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Mens Races
2.7 Mile Junior Varsity3:45 PM
2.7 Mile Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
2.7 Mile Varsity4:15 PM

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Mens Results

2.7 Mile Junior Varsity

1.12Daryl Derbecker
16:17 PRGlacier Peak
2.10Jeffrey Gill
16:19 SRGlacier Peak
3.9Sawyer Carter
16:22 SRGlacier Peak
4.11Blake Forkey
16:26 PRGlacier Peak
5.10Curran MacMillan
16:39 PRGlacier Peak
6.11Kris Prak
16:42 PRGlacier Peak
7.11Jeff Pratt
16:45 PRGlacier Peak
8.11Alex Bergdorf
16:47 PRGlacier Peak
9.10Jason Shevenko
16:52 SRMountlake Terrace
10.10Jaden Yackley
16:56 SRMountlake Terrace
11.11Matt Jenson
17:02 SRMountlake Terrace
12.9Garren Arnold
17:07 SRGlacier Peak
13.9Thomas Bernardi
17:14 PRGlacier Peak
14.10Kyle Rhodes
17:18 SRMountlake Terrace
15.9Jimmy Szilvassy
17:20 PRMountlake Terrace
16.11Rouven Thom
17:21 PRGlacier Peak
17.9Nathan Beamer
17:30 SRArlington
18.9Drew Forman
17:32 PRGlacier Peak
19.10Taron Castleton
17:40 SRMountlake Terrace
20.10Neil Dittmann
17:42 PRGlacier Peak
21.9Michael Barene
17:43 SRArlington
22.11Ethan Barr
17:44 PRGlacier Peak
23.9Michael Froton
17:51 PRGlacier Peak
24.9Mats Haneberg
18:03 PRGlacier Peak
25.9Matthew Taylor
18:12 SRArlington
26.9Bailey Larsen-Gray
18:20 SRArlington
27.9Jason Ernst
18:29 SRMountlake Terrace
28.12Avery Fowble
18:30 PRMountlake Terrace
29.10Cody Duran
18:35 PRArlington
30.9Dillon Adahl
18:36 PRArlington
31.11Mac King
18:53 PRGlacier Peak
32.11Greg Bowman
18:58 SRMountlake Terrace
33.9Tanner Flemming
19:00 PRArlington
34.9Thomas Teckle
19:11 SRMountlake Terrace
35.9Thomas Bennett
19:15 PRMountlake Terrace
36.11Ryan Konecny
19:16 PRArlington
37.11John Muchinsky
19:26 PRGlacier Peak
38.9Jacob Fankhauser
19:36 SRArlington
39.9Matt Hsieh
20:08 SRGlacier Peak
40.11Bryce Thomas
20:19 SRArlington
41.11David Balyko
20:30 PRArlington
42.11Kavan Dewar
20:31 SRMountlake Terrace
43.11Jose Garcia
20:32 PRArlington
44.11Lucas Owen
20:48 PRArlington
45.10Will Roundy
20:49 PRArlington
52.9Sean Rowe
20:50 PRArlington
46.9Zach Larson
20:54 PRArlington
47.10Gabriel Miller
20:54 SRMountlake Terrace
48.12Joey Eschrich
20:59 PRGlacier Peak
49.9William Schamp
21:26 PRArlington
50.9Tylor Sullivan
22:08 SRArlington
51.10Quinn James
24:32 PRArlington
53.9Derek Jones
27:41 PRMountlake Terrace
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2.7 Mile Varsity

1.11Jack Pearce
14:27 SRMountlake Terrace
2.11Keagan Smith
14:33 PRGlacier Peak
3.12Yohans Tewolde
14:46 SRMountlake Terrace
4.12Michael Matwichuk
14:53 PRGlacier Peak
5.10Isaac Ripley
14:54 SRGlacier Peak
6.12Jameson Wren
14:59 SRArlington
7.11Zach Smith
15:01 PRGlacier Peak
8.11Andrew Thomas
15:10 PRGlacier Peak
9.11Chris Baumgartner
15:20 PRMountlake Terrace
10.12Ryan Rodriguez
15:21 PRGlacier Peak
11.11Danny Ziemann
15:23 PRGlacier Peak
12.11Wyatt Allemann
15:29 SRMountlake Terrace
13.11Nathan Sparks
15:31 SRMountlake Terrace
14.11Peter Kidane
15:38 SRMountlake Terrace
15.12Steve Szilvassy
16:06 SRMountlake Terrace
16.11Henry Sparks
16:11 PRMountlake Terrace
17.10Conrad Bratz
16:27 SRMountlake Terrace
18.12Coleman Cummings
16:31 SRArlington
19.11Nicholas Taylor
16:31 SRArlington
20.11Ben Comerford
16:36 SRArlington
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Womens Results

2.7 Mile Varsity

1.12Katie Bianchini
16:24 PRGlacier PeakNew Course Record
2.12Amy-Eloise Neale
16:24 PRGlacier PeakNew Course Record
3.11Megan Davis
17:46 PRGlacier Peak
4.10McKenna Hunt
17:47 PRMountlake Terrace
5.11Mikayla Ingram
17:50 PRGlacier Peak
6.10Katherine Dittmann
17:51 SRGlacier Peak
7.11Samantha Northrop
17:57 PRGlacier Peak
8.9Charlie Sevenants
17:58 PRGlacier Peak
9.10Marie Auch-Schwelk
18:18 PRMountlake Terrace
10.12Aubree Pederson
18:56 PRGlacier Peak
11.9Emma Janousek
19:00 SRArlington
11.9Ella Schroth
19:01 SRMountlake Terrace
13.10Cassidy Rude
19:11 PRArlington
14.12Emily McGaughey
19:31 PRGlacier Peak
15.12India Smith
19:38 PRGlacier Peak
16.10Maddie Dellinger
19:50 SRMountlake Terrace
17.10Neele Thom
20:08 PRGlacier Peak
18.10Shanelle Shirey
20:09 SRArlington
19.12Katelyn James
20:17 SRArlington
20.11Jessica Miller
20:18 PRGlacier Peak
21.9Jalyn Rutledge
21:39 PRArlington
22.9Ashlynn Low
21:42 PRArlington
23.10Cassidy Henderson
21:43 PRArlington
24.11Katelyn Kazen
21:44 PRArlington
25.9Miranda Carr
21:45 PRArlington
26.12Haley Duran
21:47 SRArlington
27.10Jacinta Garcia
22:14 PRMountlake Terrace
28.11Barbara Biney
22:27 PRMountlake Terrace
29.9Marie Gaudin
22:52 SRArlington
30.10Roslyn Phillips
22:57 PRArlington
31.10Mackie Pullig
23:19 SRArlington
32.11Elizabeth Kern
23:28 SRArlington
34.10Joesy Taylor
23:55 PRArlington
35.9Angela Gorolyuk
24:07 SRGlacier Peak
36.12Taylor Olson
24:30 SRArlington
37.12Jollee Pullig
24:31 SRArlington
33.9Hannah Chung
29:33 PRArlington
38.9KJ Collins
32:22 SRMountlake Terrace
39.10Lucia Herranz-Seijo
33:22 PRMountlake Terrace
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