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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Brad Thompson
16:05.14 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
2.12Kenny Kemper
16:11.22 PRSouth Kitsap
3.12Riley Eoff
16:12.13 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
4.11Graydon Manning
16:24.41 SRCapital
5.12Josh Gatbunton
16:33.14 PRMt Tahoma
6.9Jon Phillips
16:39.45 SRSouth Kitsap
7.12Garrett Reim
16:43.05 PRCurtis
8.10John Limpf
17:00.14 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
9.11Sam Hennessey
17:07.15 SRPort Angeles
10.9Adam Saul
17:16.97 SRCapital
11.11Anthony Orkiolla
17:18.56 PRKlahowya
12.10Aaron Terry
17:26.96 SRSouth Kitsap
13.10Kyle Stolp
17:28.48 SRSouth Kitsap
14.10Noah Caffrey
17:29.50 SRKlahowya
15.10Kaleb Shelton
17:29.92 PRLincoln
16.11Aaron Taylor
17:33.02 PRMt Tahoma
17.10Ted Christensen
17:35.31 SRCapital
18.11Johnny Bradford
17:36.46 PRPort Angeles
19.10Matt Stickney
17:37.66North Kitsap
20.10Grayson Reim
17:38.71 SRCurtis
21.12Kyle Hollenback
17:39.34North Kitsap
22.12Devon Wright
17:41.79South Kitsap
23.12Kevin White
24.11Dane Bargerstock
17:46.43 PROlympic
25.11David Dobson
17:48.12 PRNorth Kitsap
26.9Bryce Lehman
17:51.14 SRCapital
27.10Thomas Christian
17:51.58 SRPort Angeles
28.11Brian Fagan
17:54.51 PRNorth Kitsap
29.12Matt Hemming
17:55.92 PRCurtis
30.10Gannon Smith
17:56.83 SRCurtis
31.11Ben Masters
17:57.83 PRKlahowya
32.10Chase Neill
18:01.43 SRCurtis
33.9Brenden Schruhl
18:01.89 SROlympic
34.10Ray Reedy
18:04.20North Kitsap
35.11Julius Saltonas
18:05.05 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
36.9Mac Wing
18:11.05 SRStadium
37.12Shane Vreeland
18:15.65 PRSouth Kitsap
38.11Josh Getty
18:17.46North Mason
39.12Jeff Allen
18:17.82 PRNorth Kitsap
40.12Alex Donato
18:18.10 PRCurtis
41.11Joe Uglick
18:20.08 SRCapital
42.10Peter Duane
18:21.81 SROlympic
43.9Mark Coic
18:25.85 SRStadium
44.9Tyson Cook
18:31.69 SREvergreen (Vancouver)
45.9Jacob Thorpe
18:34.63 SRCapital
46.-Jayson Pressley
18:35.13 PRLincoln
47.12Kevin Meserve
18:36.68 PRCapital
48.10Seth Smith
18:38.32 SRPort Angeles
49.10Roger Willis
18:42.89 SRWoodrow Wilson
50.11Zac Simmons
18:45.30 SRNorth Kitsap
51.10Bryson Rankin
18:51.09 SRSeattle Christian
52.10Brent Groulik
18:51.42 SROlympic
53.10Max Van Orman
18:58.20 SRPort Angeles
54.11Nelson Pease
18:59.00 PROlympic
55.9Drew Stallings
18:59.96 PRKlahowya
56.10Josh Contreras
19:01.31 SRMt Tahoma
57.12Chris Morley
19:09.02 PRSouth Kitsap
58.10Travis Giguere
19:12.89 SRStadium
59.11Sam Marx
19:19.91 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
60.10Jamar Williams
19:25.10 SRMt Tahoma
61.9Travis Ottele
19:25.82 SROlympic
62.10Kyle Limpf
19:26.81 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
63.10Josh Garrison
19:27.73 SRLincoln
64.10Drew Jensen
19:35.01 SRWoodrow Wilson
65.-Asher Samuez
19:35.38 PRWoodrow Wilson
66.9Taylor Hanson
19:40.89 SRPort Angeles
67.-Colin Snider
19:42.52 PRWoodrow Wilson
68.10Greg Jackson
19:44.15 SRLincoln
69.10Michael Ballentine
19:44.77 PRStadium
70.11Clark Brown
19:45.14 PRWoodrow Wilson
71.11Ben Griffin
19:46.44 SRStadium
72.-Aaron Goosoe
19:48.95 PRWoodrow Wilson
73.11Josh Ryan
19:57.03 PRKlahowya
74.10Brandon Hendrix
20:01.70 SRLincoln
75.9JT Gala
20:08.32 SRWoodrow Wilson
76.9Eli Orihuela
20:21.90 SRMt Tahoma
77.9Cameron Weeks
20:25.83North Mason
78.-Ben Foutz
20:27.28 PROlympic
79.12Ted Haeg
20:42.66 PRPort Angeles
80.10Michael Maloy
20:42.88 SRSeattle Christian
81.12Houston Hamilton
21:27.22 PRNorth Mason
82.9Steven Hayes
21:45.42 PRKlahowya
83.11Park Cleveland
22:00.06 SRLincoln
84.11Jeff Luedeman
23:00.40 PRSeattle Christian
85.10Jeremy Vimislik
86.12Brandon Pittard
23:58.48 PRNorth Mason
87.10Jamie Gallagher
25:00.61 PRSeattle Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Sierra Cook
18:58.08 PRKlahowya
2.10April Lewis
19:02.48 PRCurtis
3.12Danielle Hutchison
19:21.77 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
4.9Johannah Verhulst
19:48.27 PRCapital
5.10Amanda Wright
19:52.93 SRCapital
6.10Laura Wolfe
20:03.01 PRCapital
7.11Shannon Polley
20:04.07 PRSouth Kitsap
8.11Katie Blue
20:10.24 SRCapital
9.10Jennifer Gregg
20:20.51North Kitsap
10.12Greta Stickney
20:28.64North Kitsap
11.11Alison Bird
12.10Paige DeLapp
20:31.71 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
13.11Caitlin Litsey
20:31.95 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
14.10Camie Yeik
20:39.25 SROlympic
15.10Alegra Waldron
20:40.40 SRSouth Kitsap
16.10Lucille Hosford
20:42.25 PRKlahowya
17.11Amy Harris
20:44.78 PRSeattle Christian
18.11Bailey Campbell
20:46.40 SRCapital
19.12Adrienne Martelli
20:49.52 PRCurtis
20.10Britt Seaberg
20:49.96 PRNorth Kitsap
21.11Marie Spiker
20:58.93 SRSouth Kitsap
22.10Aimee Teuscher
21:05.07 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
23.11Maria McSharry
21:05.33 SRCapital
24.10Danielle Hunter
21:09.10 SRMt Tahoma
25.9Nicole Bazar
21:09.67North Kitsap
26.12Nora Panitz
21:11.50 PRCurtis
27.9Kelly Hennessey
21:14.98 SRPort Angeles
28.9Lindsey Harper
21:23.85 SRCurtis
29.12Shannon Vreeland
21:25.76 PRSouth Kitsap
30.10Kenna Little
21:31.14 PRCurtis
31.11Becca Doninger
21:33.78 SRPort Angeles
32.10Bekah Calder
21:37.92 PRCapital
33.-Deborah Hurlburt
22:01.59 PRWoodrow Wilson
34.9Shawna Williams
22:06.25 SRNorth Kitsap
35.9Katie Moriarty
22:12.88 SRPort Angeles
36.10Kristi Blaisdell
22:13.42 SRSeattle Christian
37.-Alena Kornuta
22:22.56 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
38.10Kiersten Nielsen
22:43.35 SRPort Angeles
39.10Gina Guariz
22:52.11 SRSouth Kitsap
40.10Alycia Bazar
22:52.86North Kitsap
41.-Tylor Ogle
23:09.17 PRNorth Kitsap
42.-Brianna Doty
23:22.47 PRCurtis
43.-Sylvia Davidiyan
23:30.29 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
44.11Kelsey Gipe
23:45.97 PRPort Angeles
45.11Adrianna Lippy
23:55.51 PRNorth Mason
46.12Keelie Follett
24:00.19 PRWoodrow Wilson
47.9Emily Mogren
24:01.10 PRSeattle Christian
48.-Alicia Orkiolla
24:29.93 PRKlahowya
49.-Willie Missouri
24:34.94 PREvergreen (Vancouver)
50.10Bethany Albert
24:35.23 PRWoodrow Wilson
51.9Jessica Yamishita
24:40.80Seattle Christian
52.11Chanel James
25:04.40 PRWoodrow Wilson
53.10Sharon Cox
54.-Mary Macejunas
25:39.25 PRWoodrow Wilson
55.10Patricia Flint
26:51.66Seattle Christian
56.9Alice Bradford
27:23.89 SRPort Angeles
57.12Brianne Jette
27:24.60 PROlympic
58.11Courtney Roberts
27:35.53 PROlympic
59.11Jessica Decker
27:57.09 PROlympic
60.10Caitlyn Beardsley
28:17.76Seattle Christian
61.12Lyndsay Fitamorris
30:48.73North Mason
62.-Karli Kent
31:30.91 PROlympic
63.11Bridget Claycomb
33:13.51North Mason
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