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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity9:45 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity11:05 AM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:25 AM
4,000 Meters Varsity11:45 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Marquette University16
2.Wauwatosa East47
3.Menomonee Falls101
4.Brookfield Central104
5.West Allis Nathan Hale141
7.Brookfield East194
8.West Allis Central259
1.11Ben Sprenger
17:16.73Marquette University
2.10Hank Bauer
17:27.85Marquette University
3.12Paul Gray
17:29.58Marquette University
4.12Michael Daleiden
17:34.46Marquette University
5.10Tyler Klein
17:35.46 SRWauwatosa East
6.11Matt Burbach
17:37.80Marquette University
7.10Andrew Idarraga
17:39.00Marquette University
8.12Dan O'Callaghan
17:49.42Marquette University
9.12Michael McDonough
17:49.43 PRMarquette University
10.10Noah Froh
17:54.43Wauwatosa East
11.11Joe Hushek
17:54.86 PRMarquette University
12.10Noah Alcorta
17:56.51 PRMarquette University
13.12Tony Hren
17:57.03Marquette University
14.11Tony Deleo
18:01.47Marquette University
15.12Dominic Valentyn
18:03.98 PRMarquette University
16.11Evan Bertz
18:05.53Wauwatosa East
17.10Kieran Fendt
18:06.12 SRMarquette University
18.12Alex Comte
18:08.67Wauwatosa East
19.10Pierce Libbey
18:09.70 SRWauwatosa East
20.12Hudson Bridge
18:14.02Marquette University
21.9Will Cappon
18:14.22Marquette University
22.9Mario Gasparri
18:16.81 PRMarquette University
23.9Jayce Kolinski
18:17.26 SRMenomonee Falls
24.11Ed Nunez
18:17.32Marquette University
25.11Ben Judd
18:18.88 PRMarquette University
26.10Aaron Nelson
18:19.13 SRBrookfield Central
27.12Sam Soens
18:19.44 PRBrookfield Central
28.11Max Bennett
18:27.44 PRMenomonee Falls
29.11Mitchell Welch
18:27.85Marquette University
30.11Jack Blazek
18:27.94 SRWauwatosa East
31.9Donavon Lutz
18:29.47 PRBrookfield East
32.12Clayton Ristow
18:29.65Wauwatosa East
33.11John Bruckbauer
18:30.06Wauwatosa East
34.11Luis Jimenez
18:30.32Marquette University
35.11Jack Felser
18:30.61 PRMarquette University
36.11Josh Peltier
18:30.87Brookfield Central
37.9Sam Schreiner
18:30.97 SRBrookfield Central
38.9Kevin Larkin
18:31.78 SRMenomonee Falls
39.12Andy Shepherd
18:33.36 SRMenomonee Falls
40.10Kevin Reed
18:33.40West Allis Nathan Hale
41.11Jacob Storm
18:33.53 SRHamilton
42.11Jacob Giese
18:38.04Marquette University
43.12Clive Miller
18:39.72West Allis Nathan Hale
44.10William Guns
18:41.00Marquette University
45.11Tom Grizzle
18:42.22Menomonee Falls
46.9Tony Busalacchi
18:42.89 SRWauwatosa East
47.11Sean Patterson
18:44.63 SRMarquette University
48.11Eric Hammerer
18:44.67West Allis Nathan Hale
49.9Rohan Washikar
50.10Zach Pogozelski
18:46.63 SRMenomonee Falls
51.12Chris Gottsacker
18:48.11 PRMarquette University
52.12Josh Schneiger
18:48.37West Allis Nathan Hale
53.11Jake Watson
18:49.57Wauwatosa East
54.12Will Skalmoski
18:49.62Marquette University
55.9Harrison Winkel
18:51.31 PRMarquette University
56.9Danny Cupertino
18:51.32 SRWest Allis Nathan Hale
57.10Alex Elliott
18:51.44West Allis Nathan Hale
58.10Keegan Von Estorff
18:51.55Marquette University
59.11Derek Anderson
18:51.75 SRBrookfield Central
60.11Joe Crowley
18:54.13 PRMenomonee Falls
61.11Michael Mulhaney
18:54.24 SRMarquette University
62.12John Scanlon
18:54.50Brookfield Central
63.10Cooper Dozzi
18:55.55Menomonee Falls
64.10Benjamin Burke
18:58.29 SRHamilton
65.12John Teich
19:02.86Marquette University
66.11Eric Kashian
19:03.50Wauwatosa East
67.12Matthew Magill
19:03.60Marquette University
68.9Aaron Neusteder
19:08.23 SRBrookfield Central
69.9Evan Solie
19:08.90 SRBrookfield East
70.11Joe Rebholz
19:09.44 SRWauwatosa East
71.9Leo Ehrlich
19:10.17 SRMarquette University
72.11Benjamin Grey
19:12.37Menomonee Falls
73.10Nick Rypel
19:13.29West Allis Nathan Hale
74.9Darnell Granberry
19:13.53 PRWauwatosa East
75.10Nick Muenzenberger
19:13.60Wauwatosa East
76.12Jacob Martin
19:14.88Wauwatosa East
77.10Jack Feltes
19:15.11 SRBrookfield Central
78.12Ben Teich
19:17.85Marquette University
79.12Brendan Andrews
19:19.30Marquette University
80.10Nic Wahl
19:20.59Marquette University
81.11Frank Geiser
19:21.02Marquette University
82.9Brent Silverman
19:21.54 SRMarquette University
83.11Ryan O'Connell
19:21.93Marquette University
84.9Matthew Smith
85.10Niko Sjogren
19:22.30 SRMarquette University
86.10Charlie Monnat
19:22.39 PRMarquette University
87.11JJ Klobukowski
88.12Jack Ordman
19:25.00Marquette University
89.12Thomas Zastrow
19:25.33Marquette University
90.10Zach Hardy
19:26.18Menomonee Falls
91.9Sam Stelloh
19:27.33Wauwatosa East
92.9Patrick Crowley
19:27.55 SRMarquette University
93.9Ryan Mauk
19:27.57 SRMarquette University
94.12Steven Shultz
19:33.07Marquette University
95.10Kellen Moye
19:36.22Wauwatosa East
96.10Daniel Hatch
19:38.22Brookfield Central
97.10Aric Ibarra
19:38.68 SRMenomonee Falls
98.11Bob Schultz
19:39.38 SRMarquette University
99.9Tyler Voelzke
100.11Ryan Schwalbach
19:41.86Menomonee Falls
101.10Josh Kuse
19:42.15Brookfield Central
102.11Zak Kachelek
19:42.27 SRMenomonee Falls
103.12Tom Boffeli
19:45.10Marquette University
104.12Justin Prom
19:51.01 SRMarquette University
105.10David Quick
19:56.15Marquette University
106.10Alec Nitka
19:57.93Brookfield Central
107.12Alex Reddy
19:58.11 SRBrookfield East
108.11Noah Depue
109.12Zackary Heilman
19:59.40 PRBrookfield Central
110.10Joe Valentyn
19:59.42 PRMarquette University
111.12Timothy Smith
19:59.96 PRHamilton
112.11Sam Cappon
20:00.10 PRMarquette University
113.11Lance Tanel
20:00.40Brookfield Central
114.12Zach Gilbertson
20:04.33Menomonee Falls
115.11Nathan Stack
20:07.77 PRBrookfield East
116.11Henry Luedtke
20:08.24Marquette University
117.9Ian Linscott
20:09.26Wauwatosa East
118.12Sam Elliott
20:12.00 PRBrookfield East
119.10Colin Grandlich
20:13.17Brookfield East
120.9Noah Wlodarski
20:13.48 SRMarquette University
121.12Freddy Birchbauer
20:14.06West Allis Central
122.12Ian Cline
20:14.49Wauwatosa East
123.11Josh Baumgartner
20:14.74Marquette University
124.12Tyler Barbee
20:18.49Menomonee Falls
125.11Chris Johnson
20:18.69 PRMarquette University
126.10Steve Chamberlin
20:20.01 PRBrookfield East
127.10Kenn Larsen
20:20.28 PRBrookfield East
128.11Mike Wangard
20:20.70Marquette University
129.9Greger Makowski
20:20.80Marquette University
130.11Luke Harkins
20:21.59 PRMarquette University
131.9Paul Gagne
20:23.52Wauwatosa East
132.10Josh Brochhausen
133.10Chris Koller
20:25.48 SRWest Allis Nathan Hale
134.9Jacob Harrington
20:25.83Marquette University
135.11Christian Wimmer
20:26.61 PRMarquette University
136.9Caeleb Rauh
20:27.01 SRMarquette University
137.11Aiden Hartnett
20:28.18Marquette University
138.9Oliver Grassman
20:29.39Marquette University
139.12Austin Sanger
20:31.17Menomonee Falls
140.9Owen Stegner
20:31.75Menomonee Falls
141.10Andrew Zavadsky
142.9Zachary Leinbach
143.11Aidan Livingston
20:33.87 PRWauwatosa East
144.12Gavin Whitehead
20:34.23West Allis Nathan Hale
145.12Deshawn Reynolds
20:37.65Wauwatosa East
146.9Nicholas Takton
20:38.64 PRMarquette University
147.12Piero Gasparri
20:40.24 PRMarquette University
148.12Greg Raster
20:40.28 PRMarquette University
149.10Eric Schumacher
20:41.08 PRMarquette University
150.12Kevin Wright
151.9Myles Roeske
20:43.79Marquette University
152.10Zack Slaske
20:46.95West Allis Central
153.10Dominic Porubsky
20:48.33Brookfield Central
154.11Joe Kraker
20:50.16Marquette University
155.11Quentin Goehrig
20:52.48Brookfield Central
156.11Ben Miller
20:56.40West Allis Central
157.10Evan Bloch
20:57.57Marquette University
158.12Calvin Norman
20:59.42 PRBrookfield East
159.12Bill Braun
21:01.22 PRMarquette University
160.12Sam Walker
21:03.53Marquette University
161.9Conner Carel
162.9Robert Scheidt
21:06.78Marquette University
163.10Paul Grebe
21:08.20Marquette University
164.11Mitchell Roeske
21:08.83Marquette University
165.9Javin Herath
21:09.18Brookfield Central
166.10Peter Ullrich
21:09.47 SRMarquette University
167.10David Liang
168.10Kevin Kohl
21:11.51 SRMarquette University
169.10Joshua Blochowicz
21:13.31 SRMarquette University
170.10Cullen White
21:13.51Marquette University
171.12Riley Runnoe
21:13.88Marquette University
172.9Jack Foy
21:14.72 PRMarquette University
173.12Chris Brooks
21:15.73 PRMarquette University
174.10Robert Bretl
21:16.06Marquette University
175.9Alex Wistrom
21:18.83Brookfield Central
176.10Jack Blaedow
21:19.38 SRHamilton
177.9Kyle Blaedow
178.11John Archer
21:20.08 SRWest Allis Nathan Hale
179.9Zach Rhiel
21:20.73Brookfield Central
180.9Jan Krawczyk
21:20.97Marquette University
181.9Griffin Pabian
21:21.04 SRWest Allis Nathan Hale
182.9John Drea
21:21.37Marquette University
183.10Brian Giuffre
21:21.77Menomonee Falls
184.11Dylan Kuchcinski
21:24.24West Allis Central
185.11Alex Garchitorena
21:24.28Brookfield Central
186.10Andrew Gunderson
21:25.47Marquette University
187.10Steven Jensen
21:33.13 SRBrookfield Central
188.10Scott Shultz
21:37.00Marquette University
189.12Nick Handrich
21:41.56 PRMarquette University
190.10Joey Kleist
21:41.70West Allis Central
191.11Anthony Alioto
21:43.39West Allis Central
192.9Logan Plank
21:45.80Brookfield Central
193.9Nicholas Loden
194.11John Ziebert
21:50.97 PRMarquette University
195.9Joe Paetsch
21:52.68Wauwatosa East
196.9Jeff Anguil
21:52.85 SRMarquette University
197.10William Brodd
21:56.07 PRMarquette University
198.9Jack Barczak
21:56.66 PRMarquette University
199.10Sam Schneider
22:01.32West Allis Nathan Hale
200.9Jake Ellis
22:03.85Brookfield Central
201.11Alex Nogalski
22:05.03Marquette University
202.12James Thompson
22:06.90 SRWest Allis Central
203.11Jack Coogan
22:07.57 SRMarquette University
204.9Charles Jaskolski
22:08.45Marquette University
205.11Andrew Jordan
22:08.73Menomonee Falls
206.10Ben Caballero
22:09.49 SRMarquette University
207.11Jerome Piekarski
22:11.69Brookfield Central
208.9Paul Weiskopf
22:12.22 PRBrookfield East
209.12Dylan Block
22:12.46Menomonee Falls
210.9Jacob Pflughoeft
22:14.27Menomonee Falls
211.11Saurabh Jain
22:17.11 SRMenomonee Falls
212.9Grant Goehrig
22:17.51Brookfield Central
213.11Ben Zellmer
22:17.70 PRMarquette University
214.9Carl Swartzendrub
215.10Colin Flanner
22:23.02Brookfield Central
216.11Thomas Consolazione
22:27.85Brookfield Central
217.12Franklin Rebholz
22:34.94Wauwatosa East
218.12Michael Drees
22:39.79 PRMarquette University
219.11Tom Kotsonis
22:43.89Brookfield East
220.9Drew Schreihart
221.12Conor O'Dea
22:49.39 SRMarquette University
222.9Shane Hoeft
22:50.85West Allis Nathan Hale
223.9Ben Scanlon
22:51.56Brookfield Central
224.12Ishan Singhal
22:54.37Marquette University
225.11Kenton Cooksey
22:55.61 SRMenomonee Falls
226.9Bradley Grennier
227.9Ben Kneer
23:01.82 SRHamilton
228.9Hank Michels
23:06.26Marquette University
229.9Patrick Griffen
23:08.01 SRBrookfield East
230.10Saul Lopez
23:08.22 SRMarquette University
231.11Adam Reichow
23:08.90West Allis Nathan Hale
232.9Ryan Hadland
233.10Matt Sheets
23:15.14West Allis Nathan Hale
234.9Mario Sotomayor
23:34.80 SRMarquette University
235.9Henry Lynch
23:36.93 PRWauwatosa East
236.9Paul Scheidt
23:41.84Marquette University
237.9Paul Grum
23:47.91 PRMarquette University
238.9Nathan Klein
23:54.76 PRMarquette University
239.9Adam Rosman
240.9Jonathan Medina
24:02.04Marquette University
241.10Nolan Charapata
24:05.25Marquette University
242.10Michael Feltman
24:06.68Menomonee Falls
243.9Tom Lenz
24:30.36West Allis Central
244.11Jake Dummann
24:44.10Menomonee Falls
245.10Andrey Stonebraker
24:45.56 PRBrookfield East
246.9Devan Garcia
25:06.59West Allis Central
247.11Robert Billings
25:19.31Brookfield Central
248.9Andy Nieves
25:24.42West Allis Central
249.9Alex Eis
25:49.15Menomonee Falls
250.10Vincent Ryan
26:09.33 SRBrookfield East
251.12Shane Schmitz
26:40.22Brookfield Central
252.9Eliakim Were
29:08.47Brookfield Central
253.9Anthony Jenouri
32:04.57 SRMarquette University
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5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Marquette University57
2.West Allis Nathan Hale57
3.Brookfield East58
4.Brookfield Central91
5.Wauwatosa East94
6.Menomonee Falls126
1.11Stephen Browne
16:09.18Brookfield East
2.12Carl Hirsch
16:09.41Brookfield Central
3.12Brad Johnson
16:18.70Brookfield East
4.12Jack McCarthy
16:23.01Marquette University
5.12Tyler Miletti
16:24.97West Allis Central
6.11Ryan Matzuk
16:26.31 PRMarquette University
7.12Milan Stojanovic
16:27.59West Allis Nathan Hale
8.12Sam Gagliano
16:29.63West Allis Nathan Hale
9.12Alex Idarraga
16:41.14Marquette University
10.10Daniel Nelson
16:44.25West Allis Nathan Hale
11.12Steffen Uhrich
16:46.22Wauwatosa East
12.12Jacob Newman
16:49.11 PRMenomonee Falls
13.12Robert Effinger
16:49.44West Allis Nathan Hale
14.11Tanner Rutkowski
16:50.72 PRWauwatosa East
15.11Andrew Pelto
16:53.10 SRBrookfield East
16.12R.J. Salmon
16:53.57Wauwatosa East
17.11Kevin Rindfleisch
16:54.37 PRBrookfield Central
18.11Daniel Pearson
16:56.10 PRBrookfield Central
19.11Ryan Carter
16:58.66 SRMarquette University
20.12Trenton Daniels
16:59.70 PRBrookfield East
21.9Joshua Trasser
17:01.92Brookfield Central
22.10Alex McTaggert
17:05.02 PRBrookfield East
23.11Jeremy Steinhafel
17:06.38Marquette University
24.11Tony Lozano
17:07.27West Allis Nathan Hale
25.10Jack Heinrich
17:07.31Marquette University
26.11Ben Maas
17:14.12 PRMenomonee Falls
27.12Jack Lockhart
17:23.35 SRWauwatosa East
28.12Joe Burbach
17:25.66Marquette University
29.10Jake McMahon
17:28.70 SRMenomonee Falls
30.12Dan Farrenkopf
17:30.48Menomonee Falls
31.9Sam Potter
17:31.09Wauwatosa East
32.11Jack Mouradian
17:33.81Wauwatosa East
33.12Spencer Ezell
34.11Kaleb Becker
17:36.14 SRMenomonee Falls
35.11Robert Little
36.10Joshua Desorcy
37.12Andrew Dusing
17:40.92Brookfield Central
38.12John Tzortos
17:44.56Brookfield Central
39.12Nathan Dillon
17:45.28Brookfield East
40.10Dom Carini
17:45.48Menomonee Falls
41.12Kyriel Hansen
17:46.39Brookfield East
42.12Tom Frederick
17:55.05Marquette University
43.12Thomas Markey
17:57.29 PRBrookfield Central
44.10Josh Hindman
17:58.22Menomonee Falls
45.11Jack Perrizo
46.11Tim Ebben
18:05.09West Allis Nathan Hale
47.11Peter Kuenzle
18:07.85Brookfield East
48.12Russ Vandenberg
18:12.24 PRBrookfield Central
49.10Steven Smith
50.10Brandon Schinker
18:22.03Menomonee Falls
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Brookfield East21
2.Brookfield Central52
4.Divine Savior Holy Angels102
5.Wauwatosa East124
6.West Allis Nathan Hale182
7.Menomonee Falls190
1.9Alex Sinson
16:02.44 PRBrookfield East
2.10Jessica Austin
16:46.92Brookfield East
3.12Hailey Taylor
16:51.20Brookfield East
4.12Kelsey Fox
16:51.70Brookfield Central
5.9Erika Sereg
16:55.87 PRHamilton
6.12Christine Pelto
16:58.22 PRBrookfield East
7.11Mary Kate Baker
16:59.15 PRDivine Savior Holy A...
8.11Angela Rhiel
17:00.71Brookfield Central
9.12Emma Sudar
17:05.69 PRBrookfield East
10.9Ellen Bruhn
17:08.98Brookfield East
11.9Rachel Hirsch
17:09.77Brookfield Central
12.10Lindsay Kennedy
17:11.13Brookfield East
13.10Danielle Goepel
17:12.54 PRHamilton
14.11Kristen Hlava
17:15.60Brookfield Central
15.9Sam Bartz
17:15.98 PRBrookfield East
16.12Kathryn Schwarz
17:17.78Brookfield East
17.10Kathryn Stief
17:19.93 PRBrookfield Central
18.12Lauren Schubilske
17:20.22Brookfield Central
19.12Maria Gehred
17:20.71 SRBrookfield East
20.10CeCe Uhrich
17:21.60Wauwatosa East
21.10Margaret Hodan
17:22.64Divine Savior Holy A...
22.9Alison Herbst
17:32.61Wauwatosa East
23.9Tealin Robinson
17:33.09Brookfield Central
24.10Emerson Vesely
25.10Alyssa Molinski
17:36.71 SRHamilton
26.11Megan Gaschke
17:36.99 SRBrookfield Central
27.9Emma Kumer
17:37.03Brookfield Central
28.12Shealia Conway
17:37.83Wauwatosa East
29.12Mary Kate Duffy
17:39.99Divine Savior Holy A...
30.12Madeline Pruhs
17:41.90Divine Savior Holy A...
31.12Kaitlyn Bisping
17:42.17Brookfield East
32.10Anna Selestow
17:44.41 SRHamilton
33.10April Gilbert
17:45.57Menomonee Falls
34.11Hope Salameh
17:48.97Divine Savior Holy A...
35.9Ellie Dunn
17:49.04Divine Savior Holy A...
36.10Nicole Wlodarski
17:50.88Divine Savior Holy A...
37.11Aubrey Nigh
17:57.88Wauwatosa East
38.11Dana Pomerenke
17:59.67West Allis Nathan Hale
39.10Sarah Braker
18:00.02 PRBrookfield East
40.12Katie Frommelt
18:00.31Divine Savior Holy A...
41.10Finola Hughes
18:01.30Divine Savior Holy A...
42.11Morgan Doyle
18:01.97 PRDivine Savior Holy A...
43.12Brittany Allen
18:05.23Brookfield East
44.9Rebecka Shaw
18:07.23 PRWest Allis Nathan Hale
45.9Riley Johnson
18:07.41Wauwatosa East
46.11Allyson Bigelow
18:07.59 PRDivine Savior Holy A...
47.9Maggie Pomerenke
18:07.84West Allis Nathan Hale
48.11Grace Petr
18:10.23Wauwatosa East
49.11Emily Elliott
18:13.57 PRWest Allis Nathan Hale
50.10Margaret Deflieze
18:17.38Wauwatosa East
51.10Shawna Gloe
18:18.59 PRBrookfield Central
52.11Ginger Johnson
18:20.86Wauwatosa East
53.11Lauren Raasch
18:23.53Wauwatosa East
54.11Megan Edens
18:27.95Brookfield Central
55.9Caroline Hanson
18:29.70Menomonee Falls
56.10Hannah Ruehl
18:31.51Brookfield East
57.12Jocelyn Yaeger
18:32.07Brookfield East
58.9Kayleigh Webber
18:32.53Brookfield East
59.10Tayla Ederesinghe
18:33.57Wauwatosa East
60.9Anne Oleniczak
18:34.05Wauwatosa East
61.11Kate Mylotta
18:37.65Divine Savior Holy A...
62.9Gabi Alioto
18:38.61Brookfield East
63.9Hannah Marlock
18:39.58Divine Savior Holy A...
64.9Tiffany Kim
18:39.77Brookfield Central
65.12Molly Neimi
18:42.00Brookfield East
66.9Maddie Thomas
18:42.29Menomonee Falls
67.12Nicole Nelson
18:45.92Brookfield Central
68.9Bailey Berlin
18:46.10Wauwatosa East
69.12Erin Birshbach
18:46.55Menomonee Falls
70.9Janelle Davies
71.11Barbara Pierson
18:47.93Divine Savior Holy A...
72.10Shereen Massey
18:49.66 SRWauwatosa East
73.11Mary Gorzek
18:51.46Wauwatosa East
74.11Amber Dryer
18:57.47Menomonee Falls
75.11Megan Rohde
19:00.11Menomonee Falls
76.11Brynn Schmidt
19:00.30 PRWest Allis Nathan Hale
77.12Zoey Stefaniak
19:02.76Wauwatosa East
78.9Kate Kuchar
19:03.81 PRHamilton
79.11Grace Templeman
19:05.54Wauwatosa East
80.9Megan Kania
19:06.92 PRHamilton
81.9Mariah Miller
19:08.71 PRBrookfield East
82.9Sofie Garcia-Velez
19:10.51Divine Savior Holy A...
83.12Kazmira Hoffman
19:11.38Wauwatosa East
84.12Emma Idzakowski
19:11.65West Allis Nathan Hale
85.10Chatay Vang
19:16.71Brookfield East
86.11Sarah DeGuire
19:16.86Divine Savior Holy A...
87.12Julie Fuerbringer
19:17.91Brookfield East
88.11Ellie Pier
19:18.59Divine Savior Holy A...
89.10Kyra Lasanske
19:21.14Menomonee Falls
90.11Maddie Janick
19:25.42Brookfield East
91.9Elizabeth Haris
19:28.26 PRBrookfield Central
92.10Leah Magill
19:32.73Divine Savior Holy A...
93.10Anna Davel
19:34.72Brookfield Central
94.11Emily Uecker
19:35.06 SRDivine Savior Holy A...
95.9Sophie Wolf
19:35.41 PRBrookfield Central
96.10Emily Jacobs
19:36.27Menomonee Falls
97.12Corinne Duffy
19:42.91Divine Savior Holy A...
98.11Colleen Heck
19:43.76Wauwatosa East
99.11Haley Lipke
19:44.74West Allis Nathan Hale
100.10Maggie Roethle
19:48.77Divine Savior Holy A...
101.9Haley Knight
20:11.64Brookfield East
102.12Lauren Hill
20:11.82Brookfield East
103.11Marisa Stovich
20:13.93West Allis Nathan Hale
104.10Emily Lowerr
20:14.45Brookfield Central
105.11Katie Eisenhauer
20:17.80Menomonee Falls
106.9Marisa Gasparri
20:20.27Divine Savior Holy A...
107.11Emma Lynch
20:20.91Brookfield East
108.11Genevieve Klinker
20:21.77 PRBrookfield East
109.9Abigail Weisse
20:23.43 PRBrookfield East
110.10Mallorie Clemence
20:24.09Divine Savior Holy A...
111.11Anisha Verma
20:24.83 SRBrookfield East
112.12Elyse Howland
20:25.48Brookfield East
113.12Madeline Barton
20:27.18West Allis Nathan Hale
114.12Morgan Orcholski
20:30.67Brookfield Central
115.10Kirsten Donnerbauer
20:43.44West Allis Central
116.9Emma Larson
20:53.92 SRBrookfield East
117.10Emily Drajkowski
20:57.20West Allis Nathan Hale
118.12Jasmine Miller
21:01.77Brookfield East
119.10Kailee Cieslewicz
21:11.91Menomonee Falls
120.12Alaina Meidl
21:14.44 SRWauwatosa East
121.9Brianna Stolte
21:18.40Wauwatosa East
122.9Amelia Moore
21:21.38Wauwatosa East
123.10Laura Marx
21:28.11Menomonee Falls
124.10Anna Kugler
21:29.97Divine Savior Holy A...
125.12Tessa Cristan
21:31.72Wauwatosa East
126.12Ellie Wallser
21:36.01Brookfield Central
127.10Kelly Berglund
21:38.48Menomonee Falls
128.11Samantha Van Rens
21:41.97 SRBrookfield East
129.11Clarissa Tylke
21:50.73 PRWest Allis Central
130.11Kareema Suleiman
22:07.88 PRWest Allis Nathan Hale
131.12Helen Fredstam
132.10Emma Lucas
22:30.22Brookfield East
133.9Arcadia Schmidt
22:39.74Brookfield Central
134.10Imani Ward
22:41.05West Allis Nathan Hale
135.11Kristen Walters
22:53.88West Allis Central
136.9Ashley Miller
23:26.80Divine Savior Holy A...
137.9Alexandr Detweiler
138.12Sam Shields
25:03.22 PRWest Allis Central
139.9Sami Retzlaff
26:08.44 PRBrookfield East
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4,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.Brookfield Central31
2.Brookfield East66
3.Wauwatosa East81
4.Divine Savior Holy Angels117
5.Menomonee Falls124
6.West Allis Nathan Hale144
8.West Allis Central225
1.11Elizabeth Flatley
14:42.94Brookfield Central
2.9Rachel Werking
14:54.99Brookfield East
3.11Natalie Schudrowitz
15:04.90Wauwatosa East
4.11Danielle Kulpins
15:09.04 PRBrookfield Central
5.11Paulina Agnello
15:14.54 PRBrookfield Central
6.9Sarah Werking
15:15.90Brookfield East
7.12Jordy Schmidt
15:19.18 PRWauwatosa East
8.11Ashlyn Paulson
15:19.87 PRHamilton
9.10Megan Paule
15:22.41Menomonee Falls
10.10Kasey Ledvorowski
15:47.05 SRBrookfield Central
11.9Lucy Kwiatkowski
15:50.89 SRBrookfield Central
12.10Megan Hlava
15:51.81Brookfield Central
13.11Gabi Caron-Schuler
15:53.02 PRWauwatosa East
14.12Natalie Gehred
15:57.43 PRBrookfield East
15.11Ellie Probst
15:59.44West Allis Nathan Hale
16.10Jami Lessila
15:59.75 PRMenomonee Falls
17.10Megan Weiss
16:00.92 PRBrookfield Central
18.9Madison Mihaljevic
16:02.02West Allis Nathan Hale
19.11Claire Assana
16:02.33Divine Savior Holy A...
20.9Lisa Browne
16:03.86 PRBrookfield East
21.12Greta Grum
16:07.40Divine Savior Holy A...
22.11Margot Garcia-Velez
16:08.46Divine Savior Holy A...
23.9Alice Piepenburg
16:09.32 PRWauwatosa East
24.11Brianna Mathison
16:13.78Brookfield East
25.9Tessa Estock
16:15.04Menomonee Falls
26.10Laura Klatt
16:16.62Divine Savior Holy A...
27.12Veronica Porubsky
16:21.84 SRBrookfield Central
28.10Hannah Nelson
16:22.28Menomonee Falls
29.11Allyx Kvasnicka
16:26.25Brookfield East
30.10Morgan Miller
16:26.77Divine Savior Holy A...
31.10Katie Wardinski
16:30.36 SRWest Allis Central
32.10April Koshen
16:32.38 PRWest Allis Nathan Hale
33.12Shannon Cashin
16:34.42Brookfield East
34.9Elizabeth Schauer
16:49.05Divine Savior Holy A...
35.11Molly Lucas
36.10Gina Pagel
16:50.24Brookfield East
37.11Samantha Osinski
16:52.04 SRWauwatosa East
38.11Alex Jonas
16:53.98West Allis Central
39.12Rachel Weiss
40.9Caroline Daniels
16:56.03 SRWest Allis Nathan Hale
41.10Hannah Jeffers
42.9Erin Heaster
43.9Lila Bromley
17:06.77Divine Savior Holy A...
44.12Elizabeth Elliott
17:07.90 SRWest Allis Nathan Hale
45.12Kelly Thompson
17:08.55Divine Savior Holy A...
46.11Taylor Burns
17:11.19 SRHamilton
47.12Hannah Braun
17:12.90Wauwatosa East
48.10Sally Rohrer
17:17.65Wauwatosa East
49.11Katlyn Pollari
17:19.32 SRHamilton
50.10Juliette Schefelker
17:27.20Menomonee Falls
51.12Emily Zelten
17:27.94West Allis Nathan Hale
52.12Jamie Ertl
17:29.20Menomonee Falls
53.9Jenna Freund
17:35.16West Allis Nathan Hale
54.11Megan Hessler
55.11Katie Salmon
17:57.08Wauwatosa East
56.11Kerriane Pawley
18:00.16Menomonee Falls
57.12Cassie Visintainer
18:30.30Menomonee Falls
58.10Supawadee Pamoto
20:28.21West Allis Central
59.10Cayla Ruarke
20:43.52West Allis Central
60.10Hannah Pfister
20:47.26West Allis Central
61.9Amanda Cieslinski
20:59.35West Allis Central
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