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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:40 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Adam Emerick
18:09.00Charles Wright Academy
2.12Travis Hensley
18:09.01Charles Wright Academy
3.12Ruben Riordan
18:09.02Charles Wright Academy
4.12David Goldstone
18:16.00Charles Wright Academy
5.10Nick LaBerge
18:46.00Charles Wright Academy
6.12Dylan Harper
18:50.00Charles Wright Academy
7.10Brandon Seeger
18:56.00Seattle Christian
8.11Rory Reshovsky
19:05.00Charles Wright Academy
9.10Tyler Ridings
19:17.00Seattle Christian
10.11Kaden Hurst
19:39.00Charles Wright Academy
11.10Geoffrey Donovan
19:40.00Seattle Christian
12.11Sam Levant
19:41.00Charles Wright Academy
13.10William Kluck
19:42.00Seattle Christian
14.12Landon Summers
20:09.00Vashon Island
15.10Jorren Mills
20:10.00Seattle Christian
16.12Alex Lutton
20:28.00Charles Wright Academy
17.11Drake Birnbaum
20:37.00Charles Wright Academy
18.12Max Faran
20:48.00Charles Wright Academy
19.12Jack Dimmer
20:59.00Charles Wright Academy
20.11Kanit Jungsakulruj...
21:03.00Vashon Island
21.10Nathan Williams
21:15.00Vashon Island
22.12Parker Goolsbey
21:23.00Seattle Christian
23.11Josh Henry
21:27.00Seattle Christian
24.9Tyler Miller
21:28.00Life Christian Academy
25.12Sam Wasson
21:29.00Seattle Christian
26.12Colton Royal
22:22.00Seattle Christian
10Sage Levin
22:33.00 PRVashon Island
12Olin Nespor
22:33.00Vashon Island
27.10Aaron Kitchener
22:33.00Vashon Island
28.10Conor Sandoval
22:37.00Charles Wright Academy
11Andrew Wittwer
22:45.00 PRVashon Island
29.9Shane Williams
22:45.00Vashon Island
30.10Eddie James
22:53.00Charles Wright Academy
12Christopher Anderson
22:59.00Life Christian Academy
31.10Ethan Walkley
22:59.00Charles Wright Academy
32.9Preston Scheer
23:06.00Charles Wright Academy
33.12Zach Schmits
23:17.00Life Christian Academy
34.9Jason Park
23:24.00Charles Wright Academy
35.11Philip VanDevanter
23:40.00Vashon Island
11Codi Williams
24:00.00Vashon Island
9Harper Whitney
24:00.00Vashon Island
36.10Quinn Weber
24:00.00Vashon Island
12Jake Comfort
24:05.00 PRLife Christian Academy
37.9Andrew Bartkus
24:05.00Life Christian Academy
38.10Tyler Sadlier
24:11.00Charles Wright Academy
39.9Cole Curry
25:31.00Life Christian Academy
9Nathan Anderson
25:40.00Vashon Island
40.10Cale Woyvodich
25:40.00Seattle Christian
41.10Joe Laupati
26:04.00Charles Wright Academy
42.9Daniel Rury
26:05.00Seattle Christian
43.11Daniel Neumann
26:18.00Seattle Christian
44.9Hunter Goolsbey
26:19.00Seattle Christian
45.9Owen Fitz
28:02.00Charles Wright Academy
46.10Eric Spear
28:43.00Charles Wright Academy
47.12Chris Hyun
30:06.00Charles Wright Academy
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