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North Harford
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.North Harford65
3.C. Milton Wright89
6.Bel Air160
10.Baltimore City College295
1.12Julian Rivera
15:46.18 PRHereford
2.12Jonathan Luckin
15:52.78 PRHereford
3.10Nick Fransham
16:01.03 SRNorth Harford
4.12Kevin Payne
16:31.08 SRHereford
5.12Kevin Collins
16:42.73 SRHereford
6.12Gabriel Rivera
16:49.47 PRHereford
7.12Matt Hoerr
16:54.45C. Milton Wright
8.10Chris Busick
17:06.65North Harford
9.12Chris Banko
17:08.11 PRAberdeen
10.10Ian Fiser
17:10.62 PRNorth Harford
11.12Dylan Poremski
17:16.50 SRParkville
12.11Dylan Kirby
17:19.39 SRTowson
13.12Aaron Leininger
17:28.12 PRHereford
14.11Alexander Negron
17:30.58 PRTowson
15.12Mike Whitman
17:31.72 PRHereford
16.12Dan Fleming
17:32.82C. Milton Wright
17.10Brad Ensor
17:40.65C. Milton Wright
18.10Jordan Mensh
17:41.06 PRBel Air
19.11Max Anderson
17:41.83 SRC. Milton Wright
20.11Calen Dowley
17:42.36 SRNorth Harford
21.11Colin King
17:44.19 SRTowson
22.10Andrew Urbanski
17:46.60 SRParkville
23.9Vaughn Parts
24.11Justin Asch
17:57.32 SRNorth Harford
25.10James Kavanagh
26.10Oscar Merchan
18:00.70 PRFranklin
27.12Roberto Ascenzi
18:01.61 PRBel Air
28.12Tasmine Prater
18:05.70 PRParkville
29.11Casey Roemer
18:06.08 PRNorth Harford
30.12Mike Capozzoli
18:06.60C. Milton Wright
31.12Jeff Claggett
18:11.77 PRFranklin
32.12Mike Neal
18:12.53C. Milton Wright
33.10Luke Bender
18:13.94 SRTowson
34.9Austin Weiss
18:16.22 SRBel Air
35.11Darin Berry
18:22.89 SRFranklin
36.12Keenan Albee
18:23.50 PRFranklin
37.10Patrick O'leary
18:25.25 SRNorth Harford
38.11John Bolster
39.10Ethan Brito
18:36.29Bel Air
40.9Robert Miller
18:40.36 PRBaltimore City College
41.11Darrius Salmond
18:42.50 PRDigital Harbor
42.12Sam Lewis
18:43.21C. Milton Wright
43.11John Cross
18:47.75 SRBel Air
44.11Eugene Maiquez
18:48.44 SRParkville
45.10Casey Sims
18:50.23Bel Air
46.12Tyler Vyskocil
18:59.78 PREastern Tech
47.12Marquez Sloan
48.11Nandu Rami
19:04.27 SRFranklin
49.12Marlon Jacobs
19:11.27 PRDigital Harbor
50.11Adelfeus Cole
19:14.06 SRParkville
51.11Derek Little
19:15.16 SRParkville
52.12Andrew Bourckel
19:16.33 PRParkville
53.11Billy Morris
54.12Ryan Dennis
19:29.46 SRAberdeen
55.11Jonathan Jones
19:31.24 PRAberdeen
56.11Trent Tolley
19:37.51Bel Air
57.11Micah Dailey
58.12Bradley Angst
19:46.95 PRPatapsco
59.12Jose Tutt
19:55.60 PRPatapsco
60.12Jamell Robinson
20:03.61 PRPatapsco
61.12Sean Evans
20:11.35 PRPatapsco
62.11Miles Slentz
63.11Dominick Price
20:29.54 PRPatapsco
64.9Ethan Teie
20:52.15 SRFranklin
65.12Jeremiah Parker
21:00.73 PRWoodlawn
66.12Timothy Booker
21:00.99 PRWoodlawn
67.12D'Andre Benbow
21:10.55 PRWoodlawn
68.12Ramsus Long
21:56.82 PRBaltimore City College
69.11Andrew Rivera
22:12.63 SRBaltimore City College
70.11Sirgorerio Thomas-...
71.12Rashad Johnson
24:44.35 PRBaltimore City College
72.9Llody David
73.9Robert Blonder
26:41.69 PRBaltimore City College
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

2.North Harford69
3.C. Milton Wright69
4.Bel Air97
1.10Meghan Anderson
18:47.63 PRHereford
2.11Erin Causey
18:49.21 PRHereford
3.11Megan Tidey
19:44.37North Harford
4.11Morgan Oakley
19:59.93 PRHereford
5.9Alicia Kozlowski
6.11Uriel Lee
20:13.54 SRHereford
7.9Casey Welsh
20:22.20North Harford
8.10Taylor Walker
20:25.15C. Milton Wright
9.11Hannah Voelker
20:26.48 SRTowson
10.11Alaina McCleary
20:28.24 PRHereford
11.9Sarah Coffey
20:32.84 SRHereford
12.12Annie Scott
20:38.02North Harford
13.11Miriam Silton
20:52.81C. Milton Wright
14.11Abby Fleming
20:57.86C. Milton Wright
15.11Kelly O'Neill
21:07.03C. Milton Wright
16.11Kelsea Hilditch
21:28.01 SRBel Air
17.11Madeline Macechko
21:28.49 PRTowson
18.12Megan Caudill
21:38.43 PRBel Air
19.12Lauren Kunkel
21:39.54C. Milton Wright
20.12Grayson Slencak
21:49.64Bel Air
21.9Anna Puntanen
21:55.37 PRBel Air
22.10Marissa Abbey
21:55.97 SRBel Air
23.10Regan Davis
21:56.78North Harford
24.11Ellen Shephard
22:00.62North Harford
25.10Logan Furness
22:09.15 SRNorth Harford
26.11Merritt Dermer
27.9Sally Mercer
22:15.75 SRTowson
28.11Brittany Keene
22:20.62 PRBel Air
29.9Emily Melia
22:24.90 SRTowson
30.11Natalie Hutcheson
22:26.80C. Milton Wright
31.12Devon Townend
22:32.35 PRBel Air
32.10Becca Palmer
22:35.10C. Milton Wright
33.10Laura Drapinski
22:38.78North Harford
34.11Ana Burcham
35.10Nevillia Cole
23:32.26 SRParkville
36.11Asia Luna Patlis
23:34.10 SRTowson
37.10Emma Weiss
23:38.52 PRTowson
38.9Morgan Sacks
23:45.12 PRFranklin
39.12Olivia Webster
40.12Jordan Ecker
41.11Naomi Mombeh
26:04.31 PRWoodlawn
42.9Kayla Barraloto
26:09.45 PRParkville
43.9Jalyn Evans
30:20.66 PRBaltimore City College
44.9Sta'chira Powell
30:22.28 PRBaltimore City College
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