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Last Updated 3:03 PM, Mon, Aug 13


We will host our meet at Post Falls High School again this year with basically the same course as last year.  We will follow the schedule llisted below

Varsity Girls 10 am.

Varsity Boys 10:40 am

JV Girls 11:10

JV Boys 11:50

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Michael Dunton
17:21Coeur D'Alene
2.10Riley Estes
17:39Coeur D'Alene
3.11Kenny Colbert
17:52Coeur D'Alene
4.12Sean Kelly
18:06Post Falls
6.9Jose Winton
18:19Coeur D'Alene
8.12Cody Peters
9.12Matt Robb
18:59Coeur D'Alene
10.12Jonathan Deak
19:21Coeur D'Alene
11.12Kendrick Nagel
19:22Coeur D'Alene
12.12Dustin Hannawalt
13.9Dylan Schilling
19:37Post Falls
14.11Joe de Tar
19:51Post Falls
15.10Garrett Johnson
16.9Chris Kirkeby
20:19Post Falls
17.10Casey Noye
18.9Lucas Langenderfer
19.11Payton Sanders
20.12Mosiah Belden
21.9Drake Green
22:44Post Falls
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Tristan Scoffield
20:18Coeur D'Alene
2.10Carson Hill
20:35Coeur D'Alene
3.9Daniel Walters
20:56Coeur D'Alene
4.11Thomas Troxel
21:21Coeur D'Alene
5.12Adam Crandall
21:41Coeur D'Alene
6.10Liam Romasko
21:43Coeur D'Alene
7.9Andrew Overby
21:46Coeur D'Alene
8.11Anthony Moore
21:58Post Falls
9.11Justin MCCabe
22:10Post Falls
10.12Roger Moyer
11.10Justin Dansereau
12.12David Bethke
13.11Brenan Anthony
22:59Post Falls
14.11Camden Felton
15.11Mason Patzer
23:34Coeur D'Alene
16.9Charlie Button
23:38Coeur D'Alene
17.12Zach Mun
18.9Chris Allsup
24:07Coeur D'Alene
19.9Ben Gibson
24:22Post Falls
20.11Harrison Green
24:24Post Falls
21.12Chris Armburst
24:48 SRPost Falls
22.12Derek Surber
23.9Jeffrey Passaro
26:25Coeur D'Alene
24.12Johnathon Madrid
26:42 SRCoeur D'Alene
25.10Sam Cooper
27:00Post Falls
26.10Sam Gissler
29:41Post Falls
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