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Mens Races

Pre's Trail (Alton Baker Park)

5,000 Meters Freshman3:45 PM
5,000 Meters Sophomore4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior5:15 PM
Womens Races

Pre's Trail (Alton Baker Park)

5,000 Meters Freshman3:45 PM
5,000 Meters Sophomore4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior/Senior5:15 PM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Freshman

9Matthew Melancon
19:38Sheldon (OR)
2.9Daniel Bellissimo
19:45.5South Eugene
7.9Jack Carol
21:56.9South Eugene
14.9Ken Schindler
22:58.7South Eugene
9Zack Paterson
23:03Grants Passtime converted
9Vince Delegato
24:45Sheldon (OR)
9Alex Raabe
26:09Sheldon (OR)
9Chris Correll
27:59Sheldon (OR)
9Matt Rasmussen
28:10Sheldon (OR)
9Tyree Johnson
28:39Sheldon (OR)
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5,000 Meters Sophomore

10Stephen Jones
19:16Grants Passtime converted
10Caleb Patrick
19:31Sheldon (OR)
10Matthew Carlson
20:10Grants Passtime converted
10Michael Robbins
20:13Grants Passtime converted
10Todd Moore
20:33Sheldon (OR)
10Logan Osterhout
20:59Sheldon (OR)
10Matt Lansing
21:02Grants Passtime converted
10Kyle Johnson
21:10Sheldon (OR)
10Tyrell Jagelski
21:23Sheldon (OR)
10Andrew Stulz
21:25Grants Passtime converted
10Justin Sawyer
22:00Sheldon (OR)
10Hayden Randall
23:00Sheldon (OR)
29.10Bryan Kevan
23:25.2South Eugene
10Glenn Ruderman
24:27Sheldon (OR)
10Landon Reising
25:20Sheldon (OR)
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5,000 Meters Junior/Senior

1.11Sammy Kirtner
17:22.8South Eugene
4.12Zach Schneider-Lynch
17:57.8South Eugene
5.12Walker Augustyniak
18:05.1South Eugene
6.11Eamonn Kerr-Daly
18:31.4South Eugene
8.11Brad Gissel
18:55.9South Eugene
9.11Brian Leeson
18:56.5South Eugene
12Geoff Moore
19:07Sheldon (OR)
12.12Robert Snowden
19:07.1South Eugene
14.12Casey Weinman
19:19.2South Eugene
11Michael Urioste
19:26Sheldon (OR)
12Jordan Eddy
19:46Sheldon (OR)
11Aaron Matney
19:49Sheldon (OR)
12Kevin Raines
19:58.7South Eugene
21.12Hunter Leach
20:18.7South Eugene
27.12Nathan Heldt
21:15.8South Eugene
11Ryan Skeele
21:16Sheldon (OR)
12Killian Maxwell
21:22Grants Passtime converted
12Justin Roberts
21:24Sheldon (OR)
12Jared Gunn
22:09Grants Passtime converted
11Jacob Keeton
22:47Sheldon (OR)
12James Pearson
23:03Grants Passtime converted
12John Kammerzelt
23:30Sheldon (OR)
12David Pope
23:33Grants Passtime converted
12Thomas Hayward
23:58Sheldon (OR)
12Collin Hebert
24:17Grants Passtime converted
11Dan Gardner
24:40Sheldon (OR)
11Ian Taylor
26:04Sheldon (OR)
12Robert Wellwood
26:21Sheldon (OR)
60.12Ayanjyoti Ghosh
27:52.8South Eugene
12Garrett Gilchrist
27:54Sheldon (OR)
12Drew Stringfield
29:08Sheldon (OR)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Freshman

1.9Nora Wilson
22:49.4South Eugene
2.9Rachel Parker
22:51.72South Eugene
9Becca Eddy
23:09Sheldon (OR)
9Amanda Engstrom
23:35Sheldon (OR)
6.9Amelia Helmick
25:38.8South Eugene
10.9Ellie Weinman
27:30.2South Eugene
11.9Alia Mowery
27:37.2South Eugene
9Megan West
28:23Sheldon (OR)
15.9Danielle Drouet
29:03.8South Eugene
16.9Josie Dietel
29:38.9South Eugene
9Lydia Wanless
31:45Sheldon (OR)
9Leora Kirtner
31:49.7South Eugene
9Lucy Enbysk
34:29.7South Eugene
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5,000 Meters Sophomore

2.10Sasha Teninty
22:44.8South Eugene
3.10Meredith DeHaas
22:49.4South Eugene
10Hannah Fischer
23:49Grants Passtime converted
10Breanna Hartshorne
24:05Sheldon (OR)
10Hannah Albright
24:51Sheldon (OR)
10Coral McKibben
25:23Sheldon (OR)
10Sylvie Peterson
26:04Sheldon (OR)
14.10Emily Rooke-Ley
27:45.6 PRSouth Eugene
15.10Paige Bunting
27:46.0South Eugene
10Tatiana Aquirre
28:00Grants Passtime converted
10Miranda Cruz
28:05Grants Passtime converted
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5,000 Meters Junior/Senior

12Lorine Cruz
21:05Grants Passtime converted
12Laurel Parks
21:37Grants Passtime converted
2.12Alayna Oleksa
21:49.8South Eugene
3.12Whitney Pitman
21:50.1South Eugene
4.11Brookie Wilson
21:58.6South Eugene
8.11Lauren Graebner
22:50.6South Eugene
12Emily Carpenter
23:50Grants Passtime converted
11.12Hannah Gissel
23:54.8South Eugene
13.11Caitlin Goodman
24:07.2South Eugene
15.11Maddie Lewis
24:15.6South Eugene
16.12Brittany McAllister
24:25.2South Eugene
12Sarah Fischer
24:58Sheldon (OR)
26.12Molly Thompson
26:24.2South Eugene
11Lynsey Barton
26:30Grants Passtime converted
11Olivia Alison
26:54Sheldon (OR)
12Ashley Ruderman
27:42Sheldon (OR)
11Jenna West
28:10Sheldon (OR)
11Kelsey Rea
28:30Sheldon (OR)
11Kelsey Hoard
29:19Sheldon (OR)
12Chloe Buerstatte
29:53Sheldon (OR)
12Lacy McJunkin
29:53Sheldon (OR)
12Priscilla Macy
31:50Grants Passtime converted
12Jade Lansing
33:40Grants Passtime converted
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