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5,000 Meters Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Cedar Park Christian--24

Bellevue Christian--44




Cedar Park Christian--35

Bellevue Christian--38


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Daniel Nortz
17:18.00Bellevue Christian
2.12Kyle Cole
17:19.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
3.12Kyle Smit
18:53.00Bellevue Christian
4.11Nate Lundberg
19:02.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
5.9Ron Roberts
6.11Kurt Hellwig
19:42.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
7.12David Hamilton
8.9Caleb King
20:05.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
9.11Gerald Caldwell
10.11Matthew Carlson
20:21.00Bellevue Christian
11.9Scott Graves
20:21.80Bellevue Christian
12.12Nick Phipps
13.12Steven Westburg
20:31.00Bellevue Christian
14.11Tyler Dideriksen
20:37.00Bellevue Christian
15.10Andy Stephen
20:58.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
16.10Chad Johanneck
21:08.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
17.9Russell Brown
21:14.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
18.12Austin Hayes
19.11David Wingard
21:22.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
20.11Jonathan Lampel
21:25.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
21.10Adam Koehler
21:28.00Bellevue Christian
22.12Baudilio Mowreader
21:42.00Cascade Christian
23.9Eli Evenson-silva
24.11Jacob Masters
21:53.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
25.10Jacob Gutheil
22:21.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
26.11Michael Li
22:32.00Cascade Christian
27.9Fuglestad Kyle
22:33.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
28.10David Reynolds
23:14.00Bellevue Christian
29.10Kyle McNeley
30.10Kirk Huse
31.9Alexander Chaffey
23:41.00Bellevue Christian
32.11Christian Carder
23:49.00Cascade Christian
33.12Joel Hanson
23:56.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
34.10Trey Jammerman
23:57.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
35.10Travis Smith
24:35.00Bellevue Christian
36.11Drew Smith
24:37.00Bellevue Christian
37.10Justin Hathaway
25:10.00Bellevue Christian
38.11Zac Smith
25:37.00Bellevue Christian
39.12Levi Grotte
25:52.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...
40.9Adam Pinkerton
26:27.00Bellevue Christian
41.12Christopher Hoffman
26:31.00Bellevue Christian
42.9Ryan Burnett
26:36.00Bellevue Christian
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