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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity10:30 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity11:30 AM

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2012 MHSAA Cross-Country Regional Time Schedule

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Host:  Bay City Western

Site:  Delta College

7:30–9:50 a.m.            Course is open for inspection

9:20 a.m.                      Coach’s Meeting

10:00 a.m.                      Division 3 Boys

10:30 a.m.                      Division 1 Boys

11:00 a.m.                    Division 3 Girls

11:30 a.m.                    Division 1 Girls

12:00 – 12:30              Awards for Divisions 1 & 3 Girls and Boys

12:15                                   Post Regional Open Meet (open to all non-varsity competitors which can include middle schoolers, coaches and parents)  see the info page for details.


Tournament Manager—Mike Nesbitt, Head Coach Girls/Boys Cross Country at Bay City Western HS or 989-284-5645


Meet Manager—Mike Thayer, AD/AP Bay City Western HS                or 989-233-6823


Admission $5 for everyone—good all day.  Five passes are available for each school upon request.


Concessions will be available with Delta College providing the service.


Participating School Tournament Information is posted on the Cross Country pages of the MHSAA website.  Please review all of these materials carefully.


Entry/Late Fees—Regional Meet Electronic Entry Materials and instructions for on-line entry are on the MHSAA website.  Entry information must be placed on-line no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, October 19, 2012, at  Please enter only 10 into the meet.


A $50 late fee must be paid to the Meet Manager before the contestant or team will be allowed to participate.  The $50 late fee shall be retained by the host school.  There can be no late entries after the team starting line positions have been determined.


Teams and Spectators will park in the southeast parking lot—parking on the grass or edge of the road will not be permitted.


T-Shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweat pants, and Sweatshirts will be on sale.  $15 for t-shirts, $20 for long-sleeve t-shirts, and $35 for sweatshirts with cash or checks accepted.


No locker rooms will be available but there will be 10 port-a-jons on site.


2012 LP Cross Country Regionals



No. 1-1 Delta College - Host Bay City Western
Saturday 10/27 | Boys 9:30 | Girls 10:30
 Auburn-Bay City Western
 Bay City-Central
 Grand Blanc
 Lapeer East
 Lapeer West
 Midland-HH Dow
 Swartz Creek
 Traverse City Central
 Traverse City West

No. 27-3 Delta College Host - Bay City Western
Saturday 10/27 | Boys 9:00 | Girls 10:00

 Farwell Area
 Harrison Community
 Houghton Lake
 Pinconning Area
 Saginaw-Nouvel Catholic Central
 Saginaw-Valley Lutheran
 Standish-Sterling Central
 Tawas City-Tawas Area

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Grand Blanc39
2.Traverse City Central67
3.Saginaw Heritage87
5.Traverse City West169
6.Swartz Creek179
7.Midland Dow182
11.Bay City Western281
12.Flint Carman-Ainsworth339
15.Bay City Central449
1.10Grant Fisher
15:53.25Grand Blanc5:01 10:10
2.12Miles Kilbreath
15:54.95 PRMidland
3.12Carson Truesdell
15:58.32Grand Blanc
4.12Johnathon Derry
16:01.58Grand Blanc5:01 10:10
5.9Anthony Berry
16:03.76Traverse City Central
6.12Mitch Sansiribhan
16:07.86Swartz Creek
7.11Dillyn Foy
16:11.55Grand Blanc5:01 10:15
8.11Kyle Dotterrer
16:13.04Traverse City Central
9.12Clayton Gould
16:25.32 PRMidland Dow
10.12Ethan Crowell
11.10Cam McAuliffe
16:28.21Traverse City Central
12.11Max Cobb
16:28.42Saginaw Heritage
13.12Brandon Scharich
16:33.97Saginaw Heritage
14.12Nate Cruz
16:34.33Saginaw Heritage
15.12Alec Ondrajka
16:38.04Traverse City West
16.11Chris Lopez
16:46.14Saginaw Heritage
17.12Troy Harbin
16:51.59Swartz Creek
18.12Patrick Rooker
19.12Travis Smith
16:52.94 PRMidland
20.11Andy Porterfield
16:53.10 PRMidland
21.12Cam Marshall
16:53.67Traverse City Central
22.12Nicholas Tarsa
16:54.07Traverse City Central
23.11Michael Carey
16:55.51 SRMidland Dow
24.11Brandon Blake
16:55.88 SRGrand Blanc
25.10Jacob Greer
16:56.48 SRMidland
26.12Nathan Vorwerck
16:57.42Bay City Western
27.11Nicholas Voth
16:58.78 SRGrand Blanc5:14 10:49
28.11Kris Schwieman
16:59.15 SRFlushing
29.11Elisha Martin
16:59.39 PRAlpena
30.10Jimmy Seekamp
16:59.87Traverse City West
31.9Nick Hirschenberger
17:01.74Traverse City West
32.12Adam Schaeding
17:02.59Saginaw Heritage
33.12Andrew Bruning
17:03.23Traverse City Central
34.12Tyler Mcpherson
17:03.55 PRSwartz Creek
35.10Zach Hoffman
17:05.83 SRMidland Dow
36.11Johnny Weingartz
17:09.48 PRLapeer
37.12Sawyer Smith
38.11Justin Ayres
17:12.13Bay City Western
39.10Parker Eisengruber
17:15.09Saginaw Heritage
40.11Ethan Davenport
17:17.04Saginaw Heritage
41.11Jacob Beaver
42.12Josh Hovey-Horny
17:18.63Midland Dow
43.10Chris Brower
17:19.23Traverse City Central
44.11Alex Garvin
17:19.64Traverse City West
45.12Mitchell Wright
46.12Jacob Benson
47.11James Johnson
17:24.20 PRFlint Carman-Ainsworth
48.11Owen Smith
17:25.32 SRFlushing
49.10Nick Amato
17:26.65 SRTraverse City West
50.10Nick Schmidt
51.10Joe Renner
52.9Cole Davis
17:36.43 SRDavison
53.9Zach Martindale
54.10Tellis Donajkowski
17:40.08 SRAlpena
55.11Chad Lockwood
17:46.87 SRDavison
56.11Collin Charron
17:49.71Swartz Creek
57.11Chaz Babin
17:49.99 SRMidland
58.9Jonathan Voth
17:51.38Grand Blanc5:30 11:21
59.10Tyler Pangerl
17:55.62 SRFlint Carman-Ainsworth
60.12Dan Radler
17:56.89 PRMidland
61.11Travis Ames
62.11R.J. Centala
63.12David BurneyIV
18:01.87Bay City Central
64.10Jordan Beers
18:02.74 PRLapeer
65.10Rob Roest
66.12Philip Crandell
18:08.15Swartz Creek
67.9Joe Hughes
18:08.97Traverse City West
68.12Kieran Hall
18:09.63Traverse City West
69.10Jacqoub Littlejohn
18:10.10Bay City Western
70.10DeMario Bradford
18:11.52 PRFlint Carman-Ainsworth
71.10Robert Billette
18:11.96Bay City Western
72.10Dylan Rocha
18:14.76 SRMidland
73.12Jeff Thiele
18:22.10Midland Dow
74.10Kohki Nishida
18:32.99 SRMidland Dow
75.10Chris Keller
76.12Aaron Dupree
18:35.94Flint Carman-Ainsworth
77.12Quinton Krueger
18:37.05Bay City Western
78.10Nevin McHarg
79.9Mathew Koenig
18:39.83Bay City Western
80.10Alex Schlatter
18:42.40Bay City Western
81.12Cody Adkins
18:48.60 PRFlushing
82.12Zach Wells
18:56.16Midland Dow
83.10Jamie Dulin
18:57.32 SRLapeer
84.10Luther Houle
18:57.75Bay City Central
85.12Colin Robertson
86.11Ben Diamond
87.10Ryver Jarrett
18:58.64 PRFlint Carman-Ainsworth
88.9Spencer Cook
19:07.02Swartz Creek
89.9Logan Gooch
19:10.01 SRFlushing
90.12Sam Dayton
91.11Schyler Perkins
92.9Christian Cerny
93.12Doug Coles
19:47.54 PRSwartz Creek
94.11Adam Keller
95.11Cameron Brown
20:29.29Flint Carman-Ainsworth
96.12Zack Hendrick
97.12Erik Groom
98.10Ahmir Dunn
20:43.83Flint Carman-Ainsworth
99.11Troy Purdom
20:46.03 PRBay City Central
100.9Dan O'Brien
101.9Larry Dunn II
22:53.36 PRFlint Carman-Ainsworth
102.10Martinez Gabe
22:58.30 SRBay City Central
103.9Moore Michael
29:18:00.Bay City Central
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Traverse City Central47
2.Midland Dow77
4.Traverse City West130
6.Bay City Western147
8.Saginaw Heritage177
9.Grand Blanc205
11.Swartz Creek300
14.Bay City Central423
1.11Jordan Storer
18:20.94 SRMidland Dow
2.10Addie May
3.11Kali Dent
18:37.01Midland Dow
4.10Ashley Ko
18:41.08 SRTraverse City Central
5.10Madison Marciniak
18:43.84Bay City Western
6.9Jessica Gockley
18:45.81 SRTraverse City West
7.11Molly Peregrine
18:47.49Traverse City Central
8.12Ashley Burr
19:01.33 PRMidland Dow
9.10Graceanne Tarsa
19:01.59Traverse City Central
10.11Jordann McDermitt
11.11Hanne Christensen
19:09.93Grand Blanc
12.10Nichole Clement
19:10.17 SRSaginaw Heritage
13.10Jordan Mattarella
19:14.35Traverse City Central
14.10Kalina Pfannenstiel
19:14.57 SRTraverse City Central
15.11Joy Reist
19:16.68Traverse City Central
16.12Lila Dreves
19:19.42 PRTraverse City Central
17.12Elaine Lowe
18.10Amanda George
19:21.86 SRDavison
19.9Rebecca Estep
19:30.85Bay City Western
20.12Kelsey Lewis
19:33.72 PRAlpena
21.9Megan Sullivan
20:00.31 PRSaginaw Heritage
22.9Laura Estrada
20:06.74Bay City Western
23.12Racheal McDonald
24.10Quinn Hall
20:19.85 SRTraverse City West
25.10Kayla Norris
20:21.59Traverse City West
26.9Abigayle Alexander
20:23.37Grand Blanc
27.9Victoria Ostrander
28.10Shelby Roesner
20:34.54 SRDavison
29.11Tayler Warner
30.12Casey Shafer
20:40.70 SRDavison
31.9Beth Hoffman
20:41.07Midland Dow
32.9Emily O'Leary
20:45.85 SRTraverse City West
33.10Alecia Traver
20:46.17 PRMidland
34.10Lizzy Burr
20:46.92Midland Dow
35.11Madison Bartlett
36.9Lexie Zitterkopf
37.11Mary Doran
20:58.10Saginaw Heritage
38.11Madeleine Taylor
20:58.43 PRSwartz Creek
39.9Maddison Holley
21:03.30 PRGrand Blanc
40.10Elise Close
41.10Robyn Young
21:07.39Midland Dow
42.12Amanda Dort
21:10.24 PRAlpena
43.10Corinne Schrotenboer
21:11.69Traverse City West
44.9Leah Centala
21:15.54 PRAlpena
45.9Olivia Boulton
21:18.18 PRFlushing
46.11Monica Jezewski
21:28.25Bay City Western
47.10Rachel Lanphear
21:30.35 SRSwartz Creek
48.9Hannah Schultz
49.11Amanda Fouchey
21:33.75Traverse City West
50.10Alyssa Ohanesian
21:34.40 SRTraverse City West
51.10Rachel Swanson
21:39.77 PRDavison
52.11Dominique Burke
21:43.02 PRLapeer
53.9Sarah Shapley
21:43.30 PRSaginaw Heritage
54.9Grace Wellman
21:43.49Saginaw Heritage
55.10Emily Reinhardt
21:44.41Bay City Western
56.10Madison Stafford
57.11Renee Okenka
21:50.60Swartz Creek
58.12Shelby Dulin
21:56.50 SRLapeer
59.11Jena Eckerd
22:07.63Bay City Western
60.12Audrey Weber
22:11.64Saginaw Heritage
61.12Madeline Woodke
62.12Meredith Joseph
22:12.25Grand Blanc
63.12Stephanie Mendyk
64.9Alycia Horny
22:22.16Midland Dow
65.11Sarah Jezowski
22:24.89Bay City Western
66.10Amanda Ingersoll
22:25.61 SRMidland
67.11Sarah Fillwock
22:26.42Grand Blanc
68.11Christine Colasanti
22:27.91Grand Blanc
69.10Celeste Lareau
22:30.93 PRLapeer
70.12Abby Hutter
71.12Christine Burke
72.12Rose Ferguson
73.10Courtney Jarvis
22:52.76 PRLapeer
74.11Hannah MacDonald
75.10Raegan Price
22:54.64Bay City Central
76.12Olivia Taylor
22:58.42 SRSwartz Creek
77.11Marina Prawdzik
23:01.62Grand Blanc
78.10Erica Rudy
23:08.65Bay City Central
79.11Olivia Llewelyn
23:14.67Saginaw Heritage
80.12Amanda Floyd
23:38.41 PRFlushing
81.11Vicki Martindale
82.11Gabrielle Genovesi
23:45.23Swartz Creek
83.12Sara Hilden
23:49.34 SRSwartz Creek
84.11Brennah Donahue
85.10Elena Perez
86.10Jordan Parker
24:43.88Swartz Creek
87.9Allyssa Barrie
24:44.58Bay City Central
88.10Shannon deRuiter
89.11Jessica Mata
25:21.23Bay City Central
90.11Stephanie Anderson
91.12Kelsey Jarvis
25:43.27 SRLapeer
92.10Emily Keesling
93.10Alivia Cerny
28:38.93 PRLapeer
94.9Megan Johnson
28:54.83 PRBay City Central
95.11Dominique Houston
29:25.09 PRFlint Carman-Ainsworth
96.10Mystique King
29:43.19Bay City Central
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