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*** Due to course space limitations, this is an invitation-only meet.
*** If your team is interested in attending, please contact  Jon Knight  -
Use  "Boys Entries"  or  "Girls Entries"  to enter (register) runners for this meet.
Entries are necessary so tag numbers can be assigned and labels printed prior to the meet.
Runners will be scored in whichever race they run.
Team packets - including runner tags - will be available Friday, Sept 7, in the Audubon Park parking lot from 3 to 6 PM.
     9:20 AM   JV Girls
   10:00 AM   JV Boys
   10:30 AM   Varsity Girls
   11:00 AM   Varsity Boys
All races are 3.0 Miles.  The Varsity races are limited to 10 runners per team - all 10 are scored.

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Taylor (Kai) Wilmot
14:44 PRNorth Central
2.10John Dressel
15:31Mt Spokane
3.12Austin Oser
4.10Tanner Anderson
15:41North Central
5.11Oliver Reed
15:44North Central
6.12Keith Williams
15:48North Central
7.11Drew Schreiber
8.11Garrett Kraal
9.11Ahmed Ibrahim
10.11Jacob Vandenberg
15:57Mt Spokane
11.12Nik Taylor
15:59North Central
12.12Hunter McGuirk
16:01 SRJesuit
13.11Keegan McCormick
14.10Andrew Snyder
15.11Kees von Michalofski
16:08Mt Spokane
16.12Austen Frostad
16:10North Central
17.11Sam Remington
16:11 PRJesuit
18.12Vance Collier
16:12North Central
19.12Isaac Kitzan
16:12North Central
20.12Logan Giese
16:15Central Valley
21.11Simon Verduzco
16:17 SREisenhower
22.12Alex Joseph
16:18 PRJesuit
23.10Colton Pegram
16:20Central Valley
24.12Christian Rodriguez
25.11Daniel Sanchez
26.10Spencer Jensen
16:23Central Valley
27.12Matt Piercy
16:25 PRJesuit
28.12Patrick Doherty
16:31 PRJesuit
29.11Michael Godbout
16:32 PRJesuit
30.12Brian McDavitt
16:34 SRJesuit
31.10Cameron Glade
32.11Austin Seely
16:36Central Valley
33.12Delfino Dominguez
34.12Joshua Sealand
16:37 PRJesuit
35.12Jonah Spencer
16:38Central Valley
36.11Gage Benner
37.10Riley Estes
16:42Coeur D'Alene
38.12Michael Dunton
16:42Coeur D'Alene
39.10Briton Demars
16:43Central Valley
40.12Braeden Rehfield
41.10Jose Maciel
42.12Conor McWeeney
16:45 PRJesuit
43.10Matt Sewall
16:45 SRBoise
44.12Teagan Brown
16:46Mt Spokane
45.11Matt Hommel
16:47Central Valley
46.10Ben Mahony
47.10Andrew Vandine
16:54North Central
48.11Kenny Colbert
17:00Coeur D'Alene
49.12Austin Middleton
17:03Mt Spokane
50.12Colin Kubik
17:04North Central
51.9Spencer Stewart
52.12Gavin Leaverton
53.11Brent Christianson
54.12Casey Strauss
17:20Central Valley
55.11Will Gillen
56.11Drew Keeve
17:27Central Valley
57.9Eli Jensen
17:31 SRBoise
58.10Zach Justo
59.9Jose Winton
17:38Coeur D'Alene
60.10Harper Poole
17:41 SRBoise
61.10Spencer Grant
17:44 SRJesuit
62.10Luke Martello
17:46 SRBoise
63.12Eric Bellan
17:46 PRBoise
64.12Kyile LeBlanc
17:49Central Valley
65.12John Jamboretz
17:51 SRBoise
66.10Sam Turner
17:51 PRBoise
67.12Matt Robb
17:51Coeur D'Alene
68.9Hayden Johnson
17:55Mt Spokane
69.11Jim Shaver
17:57 PRBoise
70.12Jonathan Deak
18:09 PRCoeur D'Alene
71.11Patrick O'Neil
18:15 SRBoise
72.11Sam Heinrich
18:16 PRBoise
73.10Tristan Scoffield
18:27Coeur D'Alene
74.10Ian Figon
18:31Mt Spokane
75.12Dane Larson
18:43Mt Spokane
76.9Dallas Page
18:45Mt Spokane
77.12Kendrick Nagel
18:52Coeur D'Alene
78.9Bailey O'Connor
19:10Mt Spokane
79.12Adam Crandall
19:49Coeur D'Alene
80.10Carson Hill
20:20Coeur D'Alene
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3 Mile JV Boys

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sam Holland
16:42North Central
2.10Jonathan Lafferty
3.10Liam Keaney
16:58 PRJesuit
4.10Zach Skalstad
17:09North Central
5.10Caleb Landron
17:11North Central
6.10Ben Brooks
7.10Caleb Nicholls
17:13Central Valley
8.12David Blue
17:13North Central
9.9Justin Janke
17:14North Central
10.9Brendan Despain
11.12Alex Mattinson
12.11Muhamud Noor
13.12Phillip Smith
17:33Central Valley
14.12Anthony Brines
17:37Central Valley
15.10Tom Murphy
17:38 SRJesuit
16.9Sam Sjoberg
17:38North Central
17.10Calvin Smith
18.12Caleb Barnes
17:53Mt Spokane
19.10Joseph Roberts
17:54North Central
20.11James Wilson
17:57Central Valley
21.12Jesse Salazar
18:00 SREisenhower
22.10Liam Taylor
18:01North Central
23.9Tyler O'Donnell
18:02 SRJesuit
24.12Francisco Cortes
25.11Sam Richardson
18:04North Central
26.12Devin Gerboth
27.10Logan Scroggy
18:08 SRJesuit
28.11Chad Samuelson
18:13Central Valley
29.11Crawford Schafbuch
18:14 PRJesuit
30.11Chris Salsbury
18:17Central Valley
31.10Alexander Seckel
18:18Central Valley
32.11Christopher Walker
18:22 PRCentral Valley
33.10Trevor Brown
18:24Central Valley
34.11Paul Pierson
35.10Kohl Schoensee
18:26 PRBoise
36.11Trevor Beswick
37.12Kyle Wyant
38.10Stephen Heintz
18:30Central Valley
39.10Robert Lemley
18:31Central Valley
40.10Luke Harrison
41.9Phillip Fishburn
42.11Andrew McCarthy
43.12Leonel Flores
44.10Dustin Scott
45.12Andrew Torres
46.10Levi Davies
47.11Brandon Barthell
18:49North Central
48.10Cale Lester
19:02North Central
49.9Alex Watson
19:04 SRNorth Central
50.11Lucas Bartholomew
19:05North Central
51.12Seth Nicholls
19:05Central Valley
52.10Triston Pitt
19:09 PRBoise
53.10Gabe Johnson
19:11 PRCoeur D'Alene
54.9John Walther
19:12 PRNorth Central
55.11DJ Wordell
19:18 SRNorth Central
56.10Blake Beard
19:28 PRCentral Valley
57.12Bradley Thompson
58.11Kyle Wells
19:30Central Valley
59.10Keola Dunn
19:34 PRBoise
60.9Daniel Walters
19:40 SRCoeur D'Alene
61.10Collin Nelson
19:41Central Valley
62.10Liam Romasko
19:50 SRCoeur D'Alene
63.10John McLain
19:53Central Valley
64.9Rhett Risinger
19:53North Central
65.12Spencer Ballo
66.11Thomas Troxel
19:58Coeur D'Alene
67.12Adam Smith
68.11Matthew Troxel
20:08Central Valley
69.10Tracy Robeson
20:11Central Valley
70.9Kilian Cartmel
71.10Lucas Alliger
20:14 PRCentral Valley
72.11Sam Lee
20:21Coeur D'Alene
73.9Travis Crumpler
74.11Michael Christensen
20:22Mt Spokane
75.9Ross Morrison
20:25Mt Spokane
76.9Andrew Overby
20:28 SRCoeur D'Alene
77.11Joshua Rodriguez
78.12Austin Butrum
20:34Central Valley
79.10Ethan Gering
20:34Central Valley
80.12Seth Merritt
20:36Central Valley
81.10Cole Dewitt
20:37Coeur D'Alene
82.11Eric Allen
20:38Central Valley
83.9Gabriel Meek
20:41North Central
84.10Sumner Pitt
20:43 PRBoise
85.9Jacob Lynch
86.9Forrest Mousseau
20:47North Central
87.10Dominic Fenton
20:52 PRBoise
88.11Bennett Ullom
89.10Peter Marx
20:55 PRBoise
90.10Jared Deatherage
20:55 SRKamiakin
91.10Dorian Miller
20:55Mt Spokane
92.10Thomas Whiting
21:01Central Valley
93.10Nick Baldwin
21:19Mt Spokane
94.9Vicente Velasco
95.11Colton Orrino
21:38 PRCentral Valley
96.9Nick Weeden
21:39North Central
97.11Bryce England
21:41Central Valley
98.10Liam Davidson
21:42Central Valley
99.11Adam Scrimsher
100.9Mica Jones
21:52North Central
101.9Charlie Button
21:53 SRCoeur D'Alene
102.11Aaron Donahue
22:03Central Valley
103.11Mason Patzer
22:05Coeur D'Alene
104.9Jacob Heimbigner
22:11North Central
105.12Nick Mortimer
22:15 SRCentral Valley
106.11Patrick Hinea
22:20Central Valley
107.12Stacey Svensrud
22:41Central Valley
108.9Chris Allsup
22:47 SRCoeur D'Alene
109.12Ryan Wells
23:14Central Valley
110.9Matt Wilson
23:16Mt Spokane
111.10Chad Fotheringham
23:19Central Valley
112.10Jacob Belagio
23:21 PRCentral Valley
113.12Jacob Weisbeck
23:55Central Valley
114.9Jeffrey Passaro
23:56 SRCoeur D'Alene
115.10Connor Williams
24:02 SRCoeur D'Alene
116.11Matt Merrick
24:20.0Central Valley
117.12Josiah Cunningham
24:22.0Central Valley
118.10Colton Garske
24:24Mt Spokane
119.12Kolby Wade
24:58.0Central Valley
120.9Stewart Myers
25:06 PRCoeur D'Alene
121.9Trajan Gering
26:54North Central
122.12Cameron Himebaugh
27:38.0Central Valley
123.12Matthew Whiting
28:16.0Central Valley
124.12Kieran Adrien
30:35.0Central Valley
125.10Isiah Forney
32:29.0Central Valley
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Katie Knight
17:47North Central
2.11Paige Rice
18:38 PRSt Mary's Academy
3.10Emily Hamlin
18:43 SRBoise
4.12Ellen Patterson
18:48 PRSt Mary's Academy
5.10Ellie Kallgren
18:57 PRJesuit
6.10Josie Brown
18:57Coeur D'Alene
7.10Dylan Hite
19:00 SRJesuit
8.9Lacey Conner
19:01 PRSt Mary's Academy
9.11Elise Tello
10.11Taylor Moscoe
19:18 PRJesuit
11.12Lindsay Sheaffer
19:25 PRJesuit
12.12Punky Duran
19:26Coeur D'Alene
13.12Megan Mullaney
19:30 PRJesuit
14.9Emily Callahan
19:39Coeur D'Alene
15.10Sienna White
19:49 SRBoise
16.10Zani Moore
19:55 SRJesuit
17.10Kara Story
19:55Coeur D'Alene
18.9Kate Patterson
19:56 PRSt Mary's Academy
19.9Megan Glenski
20.9Katie Leavy
20:12 PRJesuit
21.10Sydney Harris
20:22 PRBoise
22.9Audrey Rustad
20:22 SRBoise
23.10Madison Lung
20:23 SRBoise
24.11Ruby Lunstrum-Somoza
20:25 PRBoise
25.10Clare Dumont
20:28Coeur D'Alene
26.10Lucy O'Sullivan
20:29 PRSt Mary's Academy
27.11Alyssa Pena
28.12Celeste Raymond
20:31 PRSt Mary's Academy
29.10Krista Story
20:35Coeur D'Alene
30.11Samantha Gil
20:37 SREisenhower
31.11Colleen Sullivan
20:41 SRJesuit
32.9Brielle Crump
20:51Central Valley
33.11Noelle Ball
20:56Coeur D'Alene
34.10Jillian Rix
21:04 PRJesuit
35.11Jaycee Rade
21:04Coeur D'Alene
36.12Diana Gil
21:05 SREisenhower
37.10Kayla Zurosky
21:12Coeur D'Alene
38.10Mercedes Chavez
39.10Molly McCullough
21:15 PRSt Mary's Academy
40.10Sarah Skillings
21:16 PRBoise
41.10Sidney Orr
21:19Central Valley
42.12Katie Arndorfer
21:19 SRJesuit
43.10Abby Diess
21:20 PRSt Mary's Academy
44.11Chiara Chandlee
21:23 PRSt Mary's Academy
45.10Emma Bellan
21:24 PRBoise
46.10Jackie Loutzenheiser
21:25 SRBoise
47.10Sarah White
21:33Central Valley
48.12Alexandria Moore
21:37Central Valley
49.12Jenna McDaniel
21:38 PRBoise
50.10Emelia Austin
21:38 PRSt Mary's Academy
51.10Lucy Horton
21:43Central Valley
52.11Molly Barnhart
21:59Central Valley
53.10Kaitlyn Gunnerson
22:34Coeur D'Alene
54.11Molly Tabish
22:48Central Valley
55.11Viviana Larios
56.11Kassandra Mares
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3 Mile JV Girls

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Nicole McCullough
20:37 SRJesuit
2.10Sophia Schnitzer
21:24 SRJesuit
3.10Hannah Harkness
21:29 PRJesuit
4.10Megan Galinat
21:40 SRBoise
5.10Keana Fine
6.9Kayla Boyer
21:50Central Valley
7.11Sophie Kurschner
21:56 PRSt Mary's Academy
8.11Naomi Savin
22:08 PRBoise
9.9Alyssa Visaya
10.11Katie Welgan
22:16 PRSt Mary's Academy
11.10Tia Perotto
22:16 SRBoise
12.11Holly Miller
22:18 PRCentral Valley
13.9Kayla Rivera
14.12Dani Bridges
22:20 PRJesuit
15.10Maddy Nohr
22:30 PRSt Mary's Academy
16.11Anne Bahr
22:37 SRBoise
17.11Alexa Malinowski
22:41 PRBoise
18.10Laura Votava
22:43 PRSt Mary's Academy
19.10Ursula Clausing-Hu...
22:46 PRSt Mary's Academy
20.9CeCe Hall
22:51 PRSt Mary's Academy
21.12Isabelle Berry
22:56 PRSt Mary's Academy
22.11Miranda Hill
23:02Central Valley
23.10Clarice Beasley
23:08 PRSt Mary's Academy
24.10Emily Volk
23:18 PRBoise
25.11Serena Jensen
23:19Central Valley
26.10Sophia De Leonibus
23:24 PRSt Mary's Academy
27.10Erica Poulsen
23:36Central Valley
28.11Elena Townsend
23:41 PRCentral Valley
29.11Hailey Hawkins
23:41Central Valley
30.12Tara Johnson
23:44 PRSt Mary's Academy
31.11Grace Newsom
23:47 PRSt Mary's Academy
32.9Brianna Durbin
23:48 PRCoeur D'Alene
33.11Devin Simpson
34.10Clare Collins
23:57 PRSt Mary's Academy
35.9Julia Canfield
23:57 PRSt Mary's Academy
36.10Mikayla Weber
24:02 PRSt Mary's Academy
37.10Laura Place
24:06 PRSt Mary's Academy
38.11Xiao Pfohman
24:07 PRSt Mary's Academy
39.9Katy Ealy
24:09 SRCoeur D'Alene
40.10Sierra Benner
24:14 PRBoise
41.11Gabby Ilenstine
24:15Central Valley
42.9Carmen Duffy
24:21 SRCoeur D'Alene
43.12Sami Hill
24:21Coeur D'Alene
44.11Claire Bohoskey
45.11Ellen Barlow
24:35 PRSt Mary's Academy
46.9Carly Savoy
24:37 PRSt Mary's Academy
47.9Emma Whybrew
24:43Central Valley
48.10Natalie Swesey
24:44Central Valley
49.12Carolyn Demaree
24:57 PRSt Mary's Academy
50.10McKenzie Vanko
24:58 PRSt Mary's Academy
51.9Grace Glisson
24:58 PRSt Mary's Academy
52.9Aly Newton
24:59 PRCentral Valley
53.9Jordan Schwegel
25:05 PRCoeur D'Alene
54.12Sami Hill
25:19Coeur D'Alene
55.11Ally Mueller
25:20 PRSt Mary's Academy
56.10Samantha Redder
25:20 PRSt Mary's Academy
57.10Katy Durkin
25:28 PRBoise
58.10Elizabeth Criswell
25:32 PRSt Mary's Academy
59.10Brenna Ayers
25:44 SRCoeur D'Alene
60.11Elia Sykes
25:45 PRSt Mary's Academy
61.10Claire FitzGerald
25:48 PRSt Mary's Academy
62.9Frida Cota
25:52 PRSt Mary's Academy
63.11Lillie Flagel
25:53 PRSt Mary's Academy
64.10Sophia Whitsett
25:58Central Valley
65.11Maggie Watson
25:59 PRCentral Valley
66.9Audrey Zerr
26:22 PRSt Mary's Academy
67.9Makendra Patzer
26:55 SRCoeur D'Alene
68.10Sally Butzer
27:10 PRSt Mary's Academy
69.11Mikayla Amsden
27:11 SRCentral Valley
70.12Alexea Hovren
27:47Central Valley
71.9Alaina Brickner
27:56Central Valley
72.10Miranda Ellis
28:28 PRBoise
73.9Annie Lee
28:29 PRSt Mary's Academy
74.9Maddie Holder
28:30 PRCoeur D'Alene
75.9Hannah Lang
28:33 PRSt Mary's Academy
76.9Cassandra Wilson
77.12Emily Hollenbeck
29:23Central Valley
78.9Rosa Mallorson
29:49 PRSt Mary's Academy
79.10Hannah Meyer
31:25 PRBoise
80.11Annika Sondergaard...
31:26 PRBoise
81.11Lily Weber
33:13 PRSt Mary's Academy
82.11Madeline Sanudo
33:16 PRSt Mary's Academy
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