jr.
16:47.50 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
47.9Manuel Rivera
16:49.90 SRChicago (Schurz)
48.9Patryk Fudala
16:50.30 PRRomeoville
49.9Kevin Johnson
17:08.10 PRPritzker
50.10Edwin Reyes
17:27.90 SRChicago (Foreman)
51.9Jeremy Robinson
17:38.40 PRChicago (Schurz)
52.9Brandon Pertle
17:45.20 SRChicago (Taft)
53.9Steven Burgess
18:13.40Chicago (Rickover Na...
54.9Jose Barrera
18:49.10 PRPritzker
55.9Brandon Diaz
20:45.50Chicago (Von Steuben)18 pts
56.9William Johnson
28:00.00Chicago (Leo)
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3 Mile Frosh-Soph

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Mike Samuelson
17:32.10 SRRomeoville
2.9Sam Wischnewsky
17:42.90 SRWhitney Young
3.9Jason Sebek
17:46.90 SRWhitney Young
4.10Kevin Ma
17:48.10 SRWhitney Young
5.9Kenjuan Gayles
17:51.00 PRWhitney Young
6.9Zack Sebek
17:55.20 SRWhitney Young
7.10Patrick Seelentag
17:57.20Chicago (Kennedy)
8.10Alexis Lopez
18:02.60Chicago (Latin)
9.9Jacob Bonanotte
18:02.70 SRSt. Viator
10.9Ryan Wangman
18:04.90 SRWhitney Young
11.10Wesley Chan
18:06.90Chicago (Payton)
12.9Charles Sandberg
18:07.00 SRWhitney Young
13.10Niall Stanczak
18:14.90 SRSt. Viator
14.10Raymond Jurkiewicz
18:19.00 SRChicago (Lincoln Park)
15.10Ryan Harrington
18:21.20Chicago (Payton)
16.9John Duffy
18:21.50 SRSt. Viator
16.10Adrian Black
18:21.50 SRChicago (Northside)
18.10Elliot Adams
18:22.40Chicago (Payton)
19.10Matthew Carter
18:25.00Chicago (Mather)
20.9Anthony Vodicka
18:25.50 SRRomeoville
21.10Jack Landsberg
18:31.00 PRChicago (Latin)
22.10Saul Hernandez
18:34.30 SRChicago (Foreman)
23.10Sam LaSota
18:34.50Chicago (Payton)
24.10Benito Delgado
18:39.00 PRChicago (Mather)
25.10Christian Ambrosio
18:47.00 PRRomeoville
26.10Cesar Angel
18:52.00Chicago (Mather)
27.10Augie Bello
18:52.80Chicago (Payton)
28.10Graham Ferguson
18:53.90 SRChicago (Latin)
29.9Gobinda Darlami
18:54.40 SRChicago (Mather)
30.9Lamar Wint
19:03.80 PRChicago (Mather)
31.10Joseph Dschida
19:04.10 PRChicago (Northside)
32.10Omphile Franklin
19:08.00Chicago (Gage Park)
33.10Matt Bush
19:10.50 SRRomeoville
34.11Will Thornton
19:19.10Northridge Prep
35.9Nicholas Spanier
19:19.60 SRSt. Viator
36.9Anthony Morales
19:21.90 SRChicago (Solorio Aca...
37.10Jack Odonnell
19:27.80 PRChicago (Northside)
38.10John Gillis
19:29.30 PRChicago (Mather)
39.10Richard Lucio
19:34.50 PRChicago (Hubbard)
40.9Markee Cooper
19:41.60 SRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
41.10Eric Gofen
19:43.80 SRChicago (Latin)
42.9Geir Falck-Pedersen
19:49.40 PRChicago (Northside)
43.10Johnloreto Chiovari
19:53.60 PRSt. Viator
44.9Christian Bonilla
20:10.20 SRRomeoville
45.10Cedric Campbell
20:10.80 PRChicago (Mather)
46.10Sean Culm
20:26.00 SRSt. Viator
47.9Max Guthmann
20:31.00 PRChicago (Northside)
48.9Erick Torres
20:32.70 SRChicago (Lincoln Park)
49.10Jacob Friederich
20:36.70 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
50.10Judson Smith
20:37.40 SRChicago (Lincoln Park)
51.9Gabriel Clemente
20:38.40Noble Street College...
52.10Charlie Cox
20:43.70 PRChicago (Latin)
53.10Michael Rivera
20:43.80Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
54.9Piotr Wojcik
20:51.80 SRChicago (Northside)
55.11Shane Martin
20:55.20 SRNorthridge Prep
56.10Jorge Casimiro
20:55.40 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
57.10Rudolf Torres
20:56.10Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
58.10Christian Rivera
20:57.20 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
59.9Alex Castro
20:58.00 SRChicago (Lincoln Park)
60.10Juan Gonzalez
20:58.70 PRChicago (Solorio Aca...
61.10Adrian Macias
21:17.80Noble Street College...
62.10Isaiah Garcia
21:22.30 PRChicago (Hubbard)
62.9Robert Loving
21:22.30 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
64.10Vincente Ramirez
21:25.70 PRChicago (Hubbard)
65.10Christian Ross
21:31.40 SRChicago (Kenwood)
66.10Michael Ross
21:31.90 PRChicago (Kenwood)
67.9Urayoan Medina
21:32.70 PRNoble Street College...
68.10Jose Esparza
21:38.00 SRChicago (Solorio Aca...
69.9Daniel Cook
21:40.40 SRChicago (Lincoln Park)
70.9Noah Velez
21:42.70Chicago (Mt. Carmel)
71.9Loki Aguilera
22:07.40 SRChicago (Lincoln Park)
72.10Gilberto Pescador
22:07.50 SRChicago (Rickover Na...
73.10David Navarette
22:15.20Northridge Prep
74.11Malik Turner
22:15.60Chicago (Simeon)
75.9Juan Carrillo
22:17.60 PRChicago (Hubbard)
76.10Aaron Grundy
22:36.60 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
77.10Denzell Dawkins
22:40.00 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
78.10Uzziel Fernandez
22:44.70 SRChicago (Gage Park)
79.10Garrett Smith
22:50.50 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
80.9Vincent Zarate
22:55.10 PRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
81.11Martin Enciso
22:55.60 SRPritzker
82.10Maurice Johnson
22:57.40 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
83.10Isaac Schwartz
22:59.50 SRChicago (Payton)
84.9Noah Williams
23:03.80 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
85.10Steven Edwards
23:04.70 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
86.10Lucio Barboza
23:10.30 SRChicago (Solorio Aca...
87.9William Sosa
23:21.10 SRPritzker
88.10Denzel Johnson
23:51.60 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
89.9Mykial Smith
23:56.90 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
89.9Ulysses Argueta
23:56.90Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
91.9Juan Renteria
24:09.80 SRPritzker
92.9Elijah Nixon
24:14.60 SRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
93.10John Brochu
24:18.90 PRNorthridge Prep
94.10Ed Rybicki
24:22.90 PRChicago (Luther North)
95.10Carlos Escobedo
24:32.70 PRChicago (Hubbard)
96.12Felix Vasquez
24:33.40Chicago (Hubbard)
97.10Armando Vieyra
24:43.10 PRChicago (Solorio Aca...
98.9Ramirez Alexis
24:47.10 PRRauner College Prep
99.10James Simon
24:57.10 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
100.9Alexis Olivares
25:18.90 SRPritzker
101.10Marquis Shaw
25:19.90 SRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
102.9Alexander Duarte
25:39.90 PRPritzker
103.9Damarius Griffin-M...
25:40.90 PRNoble Street College...
104.9Daniel Cruz
25:41.70 SRNoble Street College...
105.10Joshua Thomas
25:54.70 PRChicago (Leo)
106.9Jose Gomez
25:59.20 SRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
107.10Raul Haro
27:49.10 PRPritzker
108.10Gabe Bustoz
28:14.50 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
109.10Edgar Oseguera
28:43.20 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
110.9Kevin Ramos
28:43.70 SRRauner College Prep
111.9Chris Camacho
29:40.60 SRPritzker
112.9Alexis Trejo
30:57.50 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
113.10Joshua Mendez
30:58.40 PRChicago (Rickover Na...
114.9Kendrick Fernandez
31:37.20 SRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
115.10Jose Munoz
32:39.10Chicago (Cristo Rey ...
116.9David Lanausse
32:44.90 PRChicago (Solorio Aca...
117.10Angel Bahena
35:00.00 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
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3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Luke Muzikowski
15:43.70Chicago (C. Hope Aca...
2.11Deivi Tahiraj
15:46.40Chicago (Mather)
3.11Nick Brey
15:48.30St. Viator
4.11Claudio Flores
16:05.70Chicago (Mather)
5.12Kevin Schreiber
16:07.60St. Viator
6.11Dan O'Keefe
16:14.50Chicago (Mt. Carmel)
7.12Logan Means
16:20.90Whitney Young
8.11Jon Villasenor
16:23.00Whitney Young
9.12Taro Salinas
16:29.50Whitney Young
10.11Michael Stubna
16:32.30Chicago (Lincoln Park)
11.11Simon Kafka
16:37.20Chicago (Northside)
12.12Will Beirsdorf
16:40.50St. Viator
13.11Zade Kurdieh
16:44.50Chicago (Mather)
14.12Tyler Sammons
16:47.20St. Viator
15.10Malcolm Grba
16:53.50 SRChicago (Northside)
16.11Michael Perez
16:53.90Whitney Young
17.11Cesar Rufino
16:57.70Chicago (Northside)
18.12Andrew Nadler
16:58.60Chicago (Latin)
19.10Adrian Barrientos
17:00.40Chicago (Hubbard)
20.11Tyler Kesner
17:02.44 SRChicago (Luther North)
21.9Jacob Meyer
17:02.90Chicago (University)
22.10Jacob Silverman
17:03.30 SRChicago (Latin)
23.11Bryan Quinonez
17:05.50Chicago (Kennedy)
24.12Joshua Warren
17:05.60Whitney Young
25.12Manuel Lule
17:08.90Chicago (Hubbard)
26.10Aidan Sarazen
17:11.90Chicago (Latin)
27.11Michael Lally
17:12.20Chicago (Lincoln Park)
28.9Noe Sarmiento
17:12.90 PRChicago (Hubbard)
29.12Alexis Sarabia
17:13.70Chicago (Steinmetz)
30.9Drew Morton
17:14.20 SRSt. Viator
30.12Juan Berumen
17:14.20Chicago (Lake View)
32.12Leonardo Flores
17:28.00Chicago (Kennedy)
33.10Catrell Coleson
17:29.80 PRChicago (Mather)
34.10Michael Gross
17:32.20Chicago (Latin)
35.12Ryan Gurreri
17:35.10St. Viator
36.12Luis Reyes
17:37.70Chicago (Hubbard)
37.12Frankie Caputo
17:39.20 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
38.11Evan Banasiak
17:39.90 PRRomeoville
39.11Bruce McCaffrey
17:40.90Chicago (Taft)
40.11Max Volchenboum
17:43.90Chicago (University)
41.12Ricardo Robles
17:46.90Chicago (Hubbard)
42.12Joseph Lorenzini
17:47.50St. Viator
43.9Francisco Reyes
17:49.70Chicago (Hubbard)
44.10Max Bucksbaum
17:53.20Chicago (Latin)
44.11Alex Bermudez
17:53.20Chicago (Little Vill...
46.12David Lechuga
17:56.80Northridge Prep
47.11Daniel Aguilar
17:57.50Chicago (Lake View)
48.9Danny Rosen
18:02.80 SRChicago (Northside)
49.11Mateo Martinez
18:05.90Chicago (Kelvyn Park)
50.10Max Mccoy
18:06.30 SRChicago (Northside)
51.12Jorge Zamora
18:08.90Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
52.12Sean Edwards
18:10.00 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
53.10Luis Gutierrez
18:11.60Chicago (Mather)
53.10Dylan Haig
18:11.60 SRNorthridge Prep
55.10Miles Baker
18:13.10Chicago (Latin)
56.10Brennen Tobin
18:15.30Northridge Prep
57.10Ryan Reynolds
18:16.30Chicago (Lake View)
58.11Tommy Cheng
18:17.70Chicago (Lincoln Park)
59.9Brendan Jacobs
18:18.50 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
60.12Brian Young
18:19.60Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
61.12Brian Dinghra
18:19.80 SRChicago (Latin)
62.12Jacob Turner
18:21.40Chicago (Payton)
63.10Mitchell Beasley
18:25.50 PRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
64.11Nick Gallapo
18:26.50 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
65.11Carlos Omana
18:26.60Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
66.11Andrew Jacobs
18:27.00 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
67.11Liam Mahoney
18:28.40Northridge Prep
68.11Maury Cerventes
18:29.70 SRChicago (Lake View)
69.12Patrick Lechner
18:29.80Northridge Prep
70.10Jose Hernandez
18:30.30Chicago (Hubbard)
71.11Frank Waggoner
18:31.10 SRChicago (University)
72.9Gabe Stacey
18:31.80 SRChicago (Northside)
73.12Benjamin Meyer
18:32.00 SRChicago (University)
74.11David Yanez
18:32.20Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
75.11Nate Mendez
18:39.10 SRChicago (Northside)
76.11Carlos Tamayo
18:41.10 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
77.12Xavier Camacho
18:42.90Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
78.12Miguel Rubio
18:47.20 PRChicago (Foreman)
79.10Chris Calito
18:48.60 SRChicago (Lake View)
80.12Augusto Estrada
18:49.90Northridge Prep
81.11Johnathan Kosiek
18:51.10 PRRomeoville
82.12Marvin Grzebieluch
18:52.50Chicago (Taft)
83.11Steven Orta
18:53.00Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
84.12Javier Viramontes
18:53.60Chicago (Gage Park)
85.12David Arroyo
18:54.00Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
86.9Lizandro Navarro
18:54.20 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
87.12Juan Flores
18:54.70 PRPritzker
88.10Zach Emanuel
18:55.40Chicago (University)
89.12Ricardo Arrieta
19:06.00Chicago (Gage Park)
90.12Michael Gigante
19:07.30 PRNorthridge Prep
91.12Christian Padilla
19:08.00Noble Street College...
92.11Vairon Carlin
19:09.40 SRChicago (Solorio Aca...
93.11Jacob Kushiner
19:12.30 PRChicago (Luther North)
94.12Takafumi Numora
19:12.90Chicago (Kenwood)
95.10Ramiro Jimenez
19:13.30 SRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
96.12Isaac Moreno
19:16.00 SRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
97.10Jonathan Rico
19:16.80Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
98.11Nicholas Rodriguez
19:17.70Chicago (Von Steuben)82 pts
99.10Michael Love
19:18.20Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
100.11Arseniy Minasov
19:19.50Chicago (Lincoln Park)
101.10Cesar Montelongo
19:21.10 SRGary Comer College P...
102.10Vicente Garcia
19:21.50Chicago (Solorio Aca...
103.12Elmer Avilez
19:21.90Chicago (Little Vill...
104.12Alcides Diaz
19:22.30 PRChicago (Von Steuben)87 pts
105.12Jim Witkiewicz
19:23.80 PRChicago (Hancock)
106.9Kenny Koval
19:27.00 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
107.12Kyle Cafferkey
19:34.80 SRRomeoville
108.12Pedro Diaz
19:35.00Chicago (Steinmetz)
109.12Aram Gebretensae
19:36.90Chicago (Von Steuben)91 pts
110.11Patrick Linnane
19:37.20Chicago (Taft)
111.12Edmund Mcghruder
19:37.50Chicago (Morgan Park)
112.11Christian Baez
19:37.70 PRRomeoville
113.10Arthur Chang
19:39.30Chicago (University)
114.12Jesse Nguyen
19:45.40 PRChicago (Von Steuben)95 pts
115.12Joshua Wright
19:47.20 PRChicago (Leo)
116.12Jason Deng
19:47.70 PRChicago (University)
117.11Erik Martinez
19:50.20Chicago (Steinmetz)
118.11Josh Reynolds
19:51.60Chicago (Lincoln Park)
119.9Eric Neubieser
19:52.00 SRMelrose Park (Walthe...
120.12Malcolm Lord
19:52.80 SRChicago (Payton)
121.12Jose Serrano
19:54.70 SRNoble Street College...
122.9Maxwell Crawford
19:58.10 SRChicago (C. Hope Aca...
123.10Ivan Diaz
20:01.60Chicago (Solorio Aca...
124.10Jaovonte Morgan
20:08.40 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
125.10Torey Gresham
20:09.60 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
126.10Alfanso Contreras
20:12.40 SRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
127.12Luis Gabino
20:21.30Chicago (Washington)
128.10Manny Cardoza
20:22.30 PRRauner College Prep
129.10Adam Santiago
20:34.00 SRPritzker
130.10Javier Martinez
20:34.80Chicago (Solorio Aca...
131.12Joel Thompson
20:38.10 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
132.12Edgar Lopez
20:39.20 PRPritzker
133.9Steven Burris
20:39.90 SRGary Comer College P...
134.11Matthew Steinhart
20:41.00 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
135.12Alexis Perez
20:43.40Chicago (Kelvyn Park)
135.11Malik Stuckey
20:43.40Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
137.12Danny Hernandez
20:44.80 PRChicago (Kelvyn Park)
138.12Fernando Ceja
20:46.20 PRChicago (Washington)
139.12Nick Toppel
20:47.70 PRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
140.9Julio Serrano
20:49.90 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
141.11Maalik Phipps
20:54.10 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
142.10Oluseyi Olayele
20:57.60 SRGary Comer College P...
143.12Ezekiel Morris
20:59.20 PRChicago (Morgan Park)
144.11Edward Soriano
21:03.80Chicago (Little Vill...
145.11Sam Muneton
21:07.30 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
146.12Victor Fonseca
21:08.30Chicago (Gage Park)
147.12Eddie Cazares
21:10.50Chicago (Kelvyn Park)
148.10Luna Danny
21:10.80Chicago (Marine Mili...
149.11Deondre Johnson
21:13.40 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
150.9James Childs
21:13.50 SRMelrose Park (Walthe...
151.11Albert Silva
21:13.80Chicago (Hancock)
152.11Yair Roman
21:16.50Chicago (Lincoln Park)
153.10Justin Villa
21:17.80 SRRauner College Prep
154.9Andres Gonzalez
21:18.30 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
155.12Roger Mei
21:19.50Chicago (Lincoln Park)
156.11Darrell Johnson
21:21.40Chicago (Leo)
157.9Tre'von Young
21:23.60 PRGary Comer College P...
158.12Edwin Nava
21:24.80 SRChicago (Little Vill...
159.12Demarco Vasquez
21:25.90Chicago (Leo)
160.11Etienne Jackson
21:31.20 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
161.11Eric Llorens
21:31.60 SRRauner College Prep
162.12Rodolfo Caicedo
21:31.80Noble Street College...
163.11Stephen Schintgen
21:35.50Chicago (Von Steuben)127 pts
164.11Jeffery Allgood
21:40.90Urban Prep Charter (...
165.11Sergio Lopez
21:42.30 PRNoble Street College...
166.11Christopher West
21:42.80Urban Prep Charter (...
167.11Michael Tull
21:50.80 PRChicago (Schurz)
168.11Carlin Turner
21:57.20 SRChicago (Leo)
169.10Christian Mayen
21:58.10Chicago (Hancock)
170.12Steven Luna
21:59.80Chicago (Kennedy)
171.12Antonio Tellez
22:13.80Chicago (Hancock)
172.12Juan Garnica
22:14.60 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
173.10David Nava
22:22.90 PRChicago (Schurz)
174.11Santino Proctor
22:27.60 SRGary Comer College P...
175.11Ali Saleh
22:34.30Chicago (Von Steuben)
176.11Adrian Rosas
22:40.70Chicago (Gage Park)
177.10Kerry Jones
22:56.40 PRChicago (Morgan Park)
178.10George Palmer
22:57.70 PRChicago (Morgan Park)
179.11Jacob Reyes-Torres
23:04.10Chicago (Little Vill...
180.11Terry Cody
23:46.40 PRChicago (Marine Mili...
181.11Kenny Enokian
23:46.50 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
182.11Leondrae Shepherd
23:49.50Chicago (Marine Mili...
183.12Eric Thomas
23:52.00Chicago (Marine Mili...
184.12Raul Martinez
24:01.70 SRRauner College Prep
185.12Daniel Redding
24:04.20 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
186.12Javier Castro-Oregel
24:04.30 PRNoble Street College...
187.12Zach Palomo
24:15.50 PRRomeoville
188.12Eric Hernandez
24:31.30 SRChicago (Washington)
189.12Mario Hernandez
24:34.20 SRRauner College Prep
190.12Jose Bohema
24:37.80 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
191.11Chris Brown
24:42.00 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
192.12Guillermo Rodriguez
25:12.90Chicago (Little Vill...
193.10Lamar Streeter
25:37.60 PRChicago (Morgan Park)
194.10Rodrigo Hernandez
25:37.80 PRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
195.11Salvador Medina
25:43.80 SRChicago (C. Hope Aca...
196.11Gerald Glinsey
25:44.00Chicago (Marine Mili...
197.-Mario Trujillo
25:48.50 PRNoble Street College...
198.12Krzysztof Kania
26:01.40 SRChicago (Hancock)
198.11Jaime Quito
26:01.40Chicago (Hancock)
199.10Deriall Reed
28:25.60 SRChicago (C. Hope Aca...
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2 Mile Junior Varsity-OPEN

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Patrick Spanier
11:31.60 PRSt. Viator
2.11Aden O'Carrol
11:40.30 PRWhitney Young
3.12Eric Dziubyk
11:48.00 PRSt. Viator
4.10Ajay Joseph
11:55.50Chicago (Von Steuben)4 pts
5.10William Pawelko
11:58.80Chicago (Von Steuben)5 pts
6.12Collin Bailey
12:05.40 PRSt. Viator
7.10Alex Pei
12:09.00 PRWhitney Young
8.11Bobby Gallant
12:10.40 PRSt. Viator
9.10Steve Ngo
12:11.90 SRWhitney Young
10.11Johan Glick
12:13.20 PRChicago (Latin)
10.11Tyler Goff
12:13.20 PRChicago (Latin)
12.-Jesse Gonzalez
12:16.80 PRGolder College Prep
13.11Dan Berkson
12:22.30 PRChicago (Latin)
14.11Noah Santon
12:31.20 PRWhitney Young
15.12Miles Weinstein
12:33.10 PRWhitney Young
16.10Matt Mach
12:44.30Chicago (Taft)
17.12Leo Jimenez
12:45.50 PRWhitney Young
18.12Eric Hernandez
12:47.40Chicago (Mather)
19.10Luis Baez
12:53.70 PRGolder College Prep
20.10Matthew Patrick
13:00.20 SRWhitney Young
21.12Ernie Krause
13:00.50 PRSt. Viator
22.10Daniel Eiland
13:02.10Chicago (Von Steuben)18 pts
23.11Luis Montanez
13:04.70Chicago (Mather)
24.11Charles Chamberlain
13:07.90 PRChicago (University)
25.11Justin Valentin
13:12.30 PRChicago (Lake View)
26.11Adam Alaraj
13:12.40Chicago (Taft)
27.11Zack Oakes
13:15.20 SRWhitney Young
28.11John Fitzgerald
13:15.30 PRWhitney Young
29.9Mose Sreebny
13:27.10 SRChicago (University)
29.12Brentjohn Cagaoan
13:27.10Chicago (Taft)
31.12Jose De la Torre
13:27.20 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
32.10Milton Chan
13:29.50 PRWhitney Young
33.11Alex Khong
13:34.80 PRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
34.9Emanuel Vazquez
13:37.30 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
35.11Edson Perez
13:39.70 SRChicago (Hubbard)
36.10Harison Milne
13:39.80 PRWhitney Young
37.10Ryan Loy
13:46.00Chicago (Von Steuben)23 pts.
38.11Morris Castro
13:47.80Chicago (Von Steuben)24 pts
38.12Ashton Hampton
13:47.80Chicago (Payton)
40.12Andres Casimiro
13:49.00 SRChicago (Hubbard)
41.12Aaron Smith
13:57.10 PRChicago (University)
42.10Austin Ring
14:00.20 PRWhitney Young
43.12Jose Salazar
14:01.70 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
44.12Wesley Li
14:03.10 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
45.11Ivan Almendariz
14:04.20 PRChicago (Hubbard)
46.12Hector Garcia
14:09.80 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
47.11Nicholas Labun
14:12.40 SRWhitney Young
47.11Mason Boeman
14:12.40 PRWhitney Young
49.12Emillio Arroyo
14:14.10 SRGolder College Prep
50.12Hugo Abad
14:16.50 PRChicago (Hubbard)
51.9Machiah Buchheim-J...
14:17.40 PRChicago (University)
52.11Christophe Bedu
14:19.40 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
53.9Douglas Adams
14:23.00 PRGolder College Prep
54.9David Frye
14:25.10Chicago (Leo)
55.11Michael Garnica
14:26.20 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
56.12Adam Wright
14:27.80Chicago (Taft)
57.11Walter Jones
14:33.20 SRUrban Prep Charter (...
58.11David Rosas
14:37.60Chicago (Gage Park)
59.11Andres Espino
14:44.20 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
60.11Curtis Melton
14:46.90 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
61.11Gabe Guzman
14:48.20 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
62.9Luke Herrigel
14:48.40 PRChicago (University)
63.10Taylor Horton
14:50.20Chicago (University)
64.11Zackaire Smith
14:52.40 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
65.11Michael Walewender
14:53.50Chicago (Taft)
66.11Danny Mendoza
14:54.70 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
67.10Nelson Lao
14:55.70 PRWhitney Young
68.12Daniel Tapia
15:02.10 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
69.12Joaquin Samano
15:04.80 SRChicago (Gage Park)
70.11Emilio Robles
15:06.60 SRChicago (Kennedy)
71.10David Reyes
15:09.10 SRGolder College Prep
72.10Matt Fetzer
15:09.20 PRRomeoville
73.10Patrick Capalad
15:11.00 SRGolder College Prep
74.9Jack Luzadder
15:12.20Chicago (Lake View)
75.10Jon Carter
15:20.60 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
76.12Dennis Toppel
15:21.10 SRChicago (Mt. Carmel)
77.11Genard Thomas
15:26.10 PRGary Comer College P...
78.10Braylon Sauders-Ef...
15:28.70 SRWhitney Young
79.11Khariell Pinkney
15:32.70 PRUrban Prep Charter (...
80.-Edwin Agron
15:36.80 PRGolder College Prep
81.10Edwardo Gonzalez
15:42.80Chicago (Steinmetz)
82.9Theo Hellman
15:43.50 PRChicago (Lake View)
83.10Enrique Diaz
15:48.40 PRChicago (Kennedy)
84.10Julian Salgado
15:48.80 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
85.9Dujuan Bell
15:52.20 PRGary Comer College P...
86.10Christopher Khaya
16:33.00Chicago (Mather)
87.10Isaac Alvarado
16:37.70Chicago (Gage Park)
88.9Larone Brim
16:43.40 PRGolder College Prep
89.10Tumani Simmons
16:45.90Chicago (Kenwood)
90.11Charles Jackson
16:51.40 PRGary Comer College P...
91.11Ryan Radke
16:54.60 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
92.10Mycah Brooks
16:56.00 SRUrban Prep Charter (...
92.10Jonathon Aguilar
16:56.00Chicago (Lake View)
94.12Sterling Gilmore
17:54.00 PRGary Comer College P...
95.9Brian Perez
18:34.50 PRGolder College Prep
96.9Kendrick Rogers
18:55.00Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
97.10Kylend Brady
18:55.20Urban Prep Charter (...
98.12Andrew Canigila
19:17.60Whitney Young
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Womens Results

3 Mile Frosh Soph

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Shannon Skeoch
19:40.50Vernon Hills
2.9Lexi Reich
19:53.30Vernon Hills
3.9Vivian Overbeck
20:57.80Vernon Hills
4.9Katie Long
21:06.80 PRVernon Hills
5.9Brigid Mulligan
21:08.30 PRHinsdale (Central)
6.10Maria Du
21:08.60Chicago (Mather)
7.10Sandy Khong
21:09.50Chicago (Mather)
8.9Madeline Schwartz
21:18.00 SRChicago (Northside)
9.10Tillie Kummerer
21:18.90 SRHinsdale (Central)
10.9Madeline Sullivan
21:21.60 PRHinsdale (Central)
11.9Anne Zaher
21:29.50 SRHinsdale (Central)
12.10Mackenzie Renihan
21:40.80 SRVernon Hills
13.10Daniela Perez
21:47.30Chicago (Curie)
14.10Carol Santos
21:58.50Chicago (Curie)
15.10Alexis Wilson
22:07.70 SRWhitney Young
16.10Rachael Mccann
22:27.30 PRHinsdale (Central)
17.10Sandy Nano
22:29.20 SRChicago (Mather)
18.10Elizabeth Howaniec
22:36.60 SRWhitney Young
19.9Anja Zehfuss
22:42.20 PRChicago (Northside)
20.10Jada Palmer
22:44.40 SRWhitney Young
21.10Mikalia Davis
23:05.50 SRWhitney Young
22.10Libni Delfin
23:06.90 SRWhitney Young
23.9Morgan Provax
23:07.70 PRChicago (Northside)
24.10Elizabeth Bueno
23:13.80Chicago (Gage Park)
25.10Diamond Buchanan
23:23.60 PRChicago (Simeon)
26.9Ally Spence
23:25.30 SRVernon Hills
27.9Whitney Ward
23:37.60 PRChicago (Simeon)
28.10Chelsea Billingsley
23:41.30Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
29.9Mary Szromba
23:53.80 PRChicago (Payton)
30.10Kiara Schuh
23:58.80Vernon Hills
31.10Lucy Schaefer
24:02.40 PRChicago (Northside)
32.9Arianna Washington
24:25.10 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
33.9Jessica Kubert
24:27.00Chicago (Latin)
34.10Marlynn Villareal
24:28.60 PRChicago (Curie)
35.10Elizabeth Shirk
24:33.90Chicago (Payton)
36.9Emily Gross
24:44.10 SRChicago (Payton)
37.10Lily Sperry
24:44.40 PRChicago (Northside)
38.9Ivy Watts
25:02.70 SRChicago (Rickover Na...
39.9Cauria Duarte
25:04.60Chicago (Curie)
40.9Carla Murillo
25:07.70 SRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
41.10Deanna Williams
25:28.90 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
42.9Viry Ayala
25:44.50 SRChicago (Latin)
43.10Treasury Marlow
26:36.50 PRWhitney Young
44.10Gabrielle Xilas
26:39.70 PRChicago (Payton)
45.10Frances Kelleher
26:43.90Chicago (Latin)
46.9Graciela Gonzalez
26:46.80 PRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
47.10Elena Matta
26:50.80Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
48.10Maryam Muhammad
26:55.80 PRChicago (Simeon)
49.10Michala Wilson
26:56.60 SRChicago (Simeon)
50.10Melanie Vo
26:58.70 SRChicago (Mather)
51.10Elizabeth Carlson
27:05.00 SRChicago (Latin)
52.10Cindy Le
27:05.30 PRChicago (Mather)
53.9Daisy Avaris
27:27.70 PRChicago (Curie)
54.9Daisy Guerrero
28:08.40Chicago (Curie)
55.-Dannielle Kern
28:30.00 PRChicago (Simeon)
56.9Dayana Duron
28:30.50 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
57.10Emily Schwartz
28:46.30 PRChicago (Payton)
58.10Maira Moreno
29:07.50 SRChicago (Rickover Na...
59.9Danae Gomez
29:11.70 SRChicago (Latin)
60.10Iryna Vastus
29:33.70 PRWhitney Young
61.9Natalia Guerra
29:34.40 PRChicago (Payton)
62.10Tasia Conway
29:36.10 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
63.10Brianna Zepeda
29:40.20 PRChicago (Luther North)
64.10Cinderria Harwell
29:40.90 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
65.9Colleen O'leary
30:54.30 PRChicago (Latin)
66.9Diana Medina
32:39.10 SRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
67.9Jasmine Williams
41:00.00 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
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3 Mile Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Rebecca Marcotte
18:27.20 SRHinsdale (Central)
2.11Victoria Bianco
18:38.80Chicago (Latin)
3.12Kristen Whitney
18:54.30Vernon Hills
4.10Abigal Nadler
19:05.60 PRChicago (Latin)
5.10Madison Weatherly
19:06.70Chicago (Northside)
6.9Emma Sullivan
19:11.40Hinsdale (Central)
7.10Abbey Osborn
19:12.80 SRDeerfield
8.12Shianne Baggett
19:15.10Whitney Young
9.10Sophie May
19:17.50Hinsdale (Central)
10.12Becky Ventura
19:18.40Hinsdale (Central)
11.10Susan Spencer
19:21.10 PRHinsdale (Central)
12.10Samantha Hershman
19:32.90Vernon Hills
13.12Julia Heller
19:34.00Chicago (Jones)
14.12Sarah Curci
19:34.90Chicago (University)
15.10Jocelyne Mendoza
19:37.30Chicago (Taft)
16.9Maia Sanders
19:43.30Whitney Young
17.10Gabby Afable
19:53.90 PRWhitney Young
18.9Jordyn Jensen
19:55.40 PRDeerfield
19.10Melanie Rogers
19:56.90 SRVernon Hills
20.12Alison Marks
19:57.30Vernon Hills
21.10Sara Folliard
19:57.40 SRHinsdale (Central)
22.11Isobel Araujo
19:57.80 SRWhitney Young
23.11Margaret Zaharah
19:58.10Whitney Young
24.12Kate Gelman
19:59.30 PRHinsdale (Central)
25.10Lauren Kim
20:00.70 SRVernon Hills
26.12Elizabeth Molina
20:02.60Chicago (Lake View)
27.10Elizabeth Oconor
20:03.40Chicago (Northside)
28.12Erika Navarrete
20:07.90Chicago (Mather)
29.12Erin Gavin
20:15.10 SRRegina Dominican
30.12Ayana Lance
20:16.00Whitney Young
31.12Tara Rooney
20:22.10Vernon Hills
32.12Rebecca Colon
20:23.80Chicago (Mather)
33.10Caroline Owens
20:24.90Chicago (Northside)
34.11Mary Coomes
20:25.10Chicago (Northside)
35.10Daisy Mora
20:25.90Chicago (Jones)
36.11Julia Muller
20:26.20Chicago (Jones)
37.10Jennifer Geary
20:33.40Chicago (Jones)
38.12Allison Pillar
20:36.50Whitney Young
39.9Violet Sackett
20:43.60Chicago (Northside)
40.12Gaby Gonzalez
20:43.80Chicago (Jones)
41.12Reba Orloff
20:46.60Chicago (Latin)
42.9Lucy Kenig-Ziesler
20:56.30Chicago (University)
43.12Sonja Sorenson
20:57.10 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
44.11Amanda Goecke
20:57.60Chicago (Taft)
45.12Sarah Rudo
20:59.30 PRDeerfield
46.12Alissa Miller
21:02.60 PRVernon Hills
47.11Gloria Romero
21:07.20Chicago (Lake View)
48.11Sarah Myathan
21:07.70Chicago (Lincoln Park)
49.10Kate McDonough
21:08.70 SRRegina Dominican
50.12Sonia Nava
21:08.90 PRChicago (Mather)
51.10Virgina Rodriguez
21:09.70 PRChicago (Lake View)
52.11Molly Lawrence
21:14.90Chicago (Payton)
53.12Katie Gerhart
21:18.80Chicago (Jones)
54.12Bettine Foster
21:20.50Chicago (Jones)
55.12Marija Betinski
21:23.40Chicago (Mather)
56.11Lauren Klein
21:24.70 SRDeerfield
57.12Taylor Provax
21:26.60Chicago (Northside)
58.11Stephanie Ramos
21:36.40Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
59.12Ellen Kerschke
21:37.30 SRDeerfield
60.11Elayna Shanker
21:42.10 SRDeerfield
61.11Areij Hasan
21:42.80Chicago (Hubbard)
62.9Grace Cain
21:44.60Chicago (University)
63.10Alex Garcia
21:45.70 SRMelrose Park (Walthe...
64.11Sonia Bourdaghs
21:49.60Chicago (University)
65.11Jordan Micus
21:54.30Chicago (Northside)
66.10jackie hui
21:55.60Chicago (Lincoln Park)
67.12Noemi Luna
21:56.80 PRPritzker
68.11Andrea Villegas
21:58.40 SRChicago (Mather)
69.12Mia Leyba
22:01.60Chicago (Mather)
70.12Alyssa Omana
22:03.80Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
71.10Emma Oehring
22:05.20Chicago (Payton)
72.12Julie Radler
22:06.30 PRRegina Dominican
73.10Niamh Ryan
22:15.50 SRRegina Dominican
74.11Nikki Flynn
22:17.20 PRDeerfield
75.10Michelle Delana
22:26.30 SRRegina Dominican
76.11Aja Taylor
22:33.40Chicago (Kenwood)
77.11Keila Magafas
22:33.80Chicago (Hubbard)
78.11Betty Bu
22:36.50Chicago (Payton)
79.11Yolanda Maung
22:37.00Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
80.11Stacy Molina
22:43.20Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
81.12Kristina Mensik
22:48.20Chicago (Latin)
82.12Haley Hoffman
22:56.00 PRChicago (Luther North)
83.12Birsa Velasquez
23:03.50 PRChicago (Little Vill...
84.12Laura Gomez
23:03.90 PRChicago (Curie)
85.10Dayra Rosales
23:04.60 SRPritzker
86.12Cynthia Ruiz
23:06.70Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
87.11Dena Arizanovska
23:10.60Chicago (Lincoln Park)
88.11Natalie Mendez
23:11.70 SRChicago (Luther North)
89.12Vilma Kumpula
23:12.70 PRChicago (Payton)
90.12Savannah Caballero
23:14.10Chicago (Hancock)
91.11Briera Rosales
23:14.40 PRPritzker
92.12Anne Childs
23:18.20 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
93.12Maggie Jakus
23:23.60 SRChicago (Payton)
94.10Meredith Leon
23:28.80Chicago (Payton)
95.11Toni Lopez
23:36.00Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
96.11Alejandra Trujillo
23:36.60Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
97.11Amina Bah
23:39.40Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
98.11Katie Both
23:40.10Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
99.9Paula Herbst
23:42.80 SRChicago (University)
100.12LeGiovanni Nelson
23:47.40Chicago (Payton)
101.11Kejhari Strong
23:51.20Chicago (Kenwood)
102.12Claire Bailey
23:58.10 SRRegina Dominican
103.11Diamond Robinson
24:02.70Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
104.10Scout Muzikowski
24:10.80 SRChicago (C. Hope Aca...
105.12Eileen Rivera
24:11.30Chicago (Noble/Muchin)
106.11Angelica Arroyo
24:11.60Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
107.11Biana Cortez
24:14.90Chicago (Noble/Bulls)
108.12Dolores Flores
24:17.70Chicago (Little Vill...
109.11Janette Villeda
24:28.50Chicago (Hancock)
110.11Laura Padilla
24:30.30 PRRauner College Prep
111.11Geraldine Padilla
24:33.00Chicago (Hancock)
112.9Tamron Morris
24:34.70 SRMelrose Park (Walthe...
113.11Shaina Kaplan
24:37.20Chicago (Latin)
114.11Stephanie Miranda
24:39.70Chicago (Von Steuben)
115.10Grace Spiewak
24:39.90 SRRegina Dominican
116.12Jasmine Torres
24:42.30 SRRauner College Prep
117.12Ana Pineda
24:44.30 PRPritzker
118.10Alyssa Wendt
24:53.80 PRChicago (Taft)
119.12Cynthia Pineda
24:54.10 PRPritzker
120.11Elisa Cruz
24:58.10 SRChicago (Little Vill...
121.11Nessa Enokian
25:03.60 PRMelrose Park (Walthe...
122.10Anastasia Rodriguez
25:12.10 SRChicago (Noble/Bulls)
123.12Altaira Gil
25:13.10Chicago (Hubbard)
124.11Bobbie Gorski
25:19.30 SRChicago (Washington)
125.11Stephanie Maloney
25:26.00 PRChicago (Lincoln Park)
126.9Monica Birriel
25:27.00 SRPritzker
127.10Madeline Sachs
25:29.10Chicago (University)
128.11Azzimen Gunal
25:30.20Chicago (Lincoln Park)
129.11Xochilt Vazquez
25:33.30 SRNoble Street College...
130.11Michel Aranda
25:45.80 PRChicago (Hubbard)
131.9Lizbeth Delgado
25:52.90 SRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
132.9Marisol Castellanos
25:56.10 PRChicago (Little Vill...
133.11Jennifer Ortega
26:00.90Chicago (Little Vill...
134.11Carina Martinez
26:25.00Chicago (Von Steuben)
135.10Yesenia Saldana
26:29.80Chicago (Little Vill...
136.12Jordan Mahmud
26:34.50 SRChicago (Von Steuben)
137.11Pamela Jimenez
26:37.30 SRNoble Street College...
138.12Valeria Morales
26:58.90Chicago (Curie)
139.12Sarah Meyer
27:04.90 PRNoble Street College...
140.10Diane Vargas
27:12.30 SRRauner College Prep
141.12Victoria Varela
27:15.80 PRChicago (Washington)
142.10Daniela Bravo
27:17.70 PRChicago (Hubbard)
143.12Elizabeth Martinez
27:25.20 PRChicago (Curie)
144.12Amanda Gallop
27:49.50 SRChicago (Latin)
145.10Linda Rueda
27:54.50 SRRauner College Prep
146.11Evelyn Aranda
27:56.20 PRRauner College Prep
147.12Bianca Cervantes
27:58.70 SRChicago (Hancock)
148.9Alexandra Vazquez
28:06.80 SRChicago (Cristo Rey ...
149.12Alejandra Gutierrez
28:24.90Chicago (Washington)
150.12Cynthia Bahorich
28:40.20 PRChicago (Washington)
151.10Lolita Avalos
28:58.30 PRRauner College Prep
151.11Jacqueline Malagon
28:58.30Chicago (Marine Mili...
153.11Maria Ramirez
29:02.00Chicago (Marine Mili...
154.12Elideth Garcia
29:26.70 PRChicago (Marine Mili...
155.11Yoko Acosta
29:28.90 PRChicago (Marine Mili...
156.9Dania Erazo
30:53.40 SRPritzker
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2 Mile Junior Varsity-OPEN

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jocelyn Meraz
13:37.20Whitney Young
2.11Danielle Torrise
13:42.00 PRChicago (Jones)
3.12Allison Shaner
13:48.90 PRHinsdale (Central)
4.12Zoe Larson
13:54.10 PRHinsdale (Central)
5.11Jiayin Tang
13:55.00Whitney Young
6.11Evelyn Cortes
13:55.30Whitney Young
7.12Grace Cook
14:01.00 PRHinsdale (Central)
8.12Julia Tabaczyk
14:03.40 PRHinsdale (Central)
9.11Annie Wysopal
14:04.90 SRHinsdale (Central)
10.10Rebecca Maas
14:05.20Chicago (Jones)
11.11Cristina Tye
14:05.60 SRHinsdale (Central)
12.11Hadley Lloyd
14:28.30 SRDeerfield
13.10c g
14:32.60Chicago (Steinmetz)
14.11Sophie Rodgers
14:36.90 PRWhitney Young
15.10Victoria Burke
14:41.00 PRHinsdale (Central)
16.12Shayna Fertig
14:43.00 PRDeerfield
17.12Brenna Wagner
14:45.00 PRDeerfield
18.11Emily Spence
14:45.10 PRVernon Hills
19.12Sam Houser
14:50.90 PRDeerfield
20.10Zuzanna Niewinski
14:52.80 PRHinsdale (Central)
21.12Ann Chapman
14:53.70 PRHinsdale (Central)
22.12Neena Joshi
14:54.90 PRHinsdale (Central)
23.12g j
14:56.00 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
24.11Mierel Rehich
14:57.90 SRChicago (Mather)
25.12Ashley Cohen
14:58.10 SRVernon Hills
26.12Greta Hucek
14:59.20 PRHinsdale (Central)
27.11Sarah Mott
15:01.00 PRDeerfield
28.9g c
15:02.90Chicago (Steinmetz)
29.11Emma McGee
15:03.90 PRVernon Hills
30.11Sara Ramasastry
15:05.80 PRHinsdale (Central)
31.11Maley Messina
15:06.90 PRHinsdale (Central)
32.12Jessica Reid
15:07.00 PRHinsdale (Central)
33.12Sarah Hillegass
15:10.10 PRHinsdale (Central)
34.12Julia Skalski
15:10.50 PRHinsdale (Central)
35.12Claudia Munoz
15:10.80Chicago (Von Steuben)
36.10Kaylynn Pingad
15:11.50 PRChicago (Jones)
37.12Yolanda Juarez
15:12.10 PRChicago (Jones)
38.11Jordan Farraj
15:16.10 PRDeerfield
39.12Reily Lynch
15:20.40 PRHinsdale (Central)
40.10Reya Arora
15:23.20 PRVernon Hills
41.12Araceli Medrano
15:26.10Chicago (Gage Park)
42.10Karla Ramierez
15:26.70Chicago (Mather)
43.10Taylor Wise
15:28.70 PRVernon Hills
44.10Lauren Hannemann
15:29.70 PRHinsdale (Central)
45.10Talia Morris
15:31.10 SRRegina Dominican
46.10Clara Davis
15:33.30 PRHinsdale (Central)
47.10Leilani Casiano
15:41.20Chicago (Von Steuben)
48.10Taylor Shirahama
15:46.20 SRChicago (Taft)
49.10Clare Keegan
15:49.40 PRHinsdale (Central)
50.12h r
15:49.60 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
51.10Abigail Burrus
15:50.70Chicago (Jones)
52.12Tiffany Ruan
15:52.20 PRChicago (Jones)
53.11Julia Addis
15:55.10 PRDeerfield
54.12Sarah Alvero
15:55.70 PRHinsdale (Central)
54.11Naomi Ostrander
15:55.70Whitney Young
56.12Jennifer McGarry
15:56.40 PRRegina Dominican
56.11Sam Hinton
15:56.40Whitney Young
58.11Elizabeth Guzman
15:57.10Whitney Young
59.12Grace Joseph
15:58.20 PRDeerfield
60.10Rebecca Andrade
15:58.50 PRHinsdale (Central)
61.11Alyssa Domash
15:58.90 PRDeerfield
62.10b e
15:59.20Chicago (Steinmetz)
63.12Esther Rafalson
16:01.90 PRDeerfield
64.12Jordan Einhorn
16:02.60Chicago (University)
65.9Val Hobbins
16:04.20 PRNoble Street College...
66.11Ali Pearson
16:06.80 PRVernon Hills
67.11Julia Muhsen
16:07.00 SRWhitney Young
68.10a m
16:07.60Chicago (Steinmetz)
69.10Marina Isaac
16:11.10 PRHinsdale (Central)
70.10Katie McNaughton
16:13.00 SRRegina Dominican
71.12f r
16:14.20 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
72.10Andrea Carro
16:14.60 PRChicago (Taft)
73.10Delaney Mahon
16:15.90 PRHinsdale (Central)
74.12Nina Posner
16:16.60Whitney Young
75.11Alex Hinton
16:18.80Whitney Young
76.11Taylor Coco
16:22.70 SRVernon Hills
77.11Mary Hager
16:24.20 PRRegina Dominican
78.10Isabelle Eiden
16:29.80Chicago (Taft)
79.12Katie Fitzgerald
16:30.50 PRHinsdale (Central)
80.12Brittney Wenger
16:31.40 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
81.12Ana Moreno
16:32.40 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
82.9Tatiana Lehocky
16:37.00 PRVernon Hills
83.11Sofia Thompson
16:37.90 SRRegina Dominican
84.12Ariel Colon
16:42.50Chicago (Payton)
85.11Jessica Swill
16:43.00 PRDeerfield
86.12a p
16:43.50 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
87.10Brittany Lundberg
16:44.70Chicago (Payton)
88.10Sydney Lawson
16:45.70Whitney Young
89.11Diondria Woodhouse
16:47.30Chicago (Payton)
90.9Nora Byrne
16:49.80 PRRegina Dominican
91.12Cynthia Ramirez
16:51.40 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
92.12Rita Stern
16:52.60Chicago (University)
93.9v p
16:55.90Chicago (Steinmetz)
94.11Emily Katz
16:56.20 PRVernon Hills
95.10America Ramirez
16:57.20Chicago (Hubbard)
96.10Kendall Johannesen
16:57.30 PRHinsdale (Central)
97.12D'anna Conway
16:59.80Chicago (Mather)
98.10Rachel Fink
17:00.50 PRVernon Hills
99.12Maya Nevels
17:00.80Chicago (Payton)
100.11Lauren Reisman
17:04.20 PRDeerfield
101.10d h
17:05.20Chicago (Steinmetz)
102.12Isabel Soble
17:05.80Chicago (University)
103.12Aracely Albarran
17:09.10Chicago (Curie)
104.11Evely Leon
17:09.40 SRGolder College Prep
105.12Sbeydi Gonzalez
17:12.50 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
106.11Lauren Dantes
17:12.60 PRVernon Hills
107.11Danielle Walker
17:17.70 PRRegina Dominican
108.11Jordan Walker
17:19.70 PRRegina Dominican
109.11Mary Heywood
17:19.80 PRRegina Dominican
110.9Yvette Lara
17:20.30 PRChicago (Lake View)
111.10Martha Muller
17:25.20Chicago (Payton)
112.10Grace Merten
17:26.90 SRDeerfield
113.11Megan Petrey
17:28.50 PRDeerfield
114.10Maria Delgado
17:30.40Chicago (Von Steuben)
115.10Clara De Pablo
17:32.70 PRChicago (University)
116.11Rachel Gold
17:40.20 PRDeerfield
117.12Maria Martinez
17:43.30 PRChicago (Hubbard)
118.10Isela Soto
17:44.30Chicago (Hubbard)
119.11Ally Kolpas
17:46.20 PRDeerfield
120.12c r
17:50.70 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
121.12Abby Lagunov
17:56.70 PRDeerfield
122.12Cara Silverman
17:59.10 PRDeerfield
122.12Brittany Vargas
17:59.10Chicago (Taft)
124.12y c
18:01.50 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
125.10Ana Flores
18:03.70Chicago (Lake View)
125.12Jackie Rueda
18:03.70 PRGolder College Prep
127.11Estephany Campos
18:14.50 SRVernon Hills
128.10Denisse Barron
18:17.20 PRGolder College Prep
129.11Denise Morel
18:17.60 PRWhitney Young
130.12Tea Garibovic
18:23.20 PRChicago (Payton)
131.12Carlie Abraham
18:33.00 SRHinsdale (Central)
132.11Esmeralda Sotelo
18:44.00 PRNoble Street College...
133.11Kenia Marreros
18:48.80 PRNoble Street College...
134.10Lizzie Kelly
18:52.90 PRHinsdale (Central)
135.10Yingying Zhou
18:53.30 PRDeerfield
136.11Yvonne Zarate
18:54.70 SRChicago (Hancock)
137.12Issamar Salgado
18:55.00 PRGolder College Prep
138.10Yujin Lee
19:03.10 PRRegina Dominican
139.11Julia Zasove
19:04.90 PRDeerfield
140.10Dayanary Gutierrez
19:11.50Chicago (Mather)
141.12Zoeo Sinton
19:13.40 PRDeerfield
142.11Katia Reyes
19:15.90 PRChicago (Hubbard)
143.12Danielle Moyer
19:38.10 PRDeerfield
144.12Aida Pabello
19:39.10 PRChicago (Hancock)
145.11Jeannie Martinez
19:44.00 PRNoble Street College...
146.11Vanessa Rosalez
19:45.40 PRGolder College Prep
147.11k s
20:06.90 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
148.11Linda Gonzalez
20:07.40 PRChicago (Washington)
149.10Arianna Rivera
20:08.90 PRNoble Street College...
150.11Jenna Lustig
20:14.70 PRDeerfield
151.11Melissa Beltran
20:36.20Chicago (Schurz)
152.9Lena Vanwynsberg
20:40.60 PRNoble Street College...
153.11Janet Esquivel
20:46.70 PRNoble Street College...
154.10Alisha Williams
21:01.50Chicago (Mather)
155.11Yazmin Solis
21:02.70 PRNoble Street College...
156.10j g
21:06.00 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
157.12Jennifer Li
21:10.70Whitney Young
158.11Jennifer Ruiz
21:15.70 PRChicago (Hubbard)
159.9Selena Alvarez
21:23.30 PRChicago (Hubbard)
160.11Marina Vasquez
21:29.70 SRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
161.12e b
21:31.20 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
162.9Linnea Olfelt
21:36.80Chicago (Von Steuben)
163.9Takahana Savolainen
21:39.20Whitney Young
164.11Cecilia Moreno
21:45.10 PRChicago (Noble/Muchin)
165.11Jennifer Zarate
21:49.20Chicago (Hancock)
166.9Eliza Vega
22:18.70 PRNoble Street College...
167.10Jocelyn Byer
22:22.60 SRChicago (Payton)
168.10Gabriela Gallegos
22:24.60 SRChicago (Hubbard)
169.10j d
22:31.50 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
170.10j h
22:34.40 SRChicago (Steinmetz)
171.10Stephanie Espinoza
22:47.60 PRNoble Street College...
172.10Lopez Anitsie
23:01.90 PRNoble Street College...
173.9Jackie Armenta
23:17.60 PRNoble Street College...
174.10j g
24:14.30Chicago (Steinmetz)
175.12e g
24:15.80 PRChicago (Steinmetz)
176.9Kai Wrather
25:14.20 PRNoble Street College...
177.10Jacqueline Roman
25:15.10Chicago (Schurz)
178.10Rosa Mejia
25:43.70 PRChicago (Hubbard)
179.12Lorena Valdez
26:27.40 PRChicago (Gage Park)
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2 Mile Grade School

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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Katherine Shen
13:51.80Whitney Young
2.9Mackie Stevens
14:02.00 PRHinsdale (Central)
3.9Zoe Kane-Preissing
14:03.20Whitney Young
4.9Alyssa Hui
14:25.20Chicago (Lincoln Park)
5.9Jennifer Sorescu
14:37.60Whitney Young
6.9Courtney Cash
14:55.80 PRHinsdale (Central)
7.9Becca Hyland
15:01.40 PRDeerfield
8.9Claudia Giacone
15:03.60 PRDeerfield
9.9Zan Pedersen
15:04.70 PRHinsdale (Central)
10.9Cassidy Keyes
15:10.70Chicago (Lincoln Park)
11.9Kayla Boswell
15:11.90Chicago (Jones)
12.9Alex Lithgow
15:14.70 PRHinsdale (Central)
13.9Clark White
15:42.70 PRWhitney Young
14.9Zara Khan
15:45.00 PRHinsdale (Central)
15.9Lauren Martinez
15:50.50Chicago (Taft)
16.9Alicia Wala
15:50.60Chicago (Jones)
17.9Grace Kilpatrick
15:53.10Chicago (Jones)
18.9Becca Horwitz
16:12.30 SRDeerfield
19.9Jordan Krauss
16:17.60 PRHinsdale (Central)
20.9Kate Klygis
16:24.60 PRHinsdale (Central)
21.9Berenice Andrade
16:25.70 PRHinsdale (Central)
22.9Alex Seitz
16:25.80 PRDeerfield
23.9Ariel Sheffy
16:26.10 SRDeerfield
24.9Alexis Moon
16:32.60Chicago (Von Steuben)17 pts
25.9kaede Pinkilton
16:34.10 PRChicago (Lincoln Park)
26.9Madeline Rasmussen
16:35.70Chicago (Lincoln Park)
27.9Jacqueline Chapman
16:55.70Chicago (Von Steuben)18 pts
27.9Italiana Turner
16:55.70 PRChicago (Kenwood)
29.9Bella Masterson
17:00.10 PRChicago (Northside)
30.9Diana Simental
17:07.00Chicago (Von Steuben)20 pts
31.9Karly Nelson
17:11.60 SRWhitney Young
32.9Natalie Zajac
17:17.20 PRWhitney Young
33.9Adriana Fernandez
17:21.20Chicago (Von Steuben)23 pts
34.9Summer Calvache
17:31.80 SRChicago (Northside)
35.9Valerie Salgado
17:32.40 PRChicago (Northside)
36.9Summer Damra
17:32.60 PRChicago (Northside)
37.9Lucy Yellen
17:35.90 SRDeerfield
38.9Kristen Rodriguez
17:38.10Chicago (Jones)
39.9Tcherna Halpern
17:43.60 PRDeerfield
40.9Amber Mich
18:18.40 SRChicago (Northside)
41.9Joelle Ataessien
18:24.30 PRWhitney Young
42.9Lindsey Pigott
18:35.70Whitney Young
43.9Diamond Lindsey
18:38.50 PRChicago (Simeon)
44.9Nautia Heard
18:42.30 SRChicago (Simeon)
45.9Candace Tukes
18:44.30Whitney Young
46.9Terriana Stanback
18:46.30 PRChicago (Simeon)
47.9Maya Engram
18:50.30 PRChicago (Simeon)
48.9Yasmeen Alzate
20:05.50 SRChicago (Von Steuben)31 pts
49.9Janie Orana
20:06.90 PRChicago (Von Steuben)
50.9Nicole Parisian
20:21.40 PRChicago (Northside)
51.9Destiny Tate
20:26.60 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
52.9Kayla Richardson
20:30.50 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
53.9Auriana Jarvis
20:34.10Whitney Young
54.10Michelle Lara
21:51.20Chicago (Kelvyn Park)
55.9Alyssa Hall
22:14.50 PRChicago (CICS/Ellison)
56.9Ivy Ip
23:10.00Whitney Young
57.9Franny Januszewski
25:03.40Whitney Young
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