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Mens Races
1.6 Mile Middle School9:45 AM
Womens Races
1.6 Mile Middle School9:15 AM

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Mens Results

1.6 Mile Middle School

1.8Cooper Haney
9:02.27 PRLakeland
2.8Jackson Ricks
9:04.72 PRLakeland
3.8Brayden Menti
9:07.19 PRTimberlake
4.8Jake Castedo
9:07.61 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
5.8Cody Bentley
9:34.05 PRTimberlake
6.8Logan Erny
9:47.84 PRTimberlake
7.7Cadean Smedley
9:49.99 PRTimberlake
8.8Jacob Shoup
9:54.05 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
9.8Caden Bennett
9:57.28 PRLakeland
10.8Dock Sommers
10:00.02 PRTimberlake
11.8Kaleb Gadde
10:10.59 PRLakeland
12.8Mason Magee
10:15.14 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
13.7Jacob St. Mars
10:24.02 PRTimberlake
14.8Matthew Johnson
10:26.5 PRLakeland
15.8Luke Lundblad
10:26.85 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
16.8Joseph Brueher
10:27.44 PRLakeland
17.7Kevin Eaton
10:28.01 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
18.8Jestin Hofer
10:28.94 PRTimberlake
19.8Ryan Mylroie
10:29.84 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
20.7Jacob Cometto
10:45.9 PRSandpoint
21.8Collin Dietrick
10:51.37 PRPriest River
22.8Jeremiah Voelz
10:55.61 PRSandpoint
23.7Tyler Beazer
10:57.79 PRBoundary County
24.8Jensen Figueroa
10:59.42 PRBoundary County
25.8Erik Suhr
11:00.59 PRSandpoint
26.7Clark Marchese
11:01 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
27.8Wyatt Hagen
11:02.35 PRSandpoint
28.8Riley McGinnis
11:04.16 PRSandpoint
29.8Hunter Whipple
11:05.28 PRKootenai
30.7Noah Youngman
11:10.87 PRTimberlake
31.6Colton Peterson
11:22.94 SRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
32.8Jared Brighton
11:25.25 PRSandpoint
33.8Sam Forrester
11:25.74 PRBoundary County
34.8Kyto Katori
11:26.17 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
35.8Matthew Duncan
11:30.09 PRTimberlake
36.7Kyle Hollis
11:30.42 PRLakeland
37.7Kyle Almeida
11:37.95 PRSandpoint
38.7William Colson
11:40.15 PRBoundary County
39.8Alex Urbaniak
11:41.65 PRBoundary County
40.7Erik Moore
11:41.97 PRPriest River
41.6Karter Rasmussen
11:42.28 SRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
42.6Logan Koenig
11:42.69 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
43.7Kaleb Helms
11:49.05 PRSandpoint
44.8Avery Woodward
11:59.21 SRSandpoint
45.7Tyler Gordon
12:12.74 PRPriest River
46.8Brandon Wolff
12:22.55 PRSandpoint
47.7Kolton Carroll
12:26.75 PRBoundary County
48.8Carson Bowlby
12:30.9 PRBoundary County
49.7Alex Wolff
12:32.08 PRSandpoint
50.7Josh Heuvel
12:41.84 PRPriest River
51.8Trajan Morton
12:42.66 PRBoundary County
52.7Dylan Glazier
12:46.36 PRPriest River
53.7Kadin Rice
13:04.95 PRBoundary County
54.7Konner Durham
13:06.84 PRPriest River
55.6Caleb Groover
13:15.07 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
56.8David Dickinson
13:20.14 PRTimberlake
57.8Elliott Hughes
13:21.48 PRTimberlake
58.8Cameron Young
13:34.58 PRPriest River
59.7Drayven Ayers
13:41.55 PRPriest River
60.8Michael Forster
13:51.61 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
61.7Nick Bertling
14:23.38 PRBoundary County
62.7Luke Edstrom
15:15.74 PRClark Fork
63.7Camden Spalding
20:27.17 PRSandpoint
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Womens Results

1.6 Mile Middle School

1.8Caitlin Conway
10:03.12 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
2.8Taylor Hammond
10:06.53 PRTimberlake
3.8Kassidy Hammond
10:11.19 PRTimberlake
4.7Katherine Kaul
10:13.07 PRSandpoint
5.7Cameron Crowe
10:31.4 PRLakeland
6.7Sharon Rowe
10:31.74 PRSandpoint
7.8Sophie McPhilomy
10:33.7 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
8.8Delaney Gorton
10:35.25 PRLakeland
9.8Kamy Waldram
10:51.63 PRTimberlake
10.8Kate Matlosz
11:01.75 SRSandpoint
11.8Isabella Meijerink
11:02.21 PRTimberlake
12.6Tess McPhilomy
11:02.91 SRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
13.8Keelie Lawler
11:05.45 SRTimberlake
14.6Alison Forster
11:06.4 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
15.7Emily Deitz
11:10.27 PRSandpoint
16.7Casey Shaha
11:11.88 PRSandpoint
17.8Monica Higbee
11:12.8 SRLakeland
18.7Claire Shaha
11:13.92 PRSandpoint
19.8Tauna Kirk
11:18.84 PRLakeland
20.7Kelsey Hartman
11:22.55 PRTimberlake
21.7Julia Stites
11:23.79 PRSandpoint
22.8Kylien Jansen
11:28.25 PRLakeland
23.8Jordan King
11:34 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
24.-Jill Alexander
11:42.17 PRBoundary County
25.7Natalie Magnus
11:45.2 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
26.7Rachael Rager
11:48.91 PRLakeland
27.7Reegan Myser
11:59.13 PRLakeland
28.6Marina Lundy
12:06.07 SRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
29.8Naomi Bradley
12:08.74 PRSandpoint
30.8Dana Beaty
12:23.17 PRSandpoint
31.6Sequoia Wheelan
12:23.58 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
32.7Saydee Brass
12:29.8 PRSandpoint
33.7Jenna Browning
12:30.74 PRTimberlake
34.7Amanda Weyer
12:43.88 PRBoundary County
35.7Emily Shveyda
12:44.92 PRSandpoint
36.7Sarah Williams
12:49.64 PRLakeland
37.7Delwyn Jones
13:01.52 PRTimberlake
38.7Hannah Hurst
13:03.83 PRSandpoint
39.7Jamie Miles
13:22.58 PRTimberlake
40.7Ada Bonnell
13:47.62 PRBoundary County
41.8Camille Olphie
14:25.53 PRTimberlake
42.-Alexandra Hough
14:57.13 PRBoundary County
43.6Kiana Lacroix
15:58.53 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
44.6Dana Nicol
16:04.22 PRCoeur d'Alene Charte...
45.7Kaytlyn Wooden
17:01.92 PRSandpoint
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