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3.1 Mile Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Boys Top five teams

            Gig Harbor 59            Olympia 104            Capital 116            South Kitsap 128            Bellarmine 131

Girls Top five teams

            Gig Harbor 33            Bellarmine 59            Capital 82            South Kitsap 96            Olympia 127.

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Mens Results

3.1 Mile Varsity

1.12Ben Dear
15:59 PROlympia
2.12Dan Phillips
16:05 PROlympia
3.12Jordan Swarthout
16:11 PRCapital
4.11Charlie Williams
16:19 PRGig Harbor
5.12Mike Schmidt
16:33 PRBellarmine Prep
6.11Jacob Goodin
16:40 PROlympia
7.11Graydon Manning
16:46 PRCapital
8.10Miles Unterreiner
16:48 PRGig Harbor
9.12Kenny Kemper
16:50 PRSouth Kitsap
10.10Shane Polley
16:52 PRGig Harbor
11.11Sam Hennessey
16:52 PRPort Angeles
12.11Cody Bradwell
16:55 PRNorth Kitsap
13.12Josh Gatbunton
16:59 PRMt Tahoma
14.9Jon Phillips
17:00 PRSouth Kitsap
15.11Jesse Roberson
17:01 PRWoodrow Wilson
16.12Wes Power
17:05 PRNorth Kitsap
17.12Beau Backman
17:07 PRGig Harbor
18.9Kevin Rosaaen
17:08 PRWoodrow Wilson
19.11Matt Skaggs
17:09 PRWoodrow Wilson
20.11Derek Lactaoen
17:10 PRGig Harbor
21.10Dan Paine
17:10.10 PRShelton
22.12Jay Nolan
17:14 PRPort Angeles
23.12Chris McIsaac
17:18 PRCapital
24.-Pat Hopper
17:19 PRBellarmine Prep
25.10Jacob Papuleas
17:24 PRGig Harbor
26.10Paul Coulter
17:26 PRNorth Kitsap
27.10Cascade Herriott
17:26.10 PRCentral Kitsap
28.12Will Cameron
17:31 PRNorth Kitsap
29.11Charles Langdon
17:35 PRShelton
30.11Chris Grouse
17:36 PRGig Harbor
31.-Kipp Gallagher
17:37 PRBellarmine Prep
32.12Devon Wright
17:39 PRSouth Kitsap
33.10Kaleb Shelton
17:39.10 PRLincoln
34.10Kyle Stolp
17:40 PRSouth Kitsap
35.10Chris Boitano
17:41 PRBellarmine Prep
36.-Mike Gosselin
17:42 PRBellarmine Prep
37.10Thomas Christian
17:42.20 PRPort Angeles
38.11Johnny Bradford
17:43 PRPort Angeles
39.10Aaron Terry
17:45 PRSouth Kitsap
40.9Max Schade
17:46. PRCapital
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Womens Results

3.1 Mile Varsity

1.10Nicole Cochran
18:16 PRBellarmine Prep
2.11Kesslee Payne
18:37 PRGig Harbor
3.11Amanda Andrews
19:04 PRGig Harbor
4.10Kayla Evans
19:07 PRBellarmine Prep
5.12Stephanie Sipes
19:14 PRGig Harbor
6.9Annie Dear
19:18 PROlympia
7.12Ariel Taylor
19:35 PRCapital
8.12Greta Stickney
19:50 PRNorth Kitsap
9.12Meaghan McCluskey
20:00 PRGig Harbor
10.10Britta Peterson
20:01 PRSouth Kitsap
11.11Shannon Polley
20:03 PRSouth Kitsap
12.12Sarah Lorch
20:05 PRBellarmine Prep
13.10Alegra Waldron
20:06 PRSouth Kitsap
14.10Kate Stuart
20:07 PRGig Harbor
15.12Kaitlin Hildebrand
20:10 PRGig Harbor
16.10Laura Wolfe
20:12 PRCapital
17.9Johannah Verhulst
20:12.10 PRCapital
18.11Gabes Seifert
20:16 PRGig Harbor
19.10Amanda Wright
20:16.10 PRCapital
20.12Emily Mosich
20:18 PRBellarmine Prep
21.10Jennifer Gregg
20:29 PRNorth Kitsap
22.11Katie Nelson
20:31 PRBellarmine Prep
23.11Katie Blue
20:40 PRCapital
24.10Kelly Cates
20:45 PRNorth Kitsap
25.11Carter Schick
20:49 PROlympia
26.10Nikki Crone
21:00 PRCentral Kitsap
27.12Caitie O'Donnell
21:03 PROlympia
28.9Sarah Brownstein
21:14 PRShelton
29.11Bailey Campbell
21:14.10 PRCapital
30.12Shyla Coleman
21:14.20 PRSouth Kitsap
31.9Maggie Crow
21:15 PRCentral Kitsap
32.11Marie Spiker
21:16 PRSouth Kitsap
33.11Annika Turner
21:22 PROlympic
34.10Danielle Hunter
21:26 PRMt Tahoma
35.9Laurel Stormans
21:27 PROlympia
36.11Jeannine Chaney
21:27.10 PROlympia
37.11Maria McSharry
21:29 PRCapital
38.9Elena Wimberger
21:32 PRStadium
39.10Katherine Hales
21:33 PROlympia
40.10Erica Warkus
21:33.10 PRNorth Kitsap
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