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Mens Races
4,000 Meters Novice Boys and Girls Combined4:00 PM
4,000 Meters Boys 4:55 PM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Novice Boys and Girls Combined4:00 PM
4,000 Meters Girls 4:30 PM

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Last Updated 10:16 AM, Tue, Aug 7


The Portland-area Catholic schools are hosting a pre-season preview meet for Catholic teams in Oregon.  We will race on a 4K course at Fernhill Park. This will be a great chance to get an early look at your team and build some camraderie and friendly competition amongst the Catholic schools in our state.

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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Boys

1.11Sam Remington
12:40.00 PRJesuit
2.12Hunter McGuirk
12:42.00 PRJesuit
3.12Brian McDavitt
12:50.00 PRJesuit
4.11Cooper Roach
12:54.00 SRValley Catholic
5.12Joshua Sealand
12:55.00 PRJesuit
6.12Matthew Piercy
12:57.00 PRJesuit
7.12Patrick Doherty
12:59.00 PRJesuit
8.11Michael Godbout
13:04.00 PRJesuit
9.10Spencer Grant
13:08.00 SRJesuit
10.12Conor McWeeney
13:09.00 PRJesuit
11.12Patrick Walsh
13:12.00 PRLa Salle Prep
12.11Will Thompson
13:13.00 SRLa Salle Prep
13.10Liam Keaney
13:14.00 PRJesuit
14.11Colton Passmore
13:19.00 PRLa Salle Prep
15.11Logan Veasy
13:35.00 SRLa Salle Prep
16.12Kirk Dettmer
13:54.00 PRLa Salle Prep
17.10Jason Rae
14:02.00 SRLa Salle Prep
18.12Nick Lien
14:06.00 PRLa Salle Prep
19.10Tom Murphy
14:08.00 SRJesuit
20.9Tyler O'Donnell
14:25.00 SRJesuit
21.10Logan Scroggy
14:26.00 SRJesuit
22.11Crawford Schafbuch
14:37.00 PRJesuit
23.9Truman Rae
14:45.00 SRLa Salle Prep
24.12Alex Damm
14:59.00 PRJesuit
25.10David Boss
15:19.00 SRJesuit
26.10Kai McPheeters
15:26.00 SRJesuit
27.9Max Hite
15:32.00 SRJesuit
28.9Scott Miller
15:44.00 PRLa Salle Prep
29.10Wyatt Nelson
15:48.00 PRJesuit
30.10Eric Myers
15:48.00 PRJesuit
31.11Ian McCredie
15:50.00 PRLa Salle Prep
32.11Jacob Bieker
15:53.00 PRLa Salle Prep
33.11Matthew Erhardt
15:54.00 SRLa Salle Prep
34.9Luke Sparks
16:00.00 SRJesuit
35.11Tom Phillips
16:11.00 SRJesuit
36.10Rohan Moore
16:12.00 PRJesuit
37.11Ben Hortaleza
16:17.00 SRLa Salle Prep
38.9Ryan Packan
16:18.00 PRJesuit
39.9Quentin Freemont
16:25.00 PRJesuit
40.11Chase Smith
16:29.00 PRLa Salle Prep
41.11Aaron Nitschke
16:30.00 SRJesuit
42.10Nathaniel Trobough
16:31.00 SRValley Catholic
43.11Sam Wade
16:32.00 SRLa Salle Prep
44.11Sean Hilken
16:39.00 PRValley Catholic
45.10Noah Dir-Munoz
16:39.00 SRLa Salle Prep
46.10David Carbonari
16:42.00 SRJesuit
47.9David Gehlen
16:42.00 SRValley Catholic
48.10John Dolan
16:43.00 SRJesuit
49.11Michael Leslie
16:45.00 SRValley Catholic
50.10James Gambee
16:46.00 SRJesuit
51.10Nathan Tamashiro
16:47.00 SRLa Salle Prep
52.11Chaz Olivares
16:49.00 PRJesuit
53.9Jake Gianola
17:00.00 PRJesuit
54.9Enzo Czysz
17:00.00 PRJesuit
55.9Sean Richardson
17:03.00 SRLa Salle Prep
56.10Noah Trantel
17:04.00 PRLa Salle Prep
57.9Jacob Dicken
17:05.00 SRValley Catholic
58.11Henry Robins
17:11.00 SRLa Salle Prep
59.9Spencer Johnston
17:19.00 PRJesuit
60.9Ryan Liddell
17:20.00 SRJesuit
61.11Matthew Dean
17:29.00 PRJesuit
62.10Grant Hjelte
17:32.00 PRJesuit
63.10Owen Slyman
17:33.00 PRLa Salle Prep
64.9Justin Ziehnert
17:34.00 PRJesuit
65.10Jereme Wilkie
17:39.00 PRJesuit
66.10Ryan Howerton
17:45.00 SRValley Catholic
67.11Chris Wright
17:53.00 PRValley Catholic
68.12Cooper McDonnell
17:53.00 PRJesuit
69.10Austin Olsen
17:58.00 SRLa Salle Prep
70.10Luke Tillisch
17:58.00 SRJesuit
71.9Aidan Gillespie
17:58.00 SRValley Catholic
72.9Michael Tobin
18:00.00 SRJesuit
73.10Will Glisson
18:02.00 PRJesuit
74.10Matt Freepons
18:02.00 PRJesuit
75.9Matthew Gerig
18:02.00 PRJesuit
76.9Quinn McDonnell
18:04.00 SRJesuit
77.9Alex Berger
18:05.00 SRLa Salle Prep
78.11Nick Edwards
18:06.00 PRLa Salle Prep
79.9Derek Echevarria
18:08.00 PRJesuit
80.12Alex Ruiz
18:14.00 PRJesuit
81.9Garrett Jones
18:15.00 PRLa Salle Prep
82.10Blake Colton
18:35.00 SRLa Salle Prep
83.11Cooper Devoe
18:47.00 PRLa Salle Prep
84.9Nick Sevcik
18:48.00 SRLa Salle Prep
85.10Jackson Kravetz
18:54.00 PRValley Catholic
86.9Kyle Bishop
19:02.00 SRJesuit
87.9Will Grimme
19:03.00 PRJesuit
88.9JD Deming
19:10.00 PRJesuit
89.9Kalei Moon
19:23.00 SRJesuit
90.10Gage Nellor
19:24.00 SRLa Salle Prep
91.9Austin Maack
19:35.00 SRJesuit
92.10Nick Smith
19:43.00 SRValley Catholic
93.10Danny Bugingo
19:51.00 SRJesuit
94.11Jake Jacobson
19:52.00 PRJesuit
95.9Duncan Hildreth
19:54.00 SRLa Salle Prep
96.9Andrew Christenson
19:57.00 SRJesuit
97.11EJ Rapson
19:57.00 PRLa Salle Prep
98.11Jason Nguyen
20:07.00 PRLa Salle Prep
99.12Andrew Folino
20:07.00 PRValley Catholic
100.11Tucker Price
20:08.00 SRLa Salle Prep
101.10Jack Rees
20:09.00 PRJesuit
102.9Christopher Goodman
20:10.00 SRJesuit
103.10Michael Wieck-Sosa
20:23.00 SRLa Salle Prep
104.9Sebastian Rodriguez
20:27.00 PRJesuit
105.9Raleigh Slyman
20:30.00 SRLa Salle Prep
106.9Otto Brownfield
20:32.00 SRJesuit
107.9Robert Marksthaler
21:08.00 SRJesuit
108.9Josh Rickman
22:25.00 SRJesuit
109.10Kevin Bui
23:40.00 PRLa Salle Prep
110.12Jon Bornemeier
23:40.00 PRLa Salle Prep
111.9Shehryar Almakky
24:46.00 PRJesuit
112.9Adam Omer
31:59.00 PRJesuit
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Girls

1.10Ellie Kallgren
15:05.00 PRJesuit
2.10Dylan Hite
15:07.00 SRJesuit
3.12Megan Mullaney
15:22.00 PRJesuit
4.11Taylor Moscoe
15:28.00 PRJesuit
5.10Zani Moore
15:28.00 SRJesuit
6.12Lindsay Sheaffer
15:32.00 PRJesuit
7.11Colleen Sullivan
15:47.00 SRJesuit
8.9Maricela Jaroch
16:11.00 PRValley Catholic
9.12Kelsey Cathcart
16:19.00 PRLa Salle Prep
10.12Morgan Tholl
16:20.00 PRLa Salle Prep
11.12Molly Hagler
16:27.00 PRJesuit
12.12Katie Arndorfer
16:31.00 SRJesuit
13.9Katie Leavy
16:37.00 SRJesuit
14.12Maggie Riley
16:38.00 PRCentral Catholic
15.10Jillian Rix
16:44.00 PRJesuit
16.10Sophia Schnitzer
16:47.00 SRJesuit
17.9Nicole McCullough
16:48.00 SRJesuit
18.10Hannah Harkness
16:52.00 SRJesuit
19.9Olivia Ogard
16:55.00 PRLa Salle Prep
20.12Hannah Hildreth
16:56.00 PRLa Salle Prep
21.9Carly Veasy
16:58.00 SRLa Salle Prep
22.12Dani Bridges
17:07.00 PRJesuit
23.10Julia Green
17:08.00 SRCentral Catholic
24.12Sarah Murphy
17:09.00 PRJesuit
25.12Natalie Johnson
17:25.00 PRJesuit
26.12Melange Gavin
17:29.00 PRJesuit
27.10Anika Raghuvanshi
17:32.00 SRJesuit
28.9Annie Coleman
17:39.00 SRJesuit
29.11Justine Keller
17:40.00 SRCentral Catholic
30.11Annika Holstrom
17:42.00 PRValley Catholic
31.12Madeleine Ogard
17:45.00 PRLa Salle Prep
32.12Nicole Scott
17:49.00 PRLa Salle Prep
33.10Julia Stevenson
17:55.00 PRCentral Catholic
34.10Moira Eaton
17:57.00 PRLa Salle Prep
35.12Bryn Walsh
17:58.00 PRCentral Catholic
36.12Ellie Coleman
18:05.00 SRJesuit
37.11Grace Mannen
18:09.00 SRValley Catholic
38.12Kaitlyn Lomartire
18:11.00 PRValley Catholic
39.9Meg Wachter
18:17.00 SRJesuit
40.12Leighton Murphy
18:20.00 PRCentral Catholic
41.10Noelle Gammon
18:30.00 PRLa Salle Prep
42.9Madeline Cusick
18:30.00 SRJesuit
43.9Manicia Doss
18:31.00 SRLa Salle Prep
44.11Hannah Koback
18:36.00 PRCentral Catholic
45.10Emma Anderson
18:38.00 PRCentral Catholic
46.12Caitlin Rowan
18:39.00 PRCentral Catholic
47.9Cassie Job
18:39.00 SRCentral Catholic
48.10Laura Heinze
18:39.00 SRJesuit
49.10Ellie Schmidt
18:42.00 SRCentral Catholic
50.10Emily Mandell
18:42.00 SRJesuit
51.9Carly Burkhartsmeyer
18:43.00 SRCentral Catholic
52.10Wendall Tseng
18:46.00 PRJesuit
53.12Jacquelyn Ulum
18:48.00 SRJesuit
54.9Nicole Panowicz
18:49.00 SRCentral Catholic
55.10Hailey Moraes
18:50.00 PRValley Catholic
56.10Emily Heinze
18:53.00 SRJesuit
57.11Lauren Brandt
18:55.00 SRJesuit
58.9Eabha Fitzsimons
19:01.00 PRLa Salle Prep
59.11Nyalual Beng
19:04.00 PRDe La Salle N Catholic
60.9Madison Keefer
19:05.00 SRJesuit
61.10Abby Nagel
19:08.00 SRCentral Catholic
62.9Myriam Yao
19:15.00 SRLa Salle Prep
63.9Elli Walsh
19:17.00 SRCentral Catholic
64.11Allison Van Dyke
19:22.00 SRJesuit
65.10Lucile Beckett
19:28.00 PRJesuit
66.11Karina Jaroch
19:45.00 SRValley Catholic
67.10Audriana Bolton
19:46.00 PRJesuit
68.9Willa Jutzi
19:50.00 PRLa Salle Prep
69.9Nadine Prentice
19:52.00 SRLa Salle Prep
70.11Morgan McDougal
19:56.00 SRValley Catholic
71.10Isabella Retzlaff
19:57.00 PRJesuit
72.9Claire Schwyhart
20:02.00 SRCentral Catholic
73.12Natalie Wiggins
20:03.00 SRJesuit
74.10Morgan Johnson
20:05.00 SRJesuit
75.11Gabby Rosenthal
20:14.00 PRValley Catholic
76.9Hannah Baggs
20:18.00 SRLa Salle Prep
77.11Hailey Malin
20:23.00 PRJesuit
78.9Zoe Fanning
20:26.00 SRJesuit
79.12Gina Nix
20:27.00 PRLa Salle Prep
80.10Julia Nelson
20:35.00 SRJesuit
81.12Ellen Krippaehne
20:46.00 SRJesuit
82.10Celeste Hatfield
20:59.00 PRJesuit
83.9Maddie Moss
21:00.00 PRJesuit
84.10Sophia Scearce
21:11.00 PRJesuit
85.9Alexis Newby
21:11.00 SRCentral Catholic
86.11Lauren Paradis
21:18.00 PRLa Salle Prep
87.12Sophie Love
21:32.00 SRJesuit
88.10Heidy Young
21:35.00 PRJesuit
89.12Josie Todd
21:37.00 SRJesuit
90.9Emily Preble
21:40.00 PRJesuit
91.9Emily Gfroerer
21:49.00 SRValley Catholic
92.9Hailey Gammon
21:58.00 PRLa Salle Prep
93.10Charvi Bhargava
22:01.00 PRJesuit
94.12Elise Francis
22:20.00 PRCentral Catholic
95.10Penelope Johnson
22:23.00 PRValley Catholic
96.10Anna Hebert
22:26.00 PRJesuit
97.10Heran Mamo
22:29.00 SRJesuit
98.12Haley Holenstein
22:37.00 PRCentral Catholic
99.10Sally Castaneda
22:52.00 PRLa Salle Prep
100.9Lindsey Keefer
22:55.00 SRJesuit
101.9Jenna Koury
22:56.00 PRJesuit
102.11Nikki Wong
22:58.00 SRCentral Catholic
103.10Leanne Scarlett
22:58.00 SRJesuit
104.9Shariah Green
23:22.00 PRJesuit
105.9Anna Cartasegna
23:23.00 PRJesuit
106.12Shannon Acker
23:43.00 PRLa Salle Prep
107.9Katherine Clark
23:49.00 PRJesuit
108.10Haley Trantel
23:54.0 PRLa Salle Prep
109.10Sonya Bedge
24:01.00 PRJesuit
110.11Leah Erickson
24:25.00 SRLa Salle Prep
111.12Courtney Ahlgren
24:27.00 PRLa Salle Prep
112.9Julianna Fustolo
24:58.00 PRJesuit
113.9Amber Mitchell
27:00.00 PRJesuit
114.9Kendall Shelby
27:03.00 PRJesuit
115.10Sydney Yazzolino
29:06.00 SRCentral Catholic
116.10Suzana Carroll
29:18.00 PRLa Salle Prep
117.10Brianna Correia
29:19.00 PRJesuit
118.9Isabella Trily
29:19.00 PRJesuit
119.12Patty O'Hollearn
29:33.00 PRLa Salle Prep
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