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3,000 Meters Middle School
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3,000 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School

2.8Giovanni Macias-Ro...
11:26 PRCoronado (C)
3.7Noah Pallanes
11:35 PRCoronado (C)
5.8Jack Russell
12:09 SRCoronado (C)
7.6Patricio "Pata" Ho...
12:52 PROrange Grove
8.6Avery Dylla
12:53 SRCoronado (C)
10.8Jacob Chavez
13:10 PRCoronado (C)
11.6Mitchel Wilkenson
13:12 PROrange Grove
12.7Tanner Honomichl
13:13 SRCoronado (C)
13.8Nicholas Thomas
13:30 PROrange Grove
14.6Diego Chavez
13:31 PROrange Grove
15.8Cameron Frye
13:40 PROrange Grove
17.8Nathan Caldwell
13:57 PRCoronado (C)
18.8Brooks Carrion
14:29 PROrange Grove
19.8Robert Matsuk
14:32 PROrange Grove
20.7Jonathan Corral
14:39 PRCoronado (C)
21.6Jeffery Zelkin
14:41 PRCoronado (C)
23.6Rhys Davis
14:50 SROrange Grove
24.6Patrick McGhie
14:55 SROrange Grove
25.7Aaron D] Dylewski
15:02 SRCoronado (C)
26.6Danny Kersey
15:10 SROrange Grove
27.7Christopher Musicant
15:12 SROrange Grove
28.7Shane Vincent
15:13 SROrange Grove
30.6Nochumson Josh "Co...
15:30 PROrange Grove
31.6Ricardo Mondragon
15:39 PRCoronado (C)
32.8Wesley Smith
15:41 PRCoronado (C)
34.6Allen Sacra
16:02 SROrange Grove
35.8Luis Valenzuela
16:07 PRCoronado (C)
36.7Sindey Decker-bunt...
16:16 SROrange Grove
37.7Stephen Roper
16:28 SROrange Grove
38.7Robby Remey
16:44 PROrange Grove
39.7Shallcross Ryan
16:55 PROrange Grove
40.6Tarriq Thompson
16:59 SRCoronado (C)
41.6Adrian Marquez
17:01 PRCoronado (C)
42.7Jacob Brandt
17:23 PROrange Grove
43.6Rudy McCormick
17:33 SROrange Grove
44.6Dylan Stucki
17:34 SRCoronado (C)
45.7Richard Lu
17:46 SROrange Grove
46.7Logan Jimenez
18:26 PROrange Grove
47.6Eddie Bardach
19:04 SROrange Grove
48.6Otto Krueger
19:30 PROrange Grove
49.7Kolten Chlarson
19:53 PRCoronado (C)
50.6Brenden Little
20:31 SROrange Grove
51.-Eddie Sanchez
21:29 PROrange Grove
6Creston "Cuatro" K...
Orange Grovednf
-Nicolas Andrechi
Orange Grovednf
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