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2.9 Mile Varsity
2.9 Meters Junior Varsity
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2.9 Mile Varsity
2.9 Mile Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

2.9 Mile Varsity

1.10Victor Salgado
15:39 PRQuincy
2.11Drew Van Polen
15:51 PRCashmere
3.10Spencer Elmore
16:01 PRQuincy
4.11Samuel Goble
16:06 PROmak
5.9Jonathan Mangas
16:08 PRCashmere
6.11Oliver Fernandez
16:21 PRCashmere
7.12Jason Hill
16:23 PROmak
8.12Dawson Taylor
16:28 PRCashmere
9.12Gabriel Martinez
16:33 PRQuincy
11.11Ricardo Naranjo
16:44 PRCashmere
12.10Jimmy Garcia
16:48 PRQuincy
13.9Daniel Olmstead
16:49 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
14.11Salvador Lopez
17:01 PRQuincy
17.11Brock Steele
17:06 PRCashmere
18.9Daniel Tveten
17:07 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
20.9Cole Paton
17:23 PRCashmere
23.12Brian Pecha
17:44 PROmak
24.12Jerry Sanchez
17:45 PRQuincy
26.12Ryan Thompson
17:46.1 PROmak
27.10Blakely Browne
17:48 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
30.12Gerardo Guzman
18:23 PRQuincy
32.12Michael Olmstead
18:38 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
33.10Jonathan Blake
18:40 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
36.11Caleb Spiegel
19:15 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
37.11Carlos Avila-Duran
19:19 PROmak
38.12Seth Law
19:20 PROmak
39.12Robert Buchmann
19:22 PROmak
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2.9 Meters Junior Varsity

2.12Dan Pipkin
17:45 PRCashmere
3.10Kendall Getchell
17:49 PRCashmere
4.10Jesus Guzman
17:51 PRQuincy
6.9Eli Phillips
17:59 PRCashmere
7.10Nathan Thompson
18:17 PRCashmere
8.11Luis Mota
18:30 PRQuincy
9.11Cesar Ramos
18:33 PRQuincy
10.10Emiterio Hernandez
18:34 PRQuincy
11.11Jayden Elmore
18:38 PRQuincy
15.10Gustavo Mendoza
19:06 PRQuincy
16.11Ismael Guerrero
19:11 PRQuincy
17.9Grant Keller
19:13 PRCashmere
18.9Nathan Wells
19:14 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
20.11Luis Perez
19:20 PRQuincy
21.10Brandon Day
19:20 PRQuincy
26.9Nicholas A Lopez
19:27 PRQuincy
23.9Diego Joya
19:30 PRCashmere
27.10Garrett Hill
19:47 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
28.11Hirotaka Miriyama
19:52 PROmak
30.10Andres Galvez
20:02 PRCashmere
31.10David Gorski
20:08 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
32.11Cameron Moser
20:11 PRCashmere
34.9Joseph Winters
20:29 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
35.10Keegan Townsend
20:32 PRCashmere
36.11Ethan Visser
20:34 PRCashmere
38.9Ben Kraske
20:36 PROmak
39.11Trevan Strean
20:36 PRCashmere
37.10Max Miller
20:55 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
44.9Austin Steele
21:21 PRCashmere
45.9Brad Chang
21:31 PRCashmere
47.11Carson Hill
21:37 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
48.11Sam McMahon
21:43 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
49.9Graysen Luckensmeyer
21:55 PRCashmere
50.9Gabe Holz
21:57 PROmak
51.10Chris Dronen
22:09 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
52.10Klev Peckham
22:11 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
54.12Jose Lulo
22:12 PRQuincy
55.11Trey Michael
22:15 PRCashmere
57.10Isaac Roberts
22:28 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
58.10William Demarest
22:39 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
60.11Garik Cowan
22:58 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
62.9Chris Winters
23:24 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
63.12Kyle Courtois
23:56 PRCashmere
65.9Sam Winters
25:03 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
66.9Octavio Bustos
25:26 PRQuincy
67.12James Weaver
25:54 PRCashmere
69.9Alex LaCombe
31:22 PRCascade (Leavenworth)
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