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Last Updated 10:04 AM, Tue, Aug 28


2012 Palmer Invitational Cross Country Meet

Date:  Saturday, September 8, 2012


Course Opens:                        8:00 AM

Coaches Meeting                    9:00 AM


A Few Changes to the 2012 races:  Due to construction of facilities at Palmer High, runners will crossing the new runways for the long jump pits.  This will be the only year that the course will have this issue.  Future construction will reroute that portion of the course.

Additionally 123A schools may opt to run athletes in the 4A races.  Please remember that doing this will not entitle teams point to be shared between race classifications.

Timing:  We are pleased to announce that Skinny Ravens in conjunction with New Balance have offered to time this year’s race.  Timing will involve using chipped bibs.

Course Description:  Start on football practice field; high school does three laps on trail.  A portion of the course brings runners up a trail on the practice field and then back down for the 2nd and 3rd laps.  The first lap stays down on the trail.  .  The finish will be a sprint approximately 150yard straightaway after entering the stadium.  Map of the course is enclosed. 


·        Minimum five runners per team in a Varsity race (for team points)

·        Uniform-School jersey

·        Track and course will be available for warm-up

·        Awards to follow race

·        Please park in the front parking lot at PHS


Coaches Meeting: 9:00 AM in the theater.  Stats will be available on  Overnight housing will be available for out of area schools.  Please notify Jeff Thiede, AD PHS (746-8424) as soon as possible regarding overnight reservations.

Entries:  Please submit entries before 7pm Tuesday September 4, 2012.  All entries must be input via .  You must register on this site in order to submit entries, but it is free to use.


Entry Fee:  Please submit by mail or at the coaches meeting a check for your school at the rate of $3.00 per athlete. 


Day of the Race Changes: If a varsity athlete is sick or absent, then another racer from the open class may fill that position.  No other changes will be accepted.


Open Race:  Open to high school students only! 


Community Race:  Open to all runners.  Athletes from a school team may not wear identifiable clothing related to their school.  Sign up with the clerk 30 minutes prior to race.  Children (under 18) must have a parent/guardian or coach present.

Order of Races:



Walk the course:                    9:30 AM


Open Races

Ø Girls                            10:15 AM

Ø Boys                            11:00 AM


JV Races

Ø Girls                            11:45 AM

Ø Boys                            12:30 PM


Varsity 123A

Ø Girls                            1:15 PM              

Ø Boys                            1:45 PM


Varsity 4A

Ø Girls                            2:15 PM

Ø Boys                            2:45 PM


Community Race                     3:15 PM


Awards                                    3:45 PM





Palmer Invitational  (#46690)
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11David Swenson
18:33.3 PRWest Valley
2.12Joppa Smith
18:44.3Grace Christian
3.11Harry Simpson
18:55.7 PRWest Valley
4.9Vance Underwood
18:58.1 SRLathrop
5.9Riley Martin
19:03.6 SRGrace Christian
6.11Casey Lewandoski
19:18.3 PRWest Valley
7.11Eric Johnson
19:21.0 PRGrace Christian
8.12Erik Grazulis
19:21.3 PRColony
9.10Russell Diotte
19:21.3 SRColony
10.9Dylan Brabham
19:22.0 PRWest Valley
11.10Glen Woodworth
19:25.9 PRPalmer
12.9Nick Snow
19:37.7Grace Christian
13.12Mikey Dewey
19:37.7 SRWest Valley
14.10Nathan Trujillo
19:53.2 SRGrace Christian
15.11Frew Winkle
19:54.1 SRGrace Christian
16.11Sean Haley
19:56.9 PRColony
17.9Michael Bonar
19:56.9 PRWest Valley
18.11Austin Ackerman
19:58.9 PRGrace Christian
19.9Justin Hannah
19:59.4 SRWest Valley
20.11Cameron Eckmann
20:07.1Grace Christian
21.11Casey MacCheyne
20:11.8 SRWest Valley
22.10Alex Parker
20:25.8 PRLathrop
23.9Caelan O'Neil
20:30.3 PRWest Valley
24.11Aidan Moody
20:32.3 PRLathrop
25.12Ivan Kvapil
20:40.2 SRWest Valley
26.11Lucas Jones
20:48.6 PRColony
27.10Josh Beveridge
20:49.2Grace Christian
28.9Joel Allen
29.11Rob Lozanoff
30.11Chris Olsen
31.11Andrew Nelson
32.11Josiah Turner
21:09.1Grace Christian
33.9Cade Chastain
21:17.3 SRColony
34.11Karl Eckmann
21:37.3Grace Christian
35.10Quinn Leadbetter
21:47.2 SRGrace Christian
36.9Morgan DesOrmeaux
21:48.3 SRLathrop
37.10Christian Webb
21:54.4Grace Christian
38.10Spencer Adams
39.11Spencer Nace
22:06.4 SRWest Valley
40.11Dylan Smock
22:17.0 SRWest Valley
41.12Jack Swingle
22:33.7 SRWest Valley
42.10Garrett Birch
22:35.8 SRColony
43.10Zach Blair
22:40.0 PRColony
44.9Sam Riopelle
45.11Zach Sauve
23:06.5Grace Christian
46.9Marvin Sheldon
23:07.0 SRGalena
47.10Ben Mordue Swalling
48.10Taylor Sheldon
23:11.9 SRGrace Christian
49.9Robbie Lewis
23:33.1 SRLathrop
50.9Noah Egger
51.9Anthony Sam
23:36.4 PRGalena
52.9Max Tamillo
24:28.7 SRWest Valley
53.9Dillon Short
24:29.1 PRNorth Pole
54.11Rohan Weeden
24:38.3 SRLathrop
55.10Josh Skrip
25:11.2 PRWest Valley
56.9Ryan Binder
25:12.5Grace Christian
57.10Vincent Smith
25:26.4 PRWest Valley
58.12Andrew Jensen
25:32.4 PRLathrop
59.9Eli Simmons
26:13.8West Valley
60.11John Clancy
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Ben Atkinson
17:38.7 PRColony
2.10Jesse Mayo
17:40.7 SRWest Valley
3.11Kyle Carlson
17:47.4 SRLathrop
4.9Spencer Herron
17:49.6 SRWest Valley
5.10Miles King
17:53.1 SRBristol Bay
6.10Anthony Rubina
17:56.7 SRKodiak
7.11Luke McLaughlin
17:58.3 SRGrace Christian
8.9Sam Hiltenbrand
18:00.2 SRWest Valley
9.12Sam Zimmerman
10.10Jake Link
18:06.1 PRColony
11.12Andrew Eller
18:19.1Grace Christian
12.10Noah Tsigonis
18:24.3 SRLathrop
13.10Zach Zmuda
18:27.6 PRColony
14.9Zach Young
18:27.8Grace Christian
15.10Ethan Berkeland
18:33.5 SRWest Valley
16.10Wyatt Brown
18:42.7Grace Christian
17.11Mac Lee
18:46.4 SRKenai Central
18.10Cameron Jensen
18:49.9 SRPalmer
19.11Jonathan Santos
18:56.0 PRGrace Christian
20.10Grant Ackerman
18:58.6 SRWest Valley
21.11Nathan Zorbas
19:01.1 PRKenai Central
22.10Ellery Steffensen
19:02.1 PRKenai Central
23.11Torgen Karns
24.11Cory Johnson
19:03.6 SRWest Valley
25.11Trevor Murray
26.9Braden Nieder
19:14.4Grace Christian
27.10Nick Harrison
19:21.0 SRColony
28.11Luke Wright
19:24.5 PRPalmer
29.11Tyreke Jennis
19:30.3 PRLathrop
30.11Cooper Danner
19:45.2 PRColony
31.10Coltin Yancey
19:46.2Skyview (Closed 2014)
32.9Elias Graham
19:50.1 SRHomer
33.9James Butler
19:52.1 SRKenai Central
34.11Joshua Patzke
19:58.8 SRLathrop
35.11Sky Schlung
20:01.2 SRSkyview (Closed 2014)
36.12David Banse
20:01.9 SRPalmer
37.10TJ Abercrombie
38.12Zachary Marsh
20:08.1 SRPalmer
39.10Klaus Hanley
20:08.1Grace Christian
40.12David Bell
20:09.3 PRPalmer
41.9Alex Tatarenko
20:25.6 PRDelta Junction
42.10Eric Andersen
20:30.5Anchorage Christian
43.11David Williams
20:31.3 PRBristol Bay
44.11Adam King
20:36.4 SRBristol Bay
45.9Gavin Maslen
46.12Alex Agosti
20:44.1Kenai Central
47.10Nathan Kuchin
20:58.5 PRValdez
48.9Jesse Sanders
20:59.2 SRPalmer
49.12Shane LaRue
50.11Connor Jaconette
21:32.8Anchorage Christian
51.11Jake Meyer
21:37.3 PRValdez
52.10Patrick Stanton
53.10Tanner Best
22:14.9 SRSoldotna
54.9Liam Floyd
22:32.2 SRKenai Central
55.9Alex Lewis
22:40.6 PRNorth Pole
56.9Ryan Brewer
22:46.7Ben Eielson
57.12Byron Miller
23:08.2 PRKenai Central
58.9Tyler Phongvichith
23:11.0 PRValdez
59.9Dillon Scarboro
23:24.2 PRBen Eielson
60.9Ian Pemberton
23:26.1Ben Eielson
61.9Mathew Jensen
23:34.8Delta Junction
62.10Chris Kimble
23:39.9 SRValdez
63.9Skyler Diehl
23:49.9 SRSoldotna
64.10Logan Hemphill
23:52.2Skyview (Closed 2014)
65.12Ryder Galic
23:52.8Skyview (Closed 2014)
66.10Wesley Colapietro
67.10Tristian Smith
68.12Kelty Fair
24:56.8 SRSkyview (Closed 2014)
69.10Jordan Willis
25:00.2 SRAnchorage Christian
70.10William Parker
25:26.4 PRAnchorage Christian
71.12Asa Johnson
25:37.2 PRSoldotna
72.9Drew Kant
73.9Everest Haines
25:51.8 PRSu Valley
74.10Brennan Mitzel
25:53.4 PRSkyview (Closed 2014)
75.9Robert Shidner
76.10Andrew Fix
27:03.5 SRDelta Junction
77.9Jesse Boze
28:01.2Skyview (Closed 2014)
78.12Joe Briggs
28:57.4Skyview (Closed 2014)
79.9Micheal Lewis
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5,000 Meters 123A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Arlen Mossgrove
16:53.9 PRGlennallen
2.11Austin Monzon
17:02.4Anchorage Christian
3.9Kaleb Korta
17:08.9 SRGalena
4.11Pedro Ochoa
5.12Connor Mccarron
6.12Brayton Johnson
17:27.5Anchorage Christian
7.11Micah Hilbish
17:33.8Skyview (Closed 2014)
8.11Josh Vantrease
9.11Nathan Stodick
17:46.9 PRBen Eielson
10.12Sam Janorschke
17:50.2Skyview (Closed 2014)
11.11John Warren
17:50.3 SRDelta Junction
12.12Jimmy Morden
17:55.4 PRDelta Junction
13.11Keefe McIntosh
14.11Daniel Tatarenko
18:12.0Delta Junction
15.10Taylor Hoffman
18:13.2 SRBethel
16.10Josiah Helken
18:14.4 SRDelta Junction
17.10Sergei Wegner
18:15.7 SRValdez
18.10David Reaves
18:16.2 PRBen Eielson
19.11Jake Worsfold
18:18.3 PRHomer
20.11Keaton Evans
18:19.1Anchorage Christian
21.12Elliot Hoffman
22.11Nathan Machacek
18:22.3Anchorage Christian
23.11Kaden Cullen
18:23.3 SRValdez
24.10Brandon Beachy
18:24.1 SRHomer
25.9Ross Enlow
18:25.3 SRUnalaska
26.10Brenner Musgrave
18:25.8 SRSkyview (Closed 2014)
27.10Andrew Walter
18:31.7 SRMonroe Catholic
28.10Jordan Sondergaard
18:36.9 SRGlennallen
29.12Kade Cooper
18:39.1 PRSkyview (Closed 2014)
30.10Philip Kuckuck
18:43.4 PRUnalaska
31.11Elijah Matchian
18:43.9 SRChevak
32.9Kevin Goodwin
33.10Michael Remolino
18:47.3 SRUnalaska
34.12Jessi Klejka
18:49.4 SRBethel
35.11Avery Coplin
18:51.7 PRBethel
36.12Blake Klaich
37.12Garrett St. Peter
18:56.2 PRDelta Junction
38.11Kalen McIntosh
18:59.8 SRValdez
39.11Ahanu Kinne
40.10James Olin
19:04.0 PRGalena
41.10Daniel Shuler
19:04.5 SRSkyview (Closed 2014)
42.11John Walsworth
19:08.0 PRHomer
43.9Bryan Earnshaw
19:15.5 SRUnalaska
44.12William Frank
19:17.2Monroe Catholic
45.9Etienne Kinne
46.10Pavel Hernandez
47.12Kyle Austin
19:27.3Skyview (Closed 2014)
48.12Cody Gilroy
19:28.7Anchorage Christian
49.11Nathan Ezell
19:31.6 SRBen Eielson
50.9Garrett Grahek
19:34.3 SRMonroe Catholic
51.9Joe Apfelbeck
52.10Lucas Button
19:45.7Monroe Catholic
53.12Mark Brower
54.10Conell Ware
19:47.2Delta Junction
55.10Andy Nguyen
19:52.1 PRUnalaska
56.12Billy Thompson
57.11McKade Sorensen
19:57.0 SRBen Eielson
58.9Taylor Price
20:03.6 SRBen Eielson
59.9Nate Graves
20:06.3Anchorage Christian
60.9Greg Trail
61.9Nathan Helken
20:12.7 SRDelta Junction
62.12Kegan Bowman
20:15.8Kenny Lake
63.12Francisco Brown-No...
20:17.4Skyview (Closed 2014)
64.9Nicetas Lasiter
65.11Corwin Olson
20:18.7 PRChevak
66.9Noah Mcallister
67.12Brayton Lieb
20:18.9 PRBethel
68.10Luke Coverdell
20:19.2Anchorage Christian
69.10Edwin Erickson
70.12Ethan Berry
20:20.7 SRBen Eielson
71.12Christoff Swope
20:31.7 SRBethel
72.10Zach Grace
73.9Alonzo Tellier
20:44.2Su Valley
74.12Eric Mametieff
20:46.2 SRNikolaevsk
75.11Tristan Bell
20:54.8 PRChevak
76.12Christone Susky
21:09.3Su Valley
77.10Jayci Caldwell
78.10Isaac McElwee
79.10Donovan Porritt
21:13.8 PRValdez
80.10Jonathan Nelson
81.10Jacob Miller
21:27.7 PRGalena
82.12Curtis Richardson
83.10Jared Alderman
21:37.3 PRHutchison
84.12Andrew Gardiner
21:40.8 PRHouston
85.10Joshua Klejka
21:45.7 SRBethel
86.9Jonah Fefelov
87.10JT Minder
22:18.1 SRMonroe Catholic
88.12Ian Brazier
22:24.0Ben Eielson
89.9Liam Andersen
90.12Joe Martelle
22:28.7 PRBarrow
91.9Caleb Jones
22:36.0 PRChevak
92.12William Sexton
22:39.1 PRMonroe Catholic
93.11John Night
22:54.6 SRChevak
94.12Frank Holub
95.10Alex Baham
23:15.0 PRHutchison
96.9Johann Timmers
23:20.6Su Valley
97.9Troy Metz
23:20.7 SRMonroe Catholic
98.12Dostal Boris
23:51.2 PRHutchison
99.10Derek Ketzler
100.9Noah Helton
25:35.2Su Valley
101.10Henry Peter
29:18.5 PRNenana
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5,000 Meters 4A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Levi Thomet
2.12Cole Christiansen
15:46.6 PRKodiak
3.12Peter Noon
15:51.4 PRWest Valley
4.11Erich Hoefler
16:24.7 SRWest Valley
5.12Tal Norvell
16:28.8Juneau Douglas
6.12Mikko Sayre
16:32.1West Valley
7.10Max Donaldson
16:33.3West Valley
8.12Chris Osiensky
9.10Tristan Sayre
16:39.5 SRWest Valley
10.11Lyon Kopsack
16:44.0 PRColony
11.11Daniel Serventi
16:45.0Grace Christian
12.10Jordan Theisen
16:46.7 SRKenai Central
13.11Brandon Schafer
16:47.3 SRColony
14.11Sean Herrmann
16:48.5 PRPalmer
15.12Julian McCarthy
16:50.9 PRKodiak
16.10Riley Moser
16:53.7Juneau Douglas
17.11Sam King
16:57.0 SRLathrop
18.11Fox Michaud
16:58.4 PRKenai Central
19.10Jonah Theisen
16:58.9 SRKenai Central
20.10Jonathan Koenig
16:59.6 SRWest Valley
21.11Boaz Sessom
17:02.0 SRColony
22.11Ivan David Isaacs
17:07.5Grace Christian
23.9Joe Bue
17:09.7 PRIDEA Fairbanks
24.11Hans Karlberg
17:10.4 SRGrace Christian
25.12Sam Kendall
17:11.2 PRWest Valley
26.10Levi Fried
27.12Clayton Hannah
17:23.0 PRKodiak
28.11Keegan Ragan
29.12Josh Thomas
17:24.5 SRGrace Christian
30.11Nate Mole
17:26.0 PRKenai Central
31.10Daniel VanderWeide
17:31.4Grace Christian
32.10Graysen Sorensen
17:33.5 SRGrace Christian
33.10Justin Gentz
17:35.1 PRPalmer
34.12Martin Woodby
17:37.6 PRJuneau Douglas
35.12Darien Sinnett
36.12Joseph Gilmore
17:41.0North Pole
37.9Jon LeVan
17:43.5 PRKodiak
38.12Elisha Fields
17:43.8 PRKodiak
39.12Dillon Jensen
17:46.1 SRSoldotna
40.12Storm Williams
41.10Johnny Elliott
17:51.3Juneau Douglas
42.10Kamber Lucas
17:51.3 SRColony
43.9Dakota Peterson-Th...
17:54.5 SRColony
44.11Christian Wheeles
17:55.1 SRGrace Christian
45.10Lane Reed
46.12Ewa Oba
18:03.3 PRLathrop
47.10Colin Crist
18:06.4 PRLathrop
48.9Corbin Mitchell
18:08.4Juneau Douglas
49.11Dustin Everitt
18:09.3 PRKenai Central
50.10Brayden Mahan
18:14.2 PRPalmer
51.9Aaron Swedberg
18:15.4 SRSoldotna
52.11Matt Van Muelken
18:19.3 PRLathrop
53.10Travis Cooper
18:28.1Kenai Central
54.11Isaac Bingham
18:31.3 PRPalmer
55.9Quincy Fuller
18:37.8Kenai Central
56.9Ryan Kavalok
18:38.3 SRPalmer
57.9Brian Holst
18:57.6Juneau Douglas
58.9Ryan Moritz
19:10.7Juneau Douglas
59.12Luke Michael
60.12Shane Miller
19:20.0 PRSoldotna
61.12Brandon Kavalok
62.9Wyatt Conrow
19:29.2 SRNorth Pole
63.11Colton Diehl
19:33.2 SRSoldotna
64.10Justice Miller
20:11.8 PRSoldotna
65.10Victor DeWilde
20:22.6North Pole
66.12Zack Smith
20:32.3North Pole
67.12Mark Stoller
20:32.4 PRNorth Pole
68.11Curtis Gelineaus
22:03.9 SRNorth Pole
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Open

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Giorgie Michel
22:30.4 SRWest Valley
2.9Brooke Gottmeier
22:56.4 SRWest Valley
3.11Rachel Johnston
23:08.8 SRGrace Christian
4.10Alex Durazo
23:20.3 SRGrace Christian
5.10Laura Aspelund
23:20.6 PRGrace Christian
6.11Kristin Winkle
24:26.7Grace Christian
7.9Emeline Andresen
25:02.2 PRWest Valley
8.10Jamie Schwantes
25:24.5 SRColony
9.10Emma Stone
25:39.2 SRLathrop
10.9Arianna Hawthorne
26:31.4 PRColony
11.10Hannah Bouta
26:38.9 SRWest Valley
12.11Patty Eagan
26:39.4 SRWest Valley
13.12Makenna Johansen
26:55.3West Valley
14.11Leah Ekblad
27:10.6 SRLathrop
15.12Sabrina Pralle
27:46.3 SRColony
16.9Soquel Keelean
27:48.6West Valley
17.11Brittany Walters
28:01.9 PRLathrop
18.9Teresa Wrobel
28:57.7 PRWest Valley
19.12Kendra McPhail
20.12Helen Michaelson
30:07.7 SRColony
21.11Debby Waugaman
30:16.8 PRLathrop
22.11Angie Rotermund
34:57.8 PRWest Valley
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kayla Rowe
20:51.2 SRGrace Christian
2.9Megan Hickman
22:01.0 PRNikolaevsk
3.11Tiffany Bolyard
22:09.6 SRKodiak
4.11Alyna Higdon
22:16.3 SRLathrop
5.12Shannon McNamara
22:17.9Grace Christian
6.12Maya Tsao-Wu
22:19.1Grace Christian
7.11Kari Millstein
22:20.6 SRKodiak
8.9Kahye Yu
22:21.3 PRKodiak
9.12Maria McLaughlin
22:27.3 SRGrace Christian
10.11Isabelle Hiner
22:39.5 SRKodiak
11.9Jessie Yerbick
23:15.5 PRColony
12.12Emma O'Connor
23:16.7West Valley
13.10Lauren Tsao-Wu
23:19.4Grace Christian
14.12Deanna Cummings
23:25.5 SRPalmer
15.11Mattea Peters
23:29.3 PRHomer
16.11Emily Cusick
23:34.8Grace Christian
17.11Leah Schmeidt
23:35.5Grace Christian
18.9Jewel Hediger
23:36.0 PRWest Valley
19.9Leah Rasmussen
23:38.3 SRWest Valley
20.11Sara Karl
21.10Abby Goyette
23:47.6 PRColony
22.10Mandi Cox
23:52.2 SRKodiak
23.10Mackenzie Parrott
23:53.2 SRLathrop
24.12Alison Arima
23:54.3 PRLathrop
25.12Willa Nagel
23:56.2 SRColony
26.11Abby Bravo
23:57.2 SRWest Valley
27.9Kira Peck
24:09.8 PRColony
28.12Anna Bakken
24:10.6Kenai Central
29.9Molly Mitchell
30.10Aubrea Stoltz
24:17.1 SRWest Valley
31.10Kay Rippy
24:23.6 SRWest Valley
32.12Chanel Simon
24:41.5West Valley
33.9Sam Draves
34.10Ashley Murray
25:16.3 PRPalmer
35.12Codie Wareham
25:25.7 PRLathrop
36.12Victoria Sigurdson...
37.9Brianna Bennett
25:49.6 PRLathrop
38.10Kiana Hamlin
25:55.7 PRLathrop
39.11Brittany Hollers
26:29.9 PRSkyview (Closed 2014)
40.9Colleen McDougal
27:03.1 PRHomer
41.9Sarena Drover
27:12.9Su Valley
42.11Charlotte Forrest
27:21.0 SRPalmer
43.9Maddie Michaud
28:12.4 PRKenai Central
44.11Nianiella Dorvall
28:26.4 SRNikolaevsk
45.9Lindsey Floyd
30:22.4Kenai Central
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5,000 Meters 123A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Macala Fifield
20:37.3 SRMonroe Catholic
2.12Kaitlynn Lucas
20:42.6 PRBen Eielson
3.9Aurora Waclawski
4.11Tessa Wygant
20:55.9Kenny Lake
5.9Barae Hirsch
6.10Rebecca Seneff
21:39.2 PRHomer
7.9Hannah Heustess
21:43.8 PRHutchison
8.9Haley O'Brien
21:47.9 PRBethel
9.9Elizabeth Balsan
21:56.1 SRAnchorage Christian
10.11Kailey Mills
22:02.9 SRDelta Junction
11.10Pam Jantzi
12.11Ramey Gerke
13.12Valerie Mastolier
22:13.8 PRHomer
14.12Emily Merioles
22:34.4 SRValdez
15.9Shenandoah Lush
22:37.6Su Valley
16.10Haley Spencer
22:49.1 PRHutchison
17.10Sakota Mitchell
22:50.3 PRHomer
18.10Elizabeth Lindley
23:09.3 SRBethel
19.9Bernadette Hartley
23:14.1Su Valley
20.10Stephanie Allen
23:33.9 SRValdez
21.9Mikayla Morrison
22.11Stephanie Nelson
23.11Carla Kippi
24.11Ayla Loper
23:53.2Su Valley
25.11Noelle Helmer
26.9Carolyn Sam
27.9Robin Spaulding
24:02.4Su Valley
28.12Gina Jensen
24:29.2 PRDelta Junction
29.12Evie Anderson
24:33.7 SRAnchorage Christian
30.9Molly Hawkins
24:38.7 PRValdez
31.10Katie McWilliams
24:55.5 SRBethel
32.9Alynne Bankston
33.12Alexis Gavora
25:17.6 PRMonroe Catholic
34.9Hannah Voley
25:26.7 PRKenny Lake
35.9Holi-Nicol Robinson
25:31.4 PRBen Eielson
36.9Katy Merioles
37.10Liz Maxwell
25:43.7Kenny Lake
38.9Kassandra Hales
25:56.1 PRSu Valley
39.9Emma Daniels
25:56.5 PRHutchison
40.9Citlali Cota-Sanchez
25:58.9 PRHutchison
41.10Christian Escalante
26:00.3 SRUnalaska
42.11Summer Ulroan
26:10.1 PRChevak
43.12Tatianna Coverdell
26:12.1 PRAnchorage Christian
44.12Faith Simon
26:14.9 PRChevak
45.12Alaina Bankston
46.12Kerri Tall
27:14.0 PRChevak
47.12Lydia Sobek
27:46.8Anchorage Christian
48.9Joan Klejka
49.10Kathryn Keeney
28:08.2 SRValdez
50.10Natalia Korenev
51.12Sydny Taylor-Lammers
52.10Alexis Brown
29:37.2 SRKenny Lake
53.9Mariah Rose
29:43.6 PRHutchison
54.11Colony Hannon
30:11.1 SRAnchorage Christian
55.12Ariane Sinkey
31:35.8 PRHutchison
56.11Ashley Krause
32:24.7Anchorage Christian
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5,000 Meters 4A Varsity

  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Allie Ostrander
17:42.5Kenai Central
2.12Audrey Michaelson
18:43.6 SRColony
3.12Hope Steffensen
18:54.8 PRKenai Central
4.10Megan Kubichek
19:06.3 PRLathrop
5.11Brooke Lizotte
6.11Colette Ohotnicky
19:16.7 PRHoly Family Academy
7.9Morgan Lash
19:20.2 PRGrace Christian
8.12Makenzie Thompson
19:22.4 PRColony
9.12Dorothy O'Donnell
19:26.7 PRWest Valley
10.12Claire Trujillo
19:28.3 PRGrace Christian
11.10Cheyenne Applegate
19:40.5 SRGrace Christian
12.11Adriane Horn
19:42.1 SRKodiak
13.12Anna Trujillo
19:42.6 PRGrace Christian
14.10Danielle McCormick
19:49.1 SRSoldotna
15.11Leah Cawthorn
19:49.4 PRKodiak
16.11Elle Arnold
19:50.4Grace Christian
17.9Olivia Hutchings
20:04.3 SRSoldotna
18.12Marley Wilkins
20:07.6 PRKodiak
19.10Sadie Fox
20:15.7 SRSoldotna
20.10Allison Hebard
21.11Bailey Meier
20:25.5 SRColony
22.11Jodi Davis
20:31.6 SRGrace Christian
23.12Sarah Lilly
20:34.9West Valley
24.10Samantha Contreras
20:37.1 PRPalmer
25.9Zoe Bigley
26.11Charlene Davis
20:53.5 PRLathrop
27.12Sarah Ng
21:02.1 SRKodiak
28.9Julia Mayer
21:06.9 PRWest Valley
29.10Harmony Wayner
21:10.3 SRGrace Christian
30.9Samantha Victor
21:21.3 PRColony
31.12Tamara Fairbanks
21:26.5West Valley
32.9Autumn Fournier
33.12McKenzie Barnett
34.11Tracie Haan
21:32.9 PRColony
35.10Jocelyn Kopsack
21:34.2 SRColony
36.9Rachel Thomas
37.12Ellen Acquistapace
21:36.5West Valley
38.9Hannah Pothast
39.9Emily Werner
40.11Hope Allen
22:00.4 PRWest Valley
41.10Alex Bergholtz
22:01.6 SRKenai Central
42.9Cristina Mondelli
22:02.3 PRLathrop
43.11Tatjana Spaic
44.10Molly Osiensky
22:06.7 SRPalmer
45.12Shannon Armstrong
22:12.5 SRKodiak
46.12Sarah Jackson
22:17.0 PRWest Valley
47.10Beverly Schindler
22:59.2 PRKenai Central
48.10Allison Qualls
23:14.5 SRPalmer
49.10Andi Reilly
23:15.4 PRKenai Central
50.12Megin Southwick
51.11Courtney Stroh
23:33.5Kenai Central
52.9Morgen Lundin
53.11Leah Allan
54.9Mikaela Salzetti
25:37.3Kenai Central
55.11Morgan Conrow
25:48.4North Pole
56.9Sarah Wynkoop
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