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Mens Results

3,500 Meters Varsity

1.10Seth Bridges
11:12.0 PRLakes
2.10Miles Unterreiner
11:24.2 PRGig Harbor
3.10Shane Polley
11:41.7 PRGig Harbor
4.10Jacob Papuleas
11:46.5 PRGig Harbor
5.9Max Schade
11:46.9 PRCapital
6.9Adam Saul
11:53.5 PRCapital
7.10Chris Boitano
11:54.3 PRBellarmine Prep
8.10Kaleb Shelton
11:58.1 PRLincoln
9.10Colin O'Leary
12:02.0 PROlympia
10.10Thaddeus Miller
12:04.1 PRLakes
11.10Mark Davis
12:04.6 PRGig Harbor
12.10Ted Christensen
12:12.6 PRCapital
13.9Adam Lee
12:13.9 PRTodd Beamer
14.10Ryan Eidsmoe
12:17.1 PRTodd Beamer
15.10Matt Edgecomb
12:17.7 PRLakes
16.9Chris Bautista
12:20.8 PRThomas Jefferson
17.9Brenden Schruhl
12:23.2 PROlympic
18.9Jeff Gronewold
12:23.9 PRGig Harbor
19.10Jake O'Donnell
12:24.3 PROlympia
20.10Volk Sergojan
12:24.6 PROlympia
21.9Bryce Lehman
12:26.0 PRCapital
22.10Alex Miller
12:27.0 PRGig Harbor
23.9Jeff Osborn
12:29.7 PRGig Harbor
24.9Mac Wing
12:30.9 PRStadium
25.10Alex Merkle
12:32.9 PRBellarmine Prep
26.9Jacob Thorpe
12:36.5 PRCapital
28.9Tommy Fraychineaud
12:42.6 PRTodd Beamer
29.10Michael Smith
12:43.5 PRStadium
30.10Ryan Shannon
12:44.1 PRLakes
31.9Ryan Lawrence
12:44.7 PROlympia
32.10Jacob Cox
12:45.0 PRTodd Beamer
33.9Steven Roach
12:47.2 PROlympia
34.9Chris Adgar-Beal
12:49.7 SRGig Harbor
35.10Karl Eckhardt
12:50.0 PROlympia
36.10Ryan Sacia
12:51.0 PRTodd Beamer
37.-Joel Wheeler
12:51.6 PROlympia
38.10Jacob Suazo
12:52.2 PRLakes
39.9Mark Coic
12:53.6 PRStadium
40.10Adam Buchholz
12:54.2 PROlympia
41.10Matt Gosselin
12:55.0 PRBellarmine Prep
42.9Zach Poyner
12:56.3 PRCapital
43.10Travis Giguere
12:58.3 PRStadium
44.10Stephen Wheat
12:59.0 PRCapital
45.9Connor Waite
13:01.0 PRCapital
46.9John Swallow
13:02.5 PRBellarmine Prep
47.10Brent Groulik
13:03.2 PROlympic
48.10Noah Smith
13:03.9 PRCapital
49.10Sean Thomas
13:05.1 PRTodd Beamer
50.10Drew Jorgensen
13:06.3 PRPeninsula
51.10Paul Buckley
13:09.1 PRCapital
52.9Travis Ottele
13:11.2 PROlympic
53.9Alex Sundell
13:12.2 SRGig Harbor
54.10Greg Jackson
13:13.5 PRLincoln
55.9Donny Knapp
13:15.0 PRThomas Jefferson
56.9Ryan Anest
13:16.8 PRCapital
57.10Tyler Carleton
13:17.2 PRCapital
58.10David Marshall
13:22.4 PRCapital
59.9Corvin Matthew
13:23.2 PRLakes
60.10Kyle Collins
13:24.0 PRMt Tahoma
61.10Travis Dodge
13:25.9 PRGraham-Kapowsin
62.9Andrew Lynch
13:26.4 PRStadium
63.10Josh Contreras
13:26.7 PRMt Tahoma
64.9Dominic Barrera
13:27.1 PRTodd Beamer
65.9Roy Scott
13:27.5 PRTodd Beamer
66.10Aaron Wright
13:27.8 PRGraham-Kapowsin
67.10Sean Rosendahl
13:28.1 PRThomas Jefferson
68.10Josh Garrison
13:28.7 PRLincoln
69.10Ben Bothwell
13:29.0 PRGig Harbor
70.10Anthony Kelly-Glasoe
13:31.4 PROlympia
71.10Brandon Hendrix
13:31.7 PRLincoln
72.9Kennan McClung
13:33.6 PRTodd Beamer
73.9Luke Nelson
13:33.9 PRThomas Jefferson
74.10Scott Hines
13:36.1 PRLakes
75.10Johnathon Bergman
13:36.9 PROlympic
76.9Nick Elgin
13:38.5 PRCapital
77.10Jeff Cedarbaum
13:38.9 PRCapital
78.9Sam Murdock
13:39.6 PRStadium
79.10Ron Webb
13:40.6 PROlympic
80.10Joel Cheney
13:43.7 PRPeninsula
81.10Peter Duane
13:44.3 PROlympic
82.9Nick Boyer
13:44.8 PRGig Harbor
83.9Eric Chapman
13:45.6 PRThomas Jefferson
84.10Michael Lampkin
13:46.2 PRLakes
85.9Derek Becker
13:48.3 PRLakes
86.9Chris Morrision
13:48.9 PRLakes
87.10Josh Renteria
13:51.2 PRLakes
88.9Mathew VanEarwage
13:51.8 PRTodd Beamer
89.9Brandon Hancock
13:52.2 PRGig Harbor
90.10Michael Bright
13:55.5 PRThomas Jefferson
91.9Patrick Smyth
13:57.4 PRGig Harbor
92.9Mac Tadie
13:57.8 PRStadium
93.9Brandon Cisco
13:58.3 PRTodd Beamer
94.10Michael Ballentine
13:59.8 PRStadium
95.10Stephen Nelson
14:00.3 PRCapital
96.9Anthony Chelf
14:00.8 PRThomas Jefferson
97.9Jaron Boggs
14:02.5 PRThomas Jefferson
98.9Adam Willard
14:06.0 PRThomas Jefferson
99.10Jake Towey
14:06.8 PRPeninsula
100.10Nathan Cobb
14:10.5 PRCapital
101.9Eli Orihuela
14:12.8 PRMt Tahoma
102.10Cody Raysinger
14:14.6 PROlympic
103.10David Moreno
14:20.3 PRTodd Beamer
104.10Robert McNeil
14:20.8 PRBellarmine Prep
105.9Caleb Baker
14:22.0 PRGraham-Kapowsin
106.9Trevor Harvard
14:22.3 PRTodd Beamer
107.9Matt Nelson
14:23.6 PRGig Harbor
108.9Jeff Becker
14:25.0 PRStadium
109.9Kevin Fitzgerald
14:29.4 PRGig Harbor
110.9Cameron Jurgenson
14:31.8 PRLakes
111.10Alex Galvin
14:32.9 PROlympia
112.10Kyle McClain
14:34.1 PRGig Harbor
113.10John Pate
14:37.4 PRGig Harbor
114.10Moises Orihuela
14:38.7 PRMt Tahoma
115.9Bill Minter
14:39.1 SRGig Harbor
116.9Jonathan Wakefield
14:40.8 SROlympia
117.10Luke Doremus
14:42.9 PRGig Harbor
118.9Jon Hensley
14:45.3 PRMt Tahoma
119.10Don Diago Patlan
14:47.4 PRBellarmine Prep
120.10John Dobler
14:48.6 PRBellarmine Prep
121.9Karl Sergojan
14:49.0 SRCapital
122.10Theo Truong
14:49.3 PRCapital
123.9Nick Smith
14:53.6 PRTimberline
124.10Travis Serdar
14:54.8 PRCapital
125.9Josh Henderson-Cox
14:55.1 PROlympia
126.9Chris Miller
15:03.7 PRPeninsula
128.10Reno Sorensen
15:06.0 PRPeninsula
129.10Jake Enslin
15:07.8 PRGig Harbor
130.9John Jensen
15:10.4 PRStadium
131.10Lawrenson Chase
15:12.0 PRLakes
132.9Jake Maloney
15:12.3 PRTimberline
133.10Tyler Franzheim
15:13.2 PRPeninsula
134.9Paul Miller
15:13.8 PRGig Harbor
135.9Kirk Slater
15:14.2 PRLakes
136.9Neil Turnley
15:14.7 PRPeninsula
127.9Alex Lineweaver
15:15.0 PRStadium
137.9Frink Jesse
15:15.7 PRLakes
138.10Curran Hunt
15:17.3 PRThomas Jefferson
139.10Scott Miles
15:18.0 PRCapital
140.9Marvin Nayan
15:22.1 PRThomas Jefferson
141.10T-Luck Bhatt
15:23.9 PRCapital
142.10Lucas Kogut
15:26.0 PROlympic
143.10John Barlow
15:26.6 PRMt Tahoma
144.9Gabe Smith
15:27.5 PRCapital
145.10Max Gorman
15:27.9 PRBellarmine Prep
146.9Brandon Leslie
15:27.9 SRGig Harbor
147.10Charles Enoch
15:29.2 PRMt Tahoma
148.9Erik Peterson
15:29.7 SRGig Harbor
149.9Watson Sean
15:30.1 PRLakes
150.10Chris Schmidt
15:36.0 PRBellarmine Prep
151.9Devon Neary
15:42.1 PRStadium
152.9Grant Black
15:46.9 PRBellarmine Prep
153.9Jordan Bowen
16:07.8 PRTimberline
154.9Stephen Cazales
16:11.0 PRTimberline
155.9Angus Schaefer
16:12.3 SRPeninsula
156.9Richard Ly
16:14.5 PRCapital
157.9Sean Van Ausdal
16:16.2 SRTimberline
158.9Ryan Mitchell
16:18.7 SRPeninsula
159.9Andrew Phan
16:20.3 PRStadium
160.10Nial Tilson
16:21.1 PROlympia
161.9Erik Hegge
16:29.6 PRCapital
162.9Dan Gedman
16:43.1 PRBellarmine Prep
163.10Andy Fulton
17:01.3 PROlympia
164.10Brandon Gates
17:01.7 PRGraham-Kapowsin
165.10Mivhael Vegh
17:25.2 PRGig Harbor
166.9Juan Gomez
17:42.9 PRBellarmine Prep
167.9Carpenter Jared
17:55.0 PRLakes
168.9Parris Creamer
18:47.8 SRPeninsula
169.9Evan Rudnick
24:35.8 SROlympia
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Womens Results

3,500 Meters Varsity

1.10Amanda Wright
13:41.0 PRCapital
2.10Kate Stuart
13:46.2 PRGig Harbor
3.9Johannah Verhulst
13:51.1 PRCapital
4.10Cassidy Robey
13:52.8 PRThomas Jefferson
5.10Laura Wolfe
13:56.4 PRCapital
6.9Renteria Jennifer
14:11.9 PRLakes
7.9Rosemary Angeles
14:15.3 PRThomas Jefferson
8.10Danielle Hunter
14:25.2 PRMt Tahoma
9.9Jennifer Collen
14:28.8 PRGig Harbor
10.10Amanda Brager
14:35.1 PRGig Harbor
11.9Rachel Estep
14:40.1 PRTimberline
12.9Jessica Fritschle
14:47.2 PRThomas Jefferson
13.10Amber Williams
14:52.5 PRPeninsula
17.9Chloe Treleven
15:05.2 PRStadium
20.10Amanda Brunner
15:16.0 PRThomas Jefferson
22.10Janelle Becker
15:21.0 PRGig Harbor
28.10Christina Gonzales
15:33.0 PRThomas Jefferson
30.10Danielle Bennett
15:34.0 PRThomas Jefferson
32.9Hailey Huffman
15:36.0 PRStadium
36.10Rachel Greco
15:50.0 PRGig Harbor
38.10Heidi Ekroot
16:07.3 PRThomas Jefferson
41.10Lauren Williams
16:18.0 PRGig Harbor
43.9Stephanie Cox
16:30.0 PRThomas Jefferson
44.9Nicole Crites
16:32.0 PRGig Harbor
50.10Kristina Lott
17:14.1 PRLincoln
51.10Allie Barner
17:17.0 PRThomas Jefferson
52.9Kahlina Johnson
17:19.0 PRThomas Jefferson
53.9Megan Lockert
17:19.4 PRStadium
54.9Sinead Dennis
17:20.5 PRStadium
55.10Amy Colvin
17:25.5 PRThomas Jefferson
56.9Harli Lozier
17:26.9 PRStadium
58.10Jennifer Wamsley
17:28.4 PRThomas Jefferson
59.9Caylin Gentry
17:32.8 PRStadium
60.9Ava Seal
17:35.5 PRStadium
61.9Sarah Kwon
17:45.9 PRThomas Jefferson
62.10Lisa Thai
17:56.9 PRLincoln
63.10Jillian Brockman
18:03.3 PRThomas Jefferson
66.9Amy Aplin
18:35.6 PRStadium
68.9Kari Maclurg
20:10.1 PRStadium
72.9Sarah Larson
21:07.9 SRStadium
75.10Linda Thai
22:23.3 PRLincoln
76.10Juena Im
23:35.0 PRLincoln
14.9Michelle Crawford
15.9Emily Wallen
16.10Bekah Calder
18.10Brianna Morkert-Bu...
19.9Marissa Ang
21.9Melisa Canfield
Todd Beamer
23.10Lisa Sulenes
24.10Cayla Williams
Todd Beamer
25.9Jenica Noviello
26.10Rose Miller
27.10Taylor Ross
29.9Katie Anthony
31.10Kacle Arndt
Mt Tahoma
33.10Lauren Collier
34.9Rosemary Mallone
Todd Beamer
35.10Brooke Robbins
37.11Gloria Bleakley
39.9Crystal Garcia
40.9Turney Stephanie
42.10Allison Bill
45.9Claire Fleckenstein
46.9Sarah Flatebo
47.10Tarvin Rebekah
48.10Brea Mattingly
49.10Ayla Mull
57.9Audrey Metcalf
64.10Christina Tran
65.10Sarah Lewis
67.10Oksana Plish
69.9Taylop Daniel
Todd Beamer
70.10Megan Haughton
71.9Teri Ann Mirante
73.10Ashleigh Zarrell
74.9Jessica Beal
77.10Kirk Clara
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