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8:00 am	School opens & packets available
9:00 am	Course inspection	
10:00 am	Boys race begins - Division 4
10:30 am	Boys race begins - Division 3
11:00 am	Girls race begins - Division 4
11:35 am	Girls race begins - Division 3
12:10 pm	Awards ceremony - D4 & D3
12:45 pm	Boys race begins - Division 2
1:25 pm	Girl's race begins - Division 2
2:00 pm	Awards ceremony - D2
2:30 pm	PROM Race

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Connor Mora
14:54.01 PRCedar Springs
2.12Clark Ruiz
15:16.51 PRBig Rapids
3.12Luke Johnson
4.10Austin Sargent
15:50.31 SRCedar Springs
5.12Charlend Howard
6.12Ben Shaffer
16:05.80Big Rapids
7.11Matthew Ritter
16:15.25 PRLudington
8.12Justin Harthorn
16:16.21 PRCedar Springs
9.10Carter VerSluys
16:18.05 PRSparta
10.12Nate Fischer
16:20.08 SRGaylord
11.12Cameron Kroening
16:21.21 PRMuskegon Orchard View
12.12Jonathan Delodder
16:21.54 PRSparta
13.12Logan Irey
16:25.36 PRWhitehall
14.12Brent Heberling
16:25.68 PRBig Rapids
15.12Alex Bray
16:26.20 PRCedar Springs
16.12Logan Hensley
16:38.26 PRPetoskey
17.12Tyler Green
16:39.74 PRFremont
18.11Phillip Merrell
16:41.95 PRCadillac
19.9Cameron Umphrey
16:42.43Cedar Springs
20.9Alex Dennis
21.12Ethan Menefee
16:49.67 SRCedar Springs
22.10Justin Jones
16:49.98 SRCedar Springs
23.11Jon Castle
16:51.35 PRFremont
24.9Chris Oates
16:58.04Remus Chippewa Hills
25.10Thomas VanSlembrouck
16:59.08 SRPetoskey
26.10Keaton Smith
17:01.48 SRWhitehall
27.11Sterling McPherson
17:01.91 SRGaylord
28.12Bryan Greenwood
17:05.75 PRCadillac
29.10Collin Monusko
17:07.78 PRGaylord
30.11Brayden Berson
17:09.56 PRWhitehall
31.12Ian Callison
17:10.15 SRGaylord
32.11Curtis Jewett
17:11.05 PRFremont
33.11Luke Riley
17:14.14 PRLudington
34.11Mark Smith
17:16.02 SRPetoskey
35.12Leo Botello
17:16.66 SRFremont
36.9Reiley Brown
17:17.59 PRWhitehall
37.12Tyler Grove
17:18.05 SRWhitehall
38.12Jorge Hernandez
17:21.00 PRSparta
39.12Trent Slavens
17:26.34 PRHoward City-Tri-County
40.10Carter Shupe
17:26.67 SRSparta
41.9Andrew Thome
17:26.92 SRSparta
42.11Nate Soules
17:27.92 PRSparta
43.12Ian Rudel
17:36.43 PRGaylord
44.10Andrew Goodspeed
17:40.69 SRFremont
45.12Mitch Boyce
46.11Brode Breuker
17:43.54 SRFremont
47.12Chris Ryan
17:44.74 PRGaylord
48.9Max Meyerson
17:45.88 SRPetoskey
49.10Luke Schwass
17:49.12 SRLudington
50.12Luke Bradford
17:50.02 PRSparta
51.12Ethan Goodman
17:50.99 PRBig Rapids
52.11Elijah Groendal
17:52.04 PRHoward City-Tri-County
53.11Austin Powlenko
17:55.64 PRMuskegon Orchard View
54.11James Ryan
17:57.25 PRHoward City-Tri-County
55.11Chris Snow
56.10Alex MacLean
18:05.73 PRBig Rapids
57.11Max Pletcher
18:06.89 SRCheboygan
58.11Quentin Fettig
18:07.53 SRPetoskey
59.12Charles Piatt
18:09.61 SRRemus Chippewa Hills
60.10Austin Carlington
61.11Trevor Thiebaut
62.12Daniel Clancy
18:18.31 SRPetoskey
63.11Ian Jackson
18:19.34 PRCadillac
64.10Hunter Jacobs
18:22.52 PRBig Rapids
65.9Nick Mathis
18:24.21 SRRemus Chippewa Hills
66.9Jacob Kromm
18:25.80 SRPetoskey
67.10Ben Jensen
68.12Nathan Fetterhoff
18:30.86Muskegon Orchard View
69.12Willie Cook
18:32.50 PRHoward City-Tri-County
70.9Eric Wood
18:33.74 SROgemaw Heights
71.11David Painter
18:38.32 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
72.9Dylan Matulis
18:38.85 PRHoward City-Tri-County
73.9Tyler Parker
18:42.01 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
74.10Logan St. John
18:43.56 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
75.10Anthony Greenwood
18:43.91 SRCadillac
76.11Ben Macioszek
18:51.75 PRCadillac
77.11Paul Travis
18:58.18 SROgemaw Heights
78.10Austin Nicholas
79.12Brandon Edel
80.11Tristan Blair
19:08.12 PRHoward City-Tri-County
81.12Al Hairston
19:16.03 PRMuskegon Orchard View
82.10Jack DeJonge
19:17.04 PRHoward City-Tri-County
83.11Chris Rosenberge
19:33.53 SRCheboygan
84.9Griffin Farr
19:34.14 SRMuskegon Orchard View
85.12Greg Sancrant
19:43.15 SROgemaw Heights
86.10Keegan Atherton
19:48.44Ogemaw Heights
87.12Tieler Schick
19:50.54 SROgemaw Heights
88.9Todd Ryan
20:01.52 SRMuskegon Orchard View
89.9Noah Stauffer
20:12.15 SRBig Rapids
90.12Nils Quassdorf
20:19.52 PROgemaw Heights
91.9Matt Mathis
20:22.26Remus Chippewa Hills
92.10Noah Wymer
20:37.00 PRMuskegon Orchard View
93.9Zach Farley
22:20.50 SROgemaw Heights
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Kenzie Weiler
17:33.85 SRCedar Springs
2.11Megan O'Neil
17:55.65 SRRemus Chippewa Hills
3.12Katie Weiler
18:00.78 SRCedar Springs
4.10Emily Starck
18:27.69 SRRemus Chippewa Hills
5.12Devon Sutton
18:37.13 PRLudington
6.11Brooke Wahl
18:42.81 PRFremont
7.9Carley Andrews
18:43.25 PRSparta
8.10Mandy Paull
18:53.92 SRCheboygan
9.9Lexi Heimbaugh
18:58.04 PRSparta
10.11Mackenzie Lounsbery
19:00.28 PRFremont
11.12Alesha Reed
19:00.63 PRSparta
12.10Sandy Kunnen
19:14.76 PRFremont
13.10Chloe Kinnally
19:16.25 SRBig Rapids
14.10Kylie Schafer
19:29.34 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
15.12Sommer VanDyke
19:30.99 SRCedar Springs
16.10Jessica Harris
19:37.74 SRWhitehall
17.10Emily Maclean
19:47.25 SRCadillac
18.12Claire Schaar
19:51.50 SRFremont
19.11Maddie Pekrul
19:52.33 SRCedar Springs
20.11Ivy Boden
19:53.02 PRHoward City-Tri-County
21.10Brooklyn Ward
19:54.69 PRSparta
22.11Michaela Burnett
19:59.79 SRCedar Springs
23.11Caitlin McClurken
20:05.33 PRCedar Springs
24.12Christina Dean
20:06.19 SRCedar Springs
25.10Sydney Hopp
20:08.48 SRPetoskey
26.9Sarah Monterusso
20:11.94 SRSparta
27.12Larissa Umbleby
20:18.33 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
28.12Casey Wright
20:22.86 PRSparta
29.11Haley Marentette
20:25.41 PROgemaw Heights
30.12Haley Ludviksen
20:26.29 SRCadillac
31.12Maria Warren
20:27.24 SRGaylord
32.10Jessica Hoover
33.9Katelyn Erickson
20:38.44 PRCadillac
34.9Kaitlyn Monfils
20:39.27 SRCadillac
35.10Kazia Cooper
20:43.49 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
36.9Corrine Stevens
20:44.82 PRFremont
37.9Katy Ferris
20:45.32 PRFremont
38.12Katelynn Dreyer
39.11Ellen Seidell
20:50.78 PRGaylord
40.11Jessica Friend
20:53.23 PRWhitehall
41.10Josie Diehl
20:58.08 PROgemaw Heights
42.12Noelle Warren
20:59.37 PRGaylord
43.11Sidney Barcey
21:02.64 PRCadillac
44.10Zoe Paul-Shepard
21:05.48 PRLudington
45.10Kallan Sawyer
21:05.84 SRWhitehall
46.10Grace Porta
21:29.38 SRGaylord
47.11Colleen Hall
21:30.45 SRFremont
48.9Mallory Marshall
21:30.91 PRGaylord
49.9Megan Wilson
21:33.65 PRPetoskey
50.12Emily Dennis
21:34.49 SRWhitehall
51.12Courtney Schilbe
52.9Jessica Netzley
21:39.23 SRCadillac
53.11Cassandra McAllister
54.12Geena Duff
21:43.35 SRGaylord
55.12Ashley Mills
56.12Morgan Jons
21:49.43 SRPetoskey
57.9Melissa Myers
21:52.98 PRPetoskey
58.10Blake Kuzma
21:54.80 SRRemus Chippewa Hills
59.12Stephanie Wysocki
21:57.01 PROgemaw Heights
60.11Erin Drouillard
21:59.49 PRRemus Chippewa Hills
61.9Pallas Schuster
62.12Jill Antonishen
22:03.12 PRPetoskey
63.12Claire Brummeler
22:04.49 PRPetoskey
64.9Erin Snyder
22:07.24Howard City-Tri-County
65.9Kayla Chamberlain
22:23.94 SRBig Rapids
66.12Sarah Ames
22:33.40 PROgemaw Heights
67.11Alexys Morris
68.11Katie King
22:53.29 PRBig Rapids
69.10Emily Edel
70.9Breanna Collins
71.11Justine Grezeszak
23:22.67 PROgemaw Heights
72.10Alexis Whitlow
23:32.49 SRHoward City-Tri-County
73.12Allyson Rackley
23:35.61 PRHoward City-Tri-County
74.11Jessica Alcorn
24:07.56 PROgemaw Heights
75.12Maria Grantner
24:22.06 SRCheboygan
76.10Carolyn Clark
24:34.38 PRCheboygan
77.12Ricki Coston
24:41.16 PRPetoskey
78.11Maddie Zadvinskis
24:49.95 SRBig Rapids
79.11Kayla Riley
24:51.58 PROgemaw Heights
80.11Cassie Dexter
25:08.79Howard City-Tri-County
81.10Rylee Gross
25:10.87 SRHoward City-Tri-County
82.10Jordan Alberts
25:16.53 PRLudington
83.11Khyllian Lowry
28:42.26 SRHoward City-Tri-County
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