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Mens Races

Ocean County Park

5,000 Meters Seniors
5,000 Meters Juniors
5,000 Meters Sophomore
3,000 Meters Freshman
Womens Races

Ocean County Park

5,000 Meters Seniors
5,000 Meters Juniors
5,000 Meters Sophomore
3,000 Meters Freshman

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Seniors

1.12Jack Baisley
2.12Sean Wheat
16:08.45St Rose
3.12Eric Williams
4.12Mike Minion
16:30.14Cherry Hill East
5.12Brandon Mazzarella
6.12Steve Mershon
16:32.60Southern Regional
7.12Andrew Tsai
8.12James Rimmele
16:56.36Middletown South
9.12Charles Bauer
17:02.25Central Regional
10.12Donovan FiField
17:11.11Monsignor Donovan
11.12Liam Reilly
17:16.78St Rose
12.12Ryan Lunny
17:17.53 SRChristian Brothers A...
13.12Ryan Loughrey
17:18.28Monsignor Donovan
14.12Joe Nieves
17:28.90Brick Memorial
15.12Nick Eckett
17:32.95 PRJackson Liberty
16.12David Corsentino
17:33.97Brick Memorial
17.12James Kelly
17:45.68Christian Brothers A...
18.12James Marzano
17:47.56 PRHolmdel
19.12Brian Colella
20.12Vincent Scardilli
17:54.85Brick Memorial
21.12Brendan Mautone
17:56.54Jackson Memorial
22.12Sean Leonard
17:57.83 SRChristian Brothers A...
23.12Jason Liao
24.12Sean Taylor
18:09.97Cherry Hill East
25.12Andrew VanWagoner
18:15.58Middletown South
26.12Ehiorobo Igiehon
18:18.14Freehold Township
27.12Rocco Nannarello
18:20.65Shore Regional
28.12Bradley Bethune
18:30.25Central Regional
29.12Mike Rojas
18:35.60Freehold Township
30.12Jacob Bartlett
18:42.27Pinelands Regional
31.12Alex Morales
18:50.12 PRWall
32.12Thomas Friezen
18:50.30Red Bank Catholic
33.12Joseph Andalora
19:14.18Cherry Hill East
34.12Matt Nelli
19:15.97Middletown South
35.12Tyler Bartlett
19:17.62 SRWall
36.12Michael Petrie
19:18.31 PRWall
37.12Kevin Smith
19:19.09New Egypt
38.12Evan Zodl
19:34.53Pinelands Regional
39.12Kevin Chiou
40.12Ryan MC Clean
19:57.36St Rose
41.12Tyler Osborne-Lomax
20:32.00Southern Regional
42.12TJ Carlson
20:34.02 SRWall
43.12Thomas Walters
20:46.70Shore Regional
44.12Dylan McDermott
45.12Austin Abadiotakis
21:06.88 SRMarlboro
46.12Anthony Coughlin
47.12Russell Risden
21:24.23Southern Regional
48.12Kyle Lackay
21:36.75Jackson Liberty
49.11Andrew Peller
21:57.15 SRMarlboro
50.-Aaron Chavez
22:20.74Jackson Liberty
51.12Kevin Edgeworth
22:30.00 PRFreehold Township
52.12Pat Boero
22:45.79 SRSouthern Regional
53.12Daniel Narcisi
23:12.83Point Pleasant Beach
54.12Chris Valmas
23:28.80 SRWall
55.12Jeremy Alonso
56.12Matt Johnson
24:15.86Pinelands Regional
57.12John Van Orden
24:20.98Pinelands Regional
58.12George Allen lll
24:28.64Middletown South
59.12Jonathan Houser
27:36.40Point Pleasant Beach
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5,000 Meters Juniors

1.11Ben Dillon
16:46.58Cherry Hill East
2.11Daniel Barlev
3.11Terrence TJ Harrin...
17:11.73Middletown South
4.10Kevin Veltre
17:14.17Brick Memorial
5.11Steve Ham
17:14.37 SRChristian Brothers A...
6.11Trevor Johnson
17:26.61Jackson Memorial
7.11Jared Dashevsky
17:30.42Cherry Hill East
8.11James English
17:37.86Monsignor Donovan
9.11Kyle Bogart
17:45.31Red Bank Catholic
10.11Conor Bini
17:46.51Middletown South
11.11James O'Hearn
17:48.36Southern Regional
12.11Anton Luz
13.11Paul Birch
18:01.32Middletown South
14.11Tom Rossi
15.11Pat Thormann
18:04.89Shore Regional
16.11Tim Keizer
18:09.57Southern Regional
17.11Luke Cardberry-Mogan
18:09.88Middletown South
18.11Justin King
19.11Chris Ogren
18:19.84Jackson Memorial
20.-Tyler Chamra
18:24.66Jackson Liberty
21.11Justin Farrel
18:37.79 PRJackson Liberty
22.11Samuel Ahmad
18:38.30 SRWall
23.11Tom Lynch
18:42.17St Rose
24.11Jason Stern
18:43.25 PRFreehold Township
25.11Steven Wolfstruber
18:43.44Central Regional
26.11Harold Meyers
18:46.76Southern Regional
27.11Liam Ramsey
28.11Victor Desario
29.11Steven Imburgio
30.11Jeremy Doll
19:09.42Pinelands Regional
31.11John Warkala
19:11.25 SRCherry Hill East
32.11Raymond Morgan
33.11Patrick Ruane
19:21.36Red Bank Catholic
34.11Daniel Giacumbo
35.11Aaron Zucker
19:28.04Cherry Hill East
36.11Brandon Yip
37.11David Liu
38.11Mohammad Kazim
19:34.59 PRJackson Liberty
39.11Andrew Maita
19:35.20Red Bank Catholic
40.11Steven Callahan
19:39.74Jackson Liberty
41.11Dan Geoffroy
19:43.61Southern Regional
42.11John Varrelmann
19:51.88Jackson Memorial
43.11Damon Korpon
20:08.01Southern Regional
44.11Pat Reilly
20:14.04 SRManasquan
45.11Thomas Fenton
20:14.54Jackson Memorial
46.11Jack Olear
20:14.80Jackson Liberty
47.11Matthew Banwer
20:15.75 SRMarlboro
48.11Isaiah Mayo
20:18.45St Rose
49.11Anthony Palandro
20:24.65Pinelands Regional
50.11Shawn Salvi
20:25.78Jackson Memorial
51.11Sean O'Dea
20:29.06St Rose
52.11Jack Crowley
53.12Nick Favorito
54.11Kevin Di Filippo
20:41.35Southern Regional
55.11Michael Flynn
20:46.72 SRWall
56.11Matt Knigge
20:49.28New Egypt
57.11Kevin Kenneally
20:49.99 PRManasquan
58.11Zack Burns
59.11David Zurawski
60.11Michael Sweeney
20:54.37Shore Regional
61.11William Wetzel
20:55.16New Egypt
62.11William King
20:59.96St Rose
63.11James Coverdale
21:11.15Pinelands Regional
64.-Julian Vega
21:12.82Central Regional
65.11Ian Roden
21:39.98 SRManasquan
66.11Eric Smith
21:41.17 PRManasquan
67.11Bobby Zografos
21:41.54Cherry Hill East
68.11Jeffrey Schnoor
22:21.25Middletown South
69.11Lucas Buzby
22:23.49Southern Regional
70.-Steve Moshella
22:24.66 PRMiddletown South
71.11Louis Rivera
22:52.94 SRCentral Regional
72.11Patrick Midgett
22:54.36New Egypt
73.11John Jarostchuk
22:57.07Middletown South
74.11Evan Grossi
23:02.88Central Regional
75.-Carter Fullem
23:06.12Southern Regional
76.11Marc Owitz
23:24.74The Ranney
77.11Dillon Lucey
23:30.74 SRCentral Regional
78.11John Cate
24:02.09 PRJackson Liberty
79.11Brian Brow
24:22.47 PRBrick Memorial
80.11Joseph Lombardi
24:42.46Red Bank Catholic
81.11Matt Fiore
24:46.01 PRShore Regional
82.11Kevin DeSimone
28:16.89Shore Regional
83.11Grant Parker
29:12.12The Ranney
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5,000 Meters Sophomore

1.10Josh Kruppa
16:32.70Christian Brothers A...
2.10Aaron Barlev
3.10Greg Paugh
16:37.57Christian Brothers A...
4.10Jack Mangini
16:47.46Christian Brothers A...
5.10Craig Lapham
16:51.53 SRManasquan
6.10Thomas Dengler
16:54.87Christian Brothers A...
7.10Kyle Mueller
17:06.63Brick Memorial
8.10Neil Cusat
17:14.23Christian Brothers A...
9.10Patrick Hiler
17:14.87 SRChristian Brothers A...
10.10Brian Henderson
17:21.47Christian Brothers A...
11.10Dan Helfand
17:23.36Cherry Hill East
12.10McLaughlin Christian
17:28.73Christian Brothers A...
13.10Nicholas DeMaio
14.10Justin McInnis
17:46.70Red Bank Catholic
15.10Christian Mele
17:48.78Cherry Hill East
16.10John Morris
17:50.71Christian Brothers A...
17.10Steven Linton
17:51.95Jackson Liberty
18.10David Fox
17:52.61Jackson Memorial
19.10Jeremy Hall
18:00.60 PRHolmdel
20.10Theo Saydah
18:01.65Middletown South
21.10Brett Doyle
18:06.51Red Bank Catholic
22.10Nick Garrison
18:10.82Southern Regional
23.10Jeff Braun
18:12.71Cherry Hill East
24.10William Sperduto
18:13.59Middletown South
25.10Harrison Kelly
18:14.53Middletown South
26.10Liam Tobin
27.10Mike Russo
18:27.72Jackson Liberty
28.10Thomas Calabro
18:35.71St Rose
29.10Peter Kanyuk
18:40.96Middletown South
30.10Newton Xie
31.10Richard Casciano
18:46.49 SRMarlboro
32.10James Ward
18:46.77Southern Regional
33.10Joseph Firetto
18:49.75Central Regional
34.10Austin Chang
18:51.92Freehold Township
35.10Evan Krause
18:52.75Southern Regional
36.10Jordan Sperling
18:53.15Shore Regional
37.10Matt Drake
18:53.61Monsignor Donovan
38.10Kevin Mazzella
19:02.32Shore Regional
39.10Kyle McDermott
40.10Shawn Nevers
19:07.53Jackson Memorial
41.10Eric Ray
19:08.27Southern Regional
42.10Brandon Fallon
19:12.26 SRMarlboro
43.-Drew Brace
19:17.45 PRMiddletown South
44.10Matt McDavitt
19:19.01Middletown South
45.10John Mnich
19:19.23Freehold Township
46.10Jonathan Mitchell
19:20.48New Egypt
47.10Tyler Friedel
48.10Joseph D'Amico
19:27.18Central Regional
49.10Young Ko
19:30.39Jackson Liberty
50.10Scott Dimmitt
19:37.62St Rose
51.10Robert Reilly
19:41.06St Rose
52.10Fernando Hernandez
19:47.78Central Regional
53.10Lokesh Shah
19:58.69Cherry Hill East
54.10Jason Decker
19:59.71Cherry Hill East
55.10Brian Kenny
20:08.55Middletown South
56.10Rob Eriksen
20:14.84Freehold Township
57.10Bryce Smarslok
20:18.25Jackson Memorial
58.10Dor Tillinger
20:25.75Cherry Hill East
59.10Nick Pisani
20:27.49 SRNew Egypt
60.10Oren Merhav
61.10Bryan Burt
20:38.99Cherry Hill East
62.10Dylan Steinhauer
63.10Connor O'Leary
64.10Griffin Nokes
20:50.91Southern Regional
65.10Dan Rodriguez
20:53.45Southern Regional
66.10Nick DiBenedetto
20:59.03Middletown South
67.-Nick Bulkowski
21:02.13 SRMarlboro
68.10Alex Chan
21:04.89 PRMarlboro
69.10Reilly Harrington
21:08.85Southern Regional
70.10Matt George
21:09.14Jackson Memorial
71.10Jake Stengal
21:22.94Freehold Township
72.10Max Iacovelli
21:28.38Southern Regional
73.10Louis Melone
21:37.96St Rose
74.10Billy McGrogan
21:44.56Monsignor Donovan
75.10Sean Fifield
21:44.99 SRMonsignor Donovan
76.10William Gethard
22:04.19Southern Regional
77.10Joe Calscibetta
22:08.33Central Regional
78.-Chris Marina
22:09.74Freehold Township
79.10Jon Costello
22:13.31Central Regional
80.10Alex Bruno
22:22.82Jackson Liberty
81.10Steven Dyson
22:29.75Point Pleasant Beach
82.-Christain Banwer
22:56.18 PRMarlboro
83.10Shane Sturtevant
22:57.04Monsignor Donovan
84.9Colin Grace
23:08.31 SRCentral Regional
85.10Josh Ostberg
86.9Rob Fulton
25:09.94 SRBrick Memorial
87.10Jared Bayer
88.10Michael Caporrino
25:52.04Southern Regional
89.10Zach Goldstein
26:03.59Cherry Hill East
90.10Patrick Wikowski
26:49.17Red Bank Catholic
91.10Sam Golden
92.10Dylan Zucker
28:29.56The Ranney
93.10Thomas Oliver
29:39.73St Rose
94.10Nick Johnson
30:14.23Southern Regional
95.10Sohum Pandey
30:20.37The Ranney
96.9Alex Shapiro
30:29.83 PRMarlboro
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3,000 Meters Freshman

1.9Blaise Ferro
10:38.41Christian Brothers A...
2.9Joe Walsh
10:39.20 PRChristian Brothers A...
3.9Nick Trigani
10:39.47Christian Brothers A...
4.9Aaron Groff
10:44.99 PRCherry Hill East
5.9William Ragan
11:11.03 PRChristian Brothers A...
6.-John Lucid
11:23.53 PRChristian Brothers A...
7.9Greg Mangarelli
11:31.17 PRMiddletown South
8.9Greg deGersdorff
11:36.64Christian Brothers A...
9.9John Jack Cusat
11:42.98 PRChristian Brothers A...
10.9Matthew Roma
11:43.50Christian Brothers A...
11.9Joe LaBianca
11:45.46 PRJackson Liberty
12.9Chris Raimondi
11:56.23 PRJackson Liberty
13.9Brett Dashevsky
11:59.21 PRCherry Hill East
14.9Craig Nodine
12:01.21 PRSouthern Regional
15.9Shea Grady
12:02.57 PRManasquan
16.9Tomas Gonzalez
12:03.99 PRHolmdel
17.9Kennedy Omari
12:05.02 PRCherry Hill East
18.9Justin Carlton
12:05.27 PRJackson Memorial
19.9Billy Lovenberg
12:07.85 PRSouthern Regional
20.9Frank Durkin
12:22.18 PRMonsignor Donovan
21.9Matthew Conlan
12:22.91 PRHolmdel
22.9Ty Corneiro
12:25.26 PRHolmdel
23.9Allan Jacob
12:27.40 PRFreehold Township
24.9Kevin Hobbs
12:32.05 PRFreehold Township
25.-Dylan Clark
12:34.90 PRCherry Hill East
26.9Nicholas Iorio
12:37.99 PRJackson Liberty
27.9Jimmy Lu
12:39.71 PRSouthern Regional
28.9Tim Corey
12:42.67 PRRed Bank Catholic
29.9Vignesh Vasu
12:44.29 PRCherry Hill East
30.9Jon Rodriquez
12:47.35 PRFreehold Township
31.9Sam Greenberg
12:49.99 PRCherry Hill East
32.9Vimalesh Vasu
12:51.81 PRCherry Hill East
33.9Joe Desomma
13:04.18 PRManasquan
34.9Ryan Federline
13:04.36 PRCherry Hill East
35.9Matt Christiansen
13:06.72 PRFreehold Township
36.9Nick Vollaro
13:07.08 PRMiddletown South
37.9Daniel Giammanco
13:07.71 PRChristian Brothers A...
38.9Bobby Tront
13:10.23 PRSouthern Regional
39.9Sean Finias
13:15.38 PRCherry Hill East
40.9Benji Grossman
13:22.16 PRCherry Hill East
41.9Jashua Gallagher
13:22.62 PRManasquan
42.9Will Russell
13:29.15 PRMonsignor Donovan
43.9Jason Wojcik
13:31.22 PRJackson Liberty
44.9Tim Christiansen
13:32.59 PRFreehold Township
45.9Nick Joannides
13:52.39 PRSouthern Regional
46.9Jonathan Kelly
13:55.22 PRThe Ranney
47.9Liam Mackay
14:02.44 PRSt Rose
48.9Michael Strobel
14:03.44 PRChristian Brothers A...
49.9Zachary Piscopo
14:05.55 PRSouthern Regional
50.9Michael Osborn
14:10.42 PRSouthern Regional
51.9Dean Parker
14:19.15 PRThe Ranney
52.-Arlo Fitzpatrick
14:30.31 PRCentral Regional
53.9Sean Hansen
14:38.25 PRHolmdel
54.9Riley Shand
14:49.65 PRCentral Regional
55.-Mike Peczinka
14:52.08 PRNew Egypt
56.9Derek Brown
14:53.11 PRManasquan
57.9Stanley Cai
14:53.71 PRHolmdel
58.9Nahijee Cross
15:02.12 PRShore Regional
59.9Vasilios Nicholas
15:15.67 PRThe Ranney
60.9Giancarlo Struse
15:16.14 PRMiddletown South
61.-Craig Rossi
15:31.05 PRBrick Memorial
62.9William Nemeth
15:32.67 PRFreehold Township
63.9Viraj Sampat
15:33.41 PRHolmdel
64.9Michael de Groot
15:40.62 PRCherry Hill East
65.9Samuel Levinson
15:42.69 PRHolmdel
66.9Sidharth Sharma
15:52.28 PRThe Ranney
67.-Samay Sampat
16:32.03 PRHolmdel
68.9Grant Lee
17:27.39 PRHolmdel
69.9John Keizer
17:40.54 PRSouthern Regional
70.9Alex Huss
17:57.99 PRWall
71.-Jeremy Blaker
18:07.44 PRCherry Hill East
72.9Travis Meyers
18:59.80 PRSouthern Regional
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Seniors

1.12Brianne Roche
18:50.81Freehold Township
2.12Lennon Cooper
3.12Kimberly Schwartz
19:50.12Manchester Township
4.11Kassi Chrysanthopo...
19:59.88Red Bank Catholic
5.12Cassandra Hrusko
20:32.39Manchester Township
6.12Stephanie Sparacino
7.12Elizabeth Sheprow
21:30.84St Rose
8.12Morgan Harkness
9.12Jin Yang
10.12Jessica Faith
21:57.47Freehold Township
11.12Lianne Donahue
22:06.70Middletown South
12.12Allison Smith
22:12.81Cherry Hill East
13.12Megan Staub
22:16.83Point Pleasant Beach
14.12Kelly Byrne
15.12Katelyn French
16.12Gianna Galeotafiore
22:56.29St Rose
17.12Christina Marsicano
22:59.01St Rose
18.12Meghan Swan
22:59.72 SRRed Bank Catholic
19.12Kirsten McLaughlin
23:01.00Middletown South
20.11Lauren Antanucci
23:09.14Red Bank Catholic
21.12Samantha Hymanson
23:16.83 PRMarlboro
22.12Siddhi Mittal
23.12Michaela Darbin
23:27.01Middletown South
24.12Antoinette Gingere...
23:51.94Freehold Township
25.12Elana Ferrer
23:59.20Red Bank Catholic
26.12Monica Labrecque
24:02.79Red Bank Catholic
27.12averie Shroba
24:08.99 PRRed Bank Catholic
28.12Jacqueline Culley
24:15.53St Rose
29.12Sandy Applegate
24:45.36Brick Memorial
30.12Mary Bentley
31.11Brielle Baker
25:02.88Cherry Hill East
32.12Christina Parry
33.12Amy Giroux
25:09.63 PRHolmdel
34.12Madison Brown
35.12Emily O'Brien
25:36.05St Rose
36.-Danielle Budden
26:01.85 PRJackson Liberty
37.11Emma Roncace
26:04.22Cherry Hill East
38.12Jennifer Ferro
27:03.72 SRJackson Liberty
39.12Cailyn McGrath
27:20.14Shore Regional
40.12Maytal Merhav
41.12Francesca Ciervo
42.12Cassandra Mellea
29:57.26 SRManchester Township
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5,000 Meters Juniors

1.11Christiana Rutkowski
19:28.39Middletown South
2.11Madeline Berman
19:41.36 SRCherry Hill East
3.11Brianna Haspel
20:04.01Middletown South
4.11Cassidy Weimer
20:05.28Middletown South
5.11Gina Delio
6.11Emily Beyers
20:18.49Brick Memorial
7.11Irene Garidas
8.11kelly Mulvaney
20:42.15Red Bank Catholic
9.11Meghan Coakley
20:50.72Red Bank Catholic
10.11Kayla Schardien
20:58.90 PRPoint Pleasant Beach
11.11Bridgette Laurence
21:02.77 SRMiddletown South
12.11Lindsey Conlan
13.11Katerina Saling
21:15.55 SRRed Bank Catholic
14.11Regina Cortez
21:17.46Brick Memorial
15.11Samantha Pagliarulo
16.11Christina Wood
21:22.46Monsignor Donovan
17.11Natalie Ostrowski
21:26.88Red Bank Catholic
18.11Haley Roussell
21:28.72Red Bank Catholic
19.11Christina Caccamo
21:29.40Middletown South
20.11Kiley Hetem
21:49.27 PRRed Bank Catholic
21.11Eileen Byrne
21:49.53 SRRed Bank Catholic
22.11Samantha Lopez
21:53.17Jackson Liberty
23.11ZuZu Cooper
24.11Christin DiUbaldi
25.11Sarah Cannon
26.11Amanda Hoeler
22:19.75Point Pleasant Beach
27.11Katie Labarbera
22:26.88Freehold Township
28.11Victoria Cantelmo
22:28.51Shore Regional
29.12Alyssa Laguerta
22:39.44Monsignor Donovan
30.11Kelsey McDonough
22:50.61Freehold Township
31.11Laura Pede
22:52.51 PRRaritan
32.11Clare Rochford
22:55.00Red Bank Catholic
33.11Madison Boyan
22:56.43The Ranney
34.11Nicole Valente
23:26.24Middletown South
35.11Cassidy Nalbone
23:35.61 PRNew Egypt
36.-Sara Downie
23:46.21Cherry Hill East
37.11Dominiqu Pangborn
23:57.54Jackson Liberty
38.11Kamy Reyes
39.11Caroline Sawn
24:02.92Cherry Hill East
40.11Patricia Hurley
24:04.54Freehold Township
41.10Mary Bonatakis
24:05.35Freehold Township
42.11Kimberly Tan
43.11Alexandra Becker
24:35.88 SRShore Regional
44.11MaryKate Hardiman
45.11Alyssa Gillin
24:48.29Monsignor Donovan
46.11Sarah Wain
47.-Sumun Iyer
24:54.01Cherry Hill East
48.11Jennifer Lowe
25:03.70New Egypt
49.11Alexandra Elizar
25:22.28 PRMarlboro
50.11Victoria Dambroski
25:31.87Manchester Township
51.11Dana Harriman
25:56.26 SRManasquan
52.11Tolulope-F Nurudeen
26:08.34Jackson Liberty
53.11Ally Maxwell
26:28.06Monsignor Donovan
54.11Kerrianne Stillitano
26:45.81Middletown South
55.11Ariana Vitale
27:04.22 SRMarlboro
56.11Corriane Darienzo
27:12.11New Egypt
57.11Katie Higgins
58.11Elizabeth Weimer
27:22.20Middletown South
59.11Stephanie Ramirez
27:58.37Monsignor Donovan
60.10Brandi Hutson
28:18.43Brick Memorial
61.11Natalie Fishlin
28:21.64 SRHolmdel
62.11Stephanie Cooper
63.11Sarah Brodeur
29:42.79Point Pleasant Beach
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5,000 Meters Sophomore

1.10Marin Warner
2.10Mary Kate Dooley
19:24.52Red Bank Catholic
3.10Eryn Mills
19:24.95Red Bank Catholic
4.10Gracie Eckstein
20:25.39Red Bank Catholic
5.10Elizabeth Hertz
20:32.74 PRRed Bank Catholic
6.10Lauren Zodl
20:57.26Pinelands Regional
7.10Ciara O'Donoghue
20:59.97Freehold Township
8.10MaryKate Himmelberg
21:01.50Middletown South
9.10Katherine Chinery
21:04.58Manchester Township
10.10Gypsy Blue Cooper
11.10Ivy Babson
21:35.64Red Bank Catholic
12.10Claire Fox
21:42.91 SRRed Bank Catholic
13.10Brianna Avalos
21:49.32Monsignor Donovan
14.10Sylvie Evarts
21:55.30Middletown South
15.10Morgan Albrecht
22:04.53 SRJackson Liberty
16.10Stephanie Sun
17.10Lauren Zapcic
22:15.77Red Bank Catholic
18.10Gillian Schriever
22:16.54Pinelands Regional
19.10Jenna Puzzio
22:18.25Manchester Township
20.10Kaitlin Rogers
22:44.64 SRRed Bank Catholic
21.10Kristen Gatens
22:55.36Red Bank Catholic
22.10Lucy Kosty
23:09.45Jackson Liberty
23.10Amanda Barry
23:13.37 PRManasquan
24.10Sabrina Healy
23:32.94Freehold Township
25.10Casey Suszko
23:37.03Jackson Liberty
26.10Kristin Antone
23:46.40 PRMiddletown South
27.10Sophie Raleigh
23:51.44Monsignor Donovan
28.10Kaitlyn Goodlow
24:06.98Monsignor Donovan
29.10Ruby Guo
24:09.16 PRMarlboro
30.10Taylor Monaghan
31.10Isabelle Roncace
24:14.80Cherry Hill East
32.10Kristen Wirth
24:18.32 SRBrick Memorial
33.10Shannon Brown
34.10Emily Casey
35.11Jennifer Choe
24:22.22 PRMarlboro
36.-Carney Shannon
24:31.24 PRMarlboro
37.10Tiffany Fliedner
24:46.87Jackson Liberty
38.10Sydney McCabe
25:03.12Middletown South
39.10Gabrielle Ientile
40.10Jen Fontanella
25:33.97Middletown South
41.10Elizabeth Valiavee...
25:37.78St Rose
42.-Maria Rosa
25:42.64 PRJackson Liberty
43.10Alana Hartman
25:43.55Middletown South
44.10Amye Kosinski
25:55.25St Rose
45.10Katelyn Kennedy
26:08.30Monsignor Donovan
46.10Olivia Costagliola
47.10Rebecca McCormack
26:14.94Cherry Hill East
48.10Gillian Veralli
27:03.88The Ranney
49.9Artayjah Oliver
28:59.01 PRManchester Township
50.10Jeeda Ani
29:21.90The Ranney
51.10Isabella Mansfield
30:14.90Shore Regional
52.10Chrissi Michael
30:16.12The Ranney
53.10Brooke Costa
31:06.30Brick Memorial
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3,000 Meters Freshman

1.9Ciara Roche
12:14.75 PRFreehold Township
2.9Sarah George
12:17.87 PRShore Regional
3.9Hope Beyer
12:28.21 PRBrick Memorial
4.9Shayne McNally
12:30.37 PRRed Bank Catholic
5.9Dayna Luma
12:44.88 PRBrick Memorial
6.9Gianna Campanale
13:11.02 PRMiddletown South
7.9Gabriella Ferrigine
13:18.34 PRRed Bank Catholic
8.9Julia Cangialosi
13:21.80 PRRed Bank Catholic
9.9Rebecca Leviton
13:36.10 PRFreehold Township
10.9Rose Barrett
13:36.84 PRFreehold Township
11.9Paige Clarke
13:38.69 PRFreehold Township
12.9Aine Donohue
14:02.22 PRSt Rose
13.9Casey Birdsall
14:10.94 PRShore Regional
14.9Jacqueline Scilla
14:14.25 PRRed Bank Catholic
15.9Erin Perri
14:17.94 PRRed Bank Catholic
16.9Emma Winkley
14:20.50 PRSt Rose
17.9Maeve O'Brien
14:24.02 PRRed Bank Catholic
18.9Deirdre Cahill
14:26.87 PRSt Rose
19.9Kelly Disco
14:31.55 PRRed Bank Catholic
20.9oaige Curti
14:35.93 PRRed Bank Catholic
21.9Corissa Scalzo
14:40.46 PRManchester Township
22.9Chelsea Keavney
14:40.89 PRRed Bank Catholic
23.9Michaela Kearns
14:42.87 PRManchester Township
24.9Caroline Cerwinski
14:48.98 PRMiddletown South
25.9Kyla Faust
14:51.25 PRManchester Township
26.9Francesca Lonigro
14:51.59 PRShore Regional
27.-Erin Howard
14:57.76 PRRed Bank Catholic
28.9Brielle Gulya
14:57.93 PRPinelands Regional
29.9Adilah Khan
15:02.60 PRRaritan
30.9Emily Burns
15:02.85 PRMiddletown South
31.9Rachel Hua
15:03.45 PRHolmdel
32.9Lisa Drehmann
15:14.42 PRMiddletown South
33.9Samantha Hubner
15:19.89 PRMiddletown South
34.9Emily Gong
15:22.02 PRRaritan
35.9Brittany Penimpail
15:27.32 PRMarlboro
36.-Laura Diorio
15:28.91 PRMiddletown South
37.9Brittany Fitzgibbon
15:52.07 PRRaritan
38.9Kati Reagan
15:54.85 PRRed Bank Catholic
39.-Catherine McLeod
15:56.28 PRRed Bank Catholic
40.9Kaitlyn Dillon
16:01.45 PRRaritan
41.9Kelly O'Rourke
16:01.85 PRMiddletown South
42.-Moorea Cioppa
16:04.52 PRPoint Pleasant Beach
43.9Ivette Rafael
16:05.27 PRShore Regional
44.9Jillian Buckley
16:24.41 PRMiddletown South
45.-Gabrielle Loeser
16:42.25 PRRed Bank Catholic
46.9Catherine Higgins
16:49.21 PRRed Bank Catholic
47.9Marriem Youssef
16:56.25 PRRaritan
48.9Sarah Bernardes
17:08.32 PRShore Regional
49.9Kendall O'Malley
17:10.09 PRSt Rose
50.9Michelle Seda
17:12.7 PRJackson Liberty
51.9Caroline Kratka
17:21.53 PRMiddletown South
52.9Catherine Witkowski
17:44.88 PRRed Bank Catholic
53.9Katherine Gong
17:46.15 PRMarlboro
54.-Sarah Maggipinto
17:59.62 PRMiddletown South
55.-Christy Rose Handel
18:01.35 PRMarlboro
56.9Jessica James
18:15.85 PRRed Bank Catholic
57.9Caroline D'Albero
18:45.05 PRMiddletown South
58.9AnnMarie Brown
18:45.96 PRMiddletown South
59.-Christine Mitchell
18:51.67 PRShore Regional
60.-Monica Viola
19:11.69 PRShore Regional
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