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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.New Bern18
2.D H Conley69
3.J H Rose78
4.South Central86
6.West Craven160
1.10Marcellous White
18:06.88New Bern
2.9Jarrett Gingrich
18:18.17New Bern
3.12Johnson Little
18:25.06J H Rose
4.11Ryan Wagner
18:29.53New Bern
5.-Lawrence Pollock
18:48.86New Bern
6.-Thomas Murphy
18:50.94New Bern
7.-Charles Simpson
18:55.78New Bern
8.11Frank Wood
18:59.76New Bern
9.-Luke Brock
19:04.74South Central
10.-Devin Gallagher
19:11.11South Central
11.9Noah Elliott
19:11.77D H Conley
12.-Andrew Ferree
19:28.64New Bern
13.12Hoyle Sneed
19:33.61J H Rose
14.-Charley Tanner
19:51.93D H Conley
15.-Jackson Ward
20:03.88D H Conley
16.-Ian Mcmillian
20:05.08D H Conley
17.-Joey Meyers
20:08.02D H Conley
18.11Dylan Hudson
20:09.08South Central
19.9Zachary Thomas
20:17.77J H Rose
20.-Anthony Farrington
20:23.30New Bern
21.9Matthew Burne
20:23.84J H Rose
22.10Steven May
20:24.98D H Conley
23.-Devon Van Cura
24.9Anthony Doban
20:36.33New Bern
25.-Josh Cuthbertson
20:39.36 PRWest Craven
26.9Logan Grant
20:55.64South Central
27.-Patrick Murphy
20:56.13New Bern
28.-Kazuma Horr
20:56.67New Bern
29.-Rian Freeman
30.-Parker Garris
21:00.12D H Conley
31.12Will Frye
21:05.76J H Rose
32.-Riley Girdharry
21:07.24South Central
33.11Jason Pollack
21:18.87New Bern
34.9Mark Edwards
21:20.15J H Rose
35.-Jason Parker
21:29.75 PRWest Craven
36.10Collin Loy
21:34.82J H Rose
37.-Unknown Bunn
21:39.12 PRWest Craven
38.-David Alvazrez
39.9Win Martin
40.-Raquan Davis
41.-John David
22:05.62 PRD H Conley
42.9Leland Hill
43.9Nick Wilson
22:12.14South Central
44.12Ramsey Cameron
22:13.59 PRSouth Central
45.-Quincey Rasin
22:15.07New Bern
46.-Luke McMillan
22:15.57D H Conley
47.9Teandrea Wilkins
22:20.67South Central
48.-Joseph Giorgianni
22:22.00New Bern
49.11Ryan Fonville
22:24.36New Bern
50.-Michael Milles
22:24.68New Bern
51.-Austin Koffernus
22:24.96New Bern
52.-Graham Pearsall
22:29.96D H Conley
53.-Charles Barnes
22:35.46 PRNew Bern
54.-Tyler Williams
22:37.82 PRWest Craven
55.-Alexander Huggins
22:39.89D H Conley
56.-Taylor Kettler
22:41.44D H Conley
57.12Nick Saieed
22:42.04J H Rose
58.12Alex Howard
22:45.91J H Rose
59.10Tyler Kropiewnicki
22:59.08South Central
60.-Jacob Betancourt
23:05.68New Bern
61.9Edward Coffman
23:06.88J H Rose
62.9Eric Crozier
63.9Robert Mayo
64.12Drew Neufer
23:23.73J H Rose
65.-Ty Fortescue
23:28.56New Bern
66.-Hudson Spain
23:38.89D H Conley
67.11Colton Snead
23:44.48 SRD H Conley
68.-Michael Mccoy
23:47.13 PRWest Craven
69.12Jordan Holder
23:51.51J H Rose
70.-Keith Dunbar
23:52.65D H Conley
71.11Ashish Khanchandani
23:58.98J H Rose
72.-Logan Nobles
24:05.81 PRWest Craven
73.9Samuel Sneed
24:09.94J H Rose
74.-Devin Halvorsen
24:14.56 PRSouth Central
75.-Caleb Puchanski
24:19.66New Bern
76.-Ben Toriello
24:23.70D H Conley
77.-Stokes Lassiter
24:24.89D H Conley
12Cameron Jones
24:28J H Rose
78.9Phillip Simpson
24:27.93New Bern
79.12Cameron Jones
24:28.25J H Rose
80.-Anthony Rossi
24:40.18 PRWest Craven
81.9Clay Lindsay
24:43.19J H Rose
82.-Wade Austin
24:45.54South Central
83.-Devin McKinney
24:53.59South Central
84.-Alex Kettler
24:55.26D H Conley
85.-David Huggins
24:58.95 PRNew Bern
-Lawerence Clayton
25:00 PRJ H Rose
86.9Clayton Jethro
25:00.37J H Rose
87.-Alexander Neuman
25:08.05 PRNew Bern
88.-Tony Gorham
25:16.29South Central
89.10Zachary Gibbs
25:25.72 SRJ H Rose
90.-Oreyane Tate
25:37.30South Central
91.12Michael Twarog
25:48.59J H Rose
92.-Mike Finelli
25:52.98 PRD H Conley
93.9Tristan Smith
26:11.84J H Rose
94.-Adam Runfola
26:12.56 PRWashington
95.12Bennett Jethro
26:25.38J H Rose
96.-Tyler Desutter
26:29.01D H Conley
97.10David Luke Johnson
26:29.40J H Rose
98.-Dylan Justice
26:36.44D H Conley
99.-Justin Vanheukelom
26:48.35 PRD H Conley
100.-Jordan Daughtry
27:18.41New Bern
101.9Reid Perkins
27:33.90J H Rose
102.-Zach Cuthbertson
27:43.31 PRWest Craven
103.10Christopher Cervi
27:52.50J H Rose
104.-Unknown Colderer
27:59.58 PRWest Craven
105.-Joe Cullipher
28:01.86 PRSouth Central
106.-Reed Padgett
28:22.83 PRWashington
107.-Aaron Roach
28:44.48 PRWest Craven
108.-Matthew Deseueutter
29:10.54D H Conley
109.-Hunter Baker
29:57.39D H Conley
110.11Alex Ball
31:10.00J H Rose
111.-Scott Price
31:21.00 PRSouth Central
112.9Bennet Lincoln
32:40.00J H Rose
113.-Unknown Brommer
34:30.00 PRWest Craven
114.-Nick Haddock
34:38.00 PRD H Conley
115.-Kyle Griffin
34:40.00D H Conley
116.-Omar Taha
38:00.00D H Conley
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

Official Team Scores

1.J H Rose41
2.D H Conley59
3.South Central61
5.New Bern98
6.West Craven180
1.9Chloe Cox
21:30.47South Central
2.11Erin Naziri
21:47.68J H Rose
3.-Casey Sokolovic
22:32.73 SRD H Conley
4.11Sara Snyder
23:08.88New Bern
5.-Addie Buckingham
24:27.31 SRD H Conley
6.10Stacy Partin
24:34.27New Bern
7.10Violet Noe
24:58.29J H Rose
8.10Anna McLawhorn
9.11Lyda Sypawka
25:07.19J H Rose
10.11Brandee Wagner
25:07.51South Central
11.12Sara Howard
25:10.44J H Rose
12.11Maria Prokopowicz
25:10.74J H Rose
13.11Christina Dixon
25:12.07South Central
14.10Jessica Bland
25:17.24D H Conley
15.-Sarah Stein
25:31.81South Central
16.-Carly Buckman
25:42.77 PRWashington
17.-Caroline Owens
25:43.77D H Conley
18.10Maria Koutlas
25:49.61J H Rose
19.10Mia Connell
25:55.73J H Rose
20.-Jerri Stickland
25:56.71 PRD H Conley
21.-Kayley Sulc
22.9Chandler Rouse
26:09.44South Central
23.12Ally Cole
26:19.82J H Rose
24.11Callie Landen
25.9Sofi Van Coutren
26:22.86J H Rose
26.9Mary Lisa Sypawka
26:23.18J H Rose
27.12Jenny Cahoon
26:24.06J H Rose
28.11Catilin Gross
26:29.87New Bern
29.9Lauren Holder
26:35.49J H Rose
30.-Brook Sakowski
27:11.16D H Conley
31.-Kayla Townsend
27:11.66 PRWest Craven
32.-Sarah Stone
27:14.54 PRSouth Central
33.-Morgan Garris
27:32.91 PRD H Conley
34.11Sarah Jennings
35.-Selma Gomez
28:24.09 PRSouth Central
36.-Tashne Farrow
28:47.10South Central
37.11Yasmine Artis
28:52.44New Bern
38.-Madison Gerard
39.-Eileen O'Connell
29:08.80New Bern
40.-Stacey Shivers
29:23.40 PRSouth Central
41.-Elizabeth Cutler
42.-Hayleigh Wade
30:11.32D H Conley
43.-Julia Firnhaber
30:23.55D H Conley
44.-Danielle Romack
30:24.99D H Conley
45.11Alexis Gillen
30:26.18New Bern
46.-Julia Fontana
31:05.68D H Conley
47.11Keiandre Reddick
31:13.72J H Rose
48.9Morgan Taylor
31:18.35 SRSouth Central
49.-Morgan Brown
31:24.05 PRD H Conley
50.-Deanna Pilkington
31:25.25D H Conley
51.-Morgan Bloom
31:39.43 PRD H Conley
52.-Katie Biddlecomb
32:07.40 SRD H Conley
53.11Maija Smith
32:12.61J H Rose
54.-Amanda Osta
32:24.97South Central
55.-Betsy Haas
33:05.20 SRD H Conley
56.9MacKenzie Alread
33:09.52J H Rose
57.9Maggie White
33:12.42 PRJ H Rose
58.10Arissa Michels
33:13.70J H Rose
59.10Lauryn McDowell
33:15.37J H Rose
60.9Sarah Stephenson
33:16.53J H Rose
61.11Stephanie McMahon
33:28.68 SRWashington
62.-Jennifer Doss
33:32.80South Central
63.-Pontes Carolina
33:46.23 PRNew Bern
64.-Dajanae Fast
33:49.74 PRWest Craven
65.-Cherry Nn
34:09.07 PRWest Craven
66.11Cynthia Pettis
34:47.23New Bern
68.-Mary Lathem
35:51.81 PRWest Craven
69.-Lauryn Cox
35:54.34 PRWest Craven
70.-Paige Mary
35:58.80 PRWest Craven
71.9Caroline Kraczon
36:04.78J H Rose
10Lacy Wicher
36:08 SRJ H Rose
72.12Allyn Hollingsworth
36:08.25J H Rose
73.-Roundtree Nn
36:22.42 PRWest Craven
74.-J'miaya Wright
36:29.73 PRWest Craven
75.-Attalia Dixon
36:32.78 PRWest Craven
76.-Keia Lewis
36:39.55 PRWest Craven
77.-Bailey Cooper
36:42.96 PRD H Conley
78.10Alice Reed
36:49.67J H Rose
79.11Ushma Vaidya
38:05.00 SRJ H Rose
80.10Samantha Conoly
38:23.00J H Rose
81.10Shamin Jamadar
41:25.00J H Rose
82.-Anna Prevatte
41:26.00D H Conley
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