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Mens Races
3 Mile Junior Varsity
3 Mile Varsity
3,200 Meters Varsity
3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

TCC Northeast Campus

5,000 Meters Varsity7:55 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:25 AM
Womens Races
3 Mile Junior Varsity
3 Mile Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity9:10 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:00 AM
3,200 Meters Varsity10:30 AM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Junior Varsity

11Drew White
16:39 PRNorthwest
11Alex Adams
17:37 PRNorthwest
12Thomas Sprague
17:48 PRNorthwest
9Trevor Bohr
17:59 SRNorthwest
10Jeremiah Baugh
18:01 PRNorthwest
10Ismael Munoz
18:31 PRNorthwest
12Reed Phillips
18:45 SRNorthwest
10Chandler Floyd
18:48 PRNorthwest
11Ty Thomas
18:52 PRNorthwest
10Hunter Hart
18:56 PRNorthwest
11Ryan Sparks
19:01 PRNorthwest
9Kenneth Kinneer
19:16 PRNorthwest
10Caulin Bradshaw
19:29 PRNorthwest
11Jonathon Anderson
19:40 PRNorthwest
10Joey Adkins
20:45 PRNorthwest
11Kerry Gleason
20:55 PRNorthwest
9Joe Gonzales
21:46 SRNorthwest
10Coy Cassels
21:48 PRNorthwest
9Andres Montoya
21:58 PRNorthwest
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3 Mile Varsity

11Zach Kirkland
10Jacob Suchors
15:59 SRNorthwest
12Ashton Shelton
16:19 PRNorthwest
12Caleb Frandsen
16:25 PRNorthwest
11Trenton Koestler
16:55 PRNorthwest
10Jackson Miller
17:02 PRNorthwest
11Bobby Slape
17:53 PRNorthwest
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5,000 Meters Varsity

9.11Colby Kuehler
15:38.93 PRDenton Guyer
14.11Rafael Posada
15:50 PRFt Worth Western Hills
23.11Tony Perez
16:13.54 PRDenton Guyer
38.12Blake Fowler
16:26.09 PRDenton Guyer
69.11Ben Sterenberg
17:00.00 SRDenton Guyer
11Tyler Jones
17:17 PRWeatherford
12Jeremy Moore
17:22 PRFt Worth Western Hills
95.11leighton Baker
17:40.79 PRDenton Guyer
11John Bessire
17:42 SRWeatherford
9JD Kuehler
17:48.1 PRDenton Guyer
120.11Manuel Rivera
17:55.83Denton Guyer
10Moises Ramirez
18:17 PRFt Worth Western Hills
12Travis Lynch
18:19 PRWeatherford
12Seth Cooke
12Jordan Simmons
11Max Brown
18:26.39 PRDenton Guyer
9Joseph Herrera
18:59 SRFt Worth Western Hills
10Edon Adveli
19:09 SRFt Worth Western Hills
207.12Francisco Vera
23:19.75 PRFt Worth Polytechnic
209.10Carlos Figueroa
23:19.75 SRFt Worth Polytechnic
11Jason Juarez
00:00Ft Worth Polytechnic
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

12Hector Cruz
16:45 PRFt Worth Western Hills
76.11Jack Niles
18:35 PRCovenant Christian
9Truett Miller
18:52 PRWeatherford
9Tucker Cargill
18:52 SRWeatherford
9Kyle Smithey
19:21 PRWeatherford
126.11Matthew Schwebke
19:34Covenant Christian
11Bryce Petty
19:45 SRWeatherford
10Jachob Christian
19:57 SRWeatherford
9John Opella
12Caleb Carroll
9Zach Carey
198.11William Porter
23:41.4 PRCalvary
249.11Mark Hill
24:00Covenant Christian
260.11Jacob Alexander Ga...
24:05Covenant Christian
304.9Benito Barcenas
24:05.29Ft Worth Polytechnic
320.9Jesus Rodriguez
24:05.29 PRFt Worth Polytechnic
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Womens Results

3 Mile Junior Varsity

9Rebecca Christman
20:22 PRNorthwest
10Baylee Nelson
20:40 SRNorthwest
9Lauren Boggs
20:55 PRNorthwest
12Bethany Radic
21:14 PRNorthwest
10Anna Beth Johnson
21:23 PRNorthwest
12Kathleen Williams
21:25 PRNorthwest
10Robyn Day
21:51 SRNorthwest
10Paighton Kelly
22:04 PRNorthwest
12Marissa Zamora
23:54 PRNorthwest
11Olivia Wilson
24:10 PRNorthwest
11Kristina Plaster
24:16 PRNorthwest
9Emma Simmons
24:17 PRNorthwest
11Nuria Putnam
24:20 PRNorthwest
9Madison Potter
24:42 PRNorthwest
12Morgan Bomgardner
24:47 PRNorthwest
9Ashley Dyer
25:20 PRNorthwest
10Jacinda Rogers
25:22 PRNorthwest
10Sara Pettit
25:29 PRNorthwest
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3 Mile Varsity

11Kellee McCann
17:44 SRNorthwest
10Katherine Chavez
12Taylor Bohr
9Ivy Diefenbach
19:23 PRNorthwest
9Micah Solomon
19:49 PRNorthwest
11Sydney Benes
11Deserae Kirkland
20:36 SRNorthwest
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5,000 Meters Varsity

5.11Devin Norton
17:59.35 PRDenton Guyer
12Tamerah Gorham
18:56 PRArlington Lamar
38.9Gairy Natividad
19:53.8 PRDenton Guyer
11Dria Windle
20:02.96 PRDenton Guyer
11Ronni Middleton
20:05 PRWeatherford
11Victoria Shelton
20:20 SRArlington Lamar
9Tiffany Smith
20:40 PRArlington Lamar
72.10Brianne Van Voorhis
21:12.96 SRDenton Guyer
11Victoria Junious
21:15 PRArlington Lamar
73.11Kaitlyn Caro
21:15.17Denton Guyer
74.10Danielle Poyser
21:15.65 PRDenton Guyer
12Berenice Villegas
21:33 PRArlington Lamar
10Megan Macisaac
21:40 PRDenton Guyer
11Brianna Collins
21:44 PRArlington Lamar
12Maria Galarza
21:46 SRArlington Lamar
10Jasper Doda
21:49 PRArlington Lamar
12Allison Arnier
22:09 PRArlington Lamar
11Rachel Mercer
22:17.04 PRDenton Guyer
11Chandler Lacefield
22:24 PRWeatherford
9Hagan Griffith
22:28 PRArlington Lamar
12Monica Ramirez
22:42 PRFt Worth Western Hills
11Jessie Opella
11Lindsay Lehman
23:37 PRArlington Lamar
9Antonia Perez
24:36 SRFt Worth Western Hills
11Brianna Garcia
25:47 PRFt Worth Western Hills
11Jasmine Bruner
25:55 SRFt Worth Western Hills
12Monica Montejano
26:16 PRFt Worth Western Hills
169.11Sugein Martinez
27:25.89 PRFt Worth Polytechnic
170.11Rebecca Ramirez
28:44.26Ft Worth Polytechnic
172.10Leidy Chavez
29:47.30Ft Worth Polytechnic
12Courtney May
30:26Ft Worth Western Hills
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

83.10Anna Popkin
22:47 PRCovenant Christian
111.10Jade Baker
23:32 PRCovenant Christian
10Julianne Kirby
24:07 PRWeatherford
150.10Sierra Ring
24:15 PRCovenant Christian
157.10Daisy Rodgers
24:20 PRCovenant Christian
325.10Miranda Guevara
26:48.53 SRFt Worth Polytechnic
385.9Angela Soria
37:19.17 PRFt Worth Polytechnic
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3,200 Meters Varsity

20.12Maegen Owens
14:10.23 PRCalvary
23.10Valerie Gloeckner
14:28Covenant Christian
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