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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity9:45 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity9:00 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Justin Ross
16:40.36Rocky Mountain
2.12David Covert
16:48.56Rocky Mountain
3.12Nate Quist
16:53.69Rocky Mountain
4.11Joe Giese
16:59.19Rocky Mountain
5.11Jordon Wallin
17:08.76Rocky Mountain
6.12Camron Pearce
17:18.66Rocky Mountain
7.11Aden Kutsurelis
17:30.16Rocky Mountain
8.12Alec Sigston
17:35.95Rocky Mountain
9.11Trevan Reese
17:42.44Rocky Mountain
10.12Andrew Bienapfl
17:47.65Rocky Mountain
11.11Sam Powell
12.12Reuben Mulhern
13.9Michael Slagowski
18:06.64Rocky Mountain
14.11Jared Capell
18:09.74Mountain View (ID)
15.9Noah Horsburgh
18:11.54Mountain View (ID)
16.12Ian Cavey
18:12.81Rocky Mountain
17.12Taylor Mower
18:13.85Rocky Mountain
18.12Brandon Deshazer
18:14.57Mountain View (ID)
19.11Taylor Paskett
18:16.93Rocky Mountain
20.10Garrett Plant
18:17.85Rocky Mountain
21.11Jimmy Lee
22.9Conner Oswald
18:25.08Mountain View (ID)
23.10Colton Ray
18:30.47Mountain View (ID)
24.10Lane Inwards
18:39.25Rocky Mountain
25.12Parker Gordon
18:43.59Rocky Mountain
26.10Asher Wheelock
18:43.96Mountain View (ID)
27.11Chayse Carson
18:44.89Mountain View (ID)
28.12Tim Ankenman
18:45.07Mountain View (ID)
29.11Ben Smith
18:52.98Mountain View (ID)
30.12James Crawford
18:55.48Rocky Mountain
31.11Phil O'Brien
19:05.70Rocky Mountain
32.11Brody Wheelock
19:16.91Rocky Mountain
33.9Coen Jardine
19:25.44Mountain View (ID)
34.9Ryan McKinnon
19:37.20Mountain View (ID)
35.12Josh Wallin
19:40.78Rocky Mountain
36.12Cole Smith
19:44.91Rocky Mountain
37.12Dan Donnelly
19:57.81Mountain View (ID)
38.9Brion Lowry
19:59.24Mountain View (ID)
39.11Russ Dent
19:59.69Mountain View (ID)
40.9Koller Lange
20:03.67Mountain View (ID)
41.10Collin Pattan
20:09.82Mountain View (ID)
42.9Joe Petty
20:10.05Mountain View (ID)
43.10Cody Jenson
44.9Jacob Skelton
20:11.08Mountain View (ID)
45.9Bryce Funkhauser
20:17.53Rocky Mountain
46.12Caden Hammer
20:19.93Mountain View (ID)
47.9Bridger Howell
20:30.08Mountain View (ID)
48.11Brydon Anderson
20:33.65Mountain View (ID)
49.11Brennan Glynn
20:34.73Mountain View (ID)
50.10Spencer Clark
20:35.24Rocky Mountain
51.9Brady Yoneda
20:36.22Rocky Mountain
52.9Tyler Wallentine
20:40.78Mountain View (ID)
53.10Matt Davis
20:41.33Rocky Mountain
54.9Riley Simpson
55.11Forrest Nolan
20:43.75Mountain View (ID)
56.11Daylon Lewis
20:47.69Rocky Mountain
57.9Nathan Hines
20:50.29Mountain View (ID)
58.11Andrew Wardle
59.9Derick Rusher
20:56.73Rocky Mountain
60.10Jake Jackson
21:02.99Rocky Mountain
61.10Cameron Gross
21:03.66Rocky Mountain
62.11Christian Larsen
21:03.99Mountain View (ID)
63.9George Bowler
21:22.35Mountain View (ID)
64.9Ethan Davis
21:25.64Rocky Mountain
65.10Casey Howard
21:37.16Mountain View (ID)
66.9Corey Hendrickson-...
21:51.39Mountain View (ID)
67.11Joseph Kozlowski
21:54.29Rocky Mountain
68.11Mitch Lambert
22:05.93Mountain View (ID)
69.12David Black
22:08.35Mountain View (ID)
70.12Jaren Walker
22:19.94Mountain View (ID)
71.11Sager Ben
22:23.92North Star Charter
72.10Aaron Capell
22:34.01Mountain View (ID)
73.9Andrew Terrell
74.10Sam Bennett
22:40.33Mountain View (ID)
75.10Doug Hessenthaler
22:51.80Rocky Mountain
76.10Jake Selvage
77.10Brent Wissenbach
23:55.57Rocky Mountain
78.9Seth Helsley
24:00.34Mountain View (ID)
79.11Oscar Alaniz
80.11Jared Petrie
24:08.07Mountain View (ID)
81.10Baye Danielson
82.11Steven Hellman
24:41.02Mountain View (ID)
83.9Shaad Atnip
84.9Hayden Danielson
24:45.43North Star Charter
85.10Michael Chase
24:52.57Mountain View (ID)
86.11Isaac Skelton
25:23.72Mountain View (ID)
87.11Nathan Scholl
88.9Griffin Williamson
25:44.68Mountain View (ID)
89.10Jake Ramirez
90.9Jacob Black
26:00.37Mountain View (ID)
91.9Jared Luedtke
32:12.50Mountain View (ID)
12Ryan Higley
12Chaz Branstetter
DNSMountain View (ID)
10Carter Cook
DNSMountain View (ID)
11Josh Eastman
DNSMountain View (ID)
12David Mitchell
DNSMountain View (ID)
12Taylor Topham
DNSMountain View (ID)
9Tylor Clark
DNSRocky Mountain
11Chase Hainsworth
DNSRocky Mountain
10Sam Mathews
DNSRocky Mountain
10Berkley Spencer
DNSRocky Mountain
10Morgan Watson
DNSRocky Mountain
10Nathan Wheeler
DNSRocky Mountain
10Nathan Yorgason
DNSRocky Mountain
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Paige Dilmore
18:57.40Rocky Mountain
2.11Sam Mckinnon
19:12.20Mountain View (ID)
3.12Dana Snell
19:41.10Rocky Mountain
4.9Sara Christianson
5.9Kaylee Oyler
20:02.70Rocky Mountain
6.11Julia Fretwell
20:05.80Rocky Mountain
7.12Mackenzie Carruthers
8.11Katie Mower
20:26.10 PRRocky Mountain
9.9Brittany Wilding
20:31.40Rocky Mountain
10.10Erin Hagen
20:45.20Mountain View (ID)
11.10Allison Ellingson
20:55.00Mountain View (ID)
12.12Angie McGraw
21:01.60Mountain View (ID)
13.11Paige Brock
21:19.20Rocky Mountain
14.12Bailee Kern
21:39.70Mountain View (ID)
15.10Mariah Simpson
21:40.40Mountain View (ID)
16.10Holly Ellingson
21:53.10Mountain View (ID)
17.10Grace Jamison
21:53.50Mountain View (ID)
18.12Hannah Kropf
22:08.20Rocky Mountain
19.12Bella Colson
22:22.30Mountain View (ID)
20.10Kaitlyn Fox
22:26.20Mountain View (ID)
21.9Katelyn Powell
22.10Hannah Wentland
22:43.70Rocky Mountain
23.10Morgan Seastrand
24.10Melissa Brown
23:22.10Rocky Mountain
25.9Jessica Stastny
23:25.40Mountain View (ID)
26.9Emmalee Thomas
27.12Courtney Rupe
28.11Becca Cole
24:02.20Rocky Mountain
29.11Sam Johnston
24:02.90Mountain View (ID)
30.10Abby Alexander
24:16.40Mountain View (ID)
31.9Kirsten Pfannmuller
24:16.50Rocky Mountain
32.10Hannah Fronk
33.11Erin Shields
24:24.30Rocky Mountain
34.12Kristina Fox
25:10.50Mountain View (ID)
35.10Mariah Murphy
25:14.20Mountain View (ID)
36.9Savannah Steele
25:15.10Mountain View (ID)
37.10Jordan Bateman
25:20.20Mountain View (ID)
37.10Haley Fronk
39.11Brittney Anderson
40.9Alyssa Brock
25:33.20Rocky Mountain
41.11London Howell
25:37.60Mountain View (ID)
42.11Rachel Bolin
43.12Megan Laub
25:41.30Mountain View (ID)
44.12Emma Lock
25:42.10Rocky Mountain
45.12Haley Berg
25:44.60Mountain View (ID)
46.12Kaitlyn Lange
25:53.40Mountain View (ID)
47.11Lisa Kendall
26:13.60Mountain View (ID)
48.10Hannah Decker
26:16.60Rocky Mountain
49.12Kacee Ramirez
50.9Mia Guzman
26:21.30Rocky Mountain
51.11Rachel Aramburu
26:34.90Mountain View (ID)
52.11Kendra Chamberlain
26:39.40Rocky Mountain
53.12Marissa Chase
27:09.70Mountain View (ID)
54.10Kristen` Gruendel
27:13.90Mountain View (ID)
55.10Sarah Bruneel
27:28.60Rocky Mountain
56.10Alyson Cooke
27:32.60Rocky Mountain
57.9Addy Warr
27:38.30 PRRocky Mountain
58.11Sofia Broadbent
59.12Kylan Nanney
27:54.70Mountain View (ID)
60.11Shelby Belvoir
61.10Natalie Jimenez
28:21.80 SRPayette
67.11Johana Schurbuscher
62.10Alora Demaree
28:35.50Rocky Mountain
64.10Rachel Wilker
28:59.50Mountain View (ID)
65.9Alexis Jurado
29:06.90Mountain View (ID)
66.9Hannah Boren
29:39.80Rocky Mountain
67.10Linnae Bultez
30:14.20Rocky Mountain
68.10Kirsten Forster
32:13.80Rocky Mountain
69.9Jewel Pugmire
32:43.90North Star Charter
70.12Paisley Worthington
33:04.90Rocky Mountain
71.9Kimberlee Freeman
33:39.30Mountain View (ID)
12Sierra Kross
10Emily Luker
12Grace Saderholm
11Leticia Barnes
DNSMountain View (ID)
11T'Kayah Bell
DNSMountain View (ID)
10Bailey Frings
DNSMountain View (ID)
12Hailey Goode
DNSMountain View (ID)
12Morgan Holbrook
DNSMountain View (ID)
10Courtney Kelly
DNSMountain View (ID)
9Sarah Larsen
DNSMountain View (ID)
11Courteney Lau
DNSMountain View (ID)
12Ana Ceballos
9Courtney Wiggins
DNSMountain View (ID)
12Becca Williamson
DNSMountain View (ID)
10Molly Ashby
DNSRocky Mountain
10Savannah Callis
DNSRocky Mountain
11Ellen Caminiti
DNSRocky Mountain
9Carli Corpus
DNSRocky Mountain
9Rylee Jensen
DNSRocky Mountain
10Riley Mortonson
DNSRocky Mountain
10Paige Simpson
DNSRocky Mountain
12Bailey Snyder
DNSRocky Mountain
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