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2.15 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races
2.15 Mile Varsity4:00 PM

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Mens Results

2.15 Mile Varsity

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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Andrew Cooper
2.10Matt Ireland
12:36 PRSantana
3.12Matt Ferland
4.11Kenny Miller
13:02 PRSantana
5.9Josh Nunez
13:05 SRLiberty Charter
6.10Dillon Travis
13:05.6 PRSantana
7.9Matt Roy
13:18 PRSantana
8.11Gregory Burow
14:04 PRHealth Sciences High...
9.12Diego Hinojosa
14:11.3 PRGompers Preparatory ...
10.9Morgen Monroe
14:11.7 PRSantana
11.12Jesse Nunez
14:20 PRLiberty Charter
12.12Zach Savage
13.9Diego Gomez
14.10Josh Dryden
14:29 SRSantana
15.12Felix Mason
16.12Preston Fraizer
14:34 PRLiberty Charter
17.12Mark Houston
14:39 PRRiver Valley Charter
18.12Miguel Lopez
14:52 PRHealth Sciences High...
19.10Ryan St. John
14:59 SRSantana
20.10Javier Guerrero
15:02 PRGompers Preparatory ...
21.12Wyatt Connoly
15:13 PRHealth Sciences High...
22.9Tucker Ferguson
15:23 SRLiberty Charter
23.12James Kime
15:36 PRLiberty Charter
24.9Taylor Hoots
25.11Jeffrey Frick
15:39 PRRiver Valley Charter
26.11Derrick Skinner
15:42 PRRiver Valley Charter
27.12John Sanchez
15:49 PRHealth Sciences High...
28.9Jon Lorenz
16:17 SRLiberty Charter
29.9Spencer Bond
16:37 SRLiberty Charter
30.9Gavin Wray
31.9Wyatt Jones
32.11Michael Reyes
16:59 PRHealth Sciences High...
33.9Matios Ishuo
17:42 PRLiberty Charter
34.12Elvis Soto
17:59 PRGompers Preparatory ...
35.11Eusebio Rodriguez
18:02 PRGompers Preparatory ...
36.10Ben Bush
37.9Robert Yelland
18:13 PRHealth Sciences High...
38.9Chris Sperry
39.9Leo Ellison
18:52 PRHealth Sciences High...
40.9Isaiah Martinez
19:17 PRRiver Valley Charter
41.9Andy Cornish
42.9Timothy Rusk
19:22 PRLiberty Charter
43.10Hunter Partain
44.9Matthew Wood
20:07 SRLiberty Charter
45.12Paul Navarro
20:26 PRGompers Preparatory ...
46.11Jawan Joseph
21:56 PRHealth Sciences High...
47.9Dillon Ethington
23:40 SRLiberty Charter
48.9Matthew Conrad
29:45 PRHealth Sciences High...
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