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Mens Results

3,000 Meters

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sterling Bath
11:26 SRKentridge
2.11Isaac Derline
11:42 SRKentridge
3.12Max Meaker
11:44 SRKentridge
4.12Grant Wilson
11:55 SRKentridge
5.11Aleks Biteman
11:56 SRKentridge
6.9Jacob Zielke
11:57 SRKentridge
7.11Luke Russell
11:58 SRKentridge
8.9Chris Camarero
11:59 SRKentridge
9.10Nathan Kallish
12:02 SRKentridge
10.11Tanner Patnode
12:19 SRKentridge
11.11Jacob O'Connell
12:25 SRKentridge
12.12Shaun Walsh
12:50 SRKentridge
13.10Alec DeLucia
12:56 SRKentridge
14.11Sheridan Bath
12:57 SRKentridge
15.11Connor Rosin
12:58 PRKentridge
16.9Nick Porter
13:04 PRKentridge
17.10Keeton Hersey
13:09 PRKentridge
18.10Troy Gamble
13:12 SRKentridge
19.11Samias Tsegay
13:15 PRKentridge
20.12Karanbir Singh
13:31 PRKentridge
21.12Greg Bertolacci
13:37 SRKentridge
22.11Evan Jones
13:37 SRKentridge
23.9TJ Masterson
13:38 SRKentridge
24.9Alex Kuzubov
13:47 PRKentridge
25.12Mohamed Sheikh
13:48 PRKentridge
26.11Parashara Shamapra...
14:02 SRKentridge
27.9Nathan Riddle
14:09 PRKentridge
28.9Matthew Jaenicke
14:10 PRKentridge
29.10Evan Higgs
14:14 SRKentridge
30.10Brian Lei
14:16 SRKentridge
31.10Meelod Shaterian
14:17 SRKentridge
32.11Spencer Choe
14:22 SRKentridge
33.9Hans Hughes
14:27 SRKentridge
34.10Ethan Shell
15:23 PRKentridge
35.10Kenny Darcy
15:34 SRKentridge
36.10Joseph Crissey
15:50 SRKentridge
37.10Braxton Kendall
16:06 PRKentridge
38.9Alex Mantilla
16:22 PRKentridge
39.12Robbie Nack
40.12Geoffrey Schwichte...
16:49 PRKentridge
41.12Adam Riddle
42.11Joe McIvor
17:59 PRKentridge
43.10Kyle Healy
18:25 PRKentridge
44.9Tristan Walker
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