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3 Mile Varsity1:45 PM
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity1:00 PM

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity

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Official Team Scores

1.Liberty Bell26
4.Lake Roosevelt91

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Liam Daily
16:11 SRLiberty Bell
2.10David Eisenhauer
16:48 PRRiverside Christian
3.12Peter Clinton
17:09 PRBickleton
4.11Morgan Ott
17:19 PRLiberty Bell
5.9Ryan Widhalm
17:26 SRRiverside Christian
6.9Troy Roberts
17:29 SRBickleton
7.10Angel Garcia
17:30 PRManson
8.12Taylor Woodruff
17:33 PRLiberty Bell
9.12Nolan Jensen
17:44 PRLiberty Bell
10.9Tarell Manjarrez
17:45 SRWhite Swan
11.12Olegario Orozco
17:45 SRManson
12.10Willy Duguay
17:46 SRLiberty Bell
13.11Miguel Leyva
17:54 SRManson
14.12Justin McMillan
18:06 PRLiberty Bell
15.9Kane Lowe
18:16 PRBickleton
16.11Jonathan Von Ahn
18:16 PRLyle/Wishram
17.10Sam Thomas
18:17 SRManson
18.11Diego Santana
18:17 PROroville
19.9Lukas Hermetz
18:22 PRLake Roosevelt
20.12Tim Lewis
18:26 PRLiberty Bell
21.12Justin Shilow
18:28 PRYakama Nation Tribal
22.12Kendall Piccolo
18:42 PRLake Roosevelt
23.11Brandon Desautel
18:43 PRLake Roosevelt
24.10Joey Cardenas
18:45 SRBickleton
25.12Salvador Leyva
18:51 PRManson
26.9Andrew Gannon
18:53 SRBickleton
27.11Chris Stohler
19:00 PRLyle/Wishram
28.12Seppe Sebreghts
19:01 PRLiberty Bell
29.10Oscar Pakootas
19:35 PRLake Roosevelt
30.11Calvin Goudy
19:50 SRWhite Swan
31.12Jesse Russel
19:50 PRManson
32.12Ronel Kee
20:28 PROroville
33.12Anfernee Heath
20:48 PRYakama Nation Tribal
34.10Zach Erickson
21:02 PRLake Roosevelt
35.8Joseph Cummings
21:04 SRBickleton
36.9Alex Hall
21:09 SRRiverside Christian
37.12Joshua Cummings
21:19 SRBickleton
38.9Josh Showalter
21:26 PRLyle/Wishram
39.12Joe Hausman
21:35 SRLiberty Bell
40.8Kenny Allenton
21:36 SRBickleton
41.10Jacob Zeigler
22:09 SRLyle/Wishram
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