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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Michael Ortega
17:01.21High Tech High
2.12Manuel LaCarra
17:31.44High Tech High
3.10Bryson Blume
17:37.67High Tech High
4.12David Espe
17:45.31High Tech High
5.9Jose Murillo
18:40.66High Tech High
6.11Justin Hutchinson
18:44.64High Tech High
7.11Nate Kling
19:30.99High Tech High
8.11Gregory Burow
19:39.41Health Sciences High...
9.11Gabriel Pardo
19:47.83High Tech (CV)
10.9Josh Nunez
19:50.75Liberty Charter
11.12Miguel Lopez
19:51.56Health Sciences High...
12.11Ramon Mercado
20:22.81High Tech (CV)
13.12Diego Hinojosa
20:28.66Gompers Preparatory ...
14.9Todd Piedad
20:35.04High Tech (CV)
15.9Rafael Rosas
20:35.30High Tech (CV)
16.10Reece Freeman
20:43.71High Tech High NC
17.9Michael Matticola
20:43.95High Tech High NC
18.9Bobby Jones
21:15.95O'Farrell Charter
19.11Dean Kim
21:26.87 PRHigh Tech (CV)
20.12Jesse Nunez
21:46.16Liberty Charter
21.9Jon Lorenz
21:48.80Liberty Charter
22.10Ernesto Ledezma
21:57.47High Tech High NC
23.12Preston Fraizer
22:08.19Liberty Charter
24.10Javier Guerrero
22:35.29Gompers Preparatory ...
25.10Marc Mendoza
22:42.71High Tech High NC
26.11Michael Reyes
23:16.96Health Sciences High...
27.12John Sanchez
23:26.27Health Sciences High...
28.11Jeffrey Frick
23:40.63River Valley Charter
29.11Derrick Skinner
23:48.74River Valley Charter
30.11Vincent O'Hara
23:56.22High Tech (CV)
31.9McCall Christiansen
24:24.33High Tech High NC
32.9Adrian Avalos
25:07.87High Tech (CV)
33.11Eusebio Rodriguez
25:18.92Gompers Preparatory ...
34.9Juan Diego Fierro
25:22.99O'Farrell Charter
35.12Elvis Soto
25:30.78Gompers Preparatory ...
36.12Wyatt Connoly
26:11.18Health Sciences High...
37.9Robert Yelland
26:17.53Health Sciences High...
38.9Matt Rose
27:10.03High Tech High NC
39.9Leo Ellison
27:14.70Health Sciences High...
40.9Isaiah Martinez
27:51.07 PRRiver Valley Charter
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Andrew Sanchez
19:59.15High Tech High
2.11Hunter Bragg
20:10.86 PRHigh Tech High
3.10Trevor Hill
20:12.37High Tech High
4.10Carlos Cazares
6.9Tucker Ferguson
21:38.81Liberty Charter
7.9Josh Ortega
21:56.78High Tech High
8.10Alex Duberek
21:58.34High Tech High
9.9Jacob Rosenberg
22:05.05High Tech High
10.10Josiah Terronez
22:46.39High Tech High
11.12James Kime
23:11.67Liberty Charter
12.9Spencer Bond
23:45.19Liberty Charter
13.9Gonzalez Nicholas
23:47.99School for Entrepren...
14.10Wood Christopher
23:56.59School for Entrepren...
15.9Matios Ishuo
24:20.73Liberty Charter
16.9Aaron Paredes
26:48.56O'Farrell Charter
17.9Brandon Niegocki
26:50.45High Tech High
18.9Timothy Rusk
27:12.83Liberty Charter
19.10Ernesto Moreno
20.9Justin Kashiwagi
29:03.34High Tech High
21.9Vincent Vongvichith
29:21.98O'Farrell Charter
22.9Julian De Leon
29:36.82O'Farrell Charter
23.9Dillon Ethington
29:38.41Liberty Charter
24.9Matthew Wood
29:58.31Liberty Charter
25.9Joel Aguilar
31:09.81O'Farrell Charter
26.11Jawan Joseph
31:14.75Health Sciences High...
27.9Alfredo David
36:36.00O'Farrell Charter
28.9Matthew Conrad
44:.57.00Health Sciences High...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Simone Federici
20:04.79High Tech High
2.11Sally Keating
21:02.38High Tech High
3.12Illiana Guirant
21:24.33High Tech High
4.12Chanae Grimmett
21:32.73 PRHigh Tech High
5.11Michelle Garcia
21:54.28High Tech High
6.11Katie Gavares
22:33.07High Tech High
7.11Ninfa Negrete
22:39.51Health Sciences High...
8.9Jamie Wilkinson
22:50.42High Tech High
9.11Drew Mack
24:11.11High Tech (CV)
10.11Jillian Nunez
24:14.35Liberty Charter
11.12Denise Quiroz
25:10.66Health Sciences High...
12.9Mikayla Kricfalusi
25:30.26High Tech High NC
13.11Claire Northrob
25:33.82High Tech High
14.11Miriam Shechet
25:45.48Liberty Charter
15.10Grace Fregoso
26:13.30High Tech (CV)
16.10Graciella Bragg
26:35.16 SRHigh Tech High
17.11Kathy Torres
26:45.49 SRHealth Sciences High...
18.10Ariana Peinado
26:55.94Health Sciences High...
19.10Sarina Vega
27:22.22High Tech (CV)
20.12Cheyenne Martinez
27:36.40 PRRiver Valley Charter
21.10Mariana West
27:37.67High Tech (CV)
22.10Erina Chavez
27:38.79High Tech High NC
23.10Sydney Titcomb
27:39.81High Tech High NC
24.11Stephany Velazquez
27:48.86 SRHealth Sciences High...
25.11Rebeca Guerra
27:54.55Health Sciences High...
26.9Kandice Daniels
29:35.30O'Farrell Charter
27.9Ariel Stevens
29:36.71O'Farrell Charter
28.12Landin Lilliana
30:27.98Health Sciences High...
29.9Lynnee Lampton
30:44.66High Tech (CV)
30.10Molly Baldwin
30:54.06High Tech High
31.11McAlister Haynes
31:27.90School for Entrepren...
32.9Rachel Perez
32:57.01High Tech (CV)
33.11Sarah Salcedo
32:57.26Health Sciences High...
34.9Marianna Samson
34:07.77High Tech (CV)
35.9Hannah Vega
34:25.20High Tech (CV)
36.12Karah Chavez
34:46.04Health Sciences High...
37.12Tianna Jones
36:36.25 PRSchool for Entrepren...
38.9Charlene Stephens
37:09.48High Tech High NC
39.11Allen Courtney
37:34.44School for Entrepren...
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