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3 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Paul Coburn
15:28 PRLivonia Franklin
2.11Mike Parcha
15:36 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
3.11Earl Jones
15:50 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
4.11Pete Stephens
15:53 PRWestland John Glenn
5.12Mike Stapleton
15:55 SRGarden City
6.-John Conrad
15:59 PRBelleville
7.11Chris Strome
16:07Wayne Memorial
8.-Joe Bartlo
16:08 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
9.12Jeff Bristow
16:09 SRLivonia Franklin
10.-Allan Hoelzel
16:11 PRBelleville
11.-Jeff Collins
16:12 PRBelleville
12.11Kevin Allen
16:13 PRWayne Memorial
13.10Tom Gibson
16:14 PRWestland John Glenn
14.-Randy Given
16:17 PRRomulus
15.11Chris Zimmer
16:29 PRLivonia Franklin
16.-Del Magee
16:31 PRBelleville
17.-Brian Tanner
16:34 PRBelleville
18.-Richard Whitner
16:36 PRBelleville
19.-Ed Shedlock
16:37 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
20.11Randy Frank
16:38 PRWestland John Glenn
21.11Mike Tolson
16:39Wayne Memorial
22.11Mike Witt
16:40 PRLivonia Franklin
23.-Jason Bryant
16:41 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
24.10Gary Vallance
16:43 PRWayne Memorial
25.-Todd Crump
16:44 PRGarden City
26.-Mark Woytalewicz
16:51 PRTaylor Harry S Truman
27.-Bob Thomason
16:53 PRTaylor Harry S Truman
28.-Allen Szemak
16:54 PRBelleville
29.-Jim Anderson
16:55 PRGarden City
30.10Keith Kiesznowski
17:01 SRWayne Memorial
31.-Dave Lamke
17:02 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
32.10Ken Lamb
17:03 PRWayne Memorial
33.11Gary Ferguson
17:05 PRGarden City
34.11Paul Davis
17:06 PRWestland John Glenn
35.-Jerry Robinson
17:09 PRTaylor Kennedy
36.-Chris Morgeson
17:11 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
37.-John Tobin
17:12 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
38.11Rob Phillips
17:13 PRGarden City
39.-John Gray
17:14 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
40.-Terry Crump
17:15 PRGarden City
41.-Pat Zanetti
17:17 PRTrenton
42.11Dave Gerardi
17:18 PRLivonia Franklin
43.-Leon Hogan
17:19 PRTrenton
44.-Bob Meutivier
17:20 PRGarden City
45.11Ray Macika
17:21Westland John Glenn
46.-Dennis Outlaw
17:27 PRGarden City
47.11Doug Outlaw
17:29 PRGarden City
48.-Bill Powell
17:30 PRTaylor Kennedy
49.11Glen Shelly
17:32 PRWestland John Glenn
50.-Tony Kornage
17:34 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
51.-Dominic Nicita
17:38 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
52.11Jeff VanDenbussche
17:40 PRWestland John Glenn
53.-Daryn Jacobs
17:44 PRTaylor Harry S Truman
54.-Jeff Cook
17:48 PRGarden City
55.-Tim Fields
17:53 PRTaylor Kennedy
56.-Doug Brushaber
17:56 PRTrenton
57.-George Tindell
18:01 PRTaylor Kennedy
58.-John Hart
18:02 PRLivonia Franklin
59.-Tom Uminski
18:03 PRTaylor Harry S Truman
60.-Frank Mazurek
18:06 PRTaylor Kennedy
61.-Jim Wagel
18:08 PRTaylor Kennedy
62.-Jim Allen
18:10 PRTrenton
63.-Leonard Pudek
18:12 PRTaylor Center (CLOSED)
64.-Sean Tobin
18:17 PRTrenton
65.-John Bishop
18:18 PRTrenton
66.-Vince Carter
18:20 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
67.-Matt Rigott
18:28 PRTaylor Kennedy
68.-Mike Tucker
18:31 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
69.-Norty English
18:33 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
70.-George Thompson
18:40 PRTrenton
71.-Andy Arton
18:44 PRLivonia Franklin
72.-Jim Miller
18:45 PRTaylor Harry S Truman
73.-Marcus Colfield
18:49 PRRomulus
74.-Gerald Fuller
18:53 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
75.-Matt McNear
19:28 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
76.-Bruce Rackwood
19:31 PRDearborn Heights Cre...
77.-Ed Queen
19:34 PRGarden City
78.-Brian Blackburn
20:07 PRGarden City
79.-Tom Rusan
20:31 PRRomulus
80.-Lance Randall
20:32 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
81.-Greg Walker
20:40 PRRomulus
82.-John Pace
20:45 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
83.-Mark Wade
21:51 PRGarden City
84.-Roy Root
22:18 PRDearborn Heights Rob...
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